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Automation Key to Minimising Support Costs While Boosting User Productivity
By Unisys Australia | 13/4/2010

By implementing an IT support model that is based on an enterprise-wide view of IT performance, IT departments are able to deliver support services that maximise employee productivity and business value. Read on to learn more.

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Automation Makes Perfect: Taking the Time Crunch Out of IT Compliance with Automation
By Tripwire | 4/8/2010

Automation makes compliance part of day-to-day operations, enabling CIOs to shift time to more important things—like a security strategy that protects the business, rather than simply pleases an auditor. Read this exclusive white paper from compliance leader Tripwire to learn how a Protect, Detect, and Correct compliance strategy can give you back your most precious resource: time.

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End-to-End Automation Drives Business Innovation
By Automic | 31/10/2013

In today's information-based economy, business technology leaders are expected to drive innovation whilst reducing operational cost and risk. Yet, the infrastructure, applications, and processes that power the business are often fragmented and inefficient. In this IDC Report, we look at how integrated end-to-end automation improves business outcomes.

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Enhancing Decision-Making, Cost-Efficiency, and Profitability With Predictive Analytics
By Information Builders | 4/5/2012

Today’s managers must always look at the past, present, and future. They need reports on past performance to improve operational efficiency. Business intelligence (BI) platforms such as Information Builders WebFOCUS, are providing a unified decision-support environment where managers can retrieve and analyze data about past, present, and future activities. In this paper, we will discuss the incorporation of predictive modeling capabilities into the WebFOCUS BI platform, and highlight how this advanced functionality can dramatically improve decision-making, thus reducing risk and costs while increasing revenue and profits.

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Enlightened Data Centre Automation in the Cloud Age
By HP | 20/8/2013

With its promise of higher agility, IT efficiency, and cost savings cloud solutions are hard to pass up. But no business can make its move to the cloud in a single leap. This paper describes how enlightened companies are approaching data centre automation in the age of cloud computing—and shares the lessons they’ve learned along the way. It provides real-world examples and practical advice for IT leaders who are interested in maximising the success and ROI of their automation strategies and investments. Find out more on how to achieve transformative efficiency gains—without disrupting IT.

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FAQ: Building Your Own Private Cloud
By EMC Corporation | 6/6/2014

This whitepaper provides some frequently asked questions and important insights about private clouds, to help organisations discover how private clouds add value while maintaining simplicity, enabling automation and driving self-service.

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Forrester Research Paper | Virtualization Management And Trends
By CA Technologies | 10/8/2010

In November 2009, CA commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the impact, challenges, and requirements around the operational aspects of virtualization. The study confirms that virtualization is continuing to expand, and the technology introduces new levels of complexity that threaten the stability of services. As day-to-day production responsibility shifts from subject matter experts to operational generalists, new management and automation tools are needed to minimize the risks.

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Four Steps to Better Application Management And Deployment
By HP | 20/8/2013

As you know, application management and deployment are only getting more difficult. Your applications have complex requirements that are rapidly changing, and the changes required will accelerate as development practices become more agile and applications become more dynamic. This paper outlines four key steps you can take to automate application management and deployment so you can quickly deploy and manage application operations for the business users you support whether they are in traditional, virtualised, or cloud environments. Click to download!

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Four Strategies for Moving to the Cloud
By BMC Software Australia | 15/9/2010

Cloud computing is a major departure from the traditional IT service delivery model. Services are no longer tied to dedicated hardware silos. Instead, virtualized resources — servers, network devices, and storage — are abstracted from the hardware. They move freely about the infrastructure, delivering services when and where they are needed. But this doesn’t mean that you have to completely reinvent IT to implement cloud computing.

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Harness Your SAP Data with User-Driven Dashboards
By Qlikview | 1/10/2010

It isn’t unusual for SAP ERP owners to feel pangs of buyer’s remorse. It’s not that the data collected isn’t useful or that the process automation doesn’t help. But any large implementation of an ERP system is a two-step process. First, the software must be configured and implemented and the whole company must start using it. For most companies, this process, however unpleasant or painful, leads to a better situation. Read More.

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