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  • McAfee Ships Cookie Cleaner

    SAN MATEO (09/22/2000) - Network Associates Inc. has released McAfee QuickClean, software that the company claims assists users in deleting cookies, thereby helping maintain their confidentiality on the Web. According to the company, the software is intelligent enough not to delete cookies attached to Net bookmarks, or "favorites," as bookmarks on Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer Web browser are known. Not restricted to cookies alone, QuickClean promises "once-click" deletion of other Internet clutter. QuickClean deletes Internet cache, downloaded files, ActiveX plug-ins, and temporary files, according to the company. QuickClean also deletes whole software programs residing on a hard disk, without troubling shared or critical files. The package costs US$29 and runs on Windows platforms..

  • Hosting Services Launched

    SAN MATEO (09/22/2000) - OracleMobile, the wireless subsidiary of Oracle Corp., has launched a hosting service for companies looking to deliver content via data-enabled cell phones and other wireless devices. Using products developed by its parent company, OracleMobile can offer applications for building wireless Web portals as well as consulting, development, and hosting services..

  • Juniper Sets Its Sights on the Edge

    Juniper Networks Inc. this week took its eyes off the Internet core long enough to push its routing technology out towards the edge.

  • Don't Like Carnivore? How About Altivore?

    Internet service providers may soon get an open-source alternative to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation's controversial Carnivore computer surveillance system, which delivers court-ordered information on criminal suspects.

  • UPS Service Aims to Ease Online Returns

    United Parcel Service of America Inc. this week unveiled an online returns policy, called UPS Returns on the Web, to help consumers - and merchants - deal with goods purchased on the Web that buyers don't want to keep.

  • Strategy Shift Has Next Level in Limbo

    The future is now, but is anyone really interested in paying for it? The Phoenix rollout of Very high bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) was supposed to boost not only the speed of users' Internet connections but also the fortunes of Rohnert Park, Calif.-based Next Level Communications Inc. [Nasdaq:NXTV].

  • VTF - Qualcomm, Via Discuss Wireless Cooperation

    TAIPEI (09/22/2000) - Due to a reporting error, the story headlined "VTF - Qualcomm, Via Discuss Wireless Cooperation," posted on Sept. 22, mistakenly noted that quotes about digital wireless telephony were about Bluetooth. The story on the wire has been corrected..

  • Sun Grabs Server Appliance Firm for $2 Billion

    Looking to add a server appliance offering to its server portfolio, Sun Microsystems Inc. announced this week that it will acquire Cobalt Networks Inc. in a stock-for-stock merger valued at US$2 billion.

  • Group Pushes for B2B Security Standards

    A six-member group that includes Visa International Inc., AT&T Corp., the SANS Institute and NASA is banding together to promote common, auditable security standards for companies doing business with one another over the Internet.

  • Net Provides Income Opportunities

    AUSTIN, TEXAS (09/22/2000) - Business opportunities abound on the Internet both for expanding revenue and improving a company, said Ellen Hancock, chairwoman and chief executive offer of Exodus Communications Inc., on Friday.

  • Two Views of the New Economy

    More than 85 percent of companies trying to restructure around e-commerce will blow it, business guru Tom Peters said here this week. Speaking at Commerce One Inc.'s e-Link 2000 conference, the author of In Search of Excellence and the Reinventing of Work series said most companies will fail because they lack the needed intestinal fortitude.

  • Dell Ventures Expands into Europe

    Build-to-order computer maker and recent venture capitalist Dell Computer Corp. will extend its financing reach into Europe next month when the Round Rock, Texas-based company opens the U.K. offices of Dell Ventures.

  • Green Light for Italy's Seven 3G Contestants

    ROME (09/22/2000) - The Italian government Friday gave the green light to all seven contestants still in the race to obtain a 3G (third-generation) mobile phone license, after examining their technical and business plans.

  • Dell Marketplace to Enable Custom Pitches

    Dell Computer Corp. next month plans to launch an electronic business-to-business marketplace that will let its largest corporate customers hone in on Dell's millions of users, employing customized sales pitches.

  • AOL-Time Warner Merger Examined

    SAN MATEO (09/22/2000) - America Online Inc. and Time Warner Inc. this week sent the European Commission their concessions proposal for the planned merger of the two companies. EC officials have expressed doubts that the merger would foster competition in Europe. Meanwhile the U.S. Federal Communications Commission issued a formal statement claiming it has not made a firm decision regarding the merger. The FCC issued the statement in the wake of published reports that claimed FCC antitrust enforcers were ready to give a conditional green light to the massive media and Internet merger..

  • CA Sells Sterling's Federal Unit

    FRAMINGHAM (09/22/2000) - Los Angeles-based defense contractor Northrop Grumman Corp. said it has agreed to purchase the federal systems group of Islandia, N.Y.-based Computer Associates International Inc.'s Sterling Software Inc. subsidiary for US$150 million. Northrop Grumman said the Sterling unit will be incorporated into its Logicon Inc. unit in Herndon, Va., which had revenue of about $1.5 billion last year..

  • Veterans Records Found Vulnerable

    FRAMINGHAM (09/22/2000) - The information systems controls at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs were faulted by the agency's own inspector general, who told the House Committee on Veterans Affairs this week that testing on benefits records found them vulnerable to unauthorized access. Among the problems was a lack of strong passwords by end users. The VA is upgrading its systems and plans to spend about $1.4 billion on information technology initiatives..

  • Orbitz CEO: Late Entry Forces Big Spending

    In his first public speech since taking the helm of Orbitz, the controversial airline-owned ticketing Web site that's due to be launched next spring, company CEO Jeffrey Katz Thursday said the online travel latecomer needs "more money than God" to make its grandiose technology plans work.

  • DHL Chooses BEA's Transaction Tech

    FRAMINGHAM (09/22/2000) - DHL Worldwide Express has chosen San Jose-based BEA Systems Inc.'s e-commerce transaction technology to serve as the foundation of the company's revamped e-commerce system. Redwood City, Calif.-based DHL will install BEA's WebLogic Server and WebLogic Enterprise systems as the backbone of an e-commerce system supporting operations in 228 countries and territories. The system will help speed up online customer services such as shipment tracking and will serve as the basis for the courier's DHL Connect service, which allows business users to ship and track express packages from their desktops..

  • Managed Services Lure Corporations

    No longer able to resist the lure of the managed service provider model, which promises efficiencies and now more performance guarantees, little by little major corporations are shedding some of the networking functions long done in-house.