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  • Good-Bye, Copy Man

    The term "multifunction printer," or MFP for short, conjures up confusing images. People tend to think of a hard-to-use, thermal paper fax machine they once saw that could also spew out curled-up facsimiles of paper documents (calling them "copies" seemed a stretch).

  • Navy Reaps Benefits with Biz Tool

    The U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Center at Newport, R.I., has saved as much as $1.5 million a year as a result of a business intelligence program that has helped the agency eliminate unneeded paper and personnel and redundant data entry costs, according to officials at the center.

  • IS Survival Guide: Reasons for IT Labor Shortage

    MANAGEMENT SPEAK: We offer a competitive salary.

  • I-Mode: Tale About a Standard for Mobile Devices

    I'm not enough of a sociologist to tell you if it's a human trait or just an American one, but in the States we always seem to be waiting for the knight in shining armor to save us, and that's also true in the wireless world.

  • Oblix: Making It Easier to Manage User Rights

    Parsons Corp., a global construction and engineering firm in Pasadena, Calif., has about 15,000 Windows NT identifications in use, says CIO John Thomas. They're assigned to the company's 11,200 employees, as well as to Parsons' contractors, clients and partners.

  • Preparation Yields Review Results

    The dreaded performance review often brings sweaty palms and sleepless nights for IT professionals. There's no escaping it: You will be the topic of discussion. Erisa Ojimba, a compensation consultant at Wellesley, Mass.-based, offers these suggestions on how to prepare for the big day.

  • What It's Like to Work at Reebok International

    Interviewee: Lynn Stevenson, SAP project manager

  • Protecting Whistle-Blowers

    What happens if you blow the whistle on your agency? Are you protected from retaliation?

  • Get Creative About IT Recruiting

    The IT playing field has changed. Recruiting the hottest talent isn't just a lofty idea; it's now crucial to your bottom-line functions. "Companies must realize that they are now competing in two markets: a product or service market and a talent market," says Bill Curtis, co-founder and chief scientist at TeraQuest, an Austin, Texas-based consulting firm focusing on software process improvement. "Human resources people must start thinking of this as a market-driven process, not unlike professional sports. We are moving into something like a free-agent market."

  • Nortel to Invest US$1.9B in Optical Business

    BOSTON (07/24/2000) - Nortel Networks Corp. will invest US$1.9 billion to more than double production capacity for its optical components and optical Internet systems production business, the company announced Monday.

  • Retaining Your Most Valuable Assets

    It's simple enough, says David Foote, managing partner of New Canaan, Conn.-based Foote Partners LLC, a recruitment consulting and research firm. "Find out what people want and give it to them."

  • Artificial Vision in Sight?

    Science fiction, move over: Artificial vision is a step closer to medical and scientific reality. Late last month, the first artificial retinas made from silicon were implanted in the eyes of three blind patients. The trio, who had lost almost all of their vision due to retinitis pigmentosa (RP), were released from the hospital the following day.

  • Fake Bank Sites Tricks Customers of Personal Data

    A hacker doesn't have to break into a bank's computer to steal account numbers and access codes. It may be enough to set up a "spoof" Web site that closely mimics a real bank's, according to a warning issued last week by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

  • Keys to Delivering Quality Executives

    The ad might read, "In search of the right CTO. Must be compatible with company culture, have a solid background in both technology and business, have good communication skills, and be able to command admiration and respect."

  • IFS sets up down under

    Swedish e-business and ERP applications vendor Industrial and Financial Systems (IFS) has finally arrived in Australia.

  • The Circuit

    NASA, the Energy Department and other agencies are being ridiculed by the hacker community for their poor track record of keeping out cyberattackers.

  • Astral Point Ships Metro Optical System

    Astral Point Communications Inc., an optical networking start-up in New England, is now shipping what it claims is the first of a new class of products for the optical metro access market.

  • VitalSuite Solves Application Performance Problems

    In a perfect world, your software vendor's (or your own company's) application programmers would precisely and fully understand the relationships between an application's consumption of computing resources and the available network bandwidth, server CPU speed, server disk speed and client CPU speed. Their grasp of these relationships would be so perfect they could tell you, for a specific set of network components, computers and users working at a given time of day, the exact response time for a particular application transaction or other unit of work.

  • Sun, Comverse in Pact for Unified Messaging

    Comverse Network Systems, a division of Comverse Technology Inc., will forge an alliance with Sun Microsystems Inc. to bring Internet applications to a range of global communication companies, the companies announced Monday.

  • VeDSL : The Other Voice Choice

    VeDSL? Yes, that's correct-it's not a typo for voice over DSL. It's a new technology from Aware that stands for voice-enabled DSL that lets you add voice over a DSL circuit.

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