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  • Put Up Your Dukes

    SAN FRANCISCO (08/29/2000) - Al Gore may have invented the Internet, but the presidential candidate for Mac lovers has to be Doonesbury's Ambassador Duke. You may not agree with Duke on all the issues, but man, what a Web site. Featuring top-notch 3-D graphics, offers manna for political junkies and tech enthusiasts alike. Regularly posted campaign videos show how QuickTime livens up a Web site when used well. But it's Duke's perspective on the issues that really sets apart. Education? "I'd hire one teacher for every subject, give them a cable channel, and let the kids watch at home." Maybe Duke uses a Mac, maybe not. But he definitely thinks different..

  • Not the Kind of Java I Had in Mind

    SAN FRANCISCO (08/29/2000) - Starbucks Corp. (800/782-7282, points to the iMac as the inspiration for its new Barista Utopia. And they're similar, as long as the comparisons stop at encased in see-through plastic. As for matching the iMac's famed ease of use, the Barista Utopia may be the first coffeemaker to come with a 30-minute instruction video. Setup is a chore, and brewing a pot can take as long as rendering an iMovie transition. That flaw overshadows the Barista Utopia's novel vacuum-brewing system. Hot air pushes water up from the coffee carafe through a funnel and into the filter, where it mixes with beans. Eye-catching, sure -- but the iMac has proven it takes more than a pretty face..

  • Jobs: OS X Public Beta to Be Out in Two Weeks

    SAN FRANCISCO (08/29/2000) - The public beta for Apple Computer Inc.'s Mac OS X will be rolled out on Sept. 13 at the Apple Expo in Paris, company Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs said in a keynote speech here Tuesday in which he addressed the OS delay with humor.

  • Development tools vendor ramps up channel training

    Government driven demand has seen Web development tool vendor Inprise/Borland increase the training program on offer in Canberra and Brisbane.

  • Lexmark wins award for after-sale service

    Lexmark has come out trumps at Recognition in IT Achievement (RITA) 2000, winning an award as the best printer vendor for technical support in Australia.

  • Sony Targets Palm with US$400 Clie PDA

    TOKYO (08/30/2000) - Aiming squarely at the bows of Palm Inc., Sony Corp. will unveil later Wednesday launch plans for its new Palm-OS based personal digital assistant (PDA), the Clie.

  • Master of His Domain

    Scott Ross wanted to be a jazz musician. "But I kept having a dream that I'd wake up and be 40 years old, wearing a black, shiny suit, stinking of cigarettes and playing 'Hava Nagila' at bar mitzvahs," he says. So Ross opted for a career in special effects instead. Things have worked out pretty well: Ross is cofounder of Digital Domain, a special effects outfit. He may not be available for weddings and bar mitzvahs, but his special-effects gig gives Ross, who bought his first Mac in 1984, a front-row seat for the technology revolution sweeping moviemaking.

  • VARs set to ride ASP wave

    Systems integrators and VARs are in an excellent position to take advantage of application service provider (ASP) growth, according to Paula Hunter, president of the ASP Industry Consortium.

  • Microsoft, Amazon Plan E-Bookstore

    Microsoft Corp. and Inc. are creating a new co-branded electronic bookstore, officials from the companies said Monday during a speech at the Seybold San Francisco conference.

  • Linux Entices IBM, Oracle

    The growing acceptance of Linux as an enterprise OS has captured the attention of consumers and market giants alike. Until recently, Linux was seen primarily as a developer's tool. Now it's increasingly common to see it doing heavy lifting alongside OSes from industry leaders such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Sun Microsystems. In reaction to this trend, both Oracle and IBM have decided to embrace the platform and get in on the Linux action. This could mean big things for the OS: Support from two such influential companies surely will make Linux a more tangible and widespread option for businesses.

  • ACS Certification Program adds value

    There has been a major change in the business community's attitude to IT. Where IT used to be left to professional staff in the back room, today it is on every business person's agenda. IT knowledge is needed by many more people and has moved to be a mainstream part of business.

  • Business Intelligence Receives Microsoft Boost

    Microsoft and Seagate Software announced on Monday that when Visual Studio.NET ships, Seagate's Crystal Reports will be more tightly integrated with the suite of development tools than it has in the past.

  • Cisco, IBM Report Progress in Network Union

    Almost nine months after gaining U.S. Department of Justice clearance, the $2 billion network and service alliance between Cisco Systems and IBM is benefiting both participants.Cisco says revenue gained from sales of switches and routers via the alliance has exceeded expectations threefold. The competitive barriers that once existed between Cisco and IBM have been broken down such that IBM's Network Hardware Division (NHD) customers now have "comfortable" access to Cisco technology.

  • Fast Wireless Networking--If You Can Use It

    Lucent Technologies Inc.'s OriNoco wireless networking system lets home- and small-office users share files and a single Internet hookup at the zippy 11-mbps speed of the 802.11b standard--once they get it up and running. In my tests with preproduction hardware, that wasn't always easy.

  • Top 10 Midrange PCs

    There's a shake-up at the top of the midrange chart this month, with two new Best Buys assuming the throne. The similar Dell Computer Corp. Dimension 4100 and Micro Express MicroFlex 8A (both sporting PIII-800EB processors, 20GB hard drives, and 17-inch monitors) posted nearly identical--and above-average--PC WorldBench 2000 scores. Toward the other end of the chart, the inexpensive Systemax PVW-T733 Venture PC logs on at number eight.

  • Internet Enables Surfing for Secrets

    A study conducted for the Pentagon has singled out the Internet as one of the primary vehicles by which classified information related to weapons of mass destruction often falls into the wrong hands.

  • SonicWall and VeriSign Team

    SonicWall is adding something new to its bag of VPN tricks: support for digital certificates that authenticate users for the purpose of exchanging encryption keys used to secure Internet connections.

  • SkyStream Product Helps Brand Streaming Media

    SkyStream Networks is expanding from its hardware roots with the introduction of zBand, a software product that lets service providers and companies offer branded streaming media and other content to end users.

  • Sanford & Telstra First to Implement Share Trading Via WAP

    Sanford Limited is claiming to be the first Australian-based online broking company to offer Straight-Through-Processing (STP) via Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), under a WAP content distribution agreement with Telstra.

  • Delete Files Safely, Recover Files Easily

    While uninstalling an application recently, I was given the option to remove several shared files. The uninstall program stated, 'The system indicates that the following shared file is no longer used by any programs'. But if programs are indeed using the file, there may be problems. Should I or should I not delete these (formerly) shared files?

  • Economist survey foresees shift in IT service delivery

    63% of LOBs expected growth of third-party tech services, while increased spending on enterprise IT services is anticipated by 65% of CIOs


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