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The Three Essential Steps to Successful Cloud Migration
By Logicalis | 1/4/2014
Businesses and enterprises have quickly realised the power and efficiency of cloud computing, but migrating to the cloud can be a challenging process. This guide leads you through the three key steps you should take to assess your workload, select the most appropriate cloud model and ensure your cloud provider’s migration methodology stacks up.
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Why you should be re-thinking your approach to data protection
By Logicalis | 1/4/2014
Organisations of all shapes and sizes need a new approach to data protection that addresses the challenges of data growth, but IT budgets are not keeping pace with the escalating costs of supporting storage requirements. This whitepaper explores how securing and retrieving organisational data will need to be done more efficiently.
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Enable Flexible Working
By Logicalis | 12/11/2012
The nature of work has changed fundamentally and forever and it continues to evolve rapidly. Geographic distance and borders are increasingly irrelevant and transparent. The traditional roles of employees and employers, the 9 to 5 working day and places of work are all shifting. Underpinning these macro shifts is the advent of very fast Internet, paired with other mobile and collaborative technologies. Organisations that are not embracing a new way of working and communicating risk not just impacting productivity but the ability to recruit and retain the next generation of employees. The Flexible Working whitepaper looks at why the workplace is changing, the benefits of supporting a more flexible work environment and how to build a Roadmap to “tomorrow’s workplace”.
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ENABLING BYOD - Why the evolution of VDI has made mobility even more mobile and how to safely incorporate consumer devices in the workplace
By Logicalis | 23/3/2012
The concept of Bring your Own Device or "BYOD" perhaps best represents the combination of consumerisation and pressure from employees to work in a more flexible manner. Clearly, BYOD has a simple appeal for the end user: “I get to use my new smartphone or tablet at work!” What goes through the mind of the typical IT person is much more complex. So what challenges does the IT manager face with the rise of BYOD?
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