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  • Compaq, NEC Invest in Open-Source Player

    SAN FRANCISCO (08/24/2000) - With investors continuing to flock toward the open-source platform, Lutris Technologies Inc. managed this week to secure US$16 million in funding from a variety of high-profile companies.

  • XIOtech Introduces Storage Products

    FRAMINGHAM (08/24/2000) - Eden Prairie, Minn.-based XIOtech Corp., a subsidiary of Seagate Technology Inc., has announced the Real-Time Data Intelligence (REDI) SAN Links and REDI SAN Links Replicator for XIOtech's Magnitude SAN hardware. REDI SAN Links enables various types of servers to access storage volumes on remote Magnitudes. A single Magnitude can now connect more than 500 terabytes of data storage. The REDI SAN Links Replicator copies individual storage volumes from local Magnitude boxes to remote Magnitude boxes, allowing for continuous backup of virtual disks..

  • Market Movers: Baby Steps

    Things are looking up. The global economy is strengthening relative to its performance in the past few years, and the U.S. economy continues to move onward and upward at a steady pace. Investor sentiment reflects this. The Nasdaq composite index has maintained a 10-day winning streak, ending Thursday up 1.05 percent, or 42.27, to 4053.28. The Dow also had a strong day, rising 0.34 percent, or 38.09 points, to close at 11182.74. Inc. (TSCM) 's Internet index likewise enjoyed a boost, rising 1.42 percent, or 11.27 points, to 802.21.

  • Gaming in the Third Dimension

    It began simply enough. I was a little bit ahead on my deadlines, so I took the opportunity to do a little "research." I visited several sites I knew to be reservoirs of mission-critical Linux applications and decided to sample one: a demo of a 3D game called Soldier of Fortune that I found at Loki Games. Little did I know this was to be my first step on the Path of the Thrice Doomed.

  • CommVault Releases Software Suite

    FRAMINGHAM (08/24/2000) - CommVault Systems Inc. in Oceanport, N.J., has announced the general availability of Galaxy Enterprise 2000 Release 2.5, a storage and data management software suite. It now supports Lotus Development Corp.'s Domino/Notes R5, Novell Inc. NetWare and Network Appliance Inc. filers..

  • Conversion Tools Bring AS/400 Apps to Handhelds

    To be a competitive executive in the advertising industry, Jeff Shaw needs to constantly review and edit graphical designs and advertising copy on the road.

  • NZ Encryptors Win U.S. Optical Storage Deal

    California-based Oak Technology Inc., a provider of components for the optical-storage and digital-imaging markets, has signed a deal with RPK SecureMedia Inc., the U.S. parent of New Zealand-founded encryption specialist RPK.

  • Itanium Chip for Real, Developer Says

    Auckland software company Right Hemisphere Ltd. has proof that Intel Corp.'s Itanium processor is real.

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    Nintendo to Add Web Access to Games

    Mario is moving his antics to the Internet.

  • New Law Not Enough, Says Philippine Prosecutor

    A key author of the Philippines' E-Commerce Act of 2000 on Friday disputed a complaint by the nation's chief prosecutor that the law is inadequate to prosecute future suspects in cases like the dissemination in May of the ILOVEYOU virus.

  • WAP Dead in Water, Says Australian Analyst

    WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) will never take off in the mainstream market despite phone companies' best efforts, according to Australian telecommunications analyst Paul Budde.

  • NetValue Brings Its Net Measurement to Asia

    Internet measurement firm NetValue Hong Kong Ltd. claims it can give better audience readings through its proprietary application NetMeter but acknowledges that it can't be the most credible firm because, according to the company's president, there isn't a 'right answer' in market research.

  • HK Science Park Gets First IT Tenant

    The Provisional Hong Kong Science Park last week signed the first tenant, We Software, for its information technology cluster, one of four clusters in the park, according to officials. The other clusters include electronics, biotechnology and precision engineering.

  • Jury: AMS Breached Mississippi Contract

    A Mississippi jury handed down a US$475 million judgment this week against American Management Systems Inc., saying the company breached its contract to build the state an integrated tax collection system. It's reportedly the largest verdict ever against the industry.

  • VA Linux Posts Strong Quarter

    Linux systems vendor VA Linux Systems Inc. in Sunnyvale, Calif., made a strong showing in its fiscal fourth quarter. Revenue, at US$50.7 million, was up 547 percent compared with last year.

  • Former Oracle Exec Joins VC Firm

    After his surprise departure from Oracle Corp. (ORCL) early last month, Raymond Lane, the former second-in-command at the U.S. database, tools and applications vendor, has found himself a new role in the venture capital world.

  • Telecom Gains Help Hutchison Quadruple Profit

    Sales of mobile phone assets as well as strong results from its Hong Kong telecommunications operations helped boost Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.'s results for the first half of 2000, as the company quadrupled its net profit over the first half of 1999.

  • Australia's VC Market Rebounds Strongly

    Four months after the tech stock shock, Australia's venture capital (VC) sector is brimming with fresh cash.

  • Optus joins global e-business exchange

    C&W Optus is nominating itself as the Australian representative in the Global Trading Web association (GTW), a worldwide e-marketplace comprising 24 leading companies.

  • Sigaba Tries to Simplify Encrypted E-Mail

    Experts have long contended that encrypted e-mail can become an everyday occurrence only when end users need only push a button to securely send messages.

  • Economist survey foresees shift in IT service delivery

    63% of LOBs expected growth of third-party tech services, while increased spending on enterprise IT services is anticipated by 65% of CIOs


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