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  • Democrats Using Software to Link Up

    With most of the floor activities likely to be scripted in advance, the best action at next week's Democratic National Convention just may be online.

  • Critical Path Acquires Peerlogic

    Messaging outsourcer Critical Path Inc. has once again pulled out the wallet to add some punch to its hosted directory services offerings, acquiring San Francisco.-based e-business directory and infrastructure software vendor PeerLogic Inc. on Tuesday in an all-stock deal.

  • Cisco Veteran Resigns to Head Up New Firm

    Cisco Systems Inc. veteran Don Listwin, one time considered to be the heir apparent to John Chambers as Cisco CEO, is leaving the company to head up a new company formed from the $6.4 billion merger of Inc. and Inc.

  • Oracle Makes Linux Move

    In a move clearly aimed at blunting IBM's Linux initiatives, Oracle on Tuesday delivered its first enterprise-level application server for Linux, along with announcing several joint marketing agreements with top-tier Linux distributors involving the new product.

  • UCITA Group Backs Off Provision in Software Law

    The group that drafted the Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act (UCITA) has backed off slightly from one of the more controversial measures in the proposed software-licensing law -- a so-called self-help provision that allows vendors to remotely disable the software they sell to users. But that may not be much solace to corporate users.

  • Oracle's Linuxization of Software Almost Complete

    SAN FRANCISCO (08/09/2000) - Oracle Corp. is close to having its entire software portfolio running on Linux, with Wednesday's announcement that the company's Internet Application Server (iAS) 8i will support the open-source operating system. The vendor also announced expanded partnerships with four Linux distribution companies -- Caldera Systems Inc., SuSE Linux AG, TurboLinux Inc. and VA Linux Systems Inc.

  • MUA SCOs with Tarantella

    With network software company SCO announcing last week it was selling its less-profitable arms to Caldera Systems, local executives this week added MUA as a distributor of its retained Tarantella technology.

  • GTSI Revenues Slip

    Slower sales following the Year 2000 rollover and delayed purchases of enterprise software at many agencies are being blamed for GTSI Corp.'s revenues dropping more than US$12 million from the same period last year.

  • CDnow to Ease Shipping to LatAm & Caribbean

    FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA (08/09/2000) - Struggling online retailer CDnow Inc. on Tuesday announced a partnership to facilitate the shipping of videos, DVDs and music CDs to Latin America and the Caribbean, a region where e-commerce holds much promise but is hampered by many barriers.

  • Caldera's New Computer Based Training

    Caldera Systems release of Caldera Linux Computer Based Training (CBT) heralds a new approach in the Linux industry to breaking into the consumer and business market. The theory is to give users a platform independent, professional introduction to Linux, and Caldera products specifically -- encouraging both knowledge of Linux and confidence in it.

  • Study: ASP Market to Soar

    Analysts at Gartner Group Inc. are predicting exceptional growth in the application service provider (ASP) market -- and enormous fallout as well.

  • WorldGroup splits from SPL to take on big five

    Former CRM consulting arm of SPL WorldGroup, World Group Consulting, has split from the global business consultancy and systems integrator to take on the "Big Five" professional services arena.

  • Department of Injustice: FBI Solving Cybercrime

    "I think any time you expose vulnerabilities it's a good thing."

  • NIST Readies Security, Workflow Pilot

    The U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology is getting ready to kick off a 100-seat pilot to test security and electronic workflow applications.

  • Manufacturers, Operators Team on VDSL Development

    PARIS (08/09/2000) - Thirty companies have formed a group to push a standard for delivery of high-speed multimedia services over VDSL (Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line) connections.

  • Scour Picks Legal Team

    BOSTON (08/09/2000) - A top attorney, a Harvard Law professor and a former U.S. Department of Justice official will represent Scour Inc. in its legal battle over alleged copyright infringement against two music industry and one motion picture industry trade groups.

  • Study Claims Women Rivaling Men on Web

    May was the first month in which more women than men in the U.S. logged online, according to new data from online usage tracker MMXI Europe BV. Furthermore, the study released yesterday showed that Internet usage by European women is also experiencing strong growth.

  • Philippines Incubator Project Takes Off

    Information technology professionals and entrepreneurs with creative ideas now have a chance to develop and market them with the help of the Cebu Property Ventures and Development Corp. (CPVDC) business incubator project. CPVDC launched its incubator project at the Cebu Civic Trade Center (CCTC) IT park last July.

  • Cisco reports Q4 results

    Riding on the back of continued e-commerce and B2B take-up, networking monolith Cisco Systems has posted its fourth quarter results this week, showing significant gains in sales - however not reflected by the company's net income.

  • Critical Path Acquires PeerLogic in $400M Deal

    E-mail outsourcing giant Critical Path Inc. continues its acquisition streak with Tuesday's purchase of PeerLogic Inc., a directory services firm specializing in security services.