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  • NZ first in world to get Office XP

    Microsoft has launched its new Office suite of products to much fanfare and as usual New Zealand is the first country in the world to get its hands on a copy.

  • Free to fee switch slashed mBox client list

    Unified messaging service mBox watched its subscriber base shrink more than 80 per cent when it switched its model from free to fee a few months ago.

  • Consumer watchdog frees up data comms

    Australia's competition watchdog will deregulate the service used to transmit voice, data and other communications between mainland capital cities.

  • Feds face up to disputes over Telstra network access

    The Federal Government has flagged plans to resolve disputes between phone companies over access to the Telstra network.

  • New servers to challenge RISC

    A slew of leading server vendors this week will announce machines based on Intel Corp.'s long-awaited Itanium processor.

  • Vendors put VoIP in call centers

    In the past, setting up a large call center involved a fairly strict formula, requiring hundreds or thousands of agents located at one site to be attached to a sophisticated (read: expensive) circuit-switched PBX. To help speed the adoption of IP convergence in call centers, two vendors last week announced voice-over-IP and IP PBX call center products aimed at large and small companies.

  • Inland Revenue problems repeated in UK

    The UK government has run straight into the same problem New Zealand's Inland Revenue had last year - by using digital certificates for security it has unwillingly ruled out any non-Microsoft browser.

  • EMS attracts heavy hitters

    Alcatel, Ericsson, Motorola and Siemens have announced they will implement EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service). They said they will work together to ensure interoperability between their products and also in the evolution of the EMS standard.

  • NTM, Ericsson team up on global IP network

    Ericsson Australia has signed a $US40 million deal with National Telephone Marketing (NTM) to supply a voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network to customers throughout Australia, Asia, the US and Europe.

  • Lighting up copper

    If fiber is not coming to a building or curb near you, it's time to squeeze more juice out of that copper loop ringing your premises.

  • E-mail virus hoax makes users do the dirty work

    In the latest perverse trickery pulled off by someone taking pleasure in computer users' pain, a fake virus warning is circulating by e-mail asking people to delete an innocuous and uninfected executable Microsoft Corp. Windows file and then to pass the warning on to others.

  • IBM joins NEC, Hitachi and Fujitsu to improve Linux

    Responding to customer requests in Asia, IBM Corp. has joined with Fujitsu Ltd., Hitachi Ltd. and NEC Corp. to expand the development of the Linux operating system for wider business use.

  • VeriSign to register domains for 2 countries and .cc

    More than likely, you've never heard of the country of Niue. You've probably heard of Belize, however, and you may have even visited a Web site with a .cc domain name. Regardless of your familiarity with small countries and small parts of the domain name space, thanks to a series of agreements announced by VeriSign Inc. Wednesday, you'll now be able to register Web sites for any of the three through VeriSign-affiliated registrars.

  • LeftHand joins NAS, SAN data

    LeftHand Networks Inc. is continuing the traditions of its namesake, Chief Niwot (Lefthand) of the Arapaho, who served as a negotiator and English interpreter for settlers drawn to Colorado in 1859 by gold strikes in Boulder Canyon.

  • Intel's iPOD extends PBX connectivity with VoIP

    Intel Corp. this month will release an IP telephony product that could put the power of a central-site PBX into a small branch office or in a telecommuter's den.

  • Alcatel restructure comes with US$2.6B loss

    Along with the news that it had ended talks with Lucent Technologies Inc. over a possible merger, Alcatel SA also announced Tuesday a restructuring of the company that would come complete with a 3 billion euro (US$2.56 billion) loss for its second quarter.

  • M1 adds US$40 million upgrade to GSM network

    Singapore's second-largest mobile telecommunication carrier, Mobile One Asia Pte. Ltd. (M1), has awarded a US$40 million contract to Nokia Corp. to upgrade its dual band GSM 1800/GSM 900 network, the company said in a statement Tuesday.

  • Hitachi partners to enter new storage space

    Hitachi Data Systems Corp. entered the network attached storage (NAS) market Wednesday, distributing three products manufactured by Virginia-based Network Storage Solutions Inc. (NSS).

  • PeopleSoft makes pure-Web play in CRM

    With the imminent release of its next-generation customer relationship management (CRM) suite, PeopleSoft Inc. is banking on the Web to change the way the enterprise handles customers.

  • Effort afoot to provide wireless LAN roaming

    A group of leading vendors is working to iron out the technical and financial details needed to let mobile wireless LAN users connect to almost any wireless ISP (Internet service provider), similar to the way cell phone users can roam and use multiple carriers to complete calls.

  • Supporting the workplace of the future

    Businesses are now combining technologies with widespread connectivity to support increased mobility in the workforce

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