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  • Study Says Handheld Usage Enjoys Strong Growth

    While desktop users may still dominate the Internet highway, mobile users made a charge toward the Web in recent months adopting a wide range of Web-enabled handheld devices. A study released by Media Metrix Inc. Wednesday showed a surge in the number of U.S. households connecting to the Net via non-PC digital devices.

  • Intel Launches Hosting Service in Europe

    LONDON (09/20/2000) - Intel Corp. has expanded its AppChoiceSM Managed Hosting Services to Europe, the company announced on Wednesday.

  • NASA to Study Its Place in Digital Earth

    NASA has commissioned a series of studies to better ascertain its responsibilities in the multiagency Digital Earth program, which the space agency leads.

  • Z-Tek directors in the slammer

    Three former directors of Melbourne-based Z-Tek Computers have been booked in for a six-month stay at the big house following their sentencing last week for defrauding the Commonwealth out of more than $650,000 in sales tax.

  • Certicom Offers New Products at Conference

    Certicom Corp. in San Jose kicked off its PKS 2000 wireless security conference yesterday with a flurry of new products and services targeted to the growing handheld device market.

  • Handspring Sidles into Wireless

    Handspring Inc., whose Visor commands about a quarter of the handheld market, is going after customers who want to cut down on the number of devices they have to lug around.

  • Time Warner, EMI Make Concessions to EU

    In the continuing effort to salvage its merger deal, EMI and Time Warner have submitted a written plan for concessions that they hope will allow the European Union (EU) to approve the merger between the two companies, EMI announced Tuesday.

  • PDAs and mobile phones converging

    Long anticipated, the convergence of PDAs (personal digital assistants) and cellular phones will get a boost next week when California-based Handspring Inc announces its VisorPhone.

  • Mississippi Lists Sex Offenders Online

    Mississippi is the latest state to post a state sex offender registry on the Internet.

  • Surf and Be Happy

    Wait, don't touch that browser! People who use the Web at work are more productive, do better work, and feel happier and less stressed.

  • Civilian Agencies to Get Say in GPS

    Civilian agencies that use the Global Positioning System for transportation, surveying and mapping, and agriculture will have more say in how the U.S. Department of Defense designs modifications to the satellite system.

  • BroadVision to Launch Exchange Software

    SAN FRANCISCO (09/20/2000) - Squaring up against the likes of Ariba Inc. and Commerce One Inc., BroadVision Inc. will release new software next week for building online marketplaces where groups of buyers and sellers can trade goods. One analyst worried that the ambitious software maker may be spreading itself too thinly.

  • Auto Insurer Rolls Out Wireless Web Access

    The Progressive Corp. yesterday announced that it's starting to offer wireless Web access to holders of its auto insurance policies after a crash, two-month, internal development project -- a move that analysts said fits the company's reputation as a technology leader in the insurance industry and its emphasis on customer service.

  • Ariba, I2, IBM Get Tight

    Six months into its alliance with i2 Technologies and IBM, Ariba on Tuesday debuted tighter integration among the offerings of all three and promised closer business-to-business collaboration over the Internet for supply chains and online marketplaces.

  • Australia to Host $160m Telco Centre

    Australia made its mark as the IT capital of the Asia Pacific today with news that Sydney will host a $160 million centre to house and manage computer and fibre optic cable equipment to meet the growing demands of local Internet, e-business and telecommunications companies.

  • Service Automates Customer E-Mail Response

    Island Data on Friday will release a new version of its hosted service for handling customer queries sent via e-mail and the Web. The system looks at the tone, urgency - even the profanity - of a message to provide an appropriate reply.

  • Yahoo's Featured Bookseller

    Online portal Yahoo closed its chapter with and opened a new chapter with .

  • Balance Personalization, Privacy on Web Sites

    DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY (09/20/2000) - Promoters of techniques for personalizing content on electronic-commerce Web sites say those are a valuable marketing tool. But privacy advocates caution that it's bad business, as well as bad ethics, to misuse personal data.

  • Boeing, Commerce One Complete Trial Run

    The Boeing Co. is moving closer to using an online business-to-business exchange that the aircraft manufacturer hopes will save millions of dollars in procurement costs and give it a competitive advantage in the market.

  • Intel Unveils Wireless Architecture

    WASHINGTON (09/20/2000) - Intel Corp. on Wednesday introduced the Personal Internet Client Architecture, a set of components and software aimed at accelerating the development of next-generation Internet applications for Internet-ready cellular telephones and handheld wireless devices.