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  • Companies Seek Tools to Ferret Out Scattered Data

    As companies add bigger hard drives and place servers for different departments in different locations, information technology managers are looking for ways to make the content that hardware contains searchable and easy to display on user desktops.

  • Energy Exchange to Power Up

    The founders of a new business-to-business exchange for the energy industry are laying the groundwork for a launch by the end of the year, and have tapped Commerce One Inc. and SAP AG as the infrastructure technology providers for the global, direct and indirect procurement e-marketplace.

  • Federal Judge Overturns Net Porn Law

    A federal judge has ruled that a Virginia law aimed at blocking children's online access to adult material violates First Amendment free-speech protections and the constitutional interstate commerce clause. The opinion by U.S. District Judge James H. Michael Jr. marks the latest in a string of defeats for activists trying to apply historical standards for adult material to the Internet.

  • Large-Scale Builders Save By Outsourcing

    Trying to get your electrician to connect with your carpenters during a kitchen remodeling project is a tough enough job. Imagine what it's like getting together dozens of subcontractors while building an urban light-rail system or an office high-rise.

  • The Funk inTechnology

    Gearing up for Australia's potential broadband explosion, US RADIUS developer Funk Software has set its sights on the Australian market signing up inTechnology as its operations base down under.

    inTechnology, a self-contained company derived from Logical Communications, has been contracted as a local office in both Australia and New Zealand, under the trading name of Funk Software Australia.

  • France controls postie's access with Oz-based Intellect security deal

    France's postmen will be allowed multi-site access on their daily rounds thanks to a Smartcard technology deal signed by secure payment solution provider Intellect, and French Postal service La Poste.

  • Deutsche Telecom Delays IPO of T-Mobile

    BERLIN (08/09/2000) - Deutsche Telekom AG (DT) confirmed Wednesday that it is postponing plans to make an initial public offering (IPO) of shares in its wireless subsidiary T-Mobile International AG.

  • PCCW Makes First Japanese Broadband Play

    TOKYO (08/10/2000) - With sights firmly set on the Japanese broadband market, Hong Kong's Pacific Century CyberWorks Ltd. (PCCW) has inked a deal to acquire a controlling stake in Jaleco Ltd., a Japanese entertainment software producer, the companies announced Thursday.

  • Petrochem B2B Exchange Wins Regulatory Approval

    Trade-Ranger, a business-to-business (B2B) marketplace formed last April by 14 oil refiners and Mitsubishi Corp., has won government approvals, allowing it to start processing transactions next month.

  • IBM to bolster Linux strategy

    IBM'S Linux strategy will take another step forward next week when it unveils plans to deliver several key enterprise-level capabilities that allow the open source operating system to scale and run more robustly on its Netfinity line of PC-based servers.

  • AOL UK and Wal-Mart: This Time We're Serious

    With considerably less fanfare than they brought to the announcement of a similar deal in the U.S., America Online Inc. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. announced Wednesday that they have extended their mega-marketing alliance to Europe. But the question remains: Will it be a replay of the much-hyped, and still unseen, multimillion-dollar deal the two companies made last January?

  • GTSI Revenues Slip

    Slower sales following the Year 2000 rollover and delayed purchases of enterprise software at many agencies are being blamed for GTSI Corp.'s revenues dropping more than US$12 million from the same period last year.

  • EMachines Goes to Europe

    EMachines will start selling its low-cost PCs in the U.K. and Ireland next week thanks to a distribution deal signed with Dixons Group, the U.S. PC maker announced Wednesday.

  • Lako Vision wins Osprey distribution deal

    Melbourne-based Lako Vision has finalised a deal to distribute Osprey video cards in the Australian market.

  • States Sue Record Labels over Price Fixing

    BOSTON (08/09/2000) - As the controversy over online music continues to boil, 28 states and two U.S. commonwealths initiated a lawsuit Tuesday against the five major record labels, as well as three music retailers, charging that they had conspired to artificially inflate and fix CD prices.

  • Critical Path Acquires PeerLogic in $400M Deal

    E-mail outsourcing giant Critical Path Inc. continues its acquisition streak with Tuesday's purchase of PeerLogic Inc., a directory services firm specializing in security services.

  • Cisco Reports Strong Q4 Results, Loses Top Exec

    Cisco Systems this week topped Wall Street's expectations for its fourth fiscal quarter, reporting a 69 percent increase in net income and revenue growth of 61 percent for the three-month period ended July 29.

  • .Net Is Real

    Microsoft's .Net initiative began to crystallize in the late 1990s. It was designed to solve several widespread Windows-generated exasperations: DLL (dynamic link library) hell, the complexity of installing and uninstalling software, and the fragility of proprietary configuration. To eliminate these problems, Redmond decided to add another layer of indirection while implementing interoperability through XML (Extensible Markup Language). According to Dick Hardt, founder of the ActiveState Tool Corporation, Microsoft has scripted the indirection and data transparency well enough that ".Net removes all the configuration issues and complexity with ActiveX and COM [Component Object Model]." At the same time, .Net has better performance than COM.

  • NIST Readies Security, Workflow Pilot

    The U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology is getting ready to kick off a 100-seat pilot to test security and electronic workflow applications.

  • Oracle's Linuxization of Software Almost Complete

    SAN FRANCISCO (08/09/2000) - Oracle Corp. is close to having its entire software portfolio running on Linux, with Wednesday's announcement that the company's Internet Application Server (iAS) 8i will support the open-source operating system. The vendor also announced expanded partnerships with four Linux distribution companies -- Caldera Systems Inc., SuSE Linux AG, TurboLinux Inc. and VA Linux Systems Inc.