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  • Goodrich Debuts B2B Site

    The BFGoodrich Co. will make its initial foray into the electronic-business arena in October, when its Performance Materials division launches a business-to-business e-commerce Web site for customers of its specialty chemicals, plastics, additives and other products.

  • The E-Music Trap

    Pushed by the popularity of MP3 files and song-sharing sites such as Napster Inc., music labels are the first players in the entertainment industry to jump -- for the most part, unwillingly -- into online digital distribution.

  • Dell, HP Take ASP Approach to Management

    Two of the leading PC manufacturers, Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell Computer Corp., are gearing up efforts to launch portal sites that will automate many of the tasks associated with managing PCs.

  • SilverStream App Server 3.5 Expands Integration

    SilverStream Software Inc. has recently updated the J2EE application server that serves as a key element of its e-business platform. New features of SilverStream Application Server 3.5:

  • Emulex Stock Dives On False Press Release

    SAN FRANCISCO (08/25/2000) - Emulex Corp.'s shares plummeted Friday morning, following the publication of what the company calls a fictitious press release.

  • IP Chip to Enable Easier Connections

    SAN MATEO (08/25/2000) - A chip designed to make it easier for devices to connect to the Internet has been developed by Israeli chip designer/manufacturer Connect One Semiconductors Ltd. Connect One's iChip Internet Controller embeds TCP/IP inside any device, machine, or system with which it is equipped, according to Connect One. As long as the device has an Internet connection, either via a line or a wireless modem, the iChip eliminates the need for a server to translate transmissions into and out of TCP/IP, saving designers from having to include software in the devices in order to connect to servers. The iChip also eliminates the need to tie WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)-enabled phones into a particular service to connect with the Internet..

  • Brief: Data Visualization Tool Enhanced

    SAN MATEO (08/25/2000) - Cognos Inc. has unveiled an enhanced version of its data visualization tool. The forthcoming Visualizer 1.5 includes new graphical formats, such as gas gauge-like representations of data and more chart styles, which are intended to make data residing in OLAP (online analytical processing) cubes easier to understand. Furthermore, the tool's interface displays graphical representations of data from several sources. From a particular graphic, users can drill down into more detail on a particular subject. With the new product, data can be cross-referenced from different sources..

  • Former Disney Exec Leaves Net World for Telco

    The trend for IT staffers is to jump from traditional companies to online start-ups. Chafic Najia made an unusual transition. The former Walt Disney Co. executive left the land of Mickey Mouse for Vox Generation Ltd., a London-based start-up developing what could be the first natural-language voice portal for mobile-phone users.

  • Compaq Products Blend Work, Personal Lives

    Compaq Computer Corp. has introduced a line of wireless and home Internet devices aimed at enabling corporate customers to more effectively integrate their professional and personal lives.

  • Vibrating Mouse Could Shake Up Your Surfing

    Vibrating input devices are a familiar concept to gamers, but perhaps less so for the rest of the database-querying, word-processing public. Well, no longer: Meet the AVB Technologies' VMouse, which reacts to any sound your PC makes.

  • Short Takes

    FRAMINGHAM (08/25/2000) - Internet investment firm CMGI Inc. bought the naming rights for the new stadium being built for the New England Patriots in Foxboro, Mass. The 15-year deal requires Andover, Mass.-based CMGI to pay $7.6 million per year to the football team for the first 10 years, with payments to be adjusted for the remaining five years. . . . Job cuts at Internet companies in August rose 55% from July, according to outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. in Chicago. From December through Aug. 23, layoffs totaled 11,785, up from 7,592 through July 23..

  • The Good, the Bad and the Disparaged

    SAN FRANCISCO (08/25/2000) - The volatility of tech-stocks has become a cliche.

  • Visual Parse++ 4.0 Extends Support

    Sandstone Technology Inc. has updated its visual programming tool Visual Parse++ to support XML technologies, including Xpath, Xpointer, XSLT, and XQL. In addition, the product sustains C++, Java, C, Delphi, and Visual Basic. For multiplatform or multiprogramming language needs, the C++ and Java class libraries transport to any platform. Visual Parse++ contains an embedded OS API and supports DBSC and Unicode.

  • JunC++ion Integrates Java and C++

    Codemesh Inc. has announced the beta release of its JunC++ion technology, which integrates Java and C++. The tool allows C++ programs to use Java classes as though they were C++ classes, which helps programmers integrate C++ clients and servers into Java. Using JunC++ion, users do not have to port, use CORBA or ORBs, or code JNI. Programs can use Java standards, such as JDBC and Java servlets, and can integrate into an EJB environment.

  • Loophole Detected in Critical Path Web Mail

    Web-based e-mail services from Critical Path Inc. were, until Thursday night, vulnerable to malicious hackers who could gain access to accounts, where they could read, write and delete messages as long as the user was logged on.

  • Europe's Four Little MP3s

    In 1997, Michael Roberston purchased Inc. from a gentleman with the initials MP, in what may go down in dot-com history as the greatest speculative domain buy of all time. But four businessmen are showing that the histories of European country domains, .fr, .it. and .es - are still being written.

  • Eliad Releases JSmartGrid for Java 2

    Eliad Technologies Inc. is now shipping JSmartGrid 1.0, a Swing grid component designed for the Java 2 Platform. The product's small size (162 KB) allows easy use with Web or database applications. Developers can build tables, grids, or spreadsheets, and data can be displayed in a variety of formats, including text, graphics, or Swing components.

  • H-1B Fees Pay for High-Tech Training

    Dozens of local high-tech training initiatives will receive more than $80 million this year from the U.S. Department of Labor, which is awarding money generated from a visa program popular in high-tech.

  • The Next Great Net Connection

    I have had DSL in my home office for about 18 months now, and I've decided to ditch it. Why, you ask? Am I having too many connection problems? Does my ISP have uplink bandwidth issues? Are my networked computers responding badly to the DSL modem?

  • Police Arrest E-Bank Robbery Suspects

    British police arrested three men last week who allegedly attempted to rob an online bank, London-based Egg PLC.