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Hybrid Cloud for Dummies
By IBM Australia | 5/2/2016

This e-book gives insight into what it means to use a hybrid approach to cloud computing and the flexibility and choice that it provides. You will discover the type of technologies and approaches that are imperative for your organisation to create the business value and flexibility the constituents you serve demand.

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Align or Die - in the Age of the Customer
By Sugar CRM | 4/2/2016

To stay alive in today's competitive business climate you've got to be better aligned with your customers than ever before. Download the eBook to learn how modern CRM can unlock the value of business orchestration, helping your business thrive, not just survive.

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Security Executive Brief: Best Practices and a Maturity Model for Securing Privileged Identities
By CA Pacific | 3/2/2016

This guide provides 22 specific actions that you can take to more effectively control privileged user accounts and access across your organisation in the context of a maturity model.

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eBook: Defending Against Insider Threats in the “Snowden Era”
By CA Pacific | 3/2/2016

Insider threats and data breaches are becoming more and more common and the stakes have never been higher. This ebook details the strategies and best practices for defending against insider threats that can lead to significant data breaches.

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Micro-segmentation for Dummies eBook
By VMware Australia | 2/2/2016

This eBook provides a broad overview of micro-segmentation in the data centre. After reading this , you’ll have a good basic understanding of micro-segmentation — like you’d get from a college-level 101 class, but far more interesting than Microbiology 101 or Microeconomics 101 (and not as difficult either)!

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