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Reduce business risk: Migrate and Modernise your IT systems NOW
By Dell | 14/7/2015
If your business is still migrating Windows Server 2003 workloads - such as those critical, home-grown legacy applications - or has no immediate plans to move, it is now crunch time. This whitepaper will examine the state of play of the Windows Server market in Australia and New Zealand and look at some tools and processes to migrate more challenging applications, and how business can take the opportunity to modernise and transform their infrastructure.
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Optimising your infrastructure for cloud computing
By Eaton | 23/6/2015
This white paper examines some of the forces behind rising adoption of cloud-based solutions, explores how cloud architectures impact data centres and discusses a series of concrete practices and technologies that can help companies collect the benefits of cloud computing without compromising uptime or overwhelming their power and cooling systems.
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6 Tips for building a future-ready infrastructure
By Dell | 16/6/2015
Big data, mobility, compute-intensive apps, virtualisation, and cloud computing tax enterprise servers and swiftly changed the face of enterprise IT. This guide prepares decision-makers to choose servers that meet their current needs, while building a flexible, reliable and scalable infrastructure, survive a constantly evolving IT infrastructure environment and explains the 6 factors they must keep in mind to handle future requirements.
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Web-scale infrastructure at any scale
By Dell | 23/3/2015
Consolidate compute and storage into a single chassis with Dell XC Series web-scale converged appliances, powered by Nutanix software. XC Series appliances install quickly, integrate easily into any data centre, and can be deployed for multiple virtualised workloads including desktop virtualisation, test and development, and private cloud projects.
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Network virtualisation with Dell Infrastructure and VMware NSX
By Dell | 23/3/2015
Companies with limited IT staff and budget are looking for simple, integrated and validated architectures. Dell and VMware have teamed to provide a converged infrastructure solution to meet these requirements. The solution is tested, validated and supported by Dell, providing customers a single trusted partner that can streamline procurement and services. To simplify deployment, Dell and VMware deliver a validated reference architecture.
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Building the Next-Gen Data Centre
By Dell | 18/3/2015
What’s wrong with enterprise IT today? Most IT leaders agree that it’s infrastructure that’s too expensive, inflexible and difficult to manage. This whitepaper looks at: why the top concern among IT leaders is that they “can’t implement fast enough to meet business goals”, which three common IT problems cause the inability to meet business needs on time, and how to use optimised converged infrastructure to reduce both staff and budget pressures.
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Storage configuration guide: choosing the right architecture for the application and environment
By Nexan | 5/3/2015
The pace at which server and storage technology is advancing, particularly in the area of virtualisation, has left large gaps in knowledge among general IT departments. This whitepaper looks at: how to simplify the process of choosing and deploying a storage system in a fast moving IT marketplace, why storage is often viewed as a minor consideration within the infrastructure and why this should change, and lastly, which common factors cause poor performance and inefficient storage design
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Citrix NetScaler - A foundation of next-generation datacentre security
By Citrix Systems Asia Pacific | 12/1/2015
The need for robust data centre security has never been greater. This whitepaper looks at the traditional challenges and concerns as well as the new in the evolving requirements for security. •Traditional firewalls lack the visibility and control required to protect against the more the 70% of internet attacks •The capabilities of your data centre security should cover application, infrastructure, identity and security fabric •Mounting budget requirements means organisations look to do more with less
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NFS and vSphere best practices
By Tintri | 9/1/2015
Tintri VMstore offers advanced features, extreme performance and high-availability. The use of VLANs, Ethernet jumbo frames, and redundant networks, affords flexible configurations that will meet or exceed the performance, security, and availability requirements of most customers if a consistent set of practices and configuration settings are applied across vSphere ESX/ESXi hosts, the physical network infrastructure, and Tintri VMstore.
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Full-fidelity analytics and regulatory compliance in financial services
By Cloudera | 31/10/2014
This report discusses how the key to optimizing business operations in the financial services sector is maintaining an efficient and comprehensive Big Data infrastructure. • New regulatory compliance laws mean financial services organizations are required to be able to access years of historical data in response to regulators’ requests for information • Federal stress tests have increased the demand for predictability and integrated solutions for capital asset management. • The size, expense, and complexity of data management at this scale easily overwhelms traditional systems
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