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  • What's So New About Peer-to-Peer?

    Peer-to-peer technology, the ability to work with and share files directly from computer to computer, is the latest buzz in the computer industry. The technology isn't new, however, and the applications built upon it may still need to go through at least a router to get at information on another machine.

  • Microsoft Lays Out BizTalk Server Road Map

    Microsoft Corp.'s long-awaited BizTalk Server will feature a heavy-duty enterprise edition and a more economically priced standard version when it ships early next year, a company official disclosed last week at Comdex/Fall 2000.

  • SAS CEO Leaves for Health Reasons

    SAS Institute South Pacific long-serving CEO Brian Wood walked out of the company's doors for the last time after 17 years on Friday.

  • CA Releases Unicenter TNG Upgrade

    Computer Associates International Inc. (CA) announced Monday it has released the newest version of its Unicenter TNG eBusiness management software product.

  • HP Abandons Bid to Acquire PwC Amid Poor Earnings

    Faced with a decline in third-quarter earnings that took a toll on its stock price, Hewlett-Packard Co. last week bowed out of its bid to acquire consulting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

  • Entrust Gears up for Regional Expansion

    As part of a major assault on the Australian and New Zealand market, Entrust Technologies has formed a distribution partnership with Key Trust to provide e-business solutions.

  • Coles Myer appoints COO

    Coles Myer has appointed Warren Flick as its new chief operating officer for its Apparel and Home and for Myer Grace Bros.

  • Japan Looking Hard at NTT

    Japan's Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications emphasized Friday its desire to re-evaluate the holding company structure of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) , the nation's dominant telecommunications company.

  • Hospitality Industry Joins Growing Portal List

    An industry portal for the hospitality sector to be launched early next year aims to get a slice of the industry's $1.3 billion per annum spent on operating supplies and services.

  • Web Site Supports IT Students

    To help prepare IT students for working in the industry, the Australian Computer Society (ACS) has launched a Web site to promote links between aspiring professionals and those already in the workforce.

  • U.S. Army Kick-Starts Cyberwar Machine

    The U.S. military has a new mission: Be ready to launch a cyberattack against potential adversaries, some of whom are stockpiling cyberweapons.

  • Bumps on the Road to GML Acceptance

    Although GML is gaining support globally, there are still barriers to its adoption.

  • IBM launches trio of Pentium 4-based desktops

    IBM will announce this week its first three desktop PCs featuring Intel's new Pentium 4 processor -- a high-end consumer-oriented PC and two desktop machines aimed at businesses.

  • HP abandons bid to acquire PwC

    Faced with a decline in third-quarter earnings that took a toll on its stock price, Hewlett-Packard last week bowed out of its bid to acquire consulting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

  • Nortel Sets VPN Sights on Smaller Sites

    Nortel Networks Inc. is introducing two boxes that make it more affordable to hook smaller sites to corporate VPNs.

  • New ICANN Domains Could Spark Legal Action

    There was a lot at stake for businesses and special-interest groups - issues that ranged from trademarks to the bottom line - in the process that was used to create top-level domains at last week's meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) here.

  • Linux Code Released for Panther Software

    Enterprise software maker JYACC Inc. in New York has released the source code for its Panther Open Source Software for Linux (POSSL) technology, which is widely known as a development environment for IBM Corp.'s WebSphere Application Server. JYACC also announced the creation of an open-source online community for developers to collaborate on the continued evolution of the software. The community for POSSL is at

  • Veritas Names New CEO

    The former vice president at Oracle, Gary Bloom, has been named president and chief executive officer of Veritas Software, a key Oracle partner.

  • ASP Group Lays Ground Rules

    Hoping to make the application service provider model a better bet for customers, the ASP Industry Consortium last week announced what it said were major breakthroughs on security guidelines and dispute resolution.

  • EBay Extends its Reach

    EBay Inc. on Monday released an API allowing other Web site operators to include EBay auctions on their sites. Announced in conjunction with a new developer program, the API is an effort by San Jose, California-based EBay to extend itself beyond its own site, and cement its position as the leading auction company on the Web.