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Technology Business Research: The most reliable notebooks
By Dell | 19/6/2015

Technology Business Research Inc. measures the expectations, satisfaction and loyalty of enterprise customers in its quarterly CSAT studies. This report showcases the top performing notebook ranked by sales satisfaction, product satisfaction, service satisfaction and loyalty.

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Are you getting the most from your hybrid IT environment?
By IBM Australia | 15/6/2015

This infographic looks at how to organisations are overcoming the challenges associated with hybrid computing and summarizes the results found in the research paper “Optimized Sourcing in Hybrid Environments.”

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Dealing with the data deluge
By Symantec | 28/1/2015

CIO Australia’s Custom Research Group asked more than 100 CIOs, IT, network and infrastructure managers, and chief data and security officers about how they are dealing with the data deluge. These findings look at the growth and challenges for organisations tapping into information, what’s stalling good data management; and statistics on spending, efficiency and ownership.

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Long-distance IT: Driving efficiency in remote offices
By Citrix Systems Asia Pacific | 12/1/2015

In this paper, IDG research highlights the many ways WAN optimisation solutions with a built-in Windows Server lead to more efficient branch office it. · Supporting branch offices is a costly, time-consuming job made tougher by having no one on-site to do it

· WAN optimisation solutions mostly do a good job of improving remote office performance and lowering network costs but are now facing new demands

· There is currently only one on the market with all of the capabilities that businesses with branches need

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Zero Second Day? More like Zero Second
By Check Point Software Technologies | 14/12/2014

What can malware do in 60 seconds? One minute can change everything for a business. The speed of business is all about being responsive to customers and stakeholders. So what happens when the speed of business is overtaken by the speed of malware? Given the unprecedented growth in the number of security threats that focus on stealing data, sabotaging business continuity and damaging a company’s reputation, what should organizations do to ensure the speed of malware doesn’t disrupt the speed of business? T

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The 300 Unknown Malware Test
By Check Point Software Technologies | 14/12/2014

New attack types combine known and unknown threats to exploit “unknown” vulnerabilities. Attackers are also hiding malware inside documents, websites, hosts and networks. These attacks have many purposes such as financial and ideological motives. They focus on stealing data, sabotaging business continuity, or damaging a company’s reputation.

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Data Protection (MDP)
By Check Point Software Technologies | 14/12/2014

Gartner has positioned Check Point as a Leader in the Mobile Data Protection (MDP) Magic Quadrant for the eighth consecutive year.1 Gartner evaluates each company’s MDP offerings on a scale of completeness of vision and ability execute.

Read the full report to see which vendors made it to the Magic Quadrant, compare their strengths and cautions, and see what Gartner says about Check Point.

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Security Intelligence Platform
By LogRhythm | 4/12/2014

Protecting against today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape requires broad and deep visibility across the entire IT environment. Threats and risks arrive from many angles and evidence of their existence can be found within existing log and machine data. Deeper, essential visibility is gained through targeted host and network forensic monitoring. When this is applied to multiple, machine-automated analysis techniques, threats and risks are exposed like never before.

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A blueprint for detection & response
By LogRhythm | 4/12/2014

Recent highly publicized breaches involving sophisticated attacks and high-profile targets has elevated awareness of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) to unprecedented levels. This has left many organizations struggling to understand the risk APTs present to them and how best to protect themselves.

For organizations concerned with APTs, and advanced threats in general, SIEM is a critical component of a defense-in-depth architecture.

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SANS Analytics and Intelligence Survey | 2014
By LogRhythm | 1/12/2014

Of those organizations that are able to detect attacks, more than 23% experienced 2 to 5 breaches or significant attacks in the past two years. Visibility holds the key to improved detection and response capabilities. Organizations need to understand their environment and what constitutes normal and abnormal behavior, train staff on how to use analytic tools and define the data they need to collect.

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