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A collaborative guide on enterprise planning for IT and business stakeholders
By Readify | 30/9/2015
Cloud, identity management and enterprise mobility technologies can provide significant benefits for business efficiency and promote a cohesive workforce. However, it can often result in conflicts of interests between business heads and IT leaders, both who have different concerns and expectations on how these solutions should benefit the company. <p> This whitepaper looks at how a balanced approach can benefit both IT and business stakeholders with result in increased business flexibility and security. Included in this white paper are also 5 real world examples where organisations are able to reap the benefits of these platforms by adopting synergistic strategies .
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Mobile Phone Retail Processes and Expertise Packaged in a Box
By Automic | 31/10/2013
Carphone Warehouse is the largest independent telecommunications retailer in Europe with over 2,000 stores and 10 million subscribers across 8 countries. Connected World Services, its B2B division, recently looked at how to build a predictable and dependable retail sales platform that was both error-free and have greater visualisation across multiple platforms. Find out how!
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