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Optimising your infrastructure for cloud computing
By Eaton | 23/6/2015
This white paper examines some of the forces behind rising adoption of cloud-based solutions, explores how cloud architectures impact data centres and discusses a series of concrete practices and technologies that can help companies collect the benefits of cloud computing without compromising uptime or overwhelming their power and cooling systems.
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Network Virtualization: Six Best Practices for Overcoming Common Challenges
By Juniper | 18/6/2014
Many organizations that have realized the benefits of server virtualization are ready to move to network virtualization. By combining hardware and software resources and functionality into a single, software-based administrative entity, these organizations can reap the benefits of greater data center agility.
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The State of the Virtualized Data Center
By Juniper | 18/6/2014
In an effort to become more agile, many IT organizations have virtualized their data centre resources. However, these efforts go only so far before network complexity brings efficiencies to a halt. This whitepaper explains that to achieve greater levels of agility, IT must address the network. - Organizations today increasingly look to the data centre network for competitive differentiation - Results of the 2013 Computerworld State of the Enterprise survey suggest that IT departments are becoming adept at linking routine investments to business objectives - The 2012 Network World State of the Network study showed 34% of the respondents were ready to roll out, and 30% were already fully deployed
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Infographic: The State of the Virtualized Data Center
By Juniper | 18/6/2014
This insightful infographic sums up the key results from a survey of more than 200 IT decision makers across numerous industries when asked about their progress with virtualization across their infrastructure. - Efficiencies in the data centre and network continue as organisations are trying to reduce costs, simplify and improve services - There’s been an increase in the number of organisations capitalising on new IT infrastructure - Business continuity/disaster recovery is the most popular reasons behind investment into virtualization
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Smarter Data Centre Outsourcing: Considerations for CFOs
By Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu | 9/4/2014
Deloitte explores the business and finance implications associated with managing data centres. This paper outlines the options available to structure an organisations data centre and complementary IT services and provides the key considerations that need to be reviewed when determining which option works best for them.
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Solving the Virtualized Infrastructure and Private Cloud Monitoring Challenge
By Kaseya | 18/2/2014
When IT organizations set up private cloud computing environments, it creates a new set of network monitoring challenges that traditional network management tools are unable to address. This white paper details how network management can go beyond just looking at the performance of individual nodes or components to providing holistic Business Service Monitoring (BSM) capabilities.
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