Social Media in the Workplace

Computerworld Webinar in association with
Interactive Live discussion on 15 September, 2010 @ 11:00am AEST, Sydney Australia

Friendly on Facebook? Linking up on LinkedIn?? Twitchy on Twitter? If you aren't then it's pretty certain others in your workplace are and most likely during a fair portion of their work day.

The well-documented rise of social networking has been phenomenal but until recently there has been little help available to manage the risks.

In this Computerworld Live Webinar we look at the social networking trend, how it is impacting IT departments and ultimately the organisation's goals, and what you can do about it.

You'll hear from industry analyst James Turner of IBRS about the state of the play and get an exclusive briefing from your peers on how they are dealing with the trend.

We'll also cover off on strategies to help mitigate potential social engineering scams and data leakage. So if you are like us and are constantly looking for ways to reduce social networking risks, we in vite you to join us for what will be an interesting half hour session.

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About the Speakers

Andi Luiskandl, Head of Systems (CIO) The Smith Family

Andi has over fifteen years of international systems and technology leadership experience working in the services, consumer goods and technology industries. Andi commenced with The Smith Family in August 2008 as Head of Systems, and is working with over 700 connected users to enable the organisation’s growth strategy with integrated technology.

Prior to his role at The Smith Family, Andi held a number of senior Information Technology roles within the commercial sector for companies including Coca-Cola and Dairy Farmers. Andi started his professional career as a Quality Assurance Analyst in The Coca-Cola Company’s mainframe ERP software centre in Vienna, Austria, before project-managing large-scale integration and UAT testing, and supporting international Coca-Cola software development projects including demand planning, forecasting and business intelligence. At Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA), Andi led the development and implementation of CCA’s regional Intranet, Internet and Extranet strategy, and at Dairy Farmers he led the design and implementation of a multi-million dollar Electronic Commerce business transformation initiative that won the MIS Innovation Award in 2003. In 2005, 2006 and 2008, Consensus, AIIA and ZDNet further honoured Andi with industry awards for leading innovation in Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing. Andi's tertiary qualifications are in Information Technology Management, Electronic Business and General Management.

James Turner, Advisor, IBRS

James Turner specialises in information security. James also covers: mobility, WAN optimisation and web application acceleration. Before joining IBRS, James was Frost & Sullivan's industry analyst for IT security. Prior to becoming an analyst, James worked with vendors as a Customer Relationship Manager, and in IT organisations and departments in roles ranging from UNIX systems administrator to Hosting Infrastructure Manager. James is a recognised expert in his field and is frequently quoted in the press. He is an excellent public speaker and group facilitator.

Charles Heunemann, Managing Director Asia Pacific, Webroot Software

With over 25 years experience in the IT sector including 10 years in IT security, Charles is recognised as an industry pioneer establishing the content filtering market in Australia and New Zealand from the mid 90's. Prior to his appointment as Managing Director of Webroot Asia Pacific Operations Charles was MD of Email Systems Asia Pacific and co-Founder and Senior Vice President of SurfControl? Asia Pacific operations before switching to Encassa. He is also a member of the Australian Information Industry Association as a Director and Corporate Secretary. Charles is at the forefront of knowledge on the effects of the Internet on modern workplace practices and has commissioned three first-of-a-kind studies into the attitudes of Australian workers to Internet and email usage and security. His expertise is both cited in Asia Pacific and globally.

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James Turner
James, an Advisor focusing on information security with local analyst firm IBRS, will give a concise presentation on the top challenges for organisations in managing the risks that come from employees using social media. Perception is reality, and in the virtual world the perceptions of your staff can have a tangible impact on your organisation. We cannot avoid the Internet, so what steps are reasonable in managing this risky environment?


Andi Luiskandl, CIO, The Smith Family
Andi will be talk about social media in an enterprise context, specifically reflecting on organisational engagement, participation and capacity building opportunities ans how The Smith Family are dealing with the trend


James Turner, Andi Luiskandl, Charles Heunemann
will form a discussion panel along with Computerworld's Tim Lohman, take your questions and engage in some interesting debate