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  • WRQ rolling out flurry of host access products

    WRQ is releasing software to speed access to legacy applications and integrate them with the Web. The company recently announced the availability of Reflection 4.0, server software that lets end users securely and remotely access their mainframe, AS/400, OpenVMS, or HP-UX-based applications.

  • After the hype ASPs strengthen their role

    Despite premature hype and many false starts the concept of application service providers (ASPs) in the marketplace as a viable solution is slowly gaining strength.

  • Technology Briefs

    IE security hole gets patched, Content management for MS Commerce Server, Informix server optimised for clustering

  • WEF to Deliver Digital Divide Message to G8

    TOKYO (07/17/2000) - On the eve of the G-8 Kyushu/Okinawa Summit, members of the World Economic Forum's Task Force on the Global Digital Divide on Wednesday will deliver to Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori the task force's recommendations on public and private-sector initiatives to bridge the digital divide.

  • New Top-Level Domains in Sight

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) agreed Sunday to move forward with a plan to add a few new top-level Internet domains by early next year, while sidestepping a nasty controversy that erupted over a plan to shrink the group's board of directors.

  • David Jones buys back into e-commerce market: TheSpot had already made all the mistakes

    David Jones, one of Australia's leading department stores, has its e-commerce strategy back on the agenda with the acquisition of and a strategic business relationship with its technology partner.

  • Auto supplier gears up for expansion

    Investment in a new retail management system was 'critical" for the continued growth of automotive parts, tools and accessories retailer Super Cheap Auto.

  • Window Manager

    When this column is published, I'll be in Yokohama, Japan, covering the board meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

  • Technology Buyers Guide: E-commerce to back-end integration tools and modules

    Technology Buyers Guide: E-commerce to back-end integration tools and modules

  • Test Center Rx: Protecting Data, Apps

    I wish to ask you if you know of any low-level disk-editing utilities. I am an IT trainer at a small volunteer organization that runs Microsoft Corp. Windows 95 machines. The students save their work in their folders, but unfortunately their hard work sometimes goes amiss or someone vandalizes the machine. We cannot afford client/server machines, and other methods that have been implemented were not very practical. It would be handy to have such a utility to combat this problem. Any information would be kindly appreciated.

  • Message Returned: I Am on Vacation

    At least once per year I try to take a real vacation - no computer, no phone, as little contact with newspapers, television and radio as possible. If something momentous should happen, then someone I'm in contact with will mention it. The downside of this is facing my inbox when I return.

  • Technology: XHTML

    Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) is a transition language that combines HTML and XML. Designed to replace HTML Version 4.0, XHTML is recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium. XHTML Version 1.0, also known as HTML 4.01, is a reformulation of HTML 4.0 as an XML 1.0 application.

  • Oracle Eats Its Own E-Business Dog Food

    The Internet changes everything, as Oracle Corp. Chairman and CEO Larry Ellison is fond of saying, endlessly.

  • Hammock Swings Through Web Interfaces

    Developing the front end of a Web application can be tricky. First your designers must come up with a striking look and feel for your site, and then your programmers have to realize that vision -- hopefully without compromise. Web site design is one of those gray areas where art and science collide, and the results are often unpredictable.

  • Invensys extends deadline on offer to buy Baan

    In an attempt to save its $709 million bid to acquire Baan, London-based Invensys PLC on Friday extended until July 25 the deadline on a tender offer for the shares of the struggling business applications vendor.

  • Online Exchanges Examine Options

    When leading steel companies set out in 1996 to create an industrywide online exchange, one of their first moves was to engage antitrust counsel to advise on the plan.

  • EDS launches hosted CRM solutions

    EDS is offering customer relationship management (CRM) solutions via its EDS Business Solutions Provision (E.BSP) service, launched at the Customer Contact World show in Melbourne.

  • Online Job-Hunting Resource Sites -

  • Lamenting the Dot-Coms

    Dot-coms seem to be dropping like flies, and those that have not died yet will soon as they run out of their venture capital. The popular press seems to be writing off the whole concept and even PBS's "News Hour With Jim Lehrer" had a segment entitled "Dot-com failure" lamenting the fate of the consumer e-commerce revolution.

  • Skills shortage a load of bull? Increase in software productivity could eliminate need to lift IT workforce

    A solution to Australia's growing IT skills drought may be found in software-enhancing technology, not additional staffing, says Tony Benson, the co-founder of Sydney developer Bullant Technology.