• Company lets users set own content delivery specs

    Digital Island Inc., a Cable & Wireless PLC company, says it has the answer for enterprises that want to improve the reliability of their Web sites, but don't want to invest in high-priced load balancing or content delivery network services.

    12 Dec. 01 08:56 Written by Jennifer Mears
  • Another Ethernet alliance formed

    Vendors have banded together to form yet another technology alliance, this one focused on Ethernet subscriber access.

    12 Dec. 01 08:55 Written by Terri Gimpelson
  • RSA Security updates PKI suite

    RSA Security announced an updated version of its public-key information software suite, adding ease-of-use features such as self-service registration for digital certificates and a recovery process for lost or damaged encryption keys.

    12 Dec. 01 08:51 Written by Ellen Messmer
  • Time to focus on products, executive says

    Bluetooth wireless technology has passed a difficult period of inflated expectations and standards development and is ready to enter large-scale deployment in a variety of products, an executive of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) told developers here Tuesday.

    12 Dec. 01 08:50 Written by Stephen Lawson
  • Check Point subsidiary unveils security device

    In a move designed to expand its reach across more markets, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. subsidiary company SofaWare Technologies Ltd. Tuesday announced the release of the S-box, a new home networking and security appliance.

    12 Dec. 01 08:48 Written by Sam Costello
  • Pittman: Net industry remains undaunted

    The Internet revolution is alive and kicking and "has never missed a beat," proclaimed AOL Time Warner Inc. Co-Chief Operating Officer Bob Pittman in a relentlessly upbeat keynote speech delivered here Tuesday at the start of Internet World Fall.

    12 Dec. 01 08:46 Written by Stacy Cowley
  • Excite@Home walking its last mile

    In a San Francisco bankruptcy court Tuesday, a judge will likely ease Excite@Home Inc.'s way to an orderly shutdown.

    12 Dec. 01 08:45 Written by George A. Chidi Jr
  • SilverStream, HP, Systinet update UDDI tools

    Hewlett-Packard and Silverstream Software Inc. on Monday announced new tools for UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) directories.

    12 Dec. 01 08:43 Written by Tom Sullivan
  • Yahoo to counsel companies on Web strategy

    In an effort to bolster its offerings for the corporate market, Yahoo Inc. said Tuesday that it added a strategy services department to its Yahoo Enterprise Solutions division, offering companies guidance on how to reach customers through Web-based services.

    12 Dec. 01 08:42 Written by Scarlet Pruitt
  • IDC: IP telephony growing in Europe, despite obstacles

    Unit sales of IP (Internet Protocol) telephones in Europe shot up 111 percent between 2000 and 2001, according to a new report by research firm International Data Corp. (IDC). But the market for the devices is still "microscopic" compared to that for traditional phones, IDC said in a statement Tuesday.

    12 Dec. 01 08:40 Written by Rick Perera
  • Nokia sees some light in a grim year

    In a year that has been full of storm clouds for the telecommunication market, Nokia Corp. has announced a silver lining in its midquarter update. The company said on Tuesday that it expects to meet or slightly exceed its fourth-quarter estimates.

    12 Dec. 01 08:35 Written by Laura Rohde
  • New Windows Media on the way

    Microsoft on Tuesday offered a glimpse at the next version of its Windows Media products, including new server software and developer tools, and an improved encoding technology that it claims will allow broadband users to play digital audio and video files over the Internet as easily as changing channels on a TV.

    12 Dec. 01 08:35 Written by Matt Berger
  • SafeWeb considers reopening online privacy service

    After being deluged with phone calls and e-mail messages from concerned users, SafeWeb Inc. is considering resurrecting its anonymous Web surfing service, which it suspended last month.

    12 Dec. 01 08:31 Written by Rick Perera
  • Report: No special rights given for famous Web names

    The Chinese Internet domain-name registrar may not put aside Chinese domain names for famous brands unless their owners make a formal application showing they have a legal right to them, a Chinese court said on Monday, according to a report in the official newspaper China Daily.

    12 Dec. 01 08:30 Written by Stephanie Sim
  • Report: Compaq ponders future without HP

    Compaq Computer, although it still backs its proposed merger with Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP), is beginning to look at a future as an independent company, according to a report published Tuesday.

    12 Dec. 01 08:29 Written by Joris Evers
  • Via launches line of low-heat, low-power processors

    Via Technologies today unveiled a line of low-power, low-heat processors designed to be used in embedded applications such as set-top boxes and information appliances.

    12 Dec. 01 08:28 Written by Sumner Lemon
  • Dream technology comes down to earth

    At the Bluetooth Developers Conference here this week, the wireless network technology is finally coming down to earth, with device makers beginning to deploy it in large numbers but with interoperability and cost issues looming.

    12 Dec. 01 08:20 Written by Stephen Lawson
  • VeriSign lets digits access Japan's mobile Internet

    VeriSign will tie up with a Japanese company to bring in a new service aimed at simplifying access for Japan's wireless Internet users, the local partner J-Data Co. Ltd. announced Tuesday.

    12 Dec. 01 08:16 Written by Kuriko Miyake
  • Gartner: VoIP becoming more viable

    VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a far more viable technology that it was two years ago, according to Gartner Inc. analyst Geoff Johnson.

    12 Dec. 01 08:15 Written by David Watson
  • Visa pushes smart cards in Asia-Pacific

    Visa International is pumping in US$25 million and putting in place new policies to make smart cards pervasive in the Asia-Pacific region. It aims to do this by accelerating the migration from magnetic stripe payment cards which are currently in use to EMV-standard (Europay-Mastercard-Visa) smart cards.

    12 Dec. 01 08:09 Written by Melanie Liew
  • Don't let the cloud obscure the view of your enterprise security


    Gigamon provides active visibility into physical and virtual network traffic enabling stronger security and superior performance. Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric™ and GigaSECURE®, the industry’s first Security Delivery Platform, deliver advanced intelligence so that security, network and application performance management solutions in enterprise, government and service provider networks operate more efficiently and effectively.

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