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The leadership handbook
By Citrix | 20/10/2015

The role of a business manager or team leader is often dynamic and complex. Find out the different roles and responsibilities a leader has to play. From a performance manager who keeps staff focused to a communication manager that is respectful and asks the right questions. Included are also tools you will need to increase your team’s productivity.

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The state of support services: 2015
By LogMeIn | 13/10/2015

A client survey reveals that customers now want more options from their support providers and are also more inclined to stay with their current provider if the level of customer support caters to expectations.

Find out why service providers should be focusing on analytics to drive performance improvements to provide a well-rounded proactive approach to support client needs, why it's important to introduce mechanisms for end users to share user experiences and why leveraging on this information is key to implementing change.

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Can broadband change the WAN?
By Silver Peak | 6/7/2015

With large shifts to SaaS and cloud-based solutions, IT is discovering that the end user (IT’s own customer) is seeing a significantly different user experience as the applications that they rely on for their day-to-day productivity are being choked by the backhaul bottlenecks that never existed within the walls of the corporate datacenter. This whitepaper looks at how businesses feeling bandwidth pressure should reassess their WAN.

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Technology Business Research: The most reliable notebooks
By Dell | 19/6/2015

Technology Business Research Inc. measures the expectations, satisfaction and loyalty of enterprise customers in its quarterly CSAT studies. This report showcases the top performing notebook ranked by sales satisfaction, product satisfaction, service satisfaction and loyalty.

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Implementing mobility/BYOD programs while maintaining regulatory compliance
By Dell | 19/6/2015

Organisations are readily launching BYOD programs to boost employee productivity and reduce costs. But this all comes at a risk and you maintain your vigilance in sustaining compliance with data security and privacy regulations. This whitepaper looks at several best practices are key for maintaining regulatory compliance with any BYOD program.

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The fundamental five: what businesses must have in place to extract maximum value from the cloud
By IBM Australia | 23/3/2015

Many companies have embraced the cloud - technology services delivered over a network connection - to save money, boost speed and productivity and seize new business opportunities. But fewer have committed to the underlying strategic machinery needed to achieve optimal business benefits from the cloud and ignite outsized success. This Economist Intelligence Unit paper from IBM identifies and explores the five core foundational elements of a mature cloud strategy.

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Unified communications, efficient IT
By Dell | 18/3/2015

Consolidating organisational communications can provide far-reaching competitive advantages through productivity gains and cost savings. Yet many organizations still hesitate to deploy more complex unified communications (UC) capabilities that can generate big returns, such as enterprise voice and audio/video conferencing. This whitepaper looks at: why in-house expertise to deploy and manage a full UC solution is the major factor holding organisations back, how a solution designed for your unique environment can provide the most benefits and where organisational communications can be streamlined to meet high availability requirements and service needs.

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Solve the application visibility challenge
By Citrix Systems Asia Pacific | 12/1/2015

This report demonstrates how enterprises can leverage their existing footprint of market-leading application delivery controllers for both instrumentation and policy enforcement.

· The ability to observe, diagnose, and subsequently improve the performance of business-critical applications is essential

· The challenge of establishing an effective application visibility and control function is only growing as tech trends become more widespread

· A next-generation application visibility solution can efficiently and economically deliver unprecedented insight into virtual desktops, mobile and cloud services

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Secure application delivery for a mobile workforce
By Citrix Systems Asia Pacific | 12/1/2015

This whitepaper looks at how you can empower people to use windows applications and native mobile apps on any type of device while meeting your full security needs. •Find out the challenges of reaching a balance between successful app usage and security •Learn the approach to efficiently mobilising the Windows applications your organisation depends on •How an integrated solution can help people become as productive as possible, while maintaining security

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Vision Australia VDI case study
By Citrix Systems Asia Pacific | 12/1/2015

This case study explains the goals and achievements behind Vision Australia’s adoption of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and provides advice for similar workplace strategies

•Adopting VDI has improved employee productivity and also saved costs in avoiding a capital outlay in refreshing end-user devices •VDI implementation means that employees can now BYOD, while the IT department can retain control •Implementation has seen improved performance in all objectives, the most obvious being in cost management and productivity.

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