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  • Opening a New Frontier

    Tom Ratledge pushes a black button on the display of his small airplane's control panel and boots up a radar-like view of the west bank of the Kuskokwim River. Color graphics show the boundaries between land and water, as well as arrow-like images that represent other planes flying close by. Ratledge looks at the picture on his display, which represents the position of his own plane, to gauge his distance from other planes and from the ground.

  • Gates: .NET Not a Catch-Up Strategy

    SYDNEY (09/12/2000) - In the latest era of the Internet, Microsoft Corp. is "sort of the Netscape and the Microsoft combined", the software giant's chairman Bill Gates told a media conference here Monday.

  • Siebel Systems to Acquire Janna in $975M Deal

    Business software supplier Siebel Systems Inc. announced Monday that it has reached an agreement to acquire financial services software provider Janna Systems Inc. in a stock deal valued at US$975 million].

  • Nokia unveils Net appliance running Linux

    Nokia unveiled a prototype of an "infotainment" appliance on Friday that aims to combine the Internet and digital television broadcasting in a living room device aimed squarely at consumers.

  • Supreme Court Postpones Appeal Decision

    The U.S. Supreme Court, for the moment, has taken a pass on announcing whether it will hear Microsoft Corp.'s appeal of the government's antitrust case. Trial observers had thought that the Supreme Court would announce that it would hear the appeal Friday.

  • St George Still A 'Sitting Duck'

    St George Bank's customer Web site is still a "sitting duck" for more denial of service (DOS) attacks, according to COO John Loebenstein. "Any Web site is a sitting duck for anyone who wants to target it," he said.

  • Messagingdirect, Celcorp Partner for E-Billing

    Looking to integrate electronic bill presentment and digital signatures into business-to-business trading partner communities, Edmonton, Alberta-based Celcorp and MessagingDirect will announce next week at the Internet Commerce Expo, in San Jose, Calif., a partnership to combine their offerings.

  • Dotcoms Clamour For Health Business

    Legions of dotcom companies are pitching IT solutions to the federal government to participate in the development of a national database of electronic health records for all Australians.

  • Sun adds BMC software to e-business bundles

    Sun Professional Services has expanded its reseller agreement with BMC Software to include Incontrol, Control-M and Patrol applications to target Sun's e-business customers.

  • IN-DEPTH: IBM Torch Flickering

    Hoping its technology implementations encounter smoother sailing than its political dealings with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), IBM is putting the finishing touches on the mammoth IT operation that will support this month's Summer Olympics in Sydney

  • XML Struggling for Enterprise Customer Acceptance

    Everyone loves XML, the technology that can be used to tag electronic document content for easy searching and sharing among business partners. Microsoft, IBM and a slew of e-commerce hotshots such as Commerce One Inc. and Ariba Inc. can't stop talking about XML as the foundation for Web-based commerce.

  • launches buying exchange

    Retail customers can now leverage collective buying power on the Internet with the launch of

  • NZ Novell Users Cool on Cuts

    "Well, the rumors were 25 per cent, so there you go." That's the reaction of Novell customer Calum MacLeod to news that Novell has laid off 16 per cent of its staff in the U.S. after several quarters of poor profitability.

  • Harris Interactive Drops Suit Against Microsoft

    Harris Interactive dropped its lawsuit against Microsoft's Hotmail service after the company agreed to allow Harris surveys to reach users through its Hotmail Web-based e-mail addresses.

  • Eclipse watches revenues rise

    Eclipse Computing has posted revenue figures of $14 million for the last six months, a result driven by a surge in GST consulting contracts.

  • New Fibre Channel Adapters Crank Up Data Speed

    Storage vendors are set to ship Fibre Channel adapters in the next six months that will let customers move data across networks twice as fast for nearly the same cost.

  • RSA Patents Expire

    FRAMINGHAM (09/11/2000) - The 17-year-old patents that RSA Security Inc. holds for its public-key encryption technology are set to expire Sept. 20, which will make it possible for software developers in the U.S. to use the RSA algorithms without having to secure a license from RSA (www.nwfusion. com, DocFinder: 9874). Several security companies, including Certicom Corp. and Baltimore Technologies Inc., were ballyhooing the Sept. 20 date as the hour of liberation from RSA's grip, noting they will soon release tool kits to compete with RSA's crypto tool kits. For its part, RSA did its best to quash any celebration about the expiring patents. RSA Security President and CEO Art Coviello usurped the limelight by saying RSA Security decided to waive its rights to enforce the patent two weeks early, on Sept. 6. In addition, Coviello took pains to point out that only 1% of RSA Security's revenue is derived directly from the patents, which have been licensed to about 50 companies, including IBM Corp. and Microsoft Corp. RSA Security derives far more revenue - about 25% of its annual sales - through its BSAFE line of tool kits, which implement the RSA patents for many crypto purposes. (The rest of its revenue derives from the SecurID and Keon product lines). There are now about 180 companies licensing BSAFE "and this is growing at close to 30% in spite of the fact that the patents are coming off," Coviello said..

  • Lucent, PacketVideo Bring Video to Mobile Devices

    Lucent Technologies' Microelectronics Group has reached an agreement with PacketVideo to integrate streaming video into next generation mobile devices, the companies said this week.

  • Merger Is Something to Sniff at

    FRAMINGHAM (09/11/2000) - DigiScents Inc. last week bought Israeli rival SenseIT Technologies - for an undisclosed number of shares - with a nose toward bolstering nascent digital scent technologies. The firms are attempting to pioneer the market for transmitting scents digitally, either across the Internet or from stored media such as computer games. SenseIT's technology comprises a PC peripheral that acts as a digital-to-analog converter - taking a piece of data and converting it into a smell by mixing a number of basic smells from cartridges - like a printer mixes colors. DigiScents has a distribution deal with RealNetworks Inc., through which DigiScents software will be distributed at some point with the RealPlayer multimedia player..

  • Adds Online Computer, Video Games Store Friday said it's launching a new computer and video games store that offers consumers one-stop shopping for casual and hard-core gamers. According to a statement from the Seattle-based online retailer, the company will offer the largest selection of computer, video games and accessories available in off-line and online stores. Previously, video games were sold in the company's toy and video game section.