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Should your organisation consider the cloud?
By Fronde | 24/2/2016

More and more software vendors are moving their traditionally installed products online, and more and more organizations are moving their files and other data to the Cloud. But at the same time, we are bombarded by news stories about hackers, security breaches, and spying. How do you reconcile these two truths? You can find a lot of strong opinions on the matter, but don’t make up your mind until you consider the pros and cons.

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Unlock the advantages of application-aware flash storage
By Tintri | 15/12/2015

With more than 75% of workloads now virtualised, companies with storage complexities may not be operating in a cost effective and agile manner. This whitepaper looks at how application-aware storage can help to overcome the limits of traditional storage and why flash storage is a cost efficient way to eliminate complicated issues in virtualised environments.

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Smart enterprise trends 2015
By NEC | 27/10/2015

Discover the top 10 smart enterprise trends that will have an impact on enterprise operations in the coming years.

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Transforming classrooms with cross-platform technology
By Lenovo | 15/10/2015

IT decision makers for the education industry have typically worked on a singular OS as simplicity was key. However, students and teachers today have access to a variety of mobile devices and being able to work and share educational resources on their platform of choice is crucial.

Find out the importance and benefits of cross-platform collaboration and how you can transform classrooms into future-ready digital schools

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The benefits of integrating T&E expense data with your ERP
By Concur Technologies | 1/10/2015

Increased mobility allows for a greater global distribution of staff, but a global workforce also requires an increasing amount of travel needs and budgeting for this can become increasingly complicated.

This whitepaper looks at the key advantages of having an integrated T&E management and ERP system, to eradicate tedious reporting processes and promote business spend clarity - allowing users visibility of travel expenses against their corporate budget, minimising unexpected costs and ensuring the global mobile workforce is well planned.

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Discover the workplace of the future, today
By Readify | 30/9/2015

Cloud, identity management and enterprise mobility technologies can provide significant benefits for business efficiency and promote a collaborative workforce. However, it can often result in conflicts of interests between business heads and IT leaders, both who have different concerns and expectations on how to implement these solutions to benefit the company.

This whitepaper looks at how a collaborative approach can benefit both IT and business stakeholders, resulting in increased business flexibility and security. Included in this whitepaper are also 5 step by step considerations for both business and IT leaders to reap the benefits of these platforms by adopting synergistic strategies.

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The State of Salesforce is Bluewolf’s annual report of how the best companies use Salesforce
By Bluewolf | 22/9/2015

With data collected from over 1,500 Salesforce customers, this year’s report uncovers trends and opportunities specific to each Salesforce cloud.

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Schneider Electric transforms it's IT infrastructure
By Teneo | 21/9/2015

In this whitepaper find out how Schneider Electric reduced optimised traffic volume across the WAN by an average of 75% and minimised bandwith upgrades – ultimately decreasing IT spend with efficient systems. Read more about how a company employs more than 110,000 people in 100 countries upgraded ageing infrastructure to manage costs, mobility growth and cloud SaaS and IaaS, achieving 80% data reduction while utilising six times less bandwidth.

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Shifting district culture to deepen student learning
By Dell | 18/9/2015

In this whitepaper, public school leaders discuss how to create a culture of change that will result in deeper student engagement and learning and also looks at the results of surveys which show the disconnect between how students use technology and how teachers approach teaching with it.

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Mobile Devices in Education: A Comprehensive Management Approach
By Dell | 18/9/2015

Many K-12 school districts and institutions of higher learning are embracing the reality of increased mobile device usage and bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives on their campuses, and the impact this will have on IT. Those pressed with supporting this change are wrestling with how to manage a broad assortment of end-user devices now connecting to their IT environments. This whitepaper looks at a specialised approach to managing this evolution to meet the unique needs of education.

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