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6 Steps To ERP Implementation Success
By IFS World | 3/6/2010
Implementing ERP, CRM, EAM is complicated. Here are six simple steps to take in order to manage that complexity.
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A Buyer's Guide to Customer Relationship Management Solutions
By NetSuite | 7/6/2010
Fruitful customer segments must be targeted, lead conversion maximized, and existing customers up-sold and renewed. Learn how - read industry-driven insights into CRM trends, value, and evaluation.
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Big ideas & best practices for CRM online
By Oracle | 9/3/2009
It's no secret that customer relationship management (CRM) is a key business strategy to determine enterprise success. Aggressively managing customer relationships and working to ensure retention have become imperative to building business, especially through lean times. Read on discover big ideas and best practices to manage your CRM strategy.
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Business Processes and Customers - Difficult Domains to Integrate
By Sword Ciboodle | 11/4/2011
Despite spending many billions of dollars on Customer Relationship Management projects, poor customer service is still pervasive. Those projects that have succeeded have recognized the central role of a process-oriented approach. By understanding and supporting both the processes within the organization and those that exist between the fi rm and its customers, the enterprise can reduce costs, take agility to the next level, and at the same time, build truly effective relationships that customer’s value. (1) The net result is top line growth at the expense of competitors, all the while driving down costs. Read on.
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Business Processes and Customers - Difficult Domains to Integrate
By Sword Ciboodle | 22/5/2009
Get more out of CRM, integrate BPM with customer needs. This BPM Focus whitepaper discusses the problems with traditional CRM and explains the best practice scenarios for better customer interaction.
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Case Study: Crazy John’s - Fulfil their Speedy Expansion Plan
By Sword Ciboodle | 11/4/2011
Read here how Crazy John’s chose Sword Ciboodle to provide their contact centre and retail stores with a comprehensive and consistent view of all customer information across all service channels. Integration to more than 25 backend systems provide real-time payment processing at point of sale, and fully leverage existing technology investment. Operational dashboards optimise business decision making capability, giving management a dependable view of actual as well as pipeline sales. Driven by Sword Ciboodle’s agility, Crazy John’s can now add new mobile virtual network operator partners and uniquely branded and bundled product suites. Read on.
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Cloud Computing: Consolidating Databases onto Private Clouds
By Oracle | 25/9/2012
Private clouds enable on-demand access to a shared pool of servers, storage, applications or IT services. Database consolidation streamlines IT infrastructure by reducing the number of databases and the number of database servers. Companies that have consolidated databases in a private cloud have cut downtime, management costs, security risks and capital expenses. At the same time, they have increased performance, availability, data quality and decision-making agility. Read more.
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Cloud Monitoring and Service Management - Helping CIOs maximise their IT services and investments
By Nimsoft | 30/8/2012
The information technology industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in the way computing resources are procured. Cloud computing is emerging as a key area of focus for CIOs and IT decision makers due to its ability to save costs, increase business agility and deliver IT in an on-demand manner. This paper provides insights into the adoption of cloud computing in Asia Pacific and the cloud implementation roadmap, as well as achieving cloud monitoring and service management through IT Management-as-a-Service.
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Computerworld On-Demand Webcast | Winning and retaining customers through better web application performance
By CA Technologies | 19/3/2010
Customer acquisition and retention is key to business survival, and with today's web-savvy consumers and business users, nowhere is the difference between good and bad service more keenly apparent than online. Protect revenue and accelerate growth - learn how to offer visitors a superior web experience.
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Connect and Empower Mobile Salespeople
By Oracle | 18/9/2009
New technologies can help salespeople on the road be more effective, better manage customer relationships, and close more deals. Want to know more? Download this free white paper now.
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