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  • Briefs: Exodus & Global Centre, CWO, Vignette

    Exodus acquires GlobalCenter, CWO shows off B2B, Vignette targets ASPs

  • Wasted Days and Wasted Bandwidth

    I recently received e-mail from a new software company inviting me to visit them at NetWorld+Interop 2000 in Atlanta to see a demonstration of its new product, described as "a first-of-its kind software that combines Internet filtering and ad blocking to save an additional 10 percent of network bandwidth."

  • Ellison Offers $1 Million Challenge

    FRAMINGHAM (10/09/2000) - Ever the subtle salesman, Oracle Corp. boss Larry Ellison says his company is offering a $1 million bet - more of a challenge, actually - to its customers and potential customers. If by using Oracle's new 9i Internet Application Server and the Oracle 8i database, commercial Web sites now using Microsoft Corp. or IBM Corp. software do not at least triple performance, Oracle will pay the site owner $1 million, Ellison told a packed audience at a customer conference last week. (We suggest you check with the company for fine print before spending any of that money.) Oracle used the same software to boost the performance of its online Oraclestore by 50 times, Ellison bragged..

  • Takes a Breather

    FRAMINGHAM (10/09/2000) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc. keeps expanding the number of brick-and-mortar outlets it has but continues to struggle with its online strategy. Last week, Wal-Mart prompted puzzled curiosity, as well as outright disdain, when it shut down entirely for what it says will be a few weeks. A site redesign is under way with Oct. 17 set as a target for re- opening. Merchandise orders accepted before the closing will be fulfilled, Wal-Mart hastened to add..

  • How We Did It

    The network analyzers went through two types of testing. The first compared each unit to the others based on its features, capabilities, size and price. The second step of our testing involved a usability test. Twelve network professionals performing the tests were given the units in a specific order so that each device was tested first four separate times. In other words, four testers were given Wavetek's LAN Checker 100 first, another four received Fluke Corp.'s 686 Enterprise LANMeter first, and a final four tested Microtest's Compas first. The tests were given in a specific order to eliminate any effects that being the first or last tester may have had on scoring.

  • Too Much Data?

    In the corporate world, Internet technology can do more than make pretty Web pages, provide employees online access to the personnel manual and enable new ways for the corporation to invade the privacy of their employees.

  • Senate OKs Additional Visas

    FRAMINGHAM (10/09/2000) - The U.S. Senate last week voted to increase the number of H-1B visas issued in the next three years by nearly 300,000. These are temporary visas issued to foreign workers who come to work in the U.S. The U.S. House of Representatives and the president must approve the bill for it to become law. The bill will raise the cap on H-1B visas for each of the next three fiscal years. Currently, the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service issues 115,000 such visas per year, but under the new law, it could issue an additional 85,000 in the year 2000, 87,500 in 2001 and 130,000 in 2002. The bill also increases the portability of the visas. Previously, holders of H-1B visas could not legally change jobs. The new act removes this restriction and also lets visa holders remain in the U.S. during visa hearings, instead of being immediately deported to their home countries..

  • Transformers: Eastman Chemical Co.

    For an outfit born around the time your grandfather was snapping action shots with his Brownie camera, Eastman Chemical Co. has developed a notably forward-thinking e-business strategy. The $4.6 billion, 80-year-old chemical maker began experimenting with its first e-business effort-a humble intranet-in 1994, the same year Eastman Kodak spun it off as an independent company. Since then, Eastman has opened a customer center on the Web, begun buying raw materials online, unveiled a supply-chain integration initiative, and invested millions in dotcom startups and new e-commerce technology vendors (it aims to invest $25 million to $50 million by the end of this year). It has also hatched two independent e-business ventures, virtual logistics provider (a joint venture with Global Logistics Technologies) and a B2B marketplace called (a joint venture with trading exchange VerticalNet Inc.).

  • A Balanced Buy

    Business executives can no longer ignore technology these days, and they'd be dumb to even try. Technology provides unprecedented opportunities to build customer relationships, increase operational efficiencies and create new sales channels, to name just a few. But for all its promise, technology's complex nature has proven intimidating to business folks faced with purchasing decisions. After all, a big technology purchase is, in essence, an investment in the company itself.

  • Accelerated's Goal: ASP Differentiation

    Accelerated Networks Inc., a Moorpark, California-based broadband access equipment provider, is putting the finishing touches on a management product for broadband networks that complements its existing line of offerings.

  • What CIOs Should Know About IT Legal Specialists

    With the increasing complexity of IT transactions, especially in the field of e-commerce, there is a growing need for the services of IT legal specialists. To find out how such specialists can bring value to CIOs and their organizations when doing large IT transactions, CIO Canada recently held an informal roundtable with a group of IT specialists from law firm Davies, Ward & Beck. As a bonus, we gained some insight into Canada's place in the digital economy. What follows are highlights of the roundtable discussion, with commentary from Duncan Card, Richard Corley and Mark Hayes.

  • Net Analysis in Your Hand

    Network administrators understand the business consequences of a sluggish network. A common tool for pinpointing the source of network congestion is the handheld network analyzer. Handheld analyzers can detect some faults that can't be found with software-based network analyzers and can work in some instances when software-based analyzers cannot.

  • Southern Cross network to benefit ISPs

    The completion of the Southern Cross network should benefit ISPs and services organisations that resell capacity to end users.

  • Out of Site

    The idea of a virtual staff is great: Everyone puts in time on the project and works in their preferred environment, and everything goes perfectly.

  • Survey Says SANs

    Network World readers, especially those with large data storage requirements, are moving toward storage-area networks in a big way, according to a recent survey conducted by Enterprise Management Associates Inc.

  • E-Retailing Still Stinks

    I had a friend once whose insight on personal relations and prejudgment was that "stereotypes exist because stereotypes exist." Pretty intolerant, really, but he was right in one sense. I know too many slimy lawyers, boring accountants and programmers who can't communicate with biological organisms to really question the validity of some stereotypes.

  • Solutions with Staying Power, Part 1

    Judges of this year's ITX Awards have weighed the evidence and cast their vote for the leading Canadian IT solution of the year. This month and next, CIO Canada looks at the four finalists that managed to keep their foothold on the island.

  • Virgin's Net Appliance: It's Clearly Inexperienced

    I have seen the future of Internet appliances and it's slow, proprietary, and ponderous.

  • Finding the Right Web Tool for the Job

    What's a financial institution to do? In an industry that used to thrive on stable product lines and familiar markets, globalization and deregulation have made huge changes to the ways in which they compete and do business.

  • BMG Offering Digital Music Dowloads on Lycos

    In another small step into cyberspace for the recording industry, music company BMG Entertainment Inc. announced Tuesday it has begun offering digital music for download online through the Lycos Inc. Web portal.