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  • Getting Technical: An Interview with James Gosling

    JavaOne Today: What have you been working on recently here at Sun Labs?

  • Deloitte takes 20 per cent stake in OSA

    Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu has announced it has taken a 20 per cent stake in corporate services firm Outsource Australia (OSA).

  • Users Think Current as HP Looks Ahead

    At Hewlett-Packard Co.'s OpenView 2000 user conference here this month, company officials offered information technology managers an image of a more innovative HP focused on e-commerce, but most attendees homed in on new features in network management software that could help them solve existing problems.

  • Flight of the Techies

    Another week, another farewell luncheon. Yet another engineer heading to a dot-com to try his luck. And, hey, if it doesn't work out, he can always come back. He won't even lose his benefits as long as it's within a year.

  • Pentagon Defuses Missile-Defense Criticism

    Amid mounting criticism that the U.S. Department of Defense is planning to move forward on a multibillion-dollar national missile-defense system that may not be technically feasible, senior Pentagon officials went on the offensive this week to dismiss what one official called "destructive and distracting misconceptions" about the program.

  • FTC Cracks Down on 'Free Computer' Deals

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on what it says are deceptive advertising practices by Value America Inc., Inc. and Office Depot Inc.. The FTC accuses all three companies of offering computer rebates predicated on the purchase of three years of Internet service, without fairly disclosing all of the terms of the deal.

  • Diveo Opens New Internet Data Center in Mexico

    LOS ANGELES (06/29/2000) - Diveo Broadband Networks Inc., a provider of Internet infrastructure and broadband services in Latin America, announced the opening of its Internet Data Center in Mexico City.

  • Microsoft Turns the Tables on Sun and Java

    For years, Microsoft Corp. has stewed over the popularity of Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Java programming language and downplayed its relevance, but now the software giant is going on the offensive.

  • Rewritable DVD: Ready for the Big Show

    DVD-RAM is now bigger than ever. With new drives capable of handling higher-capacity 4.7GB media being demonstrated by Hitachi Ltd., Panasonic, and Toshiba Corp. at this week's PC Expo in New York, this rewritable format is finally ready to stand up and be counted. Drives should be available this summer; Panasonic and Toshiba say they'll begin volume shipments in July. But you don't have wait--or head to PC Expo--to get a peek at this DVD breakthrough: We've taken a hands-on look at Panasonic's 4.7GB DVD-RAM drive already.

  • Volkswagen Works Out Marketing Bugs on the Web

    Volkswagen of America Inc. is in the midst of a pilot program to sell limited-edition vehicles exclusively over the Web.

  • 'Low-Cost' PC Dealers Chastised

    Officials at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission on Thursday hammered some mega-e-retailers for deceptive online ads pushing cheap PCs.

  • Hey Anita Can Surf by Phone

    Soon, you won't need to boot up your PC to get information from the Internet; you'll be able to just say, "Hey Anita," instead.

  • Novell Tackles Web Content Management

    Novell Inc. has taken its Net services vision into the content delivery and acceleration area, launching Novell Content Exchange, a service that accelerates content movement between an origin server and the CDNs (content delivery networks).

  • SteelEye Safeguards Linux Servers

    A Linux startup this week introduced clustering failover software which gives users added protection against server downtime.

  • Survey: 5400 jobs lost in dot-com shakeout

    As the body count of failed dot-com companies continues to rise this year, so does the number of job cuts made by Internet ventures that have gone out of business or laid off workers in an attempt to remain solvent. A new survey released this week day put the number of eliminated dot-com jobs at more than 5,000 since December.

  • TI Acquires Dot Wireless

    Texas Instruments Inc. has agreed to purchase third-generation CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technology company Dot Wireless Inc., the company announced Thursday.

  • FedEx, UPS Vie to Offer Wireless Tracking Services

    United Parcel Service of America Inc. and Federal Express Corp. have extended their competition to the wireless arena, as they vie to provide wireless access to Web-based tracking information from any device, anywhere in the world.

  • Maryland Posts Delinquent Taxpayers Online

    Maryland has posted its 50 largest tax delinquents online in an attempt to retrieve more than US$9.7 million owed in overdue taxes, penalties and interest.

  • Kurzweil: There's No Stopping Moore's Law

    NEW YORK (06/29/2000) - Ten years from now, when people come to PC Expo, if it still exists, chances are there will be few computers on display. Instead, people will be wearing computers -- implanted, for example, in eyeglasses, with the retina as screen -- suggests IT pioneer and futurist Raymond Kurzweil.

  • Leading Oracle Tools Vendor Moves to Include MS

    Directory management vendor FastLane Technologies Inc. Thursday announced it has agreed to be acquired by Quest Software.