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  • Judging an E-Book by Its Typeface

    As one publishing bigwig after another took the stage Tuesday in a New York conference room to boast about Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) 's new e-book software, a kilt-wearing Scotsman sat in a corner, smiling.

  • State Tracks Workers' Downloads

    U.S. Department of State officials have issued a directive that bars workers agencywide from using government computers to download music - or any other non-official files - from the World Wide Web.

  • Singapore Must Grow Beyond Technology, Gov't Says

    Having excelled in building a robust IT infrastructure, Singapore must now focus on developing the "soft" issues, including security, policies, and its legal environment, according to the country's regulatory body, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA).

  • Online Retailer Buying Brick and Mortar Stores

    In a move aimed at giving itself a brick-and-mortar presence, online party goods retailer iParty Corp. yesterday announced a deal to buy 33 stores in the eastern U.S. from The Big Party Corp., a West Roxbury, Mass.-based retail chain that filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year.

  • Strange Broadband Bedfellows?

    Verizon Corp.'s announcement Tuesday that it will line up all of its DSL wherewithal behind emerging carrier NorthPoint Communications Group Inc. through a whopping US$800 million merger signals huge changes on the DSL landscape.

  • ASP NetLedger Upgrades Accounting Package

    NetLedger Inc. has unveiled the latest version of its accounting software, which was designed from the outset to be delivered as an Internet service, accessed via a Web browser.

  • IBM Rushes on Wireless US Open Transactions

    This year, tennis fans around the world are able for the first time to get up-to-date scores, schedules and other information from the U.S. Open using Web-enabled mobile phones and personal digital assistants.

  • Harris Interactive Drops AOL from Lawsuit

    WASHINGTON (08/08/2000) - Harris Interactive Inc. on Tuesday dropped America Online Inc. from a lawsuit it filed last week after the market research company was blacklisted as a spammer.

  • Tackling the security issues

    ARN: There has been a lot of talk in the media about hacking and IT security in general. Do you think end users are really aware of all the security implications? Perry: What we're [noticing], which is backed up by independent industry analyst research, is that consumers are very aware. That's been borne out by research which shows that over one in 10 e-commerce transactions is abandoned by a consumer because of privacy and security concerns.

  • Web Developer Briefs

    QLD software offers ‘virtual schools', Funnel Web at home with Apple, Allaire licenses J2EE

  • Japanese Mobile Subscriptions Smash 60 Million

    TOKYO (08/09/2000) - The total number of mobile telephone subscriptions in Japan smashed through the 60 million mark during July as mobile Internet service users also passed 15 million, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and Telecommunication Carriers Association announced Tuesday.

  • Washington Puts Weather, Traffic Online

    After six months of testing and tweaking, Washington state has launched its real-time weather and traffic site.

  • Dot-Com Makes Site Customizable, a startup that is building a World Wide Web portal to provide information and transactions for all civic institutions, has partnered with SilverStream Software Inc. to enable individual consumers to customize the site.

  • Broadcom to Acquire Silicon Spice

    BOSTON (08/08/2000) - Integrated circuit maker Broadcom Corp. plans to acquire chipmaker Silicon Spice Inc. for US$1.2 billion in stock, the company said Monday.

  •, to Merge Inc., a maker of software for wireless Internet applications, and Inc., which sells server software for e-mail and other messaging services, announced Wednesday plans to merge.

  • PC Solutions Briefs

    Iomega drives new ZipCD, Record Q2 for AMD, Sony's signals semiconductor focus

  • Partnership Joins Government, Customers

    GovConnect Inc. has partnered with Interactive Intelligence Inc. to offer an integrated customer service platform to handle all types of communication - from phone calls and faxes to e-mail and Web chats.

  • Army Awards C4I System to Motorola

    The Army has awarded Motorola Inc. a US$49.7 million contract to build the Joint Services Work Station, the company announced Tuesday.

  • AOL Latin America's Stock Has Respectful Debut

    Investors gave AOL Latin America the benefit of the doubt in its market debut Tuesday, with shares rising 5.5 percent at market close despite many analysts' objections that all the company had to show for itself was a respectable family name.

  • Verizon Takes over NorthPoint, ASP Services on Tap

    Business customers can expect application services from NorthPoint Communications Group Inc. once its merger with Verizon Corp. is completed next year.