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  • .Com Gets Company; Controversy Flares

    The organization charged with managing the Web's domain name system last week took the historic step of approving seven new top-level domains, a move intended to challenge the dominance of .com, introduce competition and open the domain naming system to new kinds of uses.

  • Harvey Norman to take on Europe

    Harvey Norman will move its retail operations into Europe with the planned opening of its first store in Slovenia by November next year.

  • Oracle Repackages Queries, Data Mining Inside 9i

    Oracle Corp. this week will bolster its upcoming 9i database with the announcement that it will meld three once-separate server programs for data warehouse and business intelligence applications into a strategic data storehouse.

  • Government Boosts Pay for Half Its IT Workers

    The U.S. federal government next year will increase the salaries of nearly half its information technology workers by up to 33 percent - a move intended to improve the government's ability to recruit and retain employees. But while it may help make government service more attractive, it won't solve the government's IT labor hiring problems, according to federal employees.

  • Microsoft Lays Out BizTalk Server Road Map

    Microsoft Corp.'s long-awaited BizTalk Server will feature a heavy-duty enterprise edition and a more economically priced standard version when it ships early next year, a company official disclosed last week at Comdex/Fall 2000.

  • Linux Code Released for Panther Software

    Enterprise software maker JYACC Inc. in New York has released the source code for its Panther Open Source Software for Linux (POSSL) technology, which is widely known as a development environment for IBM Corp.'s WebSphere Application Server. JYACC also announced the creation of an open-source online community for developers to collaborate on the continued evolution of the software. The community for POSSL is at

  • Veritas Names New CEO

    The former vice president at Oracle, Gary Bloom, has been named president and chief executive officer of Veritas Software, a key Oracle partner.

  • XML Creator Maps Out Search Scheme for Net

    XML co-inventor Tim Bray launched a public showcase Web site last week for his new company,, offering a service called Visual Net that visually plots content on the Web and in private networks.

  • Coles Myer appoints COO

    Coles Myer has appointed Warren Flick as its new chief operating officer for its Apparel and Home and for Myer Grace Bros.

  • EBay Extends its Reach

    EBay Inc. on Monday released an API allowing other Web site operators to include EBay auctions on their sites. Announced in conjunction with a new developer program, the API is an effort by San Jose, California-based EBay to extend itself beyond its own site, and cement its position as the leading auction company on the Web.

  • ACNielsen acquires www.consult

    Ratings company ACNielsen has acquired research company www.consult for an undisclosed sum.

  • New ICANN Domains Could Spark Legal Action

    There was a lot at stake for businesses and special-interest groups - issues that ranged from trademarks to the bottom line - in the process that was used to create top-level domains at last week's meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) here.

  • UPDATE: Praxa confirms staff lay-offs

    Melbourne-based reseller and services company Praxa has laid off 63 staff in another major restructure, claiming the changes were made "with regret" in order to streamline the business and focus on its core competencies in IT infrastructure, systems integration and multimedia streaming.

  • Briefs: Tivoli, S1, Sanford

    Tivoli partners with TTI Telecom, S1 Corp appointment, Sanford takes B2B to Summit

  • Hospitality Industry Joins Growing Portal List

    An industry portal for the hospitality sector to be launched early next year aims to get a slice of the industry's $1.3 billion per annum spent on operating supplies and services.

  • U.S. Army Kick-Starts Cyberwar Machine

    The U.S. military has a new mission: Be ready to launch a cyberattack against potential adversaries, some of whom are stockpiling cyberweapons.

  • Bumps on the Road to GML Acceptance

    Although GML is gaining support globally, there are still barriers to its adoption.

  • Web Site Supports IT Students

    To help prepare IT students for working in the industry, the Australian Computer Society (ACS) has launched a Web site to promote links between aspiring professionals and those already in the workforce.

  • IBM launches trio of Pentium 4-based desktops

    IBM will announce this week its first three desktop PCs featuring Intel's new Pentium 4 processor -- a high-end consumer-oriented PC and two desktop machines aimed at businesses.

  • Net Used-Car Sellers Turn to Real-World Mechanics

    It's virtually impossible to kick tires, gun an engine or check the oil online.