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  • Microsoft to expand Windows source-code sharing program

    Microsoft Corp. has formalized a promised expansion of its Windows source-code sharing program, detailing plans to give about 1,000 of its large corporate users in the US an opportunity to view the closely guarded code.

  • Virus fighters catch NakedWife worm in the act

    The destructive "NakedWife" Trojan worm that hit the Net Tuesday did not spread far. The impact was minor and only computers in North America and Europe were hit.

  • FBI: No Net user is immune to online fraud

    The widespread adoption of new technologies has created new opportunities for fraud that any Internet user is susceptible to, a situation made worse by ignorance about the issue, according to a new study released this week.

  • New Zealand DoS attacks flare up again

    A spate of denial of service attacks struck New Zealand ISPs, including Telecom New Zealand Ltd's Xtra, The Internet Group Ltd.'s Ihug, Asia Online Ltd. and KC Computer Services Ltd. over the weekend.

  • HostPro enters ASP market with messaging service

    Web-hosting company HostPro Inc. is making its first foray into the application service provider market Tuesday with an advanced messaging service targeted at small companies.

  • Access to Internet domain databases to be simplified

    Experts have recommended that access to the Internet's Whois service that allows users to look up ownership information on Internet domain names in the .com, org and .net TLDs (top-level domains) be made simpler.

  • Business-process model ready for release

    The Business Process Management Initiative (BPMI), a group formed in August to define a standard way to model business processes, is prepared to release the first draft of specifications for BPML (Business Process Modeling Language), an XML (extensible markup language) schema that is the first step toward the group's goal.

  • Oracle releases disastery recover software

    Oracle Corp. announced new software Wednesday designed to make it easier for companies to maintain a backup copy of their database, with the goal of preserving data in the event of a system failure, human error or natural disaster.

  • Field of dreams

    On a 150-acre patch of land on the edge of San Jose, California, there's little more than dandelions, wild mustard and a cluster of greenhouses. It's a strong reminder of the area's agricultural past. But a different kind of farm is a year away: a massive server farm where a complex of buildings humming with networking equipment and powered by a dedicated energy plant will spread across the property in an experiment of grand proportions.

  • No workers, no offices: The virtual company

    Bob Aldrich, a 30-year veteran of the energy business, had plans for a small, innovative electric generator that could power shopping malls and corporate campuses. There was just one problem: Potential customers wouldn't give him a contract until he had a factory to build the generators, and he couldn't get financing to build a factory until he signed a customer.

  • GPRS handsets expected in volume by Q3

    The lack of GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) mobile handsets which has been hampering the roll-out of these services should ease by the third quarter of this year, according to David Almstrom, vice president of business strategy for L.M. Ericsson Telephone Co. in China.

  • Transmeta racks up more server support

    Chip maker Transmeta Corp. added another name to its server customer line-up Wednesday with an announcement that FiberCycle Inc. will use its processors for ultra high-density servers.

  • Researchers outline vision of 4G wireless world

    They've barely begun tackling the much-vaunted 3G (third-generation) of wireless technology, but leading companies in the industry are already laying the groundwork for what some are calling 4G.

  • ACT to Drive Vehicle Rego Online

    The ACT Government has signed a $6 million contract to implement an e-commerce solution that will deliver electronic and online services for vehicle registration and licensing.

  • When phoning home is easy

    While most Antarctic bases must economise on high-cost satellite communications, a fortuitous deal with the South African Department of Environmental Affairs has helped researchers at that country's SANAE IV base ensure continuous data, fax and phone connections that have bridged the distance back to South Africa.

  • New data communications link is a boon to South Pole scientists

    American scientists taking advantage of the clear, dark skies and dry atmosphere at the South Pole to do cutting-edge astrophysics face numerous drawbacks working at this remote location. Besides the physical and perhaps psychological discomforts, the lack of consistently available data communications links makes their work at the Amundsen-Scott Station more arduous. But a new satellite connection that recently went into service is giving these researchers improved access to e-mail, the Web, and their colleagues back in the U.S.

  • 'NAKEDWIFE' trojan worm strikes

    A new mass-mailing trojan worm called "NAKEDWIFE" is circulating and, if executed, can delete files that are necessary for everyday computer operation, several computer security companies confirmed Tuesday.

  • J.D. Edwards shifts focus to supply-chains

    Pushing for consistent profit growth, J.D. Edwards & Co. is shifting its focus to supply-chain management offerings and launching a reorganization that will slash US$75 million from its operating costs over the next 18 months.

  • Microsoft talks up new Visio Suite

    Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday announced a beta version of its first update of the Visio drawing and diagramming software suite, which the software giant acquired through its purchase of Visio, first announced in September 1999.

  • IBM pulls curtain on DB2 7.0 for mainframes

    IBM Corp. on Tuesday announced not only a new 64-bit version of DB2 for mainframes, but also new tools to support DB2 7.0 for OS/390 and IBM's zSeries.

  • Key to omnichannel CX is customisation

    In order to achieve success with omnichannel customer experience strategy, companies need to utilise user personas, while maintaining excellence across all channels, according to customer transformation service expert, Brad Starr.

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