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Stop Paying the Earth for Global Roaming
By Macquarie Telecom | 26/3/2014
Why do we continue to pay the earth for global roaming? With Telstra increasing global roaming charges by 100-500% in over 180 countries, bill shock can only get worse. This paper investigates why, what and how your company can address the need for global coverage.
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2013 State of the Mobility Enterprise Study
By Macquarie Telecom | 18/3/2013
Bringing your own device to work — BYOD — is not something that an enterprise’s IT organisation has to plan for in the future. The truth about BYOD is that in most organisations, it’s not an emerging trend — it’s already been happening for quite some time. Read this report now to learn about how Australian IT Executives and business leaders are using mobility to generate value within their businesses.
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Guarantee Your Application Performance
By Macquarie Telecom | 10/1/2011
Read here how an application hosting service can reduce costs and ensure your core applications run smoothly all day, every day.
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Why Build When You Can Borrow?
By Macquarie Telecom | 10/1/2011
More and more, CIOs are discovering that by turning to managed hosting services they can curb the capital and operational costs associated with the data centre, free up staff to focus on core business and make their organisations more agile in the face of changing market conditions. Read here, how hosted data centre services eliminate the daily pain and frustration of managing your IT infrastructure. Download today
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The Benefits of Website Hosting
By Macquarie Telecom | 10/1/2011
Your online presence is more than just a website. It has replaced the shop front as the entry point for your customers and suppliers, and is the public face of your brand. Do you have the systems, staff, skills and backup in place to ensure your websites are online all the time? Read here, How a web hosting provider can help relieve the pressure of managing your online presence. Download today
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