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  • Intel Rolls Out Two New Networking Chips

    Intel on Monday announced two new network processors for managing voice and data communications across DSL (Digital Subscriber Line).

  • Broadcom Acquires SiByte for US$2 Billion

    Integrated circuit maker Broadcom continued a buying spree and announced Monday that it will acquire SiByte Inc, a developer of chips for networking and communications applications. The acquisition is worth approximately $US2 billion, Henry T. Nicholas, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Broadcom said in a live Webcast.

  • SecurePay Launches Online Antifraud Service

    SecurePay has launched its new E-Commerce Fraud Detection and Prevention Service, which checks 'black listed' cards and stolen cards in real time, and prevents them entering the approval phase.

  • Data Dimension makes final move on Com Tech

    South African based Dimension Data Holdings' has announced the acquisition of the outstanding 24 per cent of its Australian based subsidiary Com Tech communications.

  • Update: Big Four Banks Merge Online

    The finding of the exclusion of smaller Australian banks to the recently announced portal would be of concern, said the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

  • Cisco celebrates better than expected Q1 report

    Wall Street could heave a collective sigh of relief after networking powerhouse Cisco Systems Inc. on Monday reported first quarter earnings that beat analysts predictions by a penny.

  • Dun & Bradstreet Sets Up Free B2B Hub

    Dun & Bradstreet Australia has launched a free B2B hub called B2NB (business to any business).

  • Senate Passes 12-Month Ban on Internet Gambling

    The Senate passed a 12-month moratorium on interactive gambling this week, making all commercial online gambling ventures here illegal.

  • NZ Ministry Wants Wants to Tap All Calls

    Alongside proposed legal provisions for interception of digital traffic by police and other agencies, the NZ Ministry of Economic Development (MED) is drawing up a plan to require all public telecoms networks -- voice and digital -- to be capable of interception.

  • Games grow despite festival effect

    Consumers may have stayed tuned to their televisions and not their game consoles during the Olympics, but the lull in sales has failed to halt growth in the market, according to latest figures from Inform.

  • Vodafone hands Psion to Tech Pac

    Tech Pacific has signed an exclusive agreement with Vodafone to distribute its Psion computer and modem products.

  • Olympics blamed for sluggish PC sales

    Australia's poor Q3 PC market performance compared to the Asian market is being blamed on the combination of the GST, a falling Australian dollar and Olympic fever.

  • Some Big Spenders Won't Shell Out for Web Ads

    While it might not be surprising that companies at the top of the Fortune 500 list account for a significant portion of online advertising, new research has found that big advertising spending offline doesn't translate into big expenditures for online ads, though it may be starting to.

  • Half of IT Budget Will Be Spent Outside Enterprise

    The time is fast approaching when businesses will spend half their IT budget on supporting processes outside the enterprise. They must make the transition in order to compete in a world where businesses are increasingly focusing on their core competences, analysts from Gartner Group told attendees in Cannes Monday at the company's ITxpo Europe conference.

  • BOBS your uncle with new trading exchange

    Small retailers can now sell online without huge infrastructure costs, after the launch of an exchange yesterday that links consumers to retailers via the Internet.

  • 3Com Presses into Future Markets

    3Com on Monday unveiled a suite of Bluetooth wireless networking products due early next year as part of a series of announcements. According to one analyst, the full suite of products will help firmly position 3Com after months of transitioning.

  • E-Government 'Not for Governments'

    Private enterprise could replace many functions of the state as governments move services and processes online, attendees at Gartner Group's European IT conference heard Monday.

  • Network Associates Eyes Wireless

    Network Associates wants to tap wireless enterprise customers and the service provider market with a new mix of network analysis and security products.

  • Deloitte, EDS in Outsourcing Duo for Telstra

    Telstra will outsource the bulk of its electronic billing operations and ERP systems development through the Deloitte Consulting Consortium, a services alliance between Deloitte Consulting and US computer services giant EDS.

  • Executives Call for Delay in Cyber Crime Pact

    The Global Internet Project (GIP), a group of business executives dedicated to fostering the development of the Internet, called Monday for more dialogue on a proposed convention on crime in cyberspace.