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VMware View 5 and Tintri VMstore T540 - Reference Architecture testing results
By Tintri | 9/1/2015
The results of this testing are significant for a number of reasons. Together, VMware and Tintri were able to define a compact and easy-to-deploy VDI infrastructure pod that goes beyond the conventional thinking for throughput, client support, performance and cost per desktop. Beyond that, through Tintri's unique VM-aware architecture and per-VM QoS, workloads that would otherwise be incompatible with one another, were proven to coexist successfully in the same datastore thereby further driving down the cost of the infrastructure. And finally, because of Tintri's ease of setup and administration, new benchmarks for initial deployment and desktop provisioning were established that were previously unseen in the VMware labs.
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Optimize Your Campaign Testing
By SDL | 28/11/2013
Looking for guidance on how to properly conduct tests prior to launching any email campaign? This whitepaper discusses important areas for campaign managers to test; the best approaches to managing the testing process, seven key pitfalls to avoid, and specific testing best practice for marketers. The sooner you define and implement your testing program, the sooner you will be positioned to send meaningful communications to your customers through the channels they prefer. The more you test, the more you learn and the more you sell.
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