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  • State, Fed CIOs Team Up

    The National Association of State Information Resource Executives has teamed with the federal CIO Council to work on intergovernmental projects, including a single public-safety network for the 2002 winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

  • FTC Warns of Possible Antitrust Issues

    U.S. Federal Trade Commission Chairman Robert Pitofsky this week urged business-to-business exchange builders and others to think through potential competition issues in their emerging industry. He was speaking at a workshop organized by the FTC for e-commerce companies.

  • Novell Aims at Content-Delivery Market Space

    Novell Inc. has taken its Internet services vision into the content-delivery and acceleration area, launching Novell Content Exchange, a service that accelerates content moving between the origin server and CDNs (content delivery networks).

  • U.S. Government Embarks on B2B Learning Process

    WASHINGTON (06/30/2000) - A two-day U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) workshop that concluded Friday illustrated that the U.S. government is taking an open and cautious approach to regulatory issues raised by B2B (business-to-business) electronic exchanges.

  • EDITORIAL: The death of e-commerce?

    E-commerce, and all its spin-off variations, arguably has the potential to transform the way in which you deal with your customers and they, in turn, with their partners.

  • FCC to Examine Cable Broadband

    U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman William Kennard said Friday that his agency will take a formal look at the high-speed cable Internet access market in a move to eliminate uncertainty caused by an appeals court ruling last week.

  • PC Expo Picks and Pans

    If you want to live life on the go, try the Big Apple. And if you want to check out the gadgets built for life on the go, there was no better place than this year's PC Expo. Wireless and handheld products drove desktop PCs almost completely off the stage. Amidst the sauna-like show floor, we checked out the countless personal digital assistants, Internet appliances, and sleek long-lasting notebooks designed to keep you connected and productive anywhere. Here are the hits and misses we found in the New York haze.

  • 'Find Engine' Asks: What's the Buzz?

    Navigating the ever-growing Web efficiently means knowing what tools--search engines, applications, and utilities--can help you get the job done. Buzz Notes, a simple Web utility now in public beta, does just that without invading your privacy.

  • Briefs

    Dell Computer Corp. this week became the latest major computer vendor to announce the establishment of a wireless business unit, aimed at tapping into the emerging global market for wireless network access. The Dell unit will be headed by 46-year-old Moe Grzelakowski, a former executive at Schaumburg, Illinois-based Motorola Inc. He will join Dell as a senior vice president, the Round Rock, Texas-based direct PC vendor said.

  • Cyber Laws Emerge, but Slowly

    BOSTON (06/30/2000) - It took more than an estimated US$8 billion in computer damage worldwide from the "ILOVEYOU" virus for Philippine Republic Act 8792 to come about.

  • Trade Show Obsolescence?

    Although the big trade shows such Comdex, NetWorld + Interop, and PC Expo appear on the surface to be thriving, there are indications that the pressures of ubiquitous access to information from the Internet and the changing dynamics of business requirements are having a negative impact on massive product-oriented shows.

  • Web Host's Outage Crashes Sites

    More than 1,000 Web sites were taken off-line or slowed over the past two weeks as a result of problems in the Vienna, Virginia, data center of Internet hosting firm Verio Inc.

  • AT&T Can Extend PBX to Remote Sites

    AT&T Labs is developing a VPN technology that can extend corporate PBX functions to remote workers connected via VPN data links.

  • Dot-Coms Struggle to Meet Expectations

    One weeks ago, on the day an analyst at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. called Inc.'s [Nasdaq:AMZN] credit "weak and deteriorating," its stock plummeted 19%.

  • Allstate Kicks Off Rollout of Web Sales

    Allstate Insurance Co. will begin a massive restructuring next month, rolling out a national program to sell insurance directly to customers on the Web. In the process, it's eliminating all of its 6,000 employee agent positions and making them independent contractors.

  • Briefs

    Clinton Signs Digital Signature Bill

  • Customers Aren't Sold on Rentable Office Suites

    While makers of enterprise desktop applications have begun adding their wares to the growing menu of rentable software, IT executives appear reluctant to place orders.

  • Wells Fargo's IT Arm Blazes Java, XML Trail

    Wells Fargo & Co. has laid the groundwork for one of its most ambitious XML initiatives to date, taking a pioneering approach to the common problem of making legacy data available for new uses.

  • Briefs

    Online grocery vendor Webvan Group Inc., in Foster City, California, this week announced a deal to acquire rival, in Kirkland, Washington, in a stock transaction valued at approximately US$1.2 billion. The combined company will operate under the Webvan name, and is expected to extend Webvan's market reach to 13 metropolitan areas in the United States by year-end, according to the two companies. Those areas include Atlanta; Baltimore; Bergen County, New Jersey; Chicago; Dallas; Los Angeles; Orange County, California; Portland, Oregon; Sacramento, California; San Diego; San Francisco; Seattle; and Washington.

  • Transporters Move to Deliver on E-Commerce

    It's a fact: E-commerce is changing the way the transportation industry does business. The question, though, is how effective the industry will be in managing the change without losing sight of its primary function - to deliver goods to customers.