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  • Makes a Play for PlanetOutdoors

    In the latest sign of consolidation in the Internet retail industry, sports retailer Inc., agreed Tuesday to buy, an outdoor gear and apparel Web site.

  • Singapore Must Grow Beyond Technology, Gov't Says

    Having excelled in building a robust IT infrastructure, Singapore must now focus on developing the "soft" issues, including security, policies, and its legal environment, according to the country's regulatory body, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA).

  • LG Electronics Eyes Iris Recognition Market

    TOKYO (08/09/2000) - South Korea's LG Electronics Inc. (LGE) said Wednesday it plans to make an aggressive push into the global iris (eye) recognition systems market.

  • Online Retailer Buying Brick and Mortar Stores

    In a move aimed at giving itself a brick-and-mortar presence, online party goods retailer iParty Corp. yesterday announced a deal to buy 33 stores in the eastern U.S. from The Big Party Corp., a West Roxbury, Mass.-based retail chain that filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year.

  • NBCi Lays Off 20% of Staff

    Two weeks after beating analyst estimates in its second-quarter earnings report, NBCi has laid off about 170 employees, or 20 percent of its staff, according to sources within the company.

  • E-Sign Rules Open for Comment

    The U.S. Office of Management and Budget is looking for comments on draft guidance that will help agencies understand and use the new electronic signature legislation passed by Congress in June.

  • Partnership Joins Government, Customers

    GovConnect Inc. has partnered with Interactive Intelligence Inc. to offer an integrated customer service platform to handle all types of communication - from phone calls and faxes to e-mail and Web chats.

  • Microsoft slashes Windows Me price

    Microsoft is splurging on a special promotion for the launch of Windows Me by cutting the retail cost on the upgrade version by half.

  • States More 'Freewheeling' in E-Gov

    Under pressure to provide better government services, states and municipalities are jumping into e-government faster than their better-financed big brother, the federal government, according to a survey of 37 states and 60 federal agencies.

  • DOWN TO THE WIRE: Sun's Star still rising

    Star Office set to challenge to Microsoft's OS hegemony

  • BeSecure awarded Cisco Enabled ISP

    BeSecure, a boutique ISP specialising in VPN and secure Internet connections has been awarded the highly sought after Cisco Enabled ISP accreditation.

  • Market Movers: One Step Forward, One Step Back

    The old economy proved it's still got some kick Tuesday as the Dow rose 1.01 percent, or 109.88, to close at 10976.89. The increase is broadly the result of stronger-than-predicted second-quarter productivity in the U.S. economy. Analysts had expected a 4.3 percent annual rate and were pleasantly surprised with the actual 5.3 percent result. This news also bodes well for interest-rate watchers, as Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan is unlikely to raise rates now that inflation worries are placated by strong productivity.

  • SAP Realigns Development and Marketing Operations

    SAP AG Monday announced a major realignment of its 6,000-employee software development operations, completing a series of organizational changes aimed at making the business applications vendor more nimble and at improving its sluggish financial results.

  • Dot-Com Makes Site Customizable, a startup that is building a World Wide Web portal to provide information and transactions for all civic institutions, has partnered with SilverStream Software Inc. to enable individual consumers to customize the site.

  • Palm set to release new PDA

    While most consumers would not dispute the convenience of using a personal digital assistant (PDA), there remain a few major obstacles to mainstream adoption of the devices.

  • Cisco Reports US$1.2 Billion Q4 Income

    BOSTON (08/08/2000) - Cisco Systems Inc. slightly edged analyst expectations for its fourth quarter of fiscal 2000, posting pro forma net income Tuesday of US$1.20 billion or 16 cents a share compared to $710 million or 10 cents per share for the year-ago quarter.

  • Honey, I Shrunk the Linux

    Forget the argument about spreading Linux on desktops. IBM Corp. is squeezing the open-source operating system down to run on a wristwatch that would one day be able to display e-mail messages, look up stock quotes, locate phone numbers and automatically dial them on one's cell phone.

  • Caldera Plans to Keep UnixWare Proprietary

    The acquisition by Caldera Systems Inc. of the Unix server and services businesses of the The Santa Cruz Operation Inc. (SCO) has the potential to split the open-source community. And while SCO users said they're relieved to see the products survive, some doubt whether Caldera is the right company to drive them further.

  • Microsoft Gears Up for Wireless Web

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA (08/08/2000) - Microsoft Corp. is ramping up its efforts to become a major player in the emerging world of the wireless Internet.

  • Strange Broadband Bedfellows?

    Verizon Corp.'s announcement Tuesday that it will line up all of its DSL wherewithal behind emerging carrier NorthPoint Communications Group Inc. through a whopping US$800 million merger signals huge changes on the DSL landscape.