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  • HP unveils Core Services Framework

    Hewlett-Packard Co. on Monday announced its HP Core Services Framework (CSF), a developer platform to further the interoperablity of Java application services. The release is among the first implementations of the Java Services Framework specification.

  • Funding helps Agrilink weather expansion

    Adelaide-based Agrilink has attracted $4 million in venture capital funding from Sydney-based Nanyang Ventures to expand into the US and Europe.

  • Sybex adds to Java training products

    The Java 2 Certification Virtual Trainer and Java 2 Certification Virtual Test Center are now available from Sybex Inc. Both software products were created for the Sun Java 2 Certification Exam. Sybex's Virtual Trainer covers the programmer and developer exam while offering an interactive learning environment that includes customized lessons, interactive simulations, narrated instructional animations, and tests. It also includes the Java SDK Standard Edition.

  • RSA launches ACE/Server 5.0 for remote security

    RSA Security announced the release of version 5.0 of its ACE/Server user authentication security software Monday.

  • Online IT&T job ads down in May

    There were 4759 fewer jobs advertised online in the IT&T sector in May than in April, according to results from the Olivier Internet Job Index released yesterday.

  • Industry pressure shuts down hack attack reporting moves

    Hacking or virus attacks within companies will continue to go unreported following industry opposition that forced the Federal Government to abandon plans to introduce reporting mechanisms.

  • Zanders: Java gets better with age

    Java developers want respect, and the company that brought the universal language to the fray five years ago says it now has the partners, the applications and the developer community to demand esteem.

  • NASA upgrades deep space network support

    The National Aeronautical and Space Agency (NASA) is implementing new software to manage the maintenance and logistic support for its Canberra-based Deep Space Network (DSN) operation.

  • Corporate Express beats supply chain woes

    B2B office supplier Corporate Express Australia claims it is no longer battling with cumbersome supply chain integration problems with its partners after implementing a new automated system for its 1000-plus customers.

  • Telecom executives talk down expectations

    A year ago, the telecommunication industry boasted some of the highest-flying startup companies in the Internet age, fueled by cheap money and a "Field of Dreams" vision - build it and they will come.

  • Verizon, Cingular chiefs share wireless views

    A wrestling match it was not. The exchange between the heads of Cingular Wireless and Verizon Wireless on a plenary panel at the SuperComm 2001 trade show on Monday was cordial, topical and produced two points of agreement: Wireless data services shouldn't be expected to earn significant revenue for a while, and the wireless industry must police itself or risk the regulator's gaze.

  • Nortel plans flurry of product demonstrations

    Nortel Networks hit the ground running at SuperComm, releasing a flurry of announcements of alliances and planned demonstrations as the show opened in Atlanta on Monday.

  • Nextel users can now listen to e-mail

    Nextel Communications announced on Monday that it has teamed with wireless application provider Etrieve to offer cell phone users the option of listening to their corporate e-mail, calendar and contact information from any Internet-enabled Nextel phone.

  • SAS approaching IPO in expansive mood

    SAS Institute, the world's largest privately owned software company, last week unveiled ambitious expansion plans in the run-up to an initial public offering (IPO) expected next year.

  • Nortel, IBM unveil joint e-business package

    Nortel Networks and IBM announced a joint package of products and services Monday at SuperComm in Atlanta. Network Solutions for eBusiness is its name, increasing e-commerce and service provider profits is its game.

  • New forum offers better accountability for SANs

    In an effort to improve vendor accountability for customers managing heterogeneous SANs (storage area networks), six leading storage companies on Monday pledged to work together to provide SAN service and support as members of the Supported Solutions Forum, a new effort from the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA).

  • Semiconductor sales down 10.2 percent in April

    Worldwide sales of semiconductors in April fell 10.2 percent, or roughly US$1.56 billion, compared to the same time in 2000, a new Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) study released Monday said.

  • Sharp enters U.S. notebook market with 850MHz system

    Sharp Systems of America, a division of Sharp Electronics, on Monday began shipping its first notebook in the U.S., powered by Intel's 850MHz Pentium III processor.

  • Toshiba, Simplex tout new chip design method

    X Architecture, a new design for system-on-a-chip processors, was detailed Monday by Toshiba and Simplex Solutions. The companies also said that a new industry group has formed to support the design, meant to reduce both the size and power consumption of chips by making better use of the space on each chip.

  • Laptops theft prompts tracking moves

    The number of notebook computers lost or stolen has trebled since 1997 costing Australian business more than $200 million.

  • What does the consumerisation of IT mean for today’s businesses?

    What role has the consumerisation of IT played in the shifting role of enterprise IT and the rise of shadow IT?

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