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VDI performance comparison: Dell PowerEdge FX2 and FC430 Servers with VMware Virtual SAN
By Dell | 25/3/2015
This Principled Technologies test shows the results between two VDI solutions looking at the number of virtual sessions each solution could support. Find out the full results in the report.
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Optimised learning in corporate classrooms
By Dell | 23/3/2015
Students attending Dell™ Global Learning & Development (GL&D) technical support classes needed fresh system images, but manual delivery took hours between classes and over weekends. Dell deployed its own cloud client computing solution to enable one IT support person to re-image and reboot the thin clients and laptops in its GL&D classrooms with just a few mouse clicks.
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The fundamental five: what businesses must have in place to extract maximum value from the cloud
By IBM Australia | 23/3/2015
Many companies have embraced the cloud - technology services delivered over a network connection - to save money, boost speed and productivity and seize new business opportunities. But fewer have committed to the underlying strategic machinery needed to achieve optimal business benefits from the cloud and ignite outsized success. This Economist Intelligence Unit paper from IBM identifies and explores the five core foundational elements of a mature cloud strategy.
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Cloud benefits for ITSM service management
By BMC Software Australia | 16/3/2015
The adoption of cloud-based solutions demands that the business take a look at the skills needed for success, the delivery channels that must be realigned, and the potential effects on the business. This whitepaper looks at: <ul> <li> The reasons service delivery via the cloud can adversely affect IT’s ability to meet an organisation’s needs</li> <li> Why the market has been and will continue to be inundated with a plethora of ITSM vendors creating solutions dedicated to supporting cloud-based service management </li> <li> Which benefits an organisation can achieve by moving to a cloud-based environment</li> </ul>
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How to build a service management hub for digital service innovation
By BMCMedia | 16/3/2015
In the technology-enabled enterprise, business agility depends on IT. This paper explores how you can increase agility by moving to the cloud and creating a service management hub for digital service innovation. Find out: <ul> <li> The five considerations for building a successful services hub: capabilities, integrations, visibility, the platform, and the partner</li> <li> How a successful service hub can fulfil the mission of accelerating IT to the speed of business</li> <li> How the cloud facilitates transformation by freeing the organisation to focus on its core competencies </li> </ul>
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Tintri VMstore: Application-Aware Storage
By Tintri | 9/3/2015
Server virtualisation brings tremendous value in terms of adding operational agility and significant cost savings through consolidation, increased utilisation, and workload portability, but storage can be an inhibitor to realising that value. Traditional storage systems were not designed to be shared between applications, and the gyrations required to do so, such as mapping LUNs, volumes, ports, and zones, introduce complexity without solving the entire storage challenge related to supporting virtual environments. This is because they cannot provide sufficient quality of service to ensure the right applications get the right amount of resources. What is needed is a solution that is application-aware in order to ensure application quality of service. That is the approach Tintri took with its VMstore.
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Scaling virtual environments with smart storage
By Tintri | 6/3/2015
Tintri VMstore and Tintri Global Center offer IT organizations the best choice for building and scaling virtualised environments. VMstore is the industry’s leading storage solution designed for virtualised environments, and Tintri Global Center adds the visibility and control to enable all VMstore systems to function as one. This winning combination of intelligent storage and deep insight makes Tintri the best choice for simply and predictably scaling storage in virtualised environments.
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State of Hybrid Cloud
By InFront | 19/2/2015
This report looks at the state of hybrid cloud based on a 600-organisation survey across the APAC region, focusing on their current usage and attitudes towards on and off premise, private and hybrid cloud service provision. Find out the top rated perceived benefits for adoption, the major barriers that are holding organisations back and what the future holds for investment in this technology.
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Why everyone’s talking about Azure
By Datacom | 5/2/2015
There’s a lot of noise about Azure in the IT marketplace right now. This whitepaper covers how this “growing collection of integrated services” will help you move faster, do more and save money. Find out: why 57% of Fortune 500 companies are already using it, what aspects of business the Azure management porthole integrates, and the 4 major benefits implementation provides.
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How virtualization complements Shoretel’s highly reliable distributed architecture
By Shoretel | 20/1/2015
Enterprises of all sizes adopt virtualisation as a way to improve the efficiency of IT infrastructure and decrease total cost of ownership. This whitepaper looks at how customers who adopted virtualisation achieved better server utilisation, increased application uptime, and greater IT agility and responsiveness by enabling private cloud computing.
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