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Cloud benefits for ITSM service management
By BMC Software Australia | 16/3/2015

The adoption of cloud-based solutions demands that the business take a look at the skills needed for success, the delivery channels that must be realigned, and the potential effects on the business. This whitepaper looks at: the reasons service delivery via the cloud can adversely affect IT’s ability to meet an organisation’s needs, why the market has been and will continue to be inundated with a plethora of ITSM vendors creating solutions dedicated to supporting cloud-based service management, which benefits an organisation can achieve by moving to a cloud-based environment

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How to build a service management hub for digital service innovation
By BMCMedia | 16/3/2015

In the technology-enabled enterprise, business agility depends on IT. This paper explores how you can increase agility by moving to the cloud and creating a service management hub for digital service innovation. Find out:the five considerations for building a successful services hub: capabilities, integrations, visibility, the platform, and the partner, how a successful service hub can fulfil the mission of accelerating IT to the speed of business and how the cloud facilitates transformation by freeing the organisation to focus on its core competencies

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The importance of Kaizen in ITSM: When IT service management isn’t what it could be
By Unisys Australia | 13/10/2014

To improve business processes and gain efficiency, its important to identify the signs that your ITSM solution is outdated, inefficient or both. In this paper we look at key questions'you should be asking, such as:

• Is your IT staff still using time-consuming manual methods to address common service requests and IT requirements? • Does your organisation lack an automated Service Request Management (SRM) system? • Is your current ITSM solution able to support all your IT reporting and information needs?

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ITSM not by the Book: Gain operational insight and change how you view ITSM
By Unisys Australia | 13/10/2014

Many organisations believe they can transform their IT operations by simply buying a new management tool. However, this is just the start. This whitepaper discusses the dynamics of a complete transformation: • Learn why IT management tools should be more than "plug & play" • The 5-step plan to implementing ITSM for the best results long-term • Understand why your approach should be more about the data and less about the tool itself

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The power of information, technology, service and management
By Unisys Australia | 7/10/2014

The approach to ITSM is evolving to encapsulate more end-user and enterprise functions. This whitepaper uncovers new ways to extend ITSM to deliver greater benefits to the organisation. • Learn the three-step approach to tapping into the information from your end-user community • How to build a supply chain model that creates growth and retention • Four case studies of companies using information to streamline and create mature ITSM functions

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