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Workstations: Now is the time to upgrade
By Lenovo | 2/2/2016

A professional workstation is more than the sum of its parts. A modern workstation is a balanced system based on the current processor, memory, storage and graphics technology that your engineering software needs. Upgrading to a new workstation ensures all of these components work together to ensure the optimum engineering computing experience.

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10 Reasons to adopt mobile workstations for engineers and designers
By Lenovo | 30/11/2015

There has been a major shift to increased mobility for the new generation of workforce. This transition has however, been slower for the design and engineering industry because the market lacks devices that supported the software tools needed.

This whitepaper looks at how the landscape is now changing and the 10 benefits of adopting mobile workstations for these industries.

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VMware view mobile secure desktop on vblock systems
By VCE | 20/10/2014

This whitepaper discusses the reasons and trends that are encouraging more companies to move towards implementing virtual desktops throughout their organisations. • Users are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to access enterprise applications • The reasons for the trends toward virtual desktop is threefold • Securing data, managing devices, and offering a rich end-user experience are top priorities

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