• WaveSmith to unveil switch manager

    ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) edge switch start-up WaveSmith Networks Inc. next week will unveil the management system behind its upcoming Distributed Node switch, which is designed to enable migration from ATM to IP/Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS).

    01 Nov. 01 08:01 Written by Jim Duffy
  • Sydney wins Gartner's 2002 conference

    It's bye-bye Brisbane, hello Sydney for the biggest IT conference on the Australian calendar.
    Gartner Group next year will move its annual symposium and IT expo to Sydney after holding it in

    31 Oct. 01 20:21 Written by Pete Young
  • Asia-Pacific IT managers do more with less

    Asia-Pacific IT managers do more with less money, less equipment and fewer staff than their counterparts in
    the rest of the world, according to market researchers Gartner Group.

    31 Oct. 01 12:43 Written by Pete Young
  • Will XP help Microsoft?

    As the IT industry waits in anticipation to see whether or not Windows XP will come to the rescue of an
    ailing PC market, there is an almost equal amount of interest in how its reception will impact on Microsoft

    31 Oct. 01 11:57 Written by Ronda Field
  • Refocus on business to ride out 'grim' economy

    The September 11 World Trade Centre attack is gradually turning companies on their head, creating an anxiety previously unknown to business in the developed world. However, IT executives should seize this opportunity to focus on getting business back on track, a Gartner senior vice president of research said.

    31 Oct. 01 11:05 Written by Helen Han
  • Creditors keep E-Store afloat

    The creditors of IT e-tailer E-Store have voted to keep the company afloat under a deed of company arrangement.

    31 Oct. 01 10:38 Written by Brett Winterford
  • Exec slams Australia's 'poor' innovation record

    Gartner senior vice president Bob Hayward used the Symposium keynote speech to lambaste Australian companies for their poor track record on innovation.

    31 Oct. 01 08:29 Written by Pete Young
  • QT invests in software upgrade

    Queensland Transport has invested more than $200,000 in software with the dual aim of assisting some 250 operating staff and applications developers as well as more than 3.2 million customers.

    31 Oct. 01 08:28 Written by Lauren Thomsen-Moore
  • Hutchison drops GSM, focuses on CDMA, 3G

    While cutting ties with Optus on the one hand -- with a $53 million bow out of the GSM market, Hutchison Telecommunications (Australia) has partnered with SingTel to strengthen its CDMA and 3G networks.

    31 Oct. 01 08:27 Written by Kelly Mills
  • Security faces the threat within

    Despite an increased occurrence of the like of Nimda and Code Red, many companies still believe an "expensive lock" on their IT systems will keep them out of harm's way.

    31 Oct. 01 08:26 Written by Kelly Mills
  • APRA adopts XBRL

    The Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) is leading the pace by being the first major regulatory body in the world to adopt Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL).

    31 Oct. 01 08:25 Written by Ronda Field
  • IT consultancies feel the budget pinch

    The economic downturn that hit vendors hard in recent months has sideswipped IT consultancies -- the latest
    casualties of shrinking customer budgets.

    31 Oct. 01 08:24 Written by Helen Han
  • SPSS buys NetGenesis to bolster CRM division

    In keeping with its push to provide integrated, multichannel analysis of customer behavior, SPSS Inc. announced plans this week to acquire NetGenesis, a provider of software for analyzing Web trends.

    31 Oct. 01 08:20 Written by Eugene Grygo
  • Ariba taps CascadeWorks on human resources procurement

    Ariba and CascadeWorks have teamed up to offer a spend-management solution designed to reduce the cost of procuring temporary workers and consultants, the companies announced Tuesday.

    31 Oct. 01 08:18 Written by Heather Harreld
  • Stampede looks to rev up Lotus iNotes

    Stampede Technologies on Tuesday announced that its TurboGold acceleration software can now speed the performance of Lotus iNotes browser-based clients within a Notes/Domino network.

    31 Oct. 01 08:17 Written by John Fontana
  • IBM introduces new 2GB Fibre Channel server

    IBM announced today it will begin shipping a new storage server that provides 2GB Fibre Channel connectivity, as well as enhanced network-attached storage and Internet protocol storage products aimed at the midrange market.

    31 Oct. 01 08:16 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • New Nimda variants hits 'Net, users urged to patch

    A new variant of the Nimda worm has appeared on the Internet, though exactly how it is different or whether it will be more or less serious than the original worm is so far undetermined, antivirus firms said Tuesday. Nonetheless, users are cautioned to patch their systems as soon as possible to prevent infection.

    31 Oct. 01 08:16 Written by Sam Costello
  • Cingular to pull out TDMA, move to GSM

    Cingular Wireless, one of the largest mobile phone carriers in the U.S., said Tuesday it would move to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) technology to offer customers fast wireless data connections.

    31 Oct. 01 08:15 Written by Joris Evers
  • Why integration has become crucial for digital transformation

    Seamless integration between new and old systems that will free up time and resources for innovation.


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