• WWRE taps IBM and webMethods for integration

    WorldWide Retail Exchange LLC today announced its selection of IBM Corp. and webMethods Inc. to provide the integration that technology members will need to participate in its business-to-business electronic marketplace.

    20 Dec. 01 10:55 Written by Carol Sliwa
  • Decentralization key to infrastructure protection

    Decentralized systems, such as those used by electronic communications networks (ECN) to trade securities, are a good model for protecting systems from catastrophic attacks such as Sept. 11, financial executives told a U.S. House subcommittee today.

    20 Dec. 01 10:53 Written by Patrick Thibodeau
  • Inktomi eyes better enterprise search results

    Inktomi Corp. on Wednesday rolled out a new version of its Enterprise Search software as well as a separate edition of the product designed to automate the preparation of content for search engine indexing.

    20 Dec. 01 10:45 Written by Cathleen Moore
  • Sun readies dedicated storage management appliance

    Following through on its belief that storage management software should reside in a dedicated storage appliance, Sun Microsystems Inc. will begin offering such a device possibly before the end of 2002, according to industry sources familiar with the company's plans.

    20 Dec. 01 08:30 Written by Dan Neel
  • SAP positioned well to succeed in SRM space

    SAP AG'S planned move into the SRM (supplier relationship management) market may affect its strategic partner Commerce One Inc., while at the same time turning up the heat on competing players such as Ariba Inc. and i2 Technologies Inc., according to analysts.

    20 Dec. 01 08:30 Written by Heather Harreld
  • Applied Innovation offers Q4 guidance

    Applied Innovation Inc. Monday warned it expects total sales for the fourth quarter to be in the range of US$10 million to $13 million, down from pro forma sales of $22.3 million for the same period last year.

    20 Dec. 01 08:15 Written by Terri Gimpelson
  • Telstra, PCCW buy Level 3's Asian operations

    Reach, the joint venture between Telstra and Hong Kong's Pacific Century Cyberworks Ltd. (PCCW) has announced plans to acquire the Asian assets of U.S.-based broadband infrastructure company Level 3 Communications Inc.

    20 Dec. 01 08:15 Written by Stephanie Sim
  • Delta to switch fare pricing engines in 2002

    Delta Air Lines Inc. plans to switch off its legacy operating system early next year and finally move its internal fare-searching and ticket-pricing functions to the same software system used by travel site Orbitz LLC.

    20 Dec. 01 08:15 Written by Jennifer DiSabatino
  • Adobe barred from distributing software

    A U.S. federal district court judge filed a preliminary injunction order against Adobe Systems Inc. Tuesday, barring it from distributing its InDesign page layout software amid allegations of copyright infringement.

    20 Dec. 01 08:15 Written by Scarlet Pruitt
  • NeuLevel drops lottery for .biz domain names

    NeuLevel Inc., the company holding the registry for the .biz domain names, said it will use a new method to award .biz domain names sought by more than one applicant.

    20 Dec. 01 08:15 Written by Todd R. Weiss
  • Microsoft warms to growing Liberty Alliance

    Microsoft on Tuesday gave its strongest signal yet that it may join the Liberty Alliance Project, a broad effort to create a common technology for identifying users on the Internet.

    20 Dec. 01 08:00 Written by Matt Berger
  • Opera releases new browser betas for Mac

    Upstart Web browser company Opera Software ASA released a new beta version of its Web browser for the Mac OS Thursday, along with a new beta of its Mac OS X-native browser, the company said.

    20 Dec. 01 08:00 Written by Sam Costello
  • Reeezak worm offers holiday jeers

    A new mass-mailer worm that offers New Year's greetings and what appears to be a Christmas-related animation, but actually attempts to delete large portions of the Windows operating system, is spreading in Europe Wednesday, according to Computer Associates International Inc.

    20 Dec. 01 08:00 Written by Sam Costello
  • Motorola announces 9,400 more layoffs

    Motorola Inc., grappling with continuing losses, on Tuesday announced 9,400 layoffs to happen over the next year that will come on top of more than 30,000 job cuts already made or announced since last year.

    20 Dec. 01 08:00 Written by Douglas F. Gray
  • Tribune Interactive turns to Java

    When news came out last week that the death certificate of the late Beatles great George Harrison contained misinformation about where he died to prevent that location from becoming a tourist attraction, editor Ben Estes knew the story would get a lot of attention.

    20 Dec. 01 08:00 Written by Kathleen Ohlson
  • Copy protection on new audio CD excludes Macs totally

    Universal Music Group Inc. has employed a controversial copy protection scheme on a new audio CD this week. Designed to prevent the music on the CD from being pirated, it also excludes the disc from being played at all on Macs, DVD players, and CD-compatible video game consoles.

    20 Dec. 01 08:00 Written by Peter Cohen
  • Datacasting rules review

    The Federal Government will commence a review of the current datacasting rules in early 2002, and has released an issues paper and called for submissions to the Review of the Operation of Schedule 6 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (Datacasting Services).

    19 Dec. 01 17:28 Written by Siobhan Chapman
  • Excel's dirty little secret

    Microsoft Excel, the predominant spreadsheet in use today, contains a feature that could expose sensitive corporate data once the document is distributed within a company or among trading partners.

    19 Dec. 01 12:56 Written by John Fontana
  • Don't let the cloud obscure the view of your enterprise security


    Gigamon provides active visibility into physical and virtual network traffic enabling stronger security and superior performance. Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric™ and GigaSECURE®, the industry’s first Security Delivery Platform, deliver advanced intelligence so that security, network and application performance management solutions in enterprise, government and service provider networks operate more efficiently and effectively.

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