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Data warehouse optimization with Hadoop
By Cloudera | 31/10/2014
This whitepaper outlines new reference architecture for data warehouse optimisation to help organisations speed time to value, maximize productivity, lower costs and minimise risk. • Traditional data warehouse environments are overwhelmed by soaring volumes and varieties of data pouring in • An upgrade is not the most effective way to manage an excess of seldom-used data. To keep pace with exploding data volumes, the data warehouse itself needs to evolve. • One emerging strategy is data warehouse optimisation using Hadoop as an enterprise data hub to augment an existing warehouse infrastructure.
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All Flash and Databases - Storage Switzerland
By Pure Storage | 24/3/2014
This webcast explores how All-Flash enterprise storage compares to traditional disk-centric arrays. Learn how to best leverage Flash so databases thrive and limitations of I/O disappear, while exploring the pitfalls and peculiarities of Flash, and how to optimise its performance as a storage solution to ensure reliance, predictability and cost savings for a variety of enterprise workloads.
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Introduction to Storage efficiency technologies
By EMC Corporation | 19/11/2013
Data is growing at a tremendous rate, and organisations of every type rely on the timely retrieval of information to facilitate transaction and decision making. Processing powers are also expanding, now equipped with storage efficiency technologies that help simplify the many IT challenges that companies are facing. This white paper describes how proper simple storage efficiency features help you leverage daily storage, maximise capacity and performance optimisation, while reducing power consumption and total cost.
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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Optimizing Cloud Infrastructure with Citrix CloudBridge
By Alcatel-Lucent | 2/7/2013
This document provides design guidance, configuration examples and Alcatel-Lucent recommended best practices for WAN optimisation when interconnecting geographically dispersed data centres and when using Citrix® NetScaler® to implement Layer 2 (L2) connectivity across Layer 3 network infrastructure. Download now.
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Five Essential Best Practices to Improve Customer Experience and Increase Market Share
By Compuware | 22/3/2013
By 2015, an estimated $278 billion will be spent online per annum. Because of this growth, business managers must actively partner with IT departments in the process of optimising the speed and availability of online properties. Learn how to deliver consistency, during peak periods, at all times and across all geographies. Read more!
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Five Ways to Optimise Mobile Website Performance with Speed
By Compuware | 22/3/2013
In the next 18 months, up to 30% of web traffic will come from mobile devices. With the mobile users expecting short load times for the websites they visit, IT departments need to deliver at speed. Click to find out how to optimise web performance!
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Navigating the Virtual Desktop Continuum
By Quest Software | 1/3/2013
An organisation’s workforce is always diverse: some users work exclusively in the office, others are continually mobile, and many fall somewhere in between. This white paper explains how to choose a blend of desktop virtualisation technologies that will best serve all of your users, while also keeping costs under control. Read now.
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Best Practices for Optimizing IT
By FalconStor Software | 22/2/2013
Organisations must leverage IT advancements to capitalise on their cost advantages, and align the infrastructure so that future improvements in technology can provide an immediate cost reduction. This paper proposes a best-of-breed approach – read on.
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Oracle Delivers Unique Value with Oracle Solaris
By Oracle | 17/12/2012
This IDC White Paper takes a close look at the Oracle Solaris operating system and the initiatives coming from Oracle that are continuing to enhance this product offering. Read about it now
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Divide & Conquer - Using Predictive Analytics to Segment, Target & Optimise Marketing
By IBM Australia | 14/11/2012
A quantitative report from the Aberdeen group found that organisations that lead their field in predictive analytics significantly outperform their rivals in business performance. This survey explores how individual sales and marketing organisations that adopt an analytical approach maximise their customer retention rate, their average value of sales and their operating profit margin. Aberdeen Group conducts independent primary research in information technology through the aggregation of research surveys, interviews and data analysis.
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