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Agile Software Development and the Factors that Drive Success
By HP | 19/8/2013
The digital revolution continues to destroy firms that don’t anticipate market shifts quickly enough to leverage new opportunities and avoid new pitfalls. The need for business agility is driving the Agile movement in software development — and continuous improvement is at the heart of the movement. In this Forrester study, we look at the the intuitive and counter-intuitive data points surrounding the commonly held beliefs about the Agile development tenants that guide the day-to-day behaviour of development team members. Click to download.
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Securing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
By Citrix | 12/8/2013
Today’s enterprises are rapidly adopting desktop virtualisation as a means to reduce operating costs, enable workplace flexibility, increase business agility and bolster their information security and compliance posture. Actually realising these benefits, however, depends upon ensuring the security and availability of the virtual desktop infrastructure. Find out how you can not only preserves the benefits promised by virtual desktops, but how it can maximise them. Click to download!
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How to Eliminate Risk and Save Money Deploying Business-Critical Databases
By Oracle | 17/12/2012
Databases are integral to day-to-day business processes. IT organizations are accountable for ensuring maximum reliability and availability while under constant pressure to add new capabilities, increase performance to support growth, and contain costs. This paper outlines how an Oracle Optimised Solution for Oracle Database enables IT Organisations to overcome these difficult and opposing challenges. Read more.
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Conquer application management challenges
By Citrix | 16/11/2010
This whitepaper looks at the challenges associated with traditional application management, reviews the benefits of on-demand application delivery and how on-demand app delivery by Citrix XenApp solves those challenges.
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