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The Rise of ‘Data and Analytics’ Roles Points to Digital Business Transformation
By Gartner | 25/11/2016

Gartner clients are creating new roles, job titles and duties referring to “data and analytics,” a shift in wording that reflects the wider transformation to data-driven digital business. The leaders of this transformation are new data executives, especially chief data officers.

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Empowering SAP HANA to Meet the Big Data Challenge
By Advent One | 14/9/2016

While business analytics can unlock the future through well-informed decisions, an emerging challenge is that the surging volume of data threatens to overwhelm current generation business intelligence systems. For example, while SAP and SAP HANA represented transformational advances in the past, today’s Big Data workloads are straining those systems.

In this whitepaper, Advent One investigates recent milestones in the evolution of SAP and SAP HANA and explores a collaboration between SAP and IBM that answers the challenges placed upon existing databases and servers with a new architecture.

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Business Intelligence - Thinking Beyond Dashboards
By MYOB | 5/9/2016

Many business management or accounting systems offer a form of Business intelligence (BI) module to provide enhanced data visualisation. However, BI involves more than simply arranging data into convenient and attractive visual formats.

We look at the meaning and purpose of BI in more depth and discover how can it deliver real value as part of a business management system.

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From Backup to Availability
By Veeam Software | 29/6/2016

Today’s enterprises have higher than ever demands for data and application availability. The rapid digitisation of business processes and increasing expectations from customers and partners for constant uptime is ushering in a new era for IT which is less restricted by manual data protection practices. Telsyte research shows 75 per cent of IT budgets are spent on operations and transformation programs with only 25 per cent left for innovation. To drive more innovation, CIOs must address their number one business priority — reducing operating expenses — and free their organisations from a complex collection of backup, storage and virtualisation systems to ensure applications are online and protected from failures and cyber attacks.

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Availability for the Always-on Enterprise: Business and IT Perspectives
By Veeam | 18/5/2016

Businesses today often face the same challenges such as exponential data growth, a constant stream of new technologies and flat budgets. These challenges can hold your business back. For those that adopt innovative solutions or fresh approaches, however, these challenges become great opportunities to beat the competition by serving internal and external customers more effectively and efficiently.

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The Ongoing IT Struggle: Delivering Availability 24x7x365
By Veeam | 18/5/2016

Today, there is more pressure than ever for businesses to be always on and always available. The enterprise ecosystem has expanded to include customers, employees, partners, and suppliers — and all of these stakeholders are demanding services be available 24x7x365. With this heightened demand for availability, businesses can’t afford downtime. Every hour that systems are unavailable can significantly impact brand reputation, revenue, customer loyalty, and employee productivity.

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Cut Costs, Reduce Complexity, and Drive Availability for the Always-On Enterprise
By Veeam | 18/5/2016

Businesses are now operating in a connected world, where customers, partners, and employees require constant access to data and applications through a wide variety of devices and online portals. Many businesses are currently executing digital transformation strategies to satisfy customer and employee demands for constant data access and availability. While they are modernizing their business processes through the use of IT, they find that they also need to modernize their datacenters to ensure the required speed and reliability to consistently deliver a great end-user experience.

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Okta's Businesses @ Work Report
By Okta | 11/5/2016

What if you could make sense of millions of people, accessing thousands of applications, from thousands of companies all over the world? Now you can. The Businesses @ Work Report uses Okta’s dataset of thousands of customers, applications, and integrations, and millions of daily logins to understand how organizations and people get work done. And we’ve made some interesting discoveries. For example, a surprising number of organisations use BOTH Office 365 and Google Apps. Want to know why? Read Okta’s Businesses @ Work report now.

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Top 5 US Bank Finds New Value From Metadata Applications: A Case Study
By ASG Group | 6/5/2016

A financial institution was looking to create a world class process and strategy to automate the data forensics and resolve regulatory requirements across the organisation. This study covers the early implementation and integration stages of a highly successful data-lineage project collaboration between a major financial institution and ASG.

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Vendors Enhance Threat Mitigation And Cloud Capabilities
By CA Pacific | 3/2/2016

Forrester Wave Report for Privileged Identity Management provides a thorough evaluation of all the vendors offering Privileged Management solutions. Today’s economic environment is forcing S&R professionals to consider alternatives to on-premises solutions and use cloud services. Leaders in the PIM space now offer cloud support, threat mitigation to prevent data breaches, and privileged identity intelligence.

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