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  • VisionCompass 2.0 delivers smart data

    Heading a modern company is a bit like guiding a nuclear submarine at top speed through enemy waters and and attempting to surface without incident. To successfully complete your job, you need "intelligent" information (ie, data that isn't immediately obvious but is synthesized and processed by an external agent), and you need it delivered at the right time. In other words, you need BI (business intelligence) software.

  • New degree designed to address skills shortage

    Deakin University, Microsoft Australia, and Com Tech Education Services have teamed up to develop and deliver a new degree aimed at feeding the skill-starved IT employment industry.

  • SCO expects larger loss, hires investment firm

    For the second straight quarter, Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) on Monday warned that its financial results will be worse than expected. And the struggling Santa Clara, Calif.-based company said it has hired an investment banking firm to help evaluate its financial options going forward.

  • Compaq, CMGI 'Freeup' Business-to-Employee Market

    BOSTON (07/11/2000) - Compaq Computer Corp. and CMGI Inc. Tuesday announced a new joint venture named Freeup LLC aimed at the expanding business to employee (B2E) market.

  • Cisco Grabs Content-Acceleration Vendor

    Cisco Systems Inc. last week announced a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Netiverse Inc., a San Jose developer of content acceleration technology, for US$210 million.

  • Linux inCompaqtible!

    I got rid of my Toshiba notebook computer awhile back because I wasn't giving formal presentations very often. That's all I ever used it for. Most conferences have islands of publicly available computers for reading and responding to e-mail at a show. I use my handy Palm V for almost everything else I need, so I don't take a notebook to a show anymore unless I have to give a presentation. You see, I hate notebook computers. I resent having to lug a seven-pound machine across the country.

  • Is Telecommuting the Answer to State Woes?

    Using technology to let people work from home could solve key problems plaguing states, including clogged highways and air quality deficiencies, some state leaders agreed Monday at the National Governors' Association's annual meeting in State College, Pa.

  • briefs

    Digital signatures on the way, according to ATO, Expansion into NZ through music for ehyou, Retailing alliance

  • Microsoft Shows Off .Net Tools at DevCon

    Microsoft Corp. executive Paul Maritz opened the company's Professional Developers Conference (PDC) here today by showcasing upcoming development tools, including an initial version of VisualStudio.Net -- the first product that's due to be released as part of the Internet-based .Net strategy that Microsoft announced last month.

  • Palm eyes Bluetooth, GPRS wireless connectivity

    Palm plans to add more wireless connectivity options to its popular handheld devices, including the emerging Bluetooth personal area network technology and a new high-speed mobile network technology currently being deployed by many operators of GSM (global system for mobile communications) networks.

  • Alcatel to Build Networks in Kenya, Poland

    France's Alcatel SA said Tuesday it has been awarded contracts in Kenya and Poland that should lead to the availability of improved communications services in those countries.

  • NEC to trial W-CDMA in China

    NEC has concluded a deal to work with China's Ministry of Information Industry (MII) on technical trials of next-generation cellular technology, the company said on Tuesday.

  • Larry has a very bad month

    As Randi's perfectly manicured fingernail ran down the column of type in one of last week's issues of The New York Times, she just shook her head. "Why did Larry do that, Bobby?" Randi was referring to the recent so-called Larrygate scandal in which Oracle hired a private detective to ferret out nasty secrets about who (Microsoft) was funding some "public interest groups".

  • Intel Benchmarks Slam Rambus

    Intel Corp. wants you to love pricey Rambus memory, largely because its upcoming Pentium 4 processor will require the technology. But the chip maker's own tests show today's Pentium III systems that use less-expensive PC-133 SDRAM memory often outperform comparable RDRAM-based systems.

  • Cash problems for German Net firms

    One in seven German Internet companies risks running out of money within the next 24 months, according to a new study by the research and consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

  • Lucent places high value on Integrity Wireless specialist Integrity

    Communications vendor Lucent Technologies has selected Adelaide-based Integrity Data Systems as its master distributor in Australia in a bid to develop new channels for its products.

  • IBM Buys Market Research Firm

    SAN FRANCISCO (07/11/2000) - Trying to become a one-stop shop for companies doing business on the Web, IBM Corp. announced Tuesday it has acquired Aragon Consulting Group, a market research and strategy firm based in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • Microsoft .NET Hailed

    Attendees at the Microsoft Professional Developer's Conference here were urged to prepare for the company's .NET platform, in a keynote speech Tuesday by Paul Maritz, vice president of Microsoft Corp.'s platforms group.

  • Harvey's Eastmead hits consulting trail

    Harvey Norman Online's former proprietor, Richard Eastmead, is preparing to hit the consulting trail after an unsuccessful attempt to revolutionise the retailer's approach to e-tailing.

  • The show must go on

    Imagine you are Andrew Lloyd Webber ready to put on your first Broadway show. You've composed a great musical score, you've chosen the best talent and you're ready to roll out the production. Opening night comes around and there aren't enough seats, the costume designers haven't delivered what they promised and the power fails so your lights and sound don't work.