• Defence adds one-stop IT shop

    The Australian Defence Force has opened a new customer support centre to handle all its users' IT woes.

    17 Sept. 02 08:06 Written by IDG News Service staff
  • InterSystems to launch Cache 5 database

    InterSystems Corp. next week will ship Cache 5, a new version of the company's "post-relational" database that features real-time analytics and Web services support.

    17 Sept. 02 08:00 Written by Paul Krill
  • Iona extends Web services to CORBA

    Cognizant of its desire to leverage existing technology investments, Iona Technologies PLC on Monday will upgrade its Web services enablement product to support legions of CORBA users hoping to jump on the open-standards bandwagon.

    17 Sept. 02 08:00 Written by Carolyn A. April
  • Project management software adds management controls

    Project management vendor Virtual Communication Services LLC next week will provide network executives with tools to more accurately manage the performance of internal projects and the people who work on them.

    17 Sept. 02 08:00 Written by John Fontana
  • IBM, Red Hat create global alliance for Linux

    Linux market leader Red Hat Inc. is teaming up with IBM Corp. to put its premier business Advanced Server operating system on a wider range of IBM servers, while also providing customers with full global support.

    17 Sept. 02 08:00 Written by Todd R. Weiss
  • New chip process may change networks, Intel says

    Corporate and carrier networks are likely to be transformed by a new generation of processors built using a 90-nanometer manufacturing process, the smallest and fastest yet, Intel Corp. said Monday.

    17 Sept. 02 07:57 Written by Stephen Lawson
  • DemoMobile launches high-tech hopefuls

    Despite the cloudy economic future, companies are still seeking and finding investors -- as the DemoMobile conference this week in La Jolla, Calif., will demonstrate. From industry stalwarts such as Microsoft Corp. and Logitech Inc. to small, not quite so well-known companies such as Tcom, innovation is alive and well.

    17 Sept. 02 07:54 Written by Ephraim Schwartz
  • Atlanta struggles to show off

    Although no tumbleweeds were spotted blowing across the exhibit floor, this year's semi-annual Networld+Interop conference looked like a ghost town. With more than twice as few exhibitors and attendees present, the once gigantic conference that ended today was quiet in all regards.

    17 Sept. 02 07:45 Written by Scott Tyler Shafer
  • IBM lends supercomputing muscle to video production

    From the laboratory to the cutting room floor, IBM Corp. is looking for some of its most advanced supercomputing software to work as a powerful editing tool for the entertainment industry.

    17 Sept. 02 07:42 Written by Ashlee Vance
  • Nobilis brings BPM to desktop

    Nobilis on Monday is looking to simplify process automation with software designed to let typical business users create process-centric applications at their desktop -- without involving IT.

    17 Sept. 02 07:23 Written by Carolyn A. April
  • RLX rolls out new blades and high end software

    RLX Technologies Inc. upgraded its blade server line on Monday, releasing new hardware, management software and improved high performance computing applications.

    17 Sept. 02 07:09 Written by Ashlee Vance
  • Serious new worm targets Linux/Apache servers

    A new worm with distributed denial of service (DDoS) capabilities and the ability to grant hackers backdoor access to remote systems is being actively propagated across the Internet, according to Internet Security Systems Inc.

    16 Sept. 02 11:42 Written by David Legard
  • EMC to display self-provisioning

    EMC Corp. this week plans to announce the next phase of its AutoIS strategy, which will enable the policy-based provisioning of capacity from a pool of storage devices.

    16 Sept. 02 09:00 Written by Deni Connor
  • Proposal to unify Web services standards gets backing

    A proposal by Oracle Corp. that could help unify emerging specifications for orchestrating Web services met with a mostly positive reaction Thursday at a meeting of the World Wide Web Consortium.

    16 Sept. 02 08:12 Written by James Niccolai and Paul Krill
  • CA unifies eTrust tools

    Attempting to resolve enterprise integration and security concerns, Computer Associates International Inc. this week will introduce its new eTrust Command Center product designed to unify CA's own and third-party security tools.

    16 Sept. 02 08:04 Written by Brian Fonseca
  • Systems utilization tops SunNetwork agenda

    Sun Microsystems Inc. this week plans to announce an ambitious initiative, informally called N1, that's aimed at helping companies better utilize their data center computing resources while reducing systems management complexity.

    16 Sept. 02 08:01 Written by Jaikumar Vijayan
  • AMD delays release of Clawhammer, Barton core

    Advanced Micro Devices Inc. will release its Clawhammer desktop processor in the first quarter of 2003, a delay from the prior scheduled release in the fourth quarter of this year, an AMD spokeswoman confirmed.

    16 Sept. 02 08:01 Written by Tom Krazit