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SAN FRANCISCO (03/28/2000) - The Palm Inc. Pilot and the Handspring Inc. Visor will soon do more than track appointments and keep you organized. They'll help you take pictures, too, thanks to a pair of digital camera accessories. Ideo Product Development's (650/688-3400, Eyemodule digital camera snaps into the Handspring Visor's Springboard port, letting users capture 24-bit color images; users can beam those images to other Visors or Palm OSÐbased handhelds. The $149 Eyemodule will ship this spring. Palm III and Palm VII users will get a photo option of their own with Eastman Kodak's (800/235-6325, PalmPix. The 1.5-ounce device plugs into a Palm's HotSync port and functions as a 640-by-480-pixel resolution digital camera. The PalmPix should ship by early summer; it will sell for $179.

Color Me Palm

Speaking of PDAs, Palm Computing (800/881-7256, has added a splash of color with the late-February release of the Palm IIIc. The $499 handheld features an 8-bit color display designed to improve readability. It ships with four built-in applications, including an enhanced calculator and a digital photo album. And the rechargeable device runs on a new operating system, Palm OS 3.5.

The Sound and the Photos

Samsung, (201/902-0347, wants to add a soundtrack to your next photo shoot. With the Cybermax 35 MP3, the company combines a. digital camera and an mp player. The $290 device features 640-by-480-pixel resolution, a CompactFlash memory slot, and a USB interface. It will ship this spring.

Taking Care of E-business

Document Express (858/551-6767, wants to eliminate some of the headaches for small companies doing business on the Web with its software for managing e-mail responses. Document Express Pro 3.0 captures data from customer e-mail, generates and updates client databases, and produces personalized responses to customer queries. Available in April 2000, the new version adds some Web-page templates tied to Adobe GoLive and other templates geared toward Mac market retailers. Document Express Pro 3.0 will sell for around $150.

Hearing Aid

Mac sound quality is expected to get a boost later this year when Plantronics (800/544-4660, rolls out a line of four USB headsets. Boasting digital signal processing technology, the headsets offer improved clarity over analog models. They also include a microphone-good news for owners of the iBook, which has no audio input port. Plantronics hasn't yet set a price for the headsets, which will ship in the third quarter of 2000.

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