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Hyper Converged Infrastructure for the Hybrid Cloud Revolution
By Lenovo | 11/4/2016

In today’s 24/7 online environment IT continues to evolve, driven by cloud computing, big data, and mobility, offering endless opportunities for those that are responsive enough to provide quality service to customers in a timely manner. To maintain competitive advantage, organisations need to continually exploit gains from next generation IT infrastructure. To achieve this, IT Departments need to continually fine-tune platform strategy to achieve the best combination of on-premises and hosted capabilities.

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Email Archive Essentials: Key Considerations When Moving to Office 365
By Insentra Technology Services | 1/4/2016

The last few years have seen significant changes in the way organisations conduct business. There has been an unstoppable momentum toward the embrace of cloud based digital platforms that aim to unlock the capacity for greater collaboration and productivity amongst staff. The pre-eminent example of a cloud-based digital platform is Microsoft’s Office 365.

With any move towards the adoption of a new platform, a bit of specialist advice to complement your planning could be the difference between a successful outcome and major headaches. In particular, this applies to migrating your existing email archive data. That’s why Insentra has prepared this paper: to inform and help guide your Office 365 data migration strategy, to identify any potential hurdles you may encounter, and suggest the best possible approach to ensure a smooth transition of your archive to Office 365.

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Get More Done in IT: Top Findings from the 2015 IT Operations Survey
By Kaseya | 31/3/2016

In early 2015, Kaseya surveyed approximately 500 mid-sized companies globally to find out how IT groups at these companies are faring as IT management demands grow in number and complexity every day – and to learn from the most mature and successful ones. This eBook gives an overview of the survey results, highlighting the top 8 differences between mature, successful IT groups and their counterparts, as well as the top 5 strategies for IT to drive business results and end-user satisfaction.

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Managing the Complexity of Today’s Hybrid IT Environments
By Kaseya | 31/3/2016

There are many factors driving the increasing complexity of IT today. The rapid adoption of cloud computing, big data and mobile device proliferation are making it harder for organizations to get their hands around IT, especially as the IT environment has expanded to include new sources of applications, infrastructure, and devices accessing corporate resources. As a result IT managers need new ways to effectively and efficiently manage and secure the environment, and ensure IT service and business success. This white paper describes the key characteristics of the changing environment and it identifies a new choice that IT managers have for meeting the growing set of management challenges.

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Dropbox Business Security
By Dropbox | 16/2/2016

Learn about the security, back-end, and management features that make Dropbox Business the secure tool for getting work done.

Specifically, learn how Dropbox Business: - Provides user- and admin-level security features to keep your company data safe - Uses robust under-the-hood technology to ensure performance that's both fast and secure -Protects the privacy of your company and its employees

Download the report to learn why more than 100,000 businesses and organizations trust Dropbox Business with their most important files.

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How to give users what they want AND maintain control, visibility, and security
By Dropbox | 16/2/2016

File sync and share is everywhere. In the past decade, cloud-based storage and syncing solutions have exploded to fill a growing need for anytime, anywhere access to everything from photos and videos to documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs.

We understand that choosing any new service or tool can be a lengthy and complex process. That’s why we’ve created this buyer’s guide to help make your evaluation process a little bit easier. In this guide we will cover: - Tips on defining business requirements - 7 security questions to ask of every file sync and share vendor - Control and visibility features - what to look for

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Unlocking the power of Flash Storage
By NTT Australia | 15/12/2015

Flash storage represents a quantum leap from the storage layer in terms of performance, however it is crucial companies understand their I/O profile in order to formulate a successful storage strategy. Find out in this eBook how flash storage can be beneficial for enterprises and useful questions to ask before making an informed decision on the purchase.

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Analytics-driven backup and recovery
By HP | 3/12/2015

Change within today’s data centre is constant and critical with new approaches to deploying IT services such as virtualisation, cloud and BYOD. This has forced many companies to rethink backup and recovery strategies and infrastructure.

This whitepaper addresses the 4 core capabilities required for operational success, how analytics can improve backup and recovery and why your backup and recovery solutions should be as dynamic and agile as your IT environment.

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Preparing your organisation for the future of work
By Lenovo | 3/11/2015

Research shows that the next generation of workforce will be more mobile than ever before with 49% of staff working away from the office. This whitepaper will look at the importance of supporting your organisation in the shift to flexible workspaces.

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Creating value and driving performance through technology for professional services firms
By Nexon Asia Pacific | 3/11/2015

A significant challenge lies in professional services firms' sales process and how they go to market and generate new business. This whitepaper looks at how cloud platforms can enable new advantages in business processes, agility and innovation.

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