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  • Oracle's Linuxization of Software Almost Complete

    SAN FRANCISCO (08/09/2000) - Oracle Corp. is close to having its entire software portfolio running on Linux, with Wednesday's announcement that the company's Internet Application Server (iAS) 8i will support the open-source operating system. The vendor also announced expanded partnerships with four Linux distribution companies -- Caldera Systems Inc., SuSE Linux AG, TurboLinux Inc. and VA Linux Systems Inc.

  • Com Tech offers total Web solutions

    Leading Internet developer Com Tech is looking to expand its hold on the Australian market by joining the elite ranks of the BainNet conglomerate, an alliance of market leaders aiming to provide new technology-based strategies to clients worldwide.

  • SCO's CEO calls Unix sell-off 'the right deal'

    After suffering two straight quarterly losses and watching its Unix operating systems get overtaken in market share by upstart Linux, The Santa Cruz Operation Inc. (SCO) threw in the towel last week and agreed to sell its Unix and professional services businesses to Caldera Systems Inc. for about $120 million in cash and stock.

  • Sagem Secures Mobile Phone Smart Card Payments

    PARIS (08/09/2000) - French telephone and payment terminal manufacturer Sagem SA has combined two of its business lines in one, with a mobile phone that also contains a slot for a chip-based payment card.

  • MUA SCOs with Tarantella

    With network software company SCO announcing last week it was selling its less-profitable arms to Caldera Systems, local executives this week added MUA as a distributor of its retained Tarantella technology.

  • PeopleSoft Tackles Web Applications

    The Internet is more than just a platform of networking hardware, but rather it is an enabler for interaction among people, according to Rob Squires, general manager at PeopleSoft., ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) and India.

  • Petrochem B2B Exchange Wins Regulatory Approval

    Trade-Ranger, a business-to-business (B2B) marketplace formed last April by 14 oil refiners and Mitsubishi Corp., has won government approvals, allowing it to start processing transactions next month.

  • IBM Aims to Reduce Web Site Vulnerability

    IBM will soon offer to electronic commerce sites in the Asia-Pacific region, a service to detect and combat hacker and virus vulnerabilities.

  • EMachines Goes to Europe

    EMachines will start selling its low-cost PCs in the U.K. and Ireland next week thanks to a distribution deal signed with Dixons Group, the U.S. PC maker announced Wednesday.

  • Gartner Foresees Growth in ASP Market

    The worldwide application service provider (ASP) market will hit $25 billion by the end of 2004, but some early adopters and providers will be burned along the way, according to the Gartner Group.

  • Critical Path Acquires PeerLogic in $400M Deal

    E-mail outsourcing giant Critical Path Inc. continues its acquisition streak with Tuesday's purchase of PeerLogic Inc., a directory services firm specializing in security services.

  • WorldGroup splits from SPL to take on big five

    Former CRM consulting arm of SPL WorldGroup, World Group Consulting, has split from the global business consultancy and systems integrator to take on the "Big Five" professional services arena.

  • Oracle Makes Linux Move

    In a move clearly aimed at blunting IBM's Linux initiatives, Oracle on Tuesday delivered its first enterprise-level application server for Linux, along with announcing several joint marketing agreements with top-tier Linux distributors involving the new product.

  • CDnow to Ease Shipping to LatAm & Caribbean

    FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA (08/09/2000) - Struggling online retailer CDnow Inc. on Tuesday announced a partnership to facilitate the shipping of videos, DVDs and music CDs to Latin America and the Caribbean, a region where e-commerce holds much promise but is hampered by many barriers.

  • Scour Picks Legal Team

    BOSTON (08/09/2000) - A top attorney, a Harvard Law professor and a former U.S. Department of Justice official will represent Scour Inc. in its legal battle over alleged copyright infringement against two music industry and one motion picture industry trade groups.

  • Caldera's New Computer Based Training

    Caldera Systems release of Caldera Linux Computer Based Training (CBT) heralds a new approach in the Linux industry to breaking into the consumer and business market. The theory is to give users a platform independent, professional introduction to Linux, and Caldera products specifically -- encouraging both knowledge of Linux and confidence in it.

  • GTSI Revenues Slip

    Slower sales following the Year 2000 rollover and delayed purchases of enterprise software at many agencies are being blamed for GTSI Corp.'s revenues dropping more than US$12 million from the same period last year.

  • Intel to Support Napster Model

    SAN FRANCISCO (08/09/2000) - The Napster Inc. model of peer-to-peer file sharing seems to have inspired Intel Corp. to apply similar technologies throughout a variety of applications.

  • Cisco Reports Strong Q4 Results, Loses Top Exec

    Cisco Systems this week topped Wall Street's expectations for its fourth fiscal quarter, reporting a 69 percent increase in net income and revenue growth of 61 percent for the three-month period ended July 29.

  • Oddities on the Auction Block

    A limbless Barbie doll, a macramé beer-can hat, a pregnant key chain: Disturbing Auctions is not your mother's EBay (Inc.).