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  • New Tool Tracks E-Mail, Net Usage

    Want to know how much time your employees spend surfing the Web, responding to e-mail and working in Excel or Word? A new software application from Trisys lets supervisors monitor PC and Internet usage by local and remote employees.

  • Lotus Making Wireless Access Strides

    Lotus Development last week took another step to match Microsoft as the two scramble to provide enterprise users with wireless access to applications running on their respective messaging and collaboration servers.

  • Hollywood Saves Its DVDs

    The movie industry won its first Internet-related copyright fight Thursday when U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan ordered a permanent injunction against hacker magazine for posting a controversial link to information on how to illegally unscramble DVDs for playback on Linux operating systems.

  • German Official to U.S. ISPs: Block Neo-Nazi Sites

    BERLIN (08/28/2000) - A German state-level official is challenging U.S. ISPs (Internet service providers) to help combat neo-Nazi propaganda on the Internet.

  • SonicWall and VeriSign Team

    SonicWall is adding something new to its bag of VPN tricks: support for digital certificates that authenticate users for the purpose of exchanging encryption keys used to secure Internet connections.

  • Sleek LCD Monitors to Dress Up Your Desk

    You can get a lot of office pizzazz and power in one purchase with a sleek flat-panel monitor. Take a trio of 15-inchers just out from Philips Electronics NV, Eizo Nanao Technologies, and Sony Corp.. In my tests, these handsome LCD monitors delivered terrifically crisp text in Web pages, word processing documents, and spreadsheets.

  • Defining Government

    Get ready for Government Inc. It's coming a lot sooner than you think. That's the gist of a memo sent out last month by Dan Porter, the Navy's chief information officer.

  • SkyStream Product Helps Brand Streaming Media

    SkyStream Networks is expanding from its hardware roots with the introduction of zBand, a software product that lets service providers and companies offer branded streaming media and other content to end users.

  • Microsoft, Amazon Plan E-Bookstore

    Microsoft Corp. and Inc. are creating a new co-branded electronic bookstore, officials from the companies said Monday during a speech at the Seybold San Francisco conference.

  • The XML Factor

    Standard data interchange -- enabling two computers to talk to each other -- has been an ongoing problem for the government because of its penchant for customized information technology systems. Now, with the push to put more government services on the World Wide Web -- a place where broad data access should be the rule -- the compatibility problem is compounded.

  • Market Movers: Back in Black

    Gains in large-cap tech stocks helped keep the Nasdaq above the 4000 mark today, bringing it just slightly into positive territory for the year. The unexpected pop lifted the broad market as well, with both the Nasdaq and the Dow posting small gains. The Dow rose half a percent, or 60.21, to close at 11252.84, while the Nasdaq was up about 0.7 percent, or 27.91, to 4070.59.

  • Top 10 Graphics Boards

    SAN FRANCISCO (08/28/2000) - Neither of the two new boards this month earned a spot on the chart. The ATI Radeon, with 64MB of DDR SGRAM, came closer to chartdom, but a high, $399 price and lackluster performance in 3D games kept it off. MSI's $269 StarForce 815 is inexpensive for a board with an NVidia GeForce2 GTS chip, but it lacks video features that others include. The Matrox Millennium G400 MAX and Diamond's Viper II hang tight to the top two spots..

  • On the Avenue

    "Black isn't always black." So says Lezlie Winter, explaining why she shuns the Internet when it comes to shopping. She was browsing through the handbag section of Saks Fifth Avenue. "And gray isn't always gray, and red isn't always red." Whatever important things the Internet might do for the world and the economy, when it comes to picking a purse, it apparently doesn't measure up.

  • Platform: YXML? (Why the Extensible Markup Language?)

    Its very flexibility could be the undoing of XML as a Babel of "standards" emerge

  • Spinoffs Take a Wrong Turn

    Almost every day, Nicholas Butterworth wipes his brow in relief. In March, the CEO of MTVi, the Viacom -owned unit of MTV Networks, filed papers to hit the stock market in a public offering. But then came April's market turmoil, and the company put the IPO on hold indefinitely. Now, that looks like a wise move. "Our goal is to maximize shareholder value," says Butterworth. "If an IPO helps us accomplish that, that's a strategy we will pursue. If not, then it's not the right strategy."

  • MicroStrategy Axes 234 Jobs, Corporate Junkets

    Data analysis software vendor MicroStrategy Inc. will reduce its workforce by 234, or approximately 10 percent of its current headcount, by the end of September, the company announced Tuesday.

  • ACS Certification Program adds value

    There has been a major change in the business community's attitude to IT. Where IT used to be left to professional staff in the back room, today it is on every business person's agenda. IT knowledge is needed by many more people and has moved to be a mainstream part of business.

  • Smart Tools for Smart Buyers

    Of course you buy stuff online. You love the convenience. And you'd like it even more if you could easily get what you wanted at the best price--without clicking constantly from one e-tailer to another to compare prices, shipping charges, and so on. Another thing you'd like: not having to hand out your credit or debit card number all over the Internet.

  • Cisco Offers Content Delivery Network System

    Cisco Systems on Monday announced its Content Delivery Network (CDN) system, which offers services that address network management, performance and reliability issues.

  • Building Bigger Pipes

    It sounds almost too good to be true. Bandwidth-hungry agencies that have upgraded their networks with Gigabit Ethernet on IP-based backbones rather than Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) are saving themselves both headaches and money. Besides the obvious bandwidth boost, network managers can expect a variety of benefits by adding Gigabit Ethernet switches to their network backbones. And if they handle the design and installation details properly, they can expect a smooth upgrade as well.

  • Economist survey foresees shift in IT service delivery

    63% of LOBs expected growth of third-party tech services, while increased spending on enterprise IT services is anticipated by 65% of CIOs


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