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XenDesktop and Tintri VMstore
By Tintri | 9/1/2015
The architectural flexibility of XenDesktop adapts to environments of virtually any size and with a wide range of client devices and desktop management capabilities. Most VDI deployments, including those deployed with XenDesktop, center on the Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) model, which consists of VMs that run on vSphere ESX/ESXi servers.
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Citrix XenDesktop v.7.1 Tintri Native clones Deep Dive
By Tintri | 9/1/2015
This paper explores machine creation & provisioning technologies in Citrix XenDesktop 7.1 deployed on Tintri VM-aware storage. The target audience includes IT admins, architects, and other technical roles that already have some experience with XenDesktop, vSphere and storage.
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