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  • Two Brains Better Than One

    Code reviews have long been cited as one of the most effective ways to remove software defects. Study after study has come to the same conclusion. But what is true in theory does not always work so well in real life.

  • Texas Makes It Easier to Follow Money

    Texas political candidates and political action committees can now file their campaign disclosure forms online, where they are available in real-time to media and the public.

  • IDC: Home Office Internet Use on the Rise

    SAN FRANCISCO (07/24/2000) - The number of U.S. home office PC households with Internet access has risen significantly, according to a recent study by market research company International Data Corp. (IDC).

  • The Pen Is Mightier than the Electronic Signature

    It's not often that you can get Internet legislation passed nearly unanimously in both Congress and the U.S. Senate, then signed with a flourish by the president. To some people, such a law must seem a truly wonderful thing, sure to bring peace and harmony and increased profits through e-commerce. To the rest of us, it's a sure sign the law doesn't do anything useful. Such is the fate of the new Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce, dubbed the E-Sign law.

  • SBC Unveils Electronic-Business Initiative

    SBC Communications Inc. announced an initiative on Monday aimed at enhancing electronic-business services, including Internet data centers, Web hosting, ASP (application service provider) functions and consulting.

  • Searching for Revenue, Napster Signs Promo Deal

    NEW YORK (07/24/2000) - In a move that may presage a variety of new initiatives by Napster Inc., the music file sharing site currently being sued by major music labels on Monday announced a song promotion deal with LLC, an online affiliate of Palm Entertainment Properties Inc.

  • Online Travel Wireless War Escalates

    The stakes in the wireless business travel game got higher last week as Sabre Holdings Corp. launched a wireless booking tool and its chief competitor, GetThere Inc., struck an alliance with Verizon Corp., the nation's largest wireless provider.

  • FAA Retools Business Model

    Flight delays caused by bad weather are usually beyond human control. But when delays result from broken equipment in the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration's air traffic control system, the FAA Logistics Center is ready to spring into action.

  • Zivo exodus failed to fire?

    LibertyOne-owned web integration company Zivo is facing an uncertain future following the resignation last week of five key directors from the organisation's headquarters in Sydney.

  • In IT, a Disability Is no Liability

    Rodney Wines sees his role in networking clearly. He's the senior systems administrator for Alcatel SA's corporate headquarters in Paris. A 30-year veteran of the computing industry, today he installs TCP wrappers, as well as DNS, SMTP, proxy and Web servers; manages network backups, writes scripts and more.

  • Moore's Law Now Has a Diminished Impact on Users

    Thirty-five years ago, Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Intel Corp., observed that the transistor density of semiconductor chips doubles roughly every 18 months. This observation has proved accurate and became known as Moore's Law. Its net effect has been new PCs that are almost twice as powerful as previous-generation systems. As PCs became more powerful, their capabilities and functionality increased and their appeal broadened the market for potential adopters with each successive generation.

  • Tracking Agency Performance Via the Web

    For several years, agencies have struggled with how to use performance measures to improve the way they manage and budget their programs, including the ones driven by information technology systems.

  • Dutch 3G Auction Ends After Versatel Pulls Out

    The Dutch auction of third-generation mobile phone licences was abruptly ended after Versatel Telecom International NV pulled out of the bidding process.

  • Global PC shipments grew 18 percent in Q2

    Shipment growth of personal computers in Europe and the US was stagnate in the second quarter compared to other regions, according to market research figures released yesterday.

  • Window Manager: ICANN Kicks Off Domain Name Rush

    The Internet's coordinating body kicked off a new Web gold rush at its July 16 meeting here. But at the same time, it adopted new, restrictive policies that will reduce public involvement.

  •'s E-Recruiter Relieves Labor Shortage

    The rise of the Internet and the Web has added an electronic wrinkle to the typical manual, paper-based employee recruitment endeavor. "E-cruiting" offers organizations access to a larger pool of talent while decreasing time-to-hire ratios and making direct communication between candidates and hiring managers even easier. But it also places an additional burden on beleaguered human resources departments looking to attract top-shelf talent.

  • Cirrus Moves, Expands Japanese Design Center

    BOSTON (07/24/2000) - Chip-supplier Cirrus Logic Inc. recently moved its optical-storage design center to Ebina City, Japan, where the company added a team of audio design engineers in late June, Cirrus said Monday. The design center had been located in Tokyo since 1993, but moved to Ebina City so that Cirrus engineers would have easier access to the customers, Philips Electronics NV, Sony Corp., Fujitsu Ltd., and Hitachi Ltd., said Cirrus spokeswoman Molly Muir.

  • Updated Flash Is Easier on Newbies

    Web design novices, relax: Flash is approachable. Macromedia Inc.'s newest version of the Web animation tool adds helpful drawing tools and a new look with control panels you can find.

  • The Open Source

    Last week I whined about a Python-based object-oriented Web application development environment called Zope. Zope has enough obvious potential that I'll keep working with it until I've learned it well enough to decide if I really love it or hate it. But right now I prefer the Java-based development environment called Lutris Enhydra ( For some people the contest between Zope and Enhydra comes down to Python vs. Java.

  • Seeing Opportunity in B2B Politics

    Reality has a way of putting the brakes on the wheels of progress when it comes to visions of the great frictionless economy. These days, the hype meter is highest in the business-to-business e-commerce world, an area that continues to see more funding and more start-ups than the fallen business-to-consumer crowd. And with the euphoria comes difficult decisions and risks.