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  • Integration keys smart business decisions

    Some analysts suggest that for any B2B project you will spend 75 cents out of each dollar budgeted on applications-integration issues.

  • Security fears hurt exchanges

    User concerns about security, privacy and data protection are restricting the volume of trade in B2B exchanges both here and overseas.

  • Australian e-business warned to lift privacy game

    Australian e-businesses have been warned to review their privacy practices following the release of a local survey which found three quarters of the top 100 Internet sites were being used to collect personal information.

  • News in brief

    News in brief

  • IS Lite - the next generation

    Dubbed 'IS Lite', the next generation IS organisation would comprise a savvy leader in the role of strategist and services broker supported by a relatively small elite team.

  • Sun Leading the Way in EBay's Hardware Auctions

    Millions of users swarm to EBay's signature auction Web site in search of everything from Barbie Dolls to automobiles. A vintage cheerleader Barbie, however, does little to help an IT manager who is desperately trying to fill a couple of back-end hardware gaps in a corporate network.

  • Microsoft, Others to Unveil E-Commerce Initiative

    Microsoft, Commerce One, Ariba, and Clarus on Monday announced the initial phase of an initiative intended to make it easier for companies to establish an e-commerce presence, according to a source close to the companies.

  • New Tel says "ni hao"

    ASX and NASDAQ listed telecommunications group New Tel has staked a claim on the net savvy Chinese speaking diaspora through an alliance announced today with web developer

  • STC Sees 'Beyond'

    Global provider of e-business integration solutions, STC, has changed its name to See Beyond, saying the new name reflects the company's strategic role in helping customers see beyond corporate and geographic boundaries.

  • IBM's ASCI White Tops Supercomputing Rankings

    IBM's ASCI White isn't for playing chess. It crunches numbers for scientists, faster than any other computer in the world, according to rankings released Friday by the TOP500 list of supercomputers.

  • HP offers Web hosting service

    Hewlett-Packard (HP) in partnership with Top Layer Networks has launched a purpose-built Web applications infrastructure hosting service centre for existing HP customers.

  • Future watch: Digital certificates gaining in acceptance

    Proving who you are is even more important in the world of e-commerce than it is in regular life.

  • Swimming against the peer-to-peer tide

    When most IT managers hear "peer-to-peer computing", they think of Harry and Suzie in accounting bringing down the entire corporate network by downloading and swapping MP3 music files.

  • News in brief

    News in brief

  • Future Watch: Speak to your computer as you would your friends

    In any complex exchange between a human and a computer, chunks of time and data are inevitably lost in the translation process.

  • News in brief

    News in brief

  • Who says Aussies don't have what IT takes?

    It is surely time to put a stop to the incessant criticisms of the Australian IT industry that began with the flying visits of a few US bigwigs during the Olympics and have continued in a marathon gold medal performance ever since. For every week that the criticisms have been allowed to sell down the home-grown industry, the critics have been oblivious to the ongoing high-profile export orders being chalked up by innovative Australian players. This week has been no exception. And on the home front the innovation continued apace

  • MYOB cashes in on new age post offices

    Accounting software developer MYOB has not let the grass grow under its feet but has moved quickly to cash in as Australia Post moves into the new economy in a big way. Elsewhere the wheeling and dealing grew more frantic both in Australia and abroad

  • Big Australian turns to US for new CIO

    BHP has continued to yank in Americans to take strategic executive positions. This time the Big Australian has recruited Cassandra Matthews from an energy company in Philadelphia to be CIO. Elsewhere around the traps the tree started shaking at Telstra (as forecast) and some good old faces began doing the rounds again

  • The World is a small Place

    Internet access may vary greatly from country to country, but consumers around the globe reveal strikingly similar practices, plans and perspectives when it comes to the burgeoning new online medium. Len Rust examines a new survey from American Express, and samples the latest research from all comers