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How To Troubleshoot a Server Problem
By Lenovo | 1/9/2016

Troubleshooting servers is a fine art, but there are some methods and tips to get things running smoothly, quickly and easily. ITIL methodology delves into how to troubleshoot a server or a related issue more deeply, but the general theme is to narrow down the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Take a step back and think about how to logically resolve an issue during an outage. For example, if a user complains that they can’t access something, find out if other users have the same issue, eliminating the possibility that the problem is localized to a single end-user device.

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Investing in ITIL-Aligned ITSM Technology
By ServiceNow | 24/8/2016

If you are interested in implementing ITIL – the IT service management (ITSM) framework – you need to carefully consider the blend of people, processes, and technology that you use to support an ITIL rollout.

Your company could attempt to adopt ITIL without fit-for-purpose ITSM technology, but the result would leave people “working harder, not smarter”— able to employ a number of ITIL best practices but not necessarily doing so efficiently or effectively. In this eBook you will learn:

• How a fit-for-purpose ITSM platform helps with ITIL adoption (and IT operations) • How to justify the investment in a fit-for-purpose ITSM platform • Understanding your requirements to select the best technologies for supporting your ITIL implementation

If you believe in the benefits of ITIL, this eBook will help you connect the dots between people, processes, and technology to ensure your new ITSM initiative brings major improvements to your IT services.

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A Practical Approach to ITIL Adoption
By ServiceNow | 24/8/2016

The adoption of ITIL is widespread and tens of thousands of companies are already reaping its benefits. But, as with any process, there are a number of common ITIL adoption mistakes to avoid.

When creating your ITIL vision and planning for integrating ITIL into your organization, you can learn by those who have gone before. This will increase the speed of your ITIL adoption and ensure the success of your efforts.

In this eBook, you will learn: • The top five ITIL vision mistakes • The top five ITIL planning mistakes • The top five ITIL “implementation” mistakes • How leading companies start with ITIL

With a clear understanding of ITIL best practices, you will have a great start in bringing improved IT service delivery and support to your organization.

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Make Your Life Easier with ITIL
By ServiceNow | 24/8/2016

Today’s employees demand more from the corporate IT department than ever before – expecting an experience closer to the quick and easy digital interactions they enjoy in their personal lives.

To keep up with rising expectations, organizations can adopt an ITIL best practice framework for IT service management (ITSM). This approach improves both your IT service delivery and the user experience for customers and employees.

This eBook will walk you through key issues when considering adoption of ITIL to improve your IT service management efforts.

• Should my company adopt an ITIL best practice framework? • How is a lack of best practices adversely affecting my IT department? • How can ITIL help my efforts to improve IT services in my organization?

ITIL best practices has improved IT service delivery and IT support for tens of thousands of companies worldwide. Learn how it can help your organization become more productive.

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