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  • Iraq Foils High-Tech Weapons Inspections

    Iraq has dismantled an automated video surveillance monitoring system installed by the United Nations at several weapons facilities, denying the international community a key inspection capability, the CIA reported last week.

  • UCITA Gets Slight Modification

    One of the most contentious pieces of the Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act (UCITA), which would allow vendors to remotely disable software on a user's computer if the user was in breach of the software's licensing terms, has been modified.

  • IBM OS Targets Intel Market, Linux Users

    IBM Corp. this fall will release AIX 5L, a freshly minted and renamed version of AIX, combining extensive Linux support with performance-boosting features designed to appeal to IBM's more traditional high-end user base.

  • Brief: Sun, Vignette in E-Business Pact

    SAN MATEO (08/14/2000) - Sun Microsystems Inc. and Vignette Corp. agreed last week to jointly develop e-business products designed for media entertainment and telecommunication markets, including wireless. The deal will mesh sales, marketing, and engineering services of Vignette and Sun, said Bill Correll, group manager for Digital and Interactive Media in marketing at Sun. Correll said no details or timetable for new or upgraded product releases have been set. The announcement comes on the heels of Vignette's deal with IBM Corp., focused on collaborative endeavors involving IBM Websphere and business software.

  • Profits likely to elude e-commerce vendors

    Profits turned by electronic-commerce ventures that trade in "quasi-commodity" goods like books, toys, videos and music CDs are likely to remain "low at best and frequently completely elusive" as those markets face a second wave of competition, according to a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) management professor.

  • Brief: Muglia to Head Microsoft .Net

    Microsoft launched its new .Net division last week with the designation of Bob Muglia as group vice president. Muglia will focus on overseeing the development of software, subscription services and interface design. Muglia was vice president of the division responsible for development of Microsoft Office.

  • Quicken buys POS intellectual property

    Quicken has purchased the intellectual property of its point of sale QuickPOS software for an undisclosed sum.

  • Troubled by the Threat of Spyware?

    With spyware lurking all about, what can you do to protect yourself? Easy: Get some counterspyware. And, InfoWorld readers say, some very effective tools are available free or nearly so.

  • EC OKs France Télécom Buy of Orange

    BERLIN (08/14/2000) - The European Commission (EC) has given the green light to France Télécom SA's purchase of U.K. mobile phone operator Orange PLC. The approval is subject to Orange's sale of its share in Belgium's third-largest wireless carrier, the EC said in a statement Monday.

  • Japan's Police Gain Right to Tap Phone, E-Mail

    TOKYO (07/14/2000) - Japan's police gained at midnight Tuesday the right to eavesdrop on telephone calls and fax messages and access e-mail accounts in the course of their investigations into serious crimes -- defined by the law as those concerning illegal drugs, cases involving weapons, organized group illegal entry into Japan, and organized murders.

  • Army: Sign Up, Log On

    The U.S. Army intends to kick off in January what officials describe as the largest educational portal in the world, and the highest-ranking enlisted member - Sgt. Maj. of the Army Jack Tilley - may be among the first to sign on.

  • Compaq re-aligns PC profile to be IT consulting giant

    Compaq Computer will attempt to reposition its brand name from a PC powerhouse to an IT consulting specialist through a $338 million media campaign aimed at lifting its professional services profile.

  • VC Funding in Net Ventures Keeps Climbing

    The venture capital community remains bullish on the Internet economy, pumping a record US$15 billion into business services, network software and telecommunications start-ups in the second quarter of this year, according to the latest PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP/Network World Venture Capital Survey.

  • Whose Party Is It?

    When Los Angeles decided to do a preconvention preening last week, the mayor's office promoted a "high-tech roundtable" with EarthLink Network Inc.'s Sky Dayton, Amgen Inc.'s Gordon Binder and SunAmerica's Eli Broad. Internet, biotech, finance. Who was missing? Organized labor.

  • Signing on the Pixelled Line

    Compared to its real-life counterparts, the virtual marketplace provides a fast and simple way of doing business. So why isn't everybody doing it? The answer, in a word, is uncertainty. The simple fact nobody knows for sure if on-line transactions will be enforceable leads many cutting-edge businesses to shy away from this otherwise attractive option. This is all about to change.

  • Brief: Insurer Apologizes for E-Mail Snafu

    FRAMINGHAM (08/14/2000) - Health insurance company Kaiser Permanente last week accidentally sent its customers 858 e-mail messages, some of which contained sensitive personal medical information. Kaiser ascribed the mistake to human error and a technical glitch associated with work done on its Web site earlier this month. In addition to reporting the problem to state insurance regulators, Kaiser was phoning recipients of the e-mail to apologize.

  • Brief: Linux Storage Aided

    SAN MATEO (08/14/2000) - Sun Microsystems Inc. has teamed with Linuxcare Inc. to create a Linux fail-over driver that supports the Sun StorEdge T3 array. Businesses running Linux-powered servers can use the fail-over driver to attach storage subsystems comprised of two or more T3 arrays, said David Sifry, co-founder and CTO of Linuxcare. If one T3 fails, operations are transferred to the working T3, with zero downtime. The open-sourced fail-over driver will be available for download, free of charge, beginning August 15, Sifry said. The download port is at

  • Compaq Adds 'Push' to Handheld E-Mail Device

    SAN MATEO (08/14/2000) - Compaq Computer Corp. Tuesday is set to announce the arrival of a wireless handheld device that will be branded as part of the company's iPaq family, according to a source close to the Houston-based company.

  • FBI Could Do Better Job Defending Carnivore

    Less than a year ago, when a top priority of privacy advocates was to get rid of the U.S. government's tight encryption export policy, government officials told an interesting anecdote that helped explain why they wanted to maintain the tight controls.

  • All Palms on Deck

    The Navy last month installed 32 infrared wireless communications ports and deployed 115 handheld computers aboard one of the most technologically advanced warships in its fleet as part of a pilot project that is changing the way sailors communicate at sea.