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  • Online Transport Exchanges in Motion

    Consolidation is well under way in the nascent world of online transportation marketplaces. But offering the right services for the best price remains a competitive advantage for targeted markets.

  • Clinton Set to Sign Digital Signatures Bill Today

    In one of the nation's most historic buildings, President Clinton today plans to sign a long-awaited and landmark piece of legislation that gives most computer-generated signatures the same legal weight as ones signed in ink on paper.

  • FTC Warns of Possible Antitrust Issues

    U.S. Federal Trade Commission Chairman Robert Pitofsky this week urged business-to-business exchange builders and others to think through potential competition issues in their emerging industry. He was speaking at a workshop organized by the FTC for e-commerce companies.

  • Showcase User Jumps 3Com Ship

    Once a high-profile account for 3Com Corp.'s high-end LAN and WAN switches, Widener University has selected Nortel Networks Corp. to replace the gear 3Com is discontinuing as well as products the vendor continues to offer.

  • Oracle Creates Web App Server Bundles

    Oracle Corp. this week announced revamped versions of its application server and database management system designed to provide most of the features enterprise customers need to build and run database applications accessible via the Web.

  • Business Briefs

    A Florida judge has approved a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against America Online Inc. by a group of approximately 2.5 million hourly plan subscribers who are upset by unsolicited pop-up ads that force them to spend extra time closing the ad windows -- time that they are paying for as hourly subscribers. Although Dulles, Virginia-based AOL now offers the option of turning off pop-up ads, the lawsuit reaches back to 1994 when the subscribers' lawyer alleges that this choice was unavailable. The suit will likely seek between US$15 and $20 million in damages as well as a change in AOL's business practices, such as offering subscribers the option of viewing ads as they are about to log off AOL service.

  • 'Find Engine' Asks: What's the Buzz?

    Navigating the ever-growing Web efficiently means knowing what tools--search engines, applications, and utilities--can help you get the job done. Buzz Notes, a simple Web utility now in public beta, does just that without invading your privacy.

  • Dot-Coms Struggle to Meet Expectations

    One weeks ago, on the day an analyst at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. called Inc.'s [Nasdaq:AMZN] credit "weak and deteriorating," its stock plummeted 19%.

  • Web Host's Outage Crashes Sites

    More than 1,000 Web sites were taken off-line or slowed over the past two weeks as a result of problems in the Vienna, Virginia, data center of Internet hosting firm Verio Inc.

  • U.S. Government Embarks on B2B Learning Process

    WASHINGTON (06/30/2000) - A two-day U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) workshop that concluded Friday illustrated that the U.S. government is taking an open and cautious approach to regulatory issues raised by B2B (business-to-business) electronic exchanges.

  • Cyber Laws Emerge, but Slowly

    BOSTON (06/30/2000) - It took more than an estimated US$8 billion in computer damage worldwide from the "ILOVEYOU" virus for Philippine Republic Act 8792 to come about.

  • Novell Infuses ZEN with Windows Support

    Novell Inc. will release new versions of its server and workstation management products this year that will make it easier for network managers to upgrade NetWare, Windows NT and Windows 2000 servers, as well as Windows 2000 Professional desktops.

  • Briefs

    Clinton Signs Digital Signature Bill

  • Supercomputer blows away all others

    IBM delivered the most powerful supercomputer in the world to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory this week - a system that will enable scientists to monitor the condition of nuclear weapons in the US stockpile without having to detonate them.

  • ERG plays with the big boys

    ERG has concluded some substantial wheeling and dealing by entering a deal to buy a stake in a German smart card specialist, and by forging an alliance with regional infrastructure services provider Downer Group. Other prominant companies also played the markets at home and abroad

  • Old dogs learn new tricks!

    This was the week the Australian Young Digital Guns proudly strutted their wares from TV's 60 Minutes and Four Corners to the AIIA @ the Zoo breakfast briefing to demonstrate how they are ushering in a new technology-enabled era. Len Rust was there to check their credentials

  • Gearing up for success in B2B

    The secrets of success in the business-to-business e-commerce arena depend on the strengths of the individual company as well as on a whole array of market conditions. Which way will you turn when no single factor can guarantee a result?

  • Keycorp maintains momentum with Swedish sale

    Keycorp has maintained its high profile hit rate by chalking up the sale of 700 of its mobile payment terminals to Sweden Post. Other key Australian players also score solid sales successes

  • IBM pushes ASP program to ISVs

    IBM has launched a comprehensive ASP-readiness program designed to "aggressively" speed independent software vendors and internet service providers to market as application service providers.

  • Hypertec veterans gravitate back together

    If you can't keep a good man down, the main players behind new company LongReach Software will be hoping it's even harder to keep a good gang down. All were previously executives at Hypertec. Around the traps some players made some surprising moves