• If eBay swallows PayPal, customers may suffer

    If, as expected, online auction giant eBay eventually buys the online payment service PayPal, that could spell trouble for consumers who use the popular payment site, says a prominent analyst.

    06 May 02 08:14 Written by Tom Mainelli
  • Marconi timestamps multiservice MPLS

    Marconi last week became the latest multiservice core switch vendor to embrace Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS).

    06 May 02 08:14 Written by Jim Duffy
  • Corporate Japan picks up on mobile data

    Japan's mobile data sector is coming of age. What started with Hello Kitty screen savers and downloadable ringer tones is now becoming workgroup server access from a cellphone screen.

    06 May 02 08:12 Written by Martyn Williams
  • PwC Consulting IPO set for August

    A jury in Delaware has determined that Macromedia Inc. infringed on technology patents held by Adobe Systems Inc. and has awarded Adobe US$2.8 million in damages, the companies announced last Thursday.

    06 May 02 08:09 Written by James Niccolai
  • Adobe wins patent trial against Macromedia

    A jury in Delaware has determined that Macromedia Inc. infringed on technology patents held by Adobe Systems Inc. and has awarded Adobe US$2.8 million in damages, the companies announced last Thursday.

    06 May 02 08:09 Written by James Niccolai
  • Via acquires CDMA design center from LSI Logic

    Via Technologies plans to acquire a CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) chip design center from LSI Logic Corp. The announcement brings to a close a nearly five-month long search for a buyer as LSI Logic has looked to exit the CDMA chip market.

    06 May 02 07:49 Written by Sumner Lemon
  • AAD brings Antarctica to the classroom

    Low Life feared dead, Slippery Characters blaming Mister Bigs, crime scene at the end of the earth … where else could you be but Classroom Antarctica, a Web site created by the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) to teach primary school students the wonders of the Antarctic.

    06 May 02 06:00 Written by Natalie Hambly
  • Commonwealth Bank investigating 'technical fault'

    The Commonwealth Bank is investigating a 'technical fault' that caused the Eftpos and ATM systems to be down nationally between 12:10 and 1pm today.

    03 May 02 14:47 Written by Lauren Thomsen-Moore
  • HP/COMPAQ: Capellas says HP will do more with less

    A confident Michael Capellas, chairman and chief executive officer of Compaq Computer, said Thursday that his company's merger with Hewlett-Packard could receive an unexpected financial boost as the combined company thins the ranks of its component suppliers and uses size to increase its competitiveness.

    03 May 02 14:35 Written by Ashlee Vance
  • 90East eyes financial sector

    Moving beyond its government origins security consultancy firm 90East is making aggressive inroads into the financial services sector securing a number of projects with the big four banks.

    03 May 02 14:32 Written by Sandra Rossi
  • SecureNet acquires Baltimore

    ASX-listed company SecureNet has acquired Baltimore Australia and New Zealand in a $5.7 million deal expected to close on June 1.

    03 May 02 10:46 Written by Sandra Rossi
  • IBM to beef up payment-processing support

    IBM Tuesday released details about an upcoming WebSphere product aimed at financial institutions with secure, high-volume payment-processing needs.

    03 May 02 10:29 Written by Ann Bednarz
  • MS/DOJ - Microsoft likened Real's threat to Netscape's

    A lawyer for the states suing Microsoft questioned a company executive's testimony that Microsoft does not view RealNetworks Inc.'s media player technology as a threat to Windows, making reference to internal messages by Microsoft executives that compared the battle between Microsoft and RealNetworks to the one between the software giant and Netscape Communications Corp.

    03 May 02 10:27 Written by Cara Garretson
  • WORLD CUP - Hosts compete on phones, not pitch

    The only way South Korea and Japan could ever face each other in the World Cup soccer tournament they will jointly host one month from now is if each makes it through to the final -- an unlikely prospect. However, that doesn't mean the co-hosts won't be battling on other fronts. The two North East Asian countries are fast becoming rivals in IT and telecommunication markets, and will be trying hard during the tournament to convince visitors that their country is the most advanced.

    03 May 02 09:50 Written by Martyn Williams
  • American University to roll out campus wireless system

    American University in Washington, D.C., will roll out a campus-wide wireless system designed to give students, faculty and employees wireless access to university data.

    03 May 02 09:46 Written by Juan Carlos Perez
  • Caldera expands beyond Linux and Unix

    Caldera last week broadened platform support for, and maybe also the future of, its Volution Manager application by extending beyond Linux and Caldera Unix servers.

    03 May 02 09:08 Written by Phil Hochmuth
  • Sun readies UDDI offering

    Sun Microsystems is preparing within a few months to launch a server-based product for setting up UDDI registries for publishing Web services, according to Sun officials.

    03 May 02 08:27 Written by Paul Krill
  • MS/DOJ - Microsoft's witness dubious of 'unbound' Windows

    It is "probably impossible" for Microsoft to provide an 'unbound' version of Windows, as the states suing Microsoft would require under their proposed remedies, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology testified during the company's remedy hearing Thursday.

    03 May 02 08:21 Written by Cara Garretson
  • The Ongoing IT Struggle: Delivering Availability 24x7x365

    Today, there is more pressure than ever for businesses to be always on and always available. The enterprise ecosystem has expanded to include customers, employees, partners, and suppliers — and all of these stakeholders are demanding services be available 24x7x365.

    Veeam Software

    Veeam enables Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) as part of a comprehensive availability strategy, embracing investments made in your datacenter and extending them through the hybrid cloud

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