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Unified Storage Strategy guide
By IDG Communications | 11/5/2011
This Guide features the following: - Cloud leads five storage trends for 2011 - Most IT managers plan to adopt cloud storage - Storage virtualization buying guide - Virtual machine management (VMM) - Cloud storage a steep climb - Building a better business backup system - Server virtualization: Six management myths
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CSO Security Buyers Guide 2011
By IDG Communications | 5/5/2011
Welcome to the 2011 /2012 CSO Security Buyers Guide CSO is keeping security professionals ahead of the evolving threats and challenges to their businesses. This resource for security professionals assists you in finding leading IT security vendors by their products and solutions. Happy Browsing! The 2011 CSO Buyers Guide team
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Shifting Focus, Shifting Results | A Joint Research Initiative by the CIO Executive Council & Capability Management
By IDG Communications | 1/2/2011
The CIO Executive Council and Capability Management partnered to research organisational factors that reduce the potential of Information Technology (IT) projects to deliver measurable value. This was based on interviews with Chief Information Officers (CIOs) from many industries. The findings create a clear call-to-action for CIOs.
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Microsoft Office 2010 upgrades: Four pitfalls to avoid
By IDG Communications | 21/1/2011
From training worries to compatibility woes, fears of business disruption can spread when IT announces a Microsoft Office 2010 upgrade. Here's how IT can steer clear of four big upgrade mistakes. Read on.
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Data Deduplication | Strategy guide
By IDG Communications | 7/12/2010
Exponential data growth is emerging as arguably the biggest issue IT managers face. But, handily, data deduplication is one available tool to help tackle the problem. Read on.
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Strategy Guide | Is Your Data Centre Up-To-Date, Secure and Energy Efficient?
By IDG Communications | 30/11/2010
This guide explains how to keep your data centre up to date and looks at the questions you should ask yourself before building a new data centre.
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State of the Australian CIO Research 2010
By IDG Communications | 8/10/2010
The annual State of the CIO study provides Australian CIOs with valuable local research on leadership strategies, salary ranges, tenure as well as documenting technology and business priorities of their peers in mid to large organisations. The study is part of a global research project which allows CIOs to benchmarktheir priorities and objectives with those of equivalent organisations in the United States. Read on.
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