• MS swaps counterfeit software with the real deal

    Microsoft has taken further steps in its crusade against software piracy and launched a new Product Identification service, which promises to give consumers who have purchased high quality counterfeit Microsoft software with the genuine article free of charge.

    25 Feb. 02 18:08 Written by Nadia Cameron
  • AAPT links CHOGM attendees

    Communications at the belated Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Queensland in March will be supplied by AAPT.

    25 Feb. 02 17:08 Written by Kelly Mills
  • Tool measures site traffic in real-time

    Companies wanting to measure their Web site traffic in real-time will now have the means to do so with the launch of a new Australian-made Internet analysis tool.

    25 Feb. 02 16:09 Written by Nadia Cameron
  • Microsoft explores new software areas

    Microsoft will find some receptive corporate users as it explores partnerships and potential technology developments in the storage and security software markets.

    25 Feb. 02 14:21 Written by Carol Sliwa
  • Intel speeds low-end servers with new chip

    Intel will announce Monday a new Xeon processor and a new chipset designed to boost the performance of one- and two-processor servers.

    25 Feb. 02 14:16 Written by Ashlee Vance
  • IDC: Server revenues in Asia-Pacific down

    The server market in the Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan, has continued its third quarter tumble as revenues fell 18 per cent or $US300 billion in the fourth quarter of 2001 compared to the same period in 2000, IDC Asia-Pacific said this week.

    25 Feb. 02 12:31 Written by Stephanie Sim
  • Church gets VoIP solution

    With 14 sites across Sydney and operations in London and Kiev, Hillsong Church is a growing organisation going through rapid changes, but was operating on a LAN environment that suffered security problems.

    25 Feb. 02 11:43 Written by Siobhan Chapman
  • Blackmores dumps legacy system in $5m upgrade

    When Sydney-based Blackmores set up its $5 million IT upgrade to heighten its competitive edge it developed a change management strategy that smoothed the way for the project that dumped the vitamin supplier's 20-year-old legacy system.

    25 Feb. 02 10:31 Written by Helen Han
  • Sun Microsystems timeline

    On 25 Februaury 1982 Stanford University electrical engineering student Andreas Bechtolsheim teamed up with fellow university mates Scott McNealy and Vinod Khosla as well as Bill Joy, a computer science student at the University of Califomia, Berkeley. From this partnership of four, Stanford University Network, better known as Sun, was born. Computerworld has briefly recaptured the past two decades with this timeline.

    25 Feb. 02 10:28 Written by Natalie Hambly and Nadia Cameron
  • Application server battle heats up at show

    Kicking off its annual developer conference in San Diego this week, BEA Systems will lift the lid on new products and technologies that are designed to help companies link business applications over the Internet, and at the same time shore up its lead in the competitive market for application server software.

    25 Feb. 02 10:27 Written by James Niccolai
  • LAN switch, router markets to bounce back

    While IDC predicts that the market for Ethernet LAN and routing gear will rebound this year from a 2001 slump, sales figures for the fourth quarter of last year show the road to recovery could be long.

    25 Feb. 02 10:23 Written by Phil Hochmuth
  • NZ approval likely for HP deal

    The New Zealand Commerce Commission has a deadline of Thursday to approve or reject Hewlett-Packard New Zealand's application to acquire Compaq New Zealand.

    25 Feb. 02 10:06 Written by Anthony Doesburg
  • IBM takes steps to promote iSeries servers

    IBM Corp. announced further steps this week to promote its iSeries family of midrange servers, which the company is pitching to users as a system that can be used to consolidate smaller servers as a way of reducing management efforts.

    25 Feb. 02 09:25 Written by Ashlee Vance
  • Faster DDR memory to be mainstream by 2003

    With RDRAM (Rambus Dynamic RAM) now firmly established as a niche memory product, DDR SDRAM (Double Data Rate Synchronous DRAM) is set to become the most commonly used PC memory this year, with shipments of DDR chips soon to exceed those of low-end SDRAM chips. But users should be cautious when purchasing faster DDR333 memory as not all chips conform with standards defined by an industry group.

    25 Feb. 02 09:22 Written by Sumner Lemon
  • Sun, IBM, others make security splash at conference

    The RSA Conference 2002 shined a spotlight last week on the accomplishments of many different security software vendors, including IBM Corp., Sun Microsystems Inc. and VeriSign Inc.

    25 Feb. 02 09:13 Written by Ellen Messmer
  • WebMethods adds human element to workflow

    When webMethods ships the next version of its integration platform, the company plans to add technology that furthers automation of the human elements within business process management, a company official said.

    25 Feb. 02 09:09 Written by Tom Sullivan
  • Sun pushes Cobalt server as Microsoft replacement

    Sun Microsystems last week trimmed the prices of some products in its Cobalt server appliance line, attempting to pull customers away from Microsoft Corp.

    25 Feb. 02 08:44 Written by Ashlee Vance
  • CA unveils new version of its eTrust PKI

    Computer Associates International hopes that upcoming enhancements to its security lineup will enable users to roll out complex public-key infrastructure (PKI) technology right out of the box.

    25 Feb. 02 08:40 Written by Marc L. Songini
  • IBM puts spotlight on digital media

    IBM is setting its sights on the digital media market, dedicating a new division to helping companies store, manage, distribute and leverage digital media on an open-technology framework, the company said on Friday.

    25 Feb. 02 08:34 Written by Scarlet Pruitt
  • Moving from insight to action with real-time analytics

    ​As big data goes mainstream, real-time analytics has emerged as the catalyst to turn insights into more immediate action.


    Elastic helps organisations make data usable in real-time to power mission critical applications that solve today’s problems.

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