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Computerworld On-Demand Webcast | Winning and retaining customers through better web application performance
By CA Technologies | 19/3/2010

Customer acquisition and retention is key to business survival, and with today's web-savvy consumers and business users, nowhere is the difference between good and bad service more keenly apparent than online. Protect revenue and accelerate growth - learn how to offer visitors a superior web experience.

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Maximising customer capital
By Gen-i Australia | 10/3/2010

Maximising customer capital means making the most of each customer interaction by creating better interfaces with your customers and, more importantly, establishing the right interface for each kind of customer. Get closer to customers - read more.

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Data Sheet: LoadRunner Software
By HP | 15/12/2010

LoadRunner software is the industry standard software for performance validation. Generate real life load. Identify and diagnose problems. Deploy with high quality and confidence. Read on for more information.

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Microsoft Office 2010 upgrades: Four pitfalls to avoid
By IDG Communications | 21/1/2011

From training worries to compatibility woes, fears of business disruption can spread when IT announces a Microsoft Office 2010 upgrade. Here's how IT can steer clear of four big upgrade mistakes. Read on.

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CRM Strategy Guide
By IDG Communications | 21/11/2012

This whitepaper was provided with compliments of Articles in this guide include: CRM and sales: if it’s broke, fix it; Cloud meets CRM: how to track who’s who;’s Social Key, Chatter communities, Marketing Cloud. Read this strategy guide.

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6 Steps To ERP Implementation Success
By IFS World | 3/6/2010

Implementing ERP, CRM, EAM is complicated. Here are six simple steps to take in order to manage that complexity.

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Aberdeen Group Report: Enhancing Customer Experience through CIO and CMO Alignment
By Kana Software | 22/5/2014

Today’s customer experience management (CEM) programs require the involvement and collaboration of all key stakeholders within the enterprise. Aberdeen Group believes that two of these stakeholders are the CIO and CMO, and they must be aligned to drive superior customer and corporate value.

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The future of marketing: Six visionaries speak
By Marketo | 23/2/2015

The Economist Intelligence Unit spoke with six marketing visionaries around the world and posed a question: The world of marketers today has changed drastically from what it was ten years ago. What will it be like in 2020? And what do marketers need to forge a winning career path over the next five years? Find out: answers from Seth Godin, John Hagel, Gavin Heaton, Aditya Joshi, Marc Mathieu and Jim Stengel, the 15 things their answers shared in common, and the single most critical element to success in marketing that trumps them all.

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A Buyer's Guide to Customer Relationship Management Solutions
By NetSuite | 7/6/2010

Fruitful customer segments must be targeted, lead conversion maximized, and existing customers up-sold and renewed. Learn how - read industry-driven insights into CRM trends, value, and evaluation.

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Cloud Monitoring and Service Management - Helping CIOs maximise their IT services and investments
By Nimsoft | 30/8/2012

The information technology industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in the way computing resources are procured. Cloud computing is emerging as a key area of focus for CIOs and IT decision makers due to its ability to save costs, increase business agility and deliver IT in an on-demand manner. This paper provides insights into the adoption of cloud computing in Asia Pacific and the cloud implementation roadmap, as well as achieving cloud monitoring and service management through IT Management-as-a-Service.

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