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  • Privacy Spurs Innovation

    Screaming privacy headlines and publicity around other cyberethics snafus are spurring new-breed technologies and hammering home the moneymaking aspects of responsible IT.

  • Fujitsu Taps Speech Software for CRM

    FRAMINGHAM (09/08/2000) - Belgium-based Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products NV said its speech and language technology will be included in a line of customer relationship management (CRM) products from Fujitsu Ltd. that's due out next month. Tokyo-based Fujitsu has agreed to license Lernout & Hauspie's speech-recognition and text-to-speech products to speech-enable its BroadChannel Connector line of CRM products..

  • Ecom Textile and in Alliance

    Fullerton, Calif.-based Internet marketplace Ecom Textile and, of Hong Kong, a business-to-business vertical portal site for apparel, textile, and accessories, this week announced a partnership to enhance the exchange of information across each other's Web sites to support the textile, apparel, machinery, and sewn products industries.

  • Election Politics Stall H-1B Hike

    The effort to increase the limit on high-tech work visas has been caught in the middle of a contentious election-year battle over immigration issues.

  • Users on Guard Against New Denial of Service Tool

    Several information technology managers said they've gone on guard to protect their systems against the Trinity distributed denial-of-service attack tool, which came to light earlier this week as a vehicle for using Internet Relay Chat channels to unleash floods of IP packets from compromised Linux servers.

  • Supreme Court Holds Back

    SAN MATEO (09/08/2000) - Despite expectations to the contrary, the U.S. Supreme Court this week did not announce whether it would hear Microsoft Corp.'s appeal of the government's landmark antitrust case. That decision was not included in the Supreme Court's case order list released Friday morning. The court has been asked to take a direct appeal in the government's antitrust case against the software maker. The next order list from the high court is due Sept. 15. When it does decide, the Supreme Court could reject taking the case on direct appeal and order the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to hear appeals arguments first. Microsoft has argued strongly in favor of first having the lower court hear the appeals. The government has argued that the case should go to the high court immediately..

  • DT-VoiceStream Merger Plan Questioned

    SAN MATEO (09/08/2000) - Deutsche Telekom AG this week made much of the fact that the U.S. Department of Justice's antitrust division filed no objection to its $50.7 billion planned acquisition of VoiceStream Wireless Corp. But Washington lawmakers -- notably Sen. Ernest Hollings, D-S.C., -- reiterated serious concerns. Hollings said the buy would violate a U.S. telecommunications law that prohibits foreign governments from purchasing U.S. telecommunications entities. Hollings stressed that the issue was not foreign ownership but foreign government ownership. The German government owns 58 percent of the company..

  • Teradyne Spins Off Tools Testing Units

    FRAMINGHAM (09/08/2000) - Hardware testing tools vendor Teradyne Inc. in Boston last week spun off several of its subsidiaries to form a new company called Empirix Inc. Teradyne subsidiaries Hammer Technologies Inc., RSW Software Inc. and Software and Systems Test will form the basis of the new company, which will focus on Web-based performance and testing tools. Waltham, Mass.-based Empirix will employ about 380 people..

  • MasterCard, TradeCard Combine Services

    Credit card giant MasterCard International Inc. and TradeCard Inc., an online international trade payment services provider, are combining forces to offer business-to-business trading exchanges a payment and settlement service for major and minor domestic and international transactions.

  • USPS, FedEx in Talks on Alliance

    The U.S Postal Service and FedEx Corp. have confirmed that they are in talks to form an alliance that would save time and money -- while improving customer service -- for both companies. Such a partnership would help FedEx gain ground on its rival, the Atlanta-based United Parcel Service of America Inc. (UPS).

  • Network Storage Systems Speed File Access

    In the data-intensive world of e-business, making decisions on how to deploy the storage network can become an expensive proposition.

  • RealNetworks, Streambox Settle Copyright Case

    BOSTON (09/08/2000) - Streaming media software company RealNetworks Inc. ended one of the first tests of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act on Friday with an out-of-court settlement with Streambox Inc., a software rival it accused of copyright infringement.

  • Creative Groups Slam Napster in Court Brief

    The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), along with 19 other organizations representing creative artists, have asked a U.S. Court of Appeals to uphold a lower court ruling that would effectively shut down music file-sharing service Napster Inc.

  • Bull Exposes Confidential Customer Data

    French information technology giant Bull SA acknowledged Aug. 31 that an internal sales and marketing database loaded with customer contact names and network configurations was exposed on one of its data-processing servers.

  • Qwest to Cut Jobs

    FRAMINGHAM (09/08/2000) - Just two months after its $43.5 billion acquisition of US West Inc. in Denver, Qwest Communications International Inc. said it will cut 11,000 of the combined companies' 71,000 jobs by the end of next year. Denver-based Qwest said 4,500 jobs will be cut by year's end, and an additional 6,500 jobs will be eliminated by the end of next year. Qwest will also cut 1,800 contractor positions by the end of next year..

  • Semiconductor Struggles Head Wall Street Tech Woes

    Volatile movement in the semiconductor industry highlighted a difficult week for tech stocks on Wall Street. While demand and revenue growth remain high in the overall semiconductor segment, a number of major players saw their shares fluctuate substantially.

  • Sun Releases Economy UltraSPARC Chip

    FRAMINGHAM (09/08/2000) - Sun Microsystems Inc. next week will be releasing the UltraSPARC IIe, a 64-bit chip designed as an economy-model processor. The IIe will be available in 400- and 500-MHz versions, priced at $230 to $357 for individual customers and at $145 to $225 for original equipment manufacturers, officials said. The IIe comes with a 256KB Level 2 cache and a 32-bit, 66-MHz Peripheral Component Interconnect bus..

  • Novell Slashes Workforce

    Attempting to jump-start profitability and growth after last month's disappointing quarterly results, Novell Inc. announced this week that it has trimmed approximately 900 jobs, or 16 percent, from its workforce as was expected.

  • EDS, IBM Team to Get Auto Dealers Online

    In a deal struck this week, longtime automotive partisan Electronic Data Systems Corp. will team up with IBM to offer Web-based applications and Internet connectivity to auto dealerships.

  • SEC Charges 33 with Internet-Based Stock Fraud

    In its latest sweep against online fraud, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission last week said that it had charged 33 companies and individuals with Internet fraud in an ongoing effort to crack down against those who use the Internet to profit illegally from the stock market.