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  • Dazed and confused in e-comm land

    Despite the hype and increasing investment in Internet technology, CEOs are still confused about e-business, demonstrating the elusive nature of the digital revolution, a study by global management consultant AT Kearney has revealed.

  • Smaller Players Drive E-Channel Strategies

    The old line that nobody knows you're a dog on the Internet has made its way to business-to-business e-commerce. Exchanges and auctions are fast opening up opportunities for companies of all sizes to compete on an equal footing. And, as is often the case with e-business, companies with forward-looking dynamic pricing strategies have the advantage.

  • Are your systems leaking revenues?

    The idea of ‘revenue leakage' is generally perceived as a metaphor for telco-specific billing issues. But the fundamental elements that contribute to revenue leakage in telcos also exist in many other industries, and will soon be intensified as online electronic billing presentation is adopted. Darren Henderson and Rosie Lombardi look at the options

  • Don't Forget Business Rules in Web Migrations

    The request seemed simple enough. Marketing wanted customers to be able to order products through the Internet. This meant the company needed a Web-based application to check item availability, issue order requests, calculate prices and replicate a host of other functions that were being performed by legacy applications. In response to the request, the project team planned to use a tool to capture legacy business rules (blocks of conditional and imperative logic that change the state of business data) and import them into a Java-based front end. While this may seem like an easy answer to a simple request, this project could torpedo Internet deployment efforts if it ignores strategic implications.

  • Your Music or Your Job

    This is Randi's cell phone. Please leave a message." Those are the words I heard as I tried to call my slim, blonde-haired beauty for the sixth time last week. She left in a huff for her road trip to some kind of human resources retreat/seminar, angry after my comments about what it takes to make a man happy (owning planes and boats).

  • Users to benefit from IBM, Compaq SAN pact

    There's nothing like two former storage rivals cooperating to further the cause of SAN (storage area networks), and users will only benefit, say analysts.

  • Technology ExecTech: Business PCs

    ExecTech is a regular feature covering the best buys from PC World's test lab. In this issue, Elias Plastiras looks at business PCs

  • Don't Get Lost in Active Directory Forests

    Microsoft Corp. Windows 2000 rollout is one of the most important deployment initiatives most organizations will undertake in the next two years. An important design decision is whether to go with single or multiple Active Directory "forests" for your production intranet.

  • More Than a Game

    It's the battle for delivering new types of paid content to consumers. On one side of the ring: PCs, WebTV, inexpensive Web-surfing appliances and many companies trying to decide how and when television and the Internet will "converge." On the other side: Sony, and a machine ostensibly built to play games.

  • Maestro busy conducting IPO and Telstra deal

    Business process software developer Maestro Corporation has its hands full at the moment as it looks to capitalise on a recent deal signed with Telstra and readies for an intended public offering, believed to be imminent.

  • To keep your best IT people, keep them learning

    Whenever I talk about the shortage of information technology professionals, the most common question I get in response - besides "Where do I find good people?" - is "How do I keep good people?"

  • CentralWatch Keeps Web Apps Speedy

    Nobody likes to wait to make his or her purchases, either in the physical world or when shopping online. A Web application with poor responsiveness can disgust even your most eager potential buyer, who will walk away from the transaction -- and your business -- with nothing but hostility to share with the world.

  • Will Licensing Issues Kill Internet Video?

    There's probably no issue about the Internet that provokes as emotional a debate as the matter of "free" content or distribution of material. As recent cases involving MP3 audio have shown, the Internet can become a battleground between those who believe in free exchange of entertainment media and those whose living depends on selling that material. Now we may be headed for a similar face-off in the video space.

  • Credentials: Database Certification

    Database certifications are vendor-specific, so credentials are issued by the software companies. As Oracle Corp. grows in popularity in the enterprise, DBA certifications from Sybase Inc. and Informix Corp. have become nearly extinct.

  • Compaq puts billion-dollar faith in storage

    Compaq's recently signed $US1 billion storage networking deal with IBM is an obvious attempt by Compaq to realign itself in one of the industry's most lucrative markets. But according to a company executive, the shift won't be easy.

  • Online Job-Hunting Resource Sites -

  • Microsoft loses its SQL bragging rights

    Microsoft's SQL Server 2000 database has suffered a double embarrassment. Record TPC-C benchmark numbers that Microsoft had touted for five months were scratched from the record books after the Transaction Processing Council (TPC) found the results "noncompliant". And IBM published numbers twice as high as Microsoft's with its own DB2 database.

  • Managing Reviews Successfully

    Performance reviews are a touchy subject that can cause discomfort on both sides of the table. But it doesn't have to be like that. In this first of a two-part series, we look at ways managers can improve the performance review process.

  • From the Editor in Chief

    Given the rapid rise of e-business initiatives, there's no question that the next big wave of activity in this space will be centered on analysis tools of all types and stripes. After all, building a digital exchange to handle transactions is one thing, but understanding the business relationships that make up that exchange is quite another.

  • Bridging a Gap for Women in IT

    Ms. MIS Jill Rosenthal had been tending bar for seven years when she realized she was going nowhere. Because she had an interest in art, she enrolled in a program in new-media skills sponsored by the city of San Francisco. "I've always been good at math," she says. "This was a chance to use that side as well as my creativity."