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  • Network management on the cheap

    As networks grow and the numbers of users and devices increase, maintaining them is ever more time-consuming and costly. One solution to this expansion is to install a network management system large enough to surround the enterprise. But whenever people talk about large-scale network management tools, they inevitably mention dollar amounts that have lots of zeros behind them. It appears to most people that for a network management tool to be very useful, it has to be wide-ranging and expensive.

  • Brick-by-brick servers

    SGI has launched its SGI 3000 family of servers and workstations that sport a modular design and building block-like computer architecture. The new systems are based on a 'brick'-style construction for building small to very large systems using common building blocks, according to Ben Passarelli, the director of advanced systems product management for SGI.

  • CA Aims to Impress Investors with Shake-up

    The corporate realignment at Computer Associates International was aimed more at stoking Wall Street's tepid interest in the firm than at initiating sweeping changes on the customer front, analysts said.

  • Skilled IT staff shortage hits productivity: IDC

    High staff turnover rates across the industry and the shortage of IT labour are hindering the uptake of the latest technology in many organisations, according to an IDC report. The recent IDC 'IT Staffing Dynamics and Challenges in Australia' report, based on a survey of 400 Australian organisations, reveals staff turnover within IT departments is higher than company-wide attrition rates.

  • Automated check-in speeds airline queues

    In an effort to provide a cost-effective solution to burgeoning queues at check-in counters, Ansett Australia will introduce check-in machines for electronic ticket holders. Called E-check in, they will initially be installed at Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane domestic terminals, and will provide electronic ticket holders the opportunity to skip the notoriously tedious lines with a 15-second check-in (minus bags).

  • Business Briefs

    OpenTV acquires Spyglass, Information society world summit planned, Melbourne IT markets Funnel Web in Asia-Pacific

  • Technology: Random-access memory

    Memory is a lot like your health: you tend not to think about it unless there's a problem. In the case of computer memory, the problems are usually plodding system performance or applications that don't run properly. Whether they're inside a desktop PC, a notebook computer or a high-end network server, RAM chips play the critical role of keeping the CPU efficiently fed with data or instructions from programs on the hard drive. How well the chips perform this role means the difference between a CPU that misses computing cycles and moves like a steam locomotive and a CPU that speeds along like a bullet train.

  • Intel plans 0.13-micron P III, P4

    Intel has mapped out the way to improved, 0.13-micron versions of its Pentium III and Pentium 4 microprocessors, according to a report published by microprocessor analyst Bert McComas of Inquest Market Research.

  • Gartner: China tops Asian list for cell phone use

    The market potential of China's billion-plus population is beginning to become reality for cellular phone companies, according to a report by information industry research company Dataquest.

  • Suddenly, no one loves Amazon

    Even's staunchest bulls are pulling in their horns. None other than Henry Blodget, the Merrill Lynch Internet analyst, cut his rating on last week after the online retailer reported slightly disappointing second-quarter earnings.

  • QLD Bytes at e-tailing

    Queensland-based reseller Byte Power is trying its hand at the e-tailing business in an attempt to capture some of the IT industry's online market.

  • EXECTECH: Business PCs

    EXECTECH: Business PCs. ExecTech is a regular review of the best buys from PC World's test lab. This issue, Elias Plastiras looks at business PCs.

  • Technology Buyers Guide: PKI

    Technology Buyers Guide: PKI

  • 3Com debuts stackable switches

    3Com has announced four new stackable switches to bring lower-priced Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet to medium-sized businesses and enterprise wiring closets. The four new additions to the SuperStack II 3300 line have a range of features, including integrated stacking matrices, and copper-based Gigabit Ethernet ports on some models.

  • Key Hardware Vendors Tightening Linux Embrace

    Linux is expected to receive another major boost next week when several key hardware vendors step up their support for the open-source operating system at the LinuxWorld conference in San Jose.

  • Enterprise Toolbox: Changing Perceptions

    Each week our team of experts in the Test Centre of Computerworld's sister publication, Infoworld, examines technologies and how they will affect your business. Quite often we find plenty of marketing hype and products that do not always measure up to your business needs. We enjoy separating hype from reality. You might think of us as the "hype-busters" of technology.

  • E-commerce: Changing the face of databases

    When it comes to databases in the Internet age less is definitely not more. In fact as vendors grapple with ramping databases up to Net speed, factors like more security to handle more data for more users and the need for increasingly sophisticated support for an array of standards prompt them to look at ways of adding value and links to new products. John Cox reports.

  • Service beats price in Web shopping: study

    The Internet isn't necessarily the great price equaliser it was thought to be, according to a recent study. While search tools on the Web make it easier for shoppers to compare prices, online costs fluctuate even more than they do in the bricks-and-mortar world, said Erik Brynjolfsson, associate professor at MIT's Sloan School of Management and codirector of the Centre for eBusiness@MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Customers on the Web are still willing to pay more for high-quality service and innovation, he said at the eBusiness Conference and Expo in the US last week.

  • Web Based Global Supply Chain Launched

    Global Logistics Technologies and New Meadows Venture Partners have launched SupplyLinks, an Internet-based global supply chain network, to link customers to various transportation modes and service providers through a single platform.

  • Massive investment in undersea fibre optic project may sidestep Australia

    Although more than $US15 billion will be invested in trans-Pacific undersea fibre optic systems by 2003, Australia will miss out on much of the action. "While there is new cable going to Australia, most notably the Southern Cross Cable Network (online this year), SEA-ME-WE 3 (online last year), and Australia-Japan (online in 2001), Australia will not see most of the planned deployments," said Stacey Yates, director of market research at KMI Corporation.