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  • 7 Android tools that can help your personal security

    Forget security suites: These seven sensible tools are all you really need on your Android phone to stay safe.

  • Windows 10 quick tips: 5 ways to speed up your PC

    Want Windows 10 to run faster? Take few minutes to try out these tips, and your machine will be zippier and less prone to performance and system issues.

  • How to make the transition to a software defined WAN

    SD-WAN solutions must provide operational capabilities such as network-aware orchestration

  • How to get DevOps right

    The Dos and Don’ts of enterprise DevOps

  • Windows 10 quick tips: How to protect your privacy

    Worried about possible privacy problems in Windows 10? We offer some quick and easy ways to protect your data.

  • Digging into your Linux system's hardware

    The dmidecode command can tell you a lot more about your Linux server's hardware than you'd ever want to know

  • How to automatically send an 'I'm busy!' text from your Android phone

    Want to keep meetings uninterrupted while still responding to texts? If you've got an Android phone, you can use the Tasker and Trigger apps to send automatic responses. Here's how.

  • Tips for new tech devices

    Is there a shiny new tech gadget in your life? We've got you covered with tips, apps and advice to help you get the most out of your new gear, from Apple Watches and Android phones to Windows 10 PCs and more.

  • Technical debt: Hot to assess it and manage it

    As with any kind of risk, technical debt is beneficial when properly managed. Some best practices

  • How to handle Windows 10 updates

    Microsoft's new updating procedure for Windows 10 can be confusing -- and annoying. We've detailed exactly what happens, and a few strategies for getting around it.

  • A free, almost foolproof way to check for malware

    How to scan every running process on your system for malware in seconds, without installing antimalware software

  • 6 ways to cut the cost and pain of a Windows 10 migration

    User Environment Management (UEM) technology will streamline your adoption and solve your migration problem for good

  • How to use SANless clusters to protect SQL in the cloud

    Adding SANless clustering software to your Windows Server Failover Clustering environment makes it possible to synchronize storage among physical, virtual and cloud servers

  • Network security primer: What is access control?

    Access control is a complicated technology that’s key to strong security.

  • 4 ways bimodal IT accelerates innovation

    Dividing your team into two groups, an approach conceived by Gartner, represents an opportunity for a real step forward

  • How to solve today’s top three virtual environment challenges

    The issues tend to fall into three main areas: virtual machine (VM) sprawl, capacity planning and change management. Here’s a deeper look at the problems and what you can do to address them

  • Five steps to optimize your firewall configuration

    95% of all firewall breaches are caused by misconfiguration. Here's how to address the core problems

  • How to get security right when embracing rapid software development

    Five steps to reduce risk while moving to continuous updates

  • 12 time-saving tips for the Chrome Android browser (with video)

    Become a mobile browsing pro with these little-known tips for Google's Chrome browser for Android.

  • 4 overblown Windows 10 worries

    There are a lot of alarms going off about Windows 10's effect on your security and privacy. We look at the four top concerns to find out whether they're true or not, and tell you what you can do about them.

  • CIOs are finding agility through cloud-based communications

    Companies grappling with new customer expectations turn to Communication-as-a-Service model (CaaS) for a more agile, cloud-based omnichannel experience.

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