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Social Sales - A prerequisite to #winning
By | 29/10/2012
This whitepaper was provided with compliments of To determine which type of sales rep is mostly likely to succeed in the current economy, Corporate Executive Board asked over 450 first line sales managers to assess three of their direct reports (two core performers and one high performer) across 44 different attributes covering areas such as attitudes, skills, behaviors, activities, and knowledge. They then used a number of regression techniques, including factor analysis, to assess the impact of each of these attributes on the overall gap-to-goal sales performance for each rep across the past year. Read more.
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The Sales Cloud
By | 29/10/2012
This whitepaper was provided with compliments of In today’s business environment, sales people don’t have time to spend hours hunting for leads, researching accounts, and calling wrong numbers. And sales is changing. Businesses all over the world are grappling with the social imperative: how to turn the rise of social networks and explosion of social information into a competitive sales advantage. Sales teams that incorporate social insights into the sales process are pulling ahead, while reps who stick with traditional methods are falling behind. Read more.
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