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Best practice security in a cloud-enabled world
By IBM Australia | 26/3/2015
This report explores that security in a fast-paced technology-infused world cries for an “invest once and deploy everywhere” approach. For this to be realised, security must be planned in advance and built-in, yet still be fluidly adaptable to circumstances, and singularly controllable.
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2014 Selecting a Managed Security Services Provider: Top 10 criteria
By IBM Australia | 26/3/2015
Share this IBM Security Services white paper with your clients to help them outline a strategic approach to selecting an MSSP and establishes the 10 most important qualifications to consider in choosing a provider. The right MSSP can reduce the cost and complexity of information security while building a stronger security posture.
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Symantec Business Data Protection Kit
By Symantec | 24/10/2014
Cyber Attacks are painful and destructive. It’s essential to defend your business with a powerful protection system. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to get cyber resilient and safeguard your data: • Find out which questions you should ask to find a security solution that works with your business • Understand why your business is a bigger target than you thought • Learn how to protect your brand and bottom line by quickly detecting and responding to attacks
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14 Tips for your Data Protection Plan
By Symantec | 14/10/2014
This paper outlines the 14 “best practice” tips to help manage the security threats you’re potentially facing. By downloading you’ll learn: • The steps you should follow to protect your organisation from security threats • The measures and policies you should have in place from start to finish • Plus, get an opportunity to get the full picture on the current internet security threat environment
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