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  • UPDATE: Intel Demos Pentium 4 at 2GHz

    SAN FRANCISCO (08/22/2000) - Due to a reporting error, the story "UPDATE: Intel Demos Pentium 4 at 2GHz" posted today on the wire incorrectly stated the type of prototype PCs that Intel Corp. has shipped to developers. The PCs use the Itanium processor, not the Pentium 4. The story has been corrected on the wire.

  • Intel Invests in Server Communication Technology

    BOSTON (08/22/2000) - Intel Capital, a division of Intel Corp. Tuesday made an undisclosed investment in Banderacom, a developer of InfiniBand-based semiconductors as part of the company's first round of financing. The news comes on the same day that Intel announced its first three InfiniBand-based products.

  • 52,000 Verizon Staffers Go Back to Work

    More than 50,000 staffers at Verizon Communications in New York and New England returned to work Monday after a two-week strike was settled over the weekend, the company announced Sunday.

  • Going in to bat for the IT sector

    ARN: What, broadly, does that AIIA do and how does its work affect channel companies? Durie: If I put it in a strategic sense, our mission is to lead and represent the information technology [industry] to maximise the potential for the Australian economy. So, what does that mean in practice? What do we actually do? We influence Federal and State Governments to improve the business environment.

  • ThoughtWeb trumpets 'intelligent' KM solution

    Knowledge management (KM) software startup ThoughtWeb will hit the corporate sector with its "intelligent agent technology" later this year, following a $1.8 million round of capital-raising from personal investors.

  • What's it Mean? Does it Matter?

    When it comes to launching an Internet company, the wackier the name, the better

  • How Much Is That CEO at the Net Firm?

    In order to lure execs from established offline firms, dot-coms are paying their CEOs an increasing percentage of their compensation in cash rather than stock options, according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP study released Tuesday.

  • Compaq Wins 'Fastest' Supercomputer Deal from DOE

    Compaq has been awarded the right to build what is claimed to be the world's fastest supercomputer for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The almost 12,000-processor machine is nearly the size of five basketball courts, the U.S. government announced Tuesday.

  • Access Denied

    When it comes to doing business on the Web the first rule is: please everyone, all the time. Shut the disabled out of your Web site and you not only risk legal action - you'll be missing out on one of the largest blocks of buying power the Internet has to offer

  • Intel Backs Peer-to-Peer Concept

    Intel CEO Craig Barrett firmly planted the Intel flag Monday behind the concept of peer-to-peer networking as pioneered on the consumer side by Napster.

  • SECURITY CLINIC: Privacy versus efficiency

    While its predecessor the paperless office was an urban myth, the electronic workplace is a reality. Technology that used to be the exclusive domain of academics and high-tech firms is now mission-critical in even the smallest of businesses. PCs are the most obvious incarnation of this phenomenon. Networks, e-mail and the Internet soon followed.

  • Access360 Unleashes New Resource Manager

    Access360, which has recently opened up a regional hub in Singapore, is introducing a new type of software that addresses a very specific, but important need -- managing employee user rights and access to company resources.

  • Domain Name Reflection

    With plans to step down in November from her post as chair of ICANN (the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers), Esther Dyson on Wednesday recapped some of the organization's early growing pains.

  • VARs set to ride an ASP wave

    System integrators and VARs are in an excellent position to take advantage of application service provider (ASP) growth, according to Paula Hunter, president of the ASP Industry Consortium.

  • Retailers cautious over Dick Smith

    Local resellers are feeling cautiously confident as yet another Dick Smith PowerHouse sets up shop, this time in the new homemaker complex at Sydney's North Parramatta.

  • Mentor Capital

    E-enabling an organisation can cause bad blood. If your company is better at killing off good ideas than bringing them to fruition, an e-business incubator might be just what you need to give your team a much-needed transfusion

  • Study: Electronics Industry High on Ethics

    ) More than three-quarters (82%) of employees in the electronics industry said their supervisors would "never authorize unethical or illegal conduct to meet a business goal," according to a recent survey of technology industry professionals by KPMG Consulting LLC in McLean, Va.

  • Web Developer Briefs: Linux, XML, Webby Awards

    Tightening the Linux embrace, XML Business Process scheme planned, Webby Awards seek entries

  • The ABCs of ASPs

    What are ASPs? And why do they get so much attention now? Read on for a quick overview of the latest trend in applications outsourcing

  • Cabletron spinoff touts easier VPNs

    The headaches involved in setting up a VPN are similar to making wedding arrangements - extensive planning and coordination with multiple vendors, plus a million things that can go wrong. Global Network Technology Solutions (GNTS) wants to make VPN rollouts more like making dinner plans for two.

  • Economist survey foresees shift in IT service delivery

    63% of LOBs expected growth of third-party tech services, while increased spending on enterprise IT services is anticipated by 65% of CIOs


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