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  • Novell accelerates content for ISPs

    Novell has announced a software and hardware product for Internet service providers (ISPs) and Web hosting companies that could enable them to deliver their customers' Web content cheaper and much faster.

  • Net Prophet: Peer-to-Peer Networking

    Wait long enough and everything comes back into fashion. With the return of bell-bottoms and platform shoes, are we really surprised to see peer-to-peer networking making a comeback? Peer-to-peer technology isn't new, but how it's applied is. Peer-to-peer is poised to shake up everything from search engines to free speech.

  • Demand heats up for business analysts

    A shortage of quality technical and senior business analysts is confronting employers in the banking and insurance sectors, according to IT recruitment specialist sources.

  • Net's Reach Even Extends to 4 P's of Marketing

    Every business school graduate and marketing manager has learned the four P's of marketing: product, price, place and promotion. The paradigm was one of control, simple and unidirectional: Firms market to customers. We create products and define their features and benefits, set prices, select places to sell products and services and promote aggressively through advertising, public relations, direct mail and other in-your-face programs. We control the message.

  • Report: DT Rekindles Bid for Qwest

    BERLIN (07/17/2000) - German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom AG (DT) is renewing informal merger talks with U.S. carrier Qwest Communications International Inc., according to The New York Times.

  • Will Licensing Issues Kill Internet Video?

    There's probably no issue about the Internet that provokes as emotional a debate as the matter of "free" content or distribution of material. As recent cases involving MP3 audio have shown, the Internet can become a battleground between those who believe in free exchange of entertainment media and those whose living depends on selling that material. Now we may be headed for a similar face-off in the video space.

  • Big Investment Banks: Watch Your Back

    The founders of some 75 promising Internet startups flew into Santa Barbara, Calif., this month to hear advice from Robertson Stephens on how to prepare for an initial public offering. But Robert Emery, the bank's CEO, doesn't want to dwell on his firm's role in the IPO market.

  • NEC wins $350m Japan-Australia fibre contract

    NEC has signed a contract to build a 12,000-kilometre undersea fibre optic cable system that will connect Japan and Australia. NEC valued the deal at $US350 million, it said in a statement.

  • Lycos Europe Offers PC-to-Phone Calling

    LONDON (07/17/2000) - Comundo, an Internet service provider operated by Lycos Europe, said Monday it now offers a service enabling its registered users to place long-distance telephone calls over the Internet from their PC.

  • The Open Source

    Technical columnists are paid to discuss their impressions when they experiment with software, but I am having trouble earning my wages this week. I've revisited two object-based open-source Web development tools, Lutris Technologies Inc.'s Enhydra and Digital Creations Inc.'s Zope, in the past few weeks.

  • The Traveling Whiteboards

    It seems silly to talk about the "installed base" of whiteboards or to wonder about the etiquette of capturing information from whiteboards that aren't yours. But some simple yet amazing technology is hastening the day when electronic whiteboards will be embedded in office equipment and the scribbles we produce with them will be shared routinely over the Internet.

  • The 24-7 Consultant

    Vanda Collis was sitting in the late-night glow of her PC, answering e-mail from her home office at 1 a.m., when the telephone rang. Her first thought was that it must be a fax; her second was that it was a possible family emergency. But instead, it was a business call - a consultant in Korea who wanted to line her up as a U.S. business partner for his fledgling Web venture.

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    Users blinded by vendor promises

    In the race to win outsourcing contracts vendors make big promises which fuel the unrealistic expectations of clients, a leading IT consultant warned this week.

  • Adding Biometric Authentication to NetWare

    With a seemingly endless stream of Internet virus attacks and highly publicized security breaches, security concerns are paramount for enterprise network managers. And most companies fear attacks more from inside the firewall than outside.

  • Info Economy chief resigns

    Founding CEO of the National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) Dr Paul Twomey has resigned from his government appointment to take up a position in the private sector.

  • Time to Defend Wireless Right to Bear Cell Phones

    In light of the recent legislative proposals popping up around the country to limit use of cell phones while driving, I got to thinking that maybe Charlton Heston is right.

  • IT Auditing: What It Takes

    IT Auditing: What It Takes

  • Your Music or Your Job

    This is Randi's cell phone. Please leave a message." Those are the words I heard as I tried to call my slim, blonde-haired beauty for the sixth time last week. She left in a huff for her road trip to some kind of human resources retreat/seminar, angry after my comments about what it takes to make a man happy (owning planes and boats).

  • Reports: T-Online, Freeserve Still Eyeing Merger

    BERLIN (07/17/2000) - Germany's T-Online International AG is still interested in acquiring U.K.-based Freeserve PLC, according to published reports. Britain's Observer newspaper and the Dow Jones International News Service, for example, both reported that talks are ongoing between the ISPs (Internet service providers), despite an apparent failure to reach an agreement last month.

  • Webvan Senior VP Takes on Retail Challenge

    It has become a common tale in Silicon Valley, perhaps less of a myth than one might imagine: a meeting of minds at a local restaurant and a single "what if?" idea that turns into a business exploding onto the technology scene. In the case of Webvan, it took two months of weekend meetings at a Los Altos, Calif., restaurant for Peter Relan, now senior vice president of technology for the online grocery delivery service, to buy into founder Louis Borders' vision of a company that could bring groceries right to people's doorsteps.

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