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HPS Pharmacies | Success Story
By Novell | 20/8/2010
Read on about how HPS Pharmacies wanted to upgrade its disaster recovery capabilities and improve business continuity. Working with Comunet, the company deployed PlateSpin Forge® and PlateSpin® Protect from Novell—providing rapid failover for the main data centre and individual in-store systems in case of disaster.
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PlateSpin Forge: Plug In and Protect Server Workloads
By Novell | 17/8/2010
PlateSpin Forge revolutionizes the way disaster recovery solutions are deployed, tested and managed by offering an affordable and easy-to-use solution for protecting all workloads in the data center.
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IDC whitepaper: Hold Down Data Centre Costs
By Novell | 17/8/2010
This white paper describes how the use of virtual server technology is evolving in enterprise-class data centers and discusses how these changes impact workload capacity planning and migration requirements.
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A Pragmatic Approach to Server and Data Centre Consolidation
By Novell | 13/7/2009
Learn how workload profiling and portability technology which has helped thousands of organisations accelerate their consolidation initiatives and optimise their data centres through continuous server consolidation. Read on for best practices and successful initiatives.
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