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  • Sony Readies Laptop Based on Transmeta Chip

    The first product with the low-power Transmeta Crusoe processor, Sony Electronics's Picturebook laptop personal computer, will be released in October, Sony announced Friday.

  • Adds Online Computer, Video Games Store Friday said it's launching a new computer and video games store that offers consumers one-stop shopping for casual and hard-core gamers. According to a statement from the Seattle-based online retailer, the company will offer the largest selection of computer, video games and accessories available in off-line and online stores. Previously, video games were sold in the company's toy and video game section.

  • French Company Bull Exposes Customer Data

    French technology giant Bull Groupe said an internal sales and marketing database containing customer contact names and network configurations was exposed on one of the company's data processing servers.

  • Update: eServ enjoys ASX success

    eServ CEO Ian Buddery is pleased and breathing easy after the company closed its first day of trading on Friday at $1.80 per share, up 20 cents from its opening price of $1.60.

  • SCO Lays Off 19 Percent of Its Staff

    Battered recently by lower than expected revenues and earnings and a sell-off of two of its units last month, The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) has announced it will lay off 19 per cent of its workers.

  • Lucent, PacketVideo Bring Video to Mobile Devices

    Lucent Technologies' Microelectronics Group has reached an agreement with PacketVideo to integrate streaming video into next generation mobile devices, the companies said this week.

  • Startup Brings Verification to IP Service Pacts

    It is clear that businesses need to leverage the Internet to drive revenue and to streamline operations, but how well the technical infrastructure facilitates achieving these goals is anything but obvious.

  • Pollies Push For Privacy Privileges

    Political parties want special access to private data while forcing the business community to comply with strict new privacy laws.

  • VoiceStream Chief Stresses Spectrum Allocation

    The U.S. needs a comprehensive view of radio spectrum allocation and a simple licensing process in order to catch up with other countries in the market penetration of mobile telephones, said John Stanton, chairman and chief executive officer of VoiceStream Wireless Corp. at a briefing here Friday for members of U.S. Congress and their staff.

  • Sony Takes Digital Music to the Beach

    Sony Corp. is adding a couple of models to its Vaio Music Clip digital music player range which has, until now, consisted of a single model. The new products will enable users to enjoy music at the beach and while they're jogging, skateboarding or otherwise on the move.

  • Amex Unveils Disposable Credit Numbers

    American Express Co. said this week that it will give out single-use credit-card numbers to customers worried about online security.

  • IBM's Wireless US Open Site Connects Mobile Users

    This year, for the first time, tennis fans around the world were able to get up-to-date scores, schedules and other information from the U.S. Open, using Web-enabled mobile phones and personal digital assistants.

  • Customers Balk at Variable DVD Pricing

    Some customers were angry this week that Inc. was charging different prices for the same product in a practice the company defended as a periodic test it runs on the prices of certain items.

  • EMC, SAS Align

    SAN MATEO (09/08/2000) - EMC Corp. has joined with SAS Institute Inc. to create and market CRM (customer relationship management) tools, the companies announced in a joint statement. The two companies will exchange engineering talent via collaboration programs. SAS will join EMC's E-Infostructure Development program, whereas EMC will become an SAS Technology Partner, said Rick Lacroix, an EMC spokesman. Typically, SAS software is used in data warehousing applications, and the data is stored on EMC systems, Lacroix said. The companies will continue to sell and service their individual products but will work together to make those products into CRM data analysis and storage applications and hardware..

  • Heavy Demand Drives Record Chip Sales

    An insatiable demand for computers and other electronic devices boosted worldwide semiconductor sales to an all-time high of US$17.3 billion in July 2000, according to a report released this week from the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), a computer trade association based in San Jose, Calif.

  • Startup Takes Apps Mgmt. to Desktops

    Centricity Inc. has launched its first product, a software package designed to bolster application performance and lighten the load of network managers by moving bandwidth management from the network to the desktop.

  • Security Contract Snagged

    SAN MATEO (09/08/2000) - Network Associates Inc. has announced that it is receiving $11 million in U.S. government contract funds to develop technologies for information system security. The grant will be used to develop IA (information assurance) security and intrusion survivability technologies for military, government, and commercial use in order to deal with security breaches and outbreaks, according to a statement released by the company. Initiatives to be addressed in the proposal include Active Network Fault Response, Self-Protecting Mobile agents, Intrusion Tolerant Distributed Object Systems, and Security Policy Automation, Modeling, and Bridging..

  • Privacy Spurs Innovation

    Screaming privacy headlines and publicity around other cyberethics snafus are spurring new-breed technologies and hammering home the moneymaking aspects of responsible IT.

  • Sun Releases Economy UltraSPARC Chip

    FRAMINGHAM (09/08/2000) - Sun Microsystems Inc. next week will be releasing the UltraSPARC IIe, a 64-bit chip designed as an economy-model processor. The IIe will be available in 400- and 500-MHz versions, priced at $230 to $357 for individual customers and at $145 to $225 for original equipment manufacturers, officials said. The IIe comes with a 256KB Level 2 cache and a 32-bit, 66-MHz Peripheral Component Interconnect bus..

  • Corel Reveals Plan to Close Irish Operations

    Executing a restructuring plan aimed at reducing US$40 million in annual expenses, officials at Corel Corp. said this week that the company would close its Dublin, Ireland, engineering facility, laying off 139 employees in the process.