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Integrated infrastructure to enable innovation while reducing IT cost
By NEC | 27/10/2015

Research shows 50% of workloads will run on integrated systems by the end of 2015. Discover the key benefits of an integrated infrastructure and how it can meet your business needs.

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Dynamic path control: The foundation for your Hybrid WAN
By Silver Peak | 23/6/2015

Incorporating path control in your WAN is a critical first step along the way to deploying a full SD-WAN solution. This whitepaper looks at how you can use dynamic tools to shortcut the complex configurations and expenditures of time and resources to ultimately efficiently utilise the hybrid links that may already be deployed in the network.

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New technology adoption is pushing enterprise networks to the breaking point
By IBM Australia | 15/6/2015

This infographic looks at pressures on enterprise networks as demand and deployment rates for cloud, big data and analytics, mobile, social as IT security capabilities sky-rocket.

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Always on the watch for you
By F5 Networks | 17/4/2015

F5 Security Operations Center (SOC) experts stand between you and security threats that can damage your business. Whether that means constantly evolving fraud-prevention services, shutting down malicious sites, or layering protections with Silverline application services, the SOC is at your service 24x7.

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Top reasons: How a virtualised system can redefine simplicity
By EMC Corporation | 23/2/2015

This whitepaper looks at how mid-market, enterprise and MSPs are looking for solutions that align IT resources and present low risk paths to a fully virtualised environment. Find out: eight ways a dynamic infrastructure and meet the changing business demands, the advantages of consolidating compute, network, storage and management into a single appliance and the importance of predictable performance.

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A simplified application acceleration architecture
By F5 Networks | 12/11/2014

This whitepaper gives an overview of networks and applications, describes basic principles of web application optimization, and then examines the benefits and drawbacks of various acceleration techniques to ultimately improve web application performance. •Most organisations want to improve web application performance for their users, but they can’t always justify the cost of implementing acceleration techniques •A simplified web application acceleration solution that lowers the operational and commercial barriers and improves user experience is idea •F5 offers a simple, low-risk, and low-cost acceleration solution that can significantly improve the end-user experience

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Managing your network in the era of the ‘internet of everything’
By UXC | 25/8/2014

Over recent years, network devices have evolved way beyond their traditional role of just ‘directing traffic’. This whitepaper argues that the convergence of different technologies within the same device calls for new thinking about network management. • The introduction of new devices and advanced infrastructure has made the work of enterprise network management teams more complex • Servers, storage, operating systems and applications were the responsibility of other teams, but thanks to the converged infrastructure and new technologies, the roles of teams are blurring • Getting and keeping today’s application performance systems optimally tuned calls for high levels of network, hardware, software and application skills

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Network Virtualization: Six Best Practices for Overcoming Common Challenges
By Juniper | 18/6/2014

Many organizations that have realized the benefits of server virtualization are ready to move to network virtualization. By combining hardware and software resources and functionality into a single, software-based administrative entity, these organizations can reap the benefits of greater data center agility.

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The State of the Virtualized Data Center
By Juniper | 18/6/2014

In an effort to become more agile, many IT organizations have virtualized their data centre resources. However, these efforts go only so far before network complexity brings efficiencies to a halt. This whitepaper explains that to achieve greater levels of agility, IT must address the network. - Organizations today increasingly look to the data centre network for competitive differentiation - Results of the 2013 Computerworld State of the Enterprise survey suggest that IT departments are becoming adept at linking routine investments to business objectives - The 2012 Network World State of the Network study showed 34% of the respondents were ready to roll out, and 30% were already fully deployed

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Infographic: The State of the Virtualized Data Center
By Juniper | 18/6/2014

This insightful infographic sums up the key results from a survey of more than 200 IT decision makers across numerous industries when asked about their progress with virtualization across their infrastructure. - Efficiencies in the data centre and network continue as organisations are trying to reduce costs, simplify and improve services - There’s been an increase in the number of organisations capitalising on new IT infrastructure - Business continuity/disaster recovery is the most popular reasons behind investment into virtualization

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