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  • Judge: Willfully Violated Law

    FRAMINGHAM (09/08/2000) - A federal judge ruled this week that Inc. willfully violated the copyrights of New York-based Universal Music Group. San Diego-based immediately said it would appeal the ruling from U.S. District Judge Jed S. Rakoff. could be required to pay damages of at least $118 million, or $25,000 for each of Universal Music's estimated 4,700 CDs in its collection, the judge's ruling said. That figure could change, depending on the number of "qualifying CDs," which will be determined in the final phase of the trial in November, Rakoff said..

  • SDSL, Wireless Combined

    SAN MATEO (09/08/2000) - Nokia Corp. has unveiled a network gateway that combines SDSL (Symmetrical DSL) and wireless LAN technology in one product. Targeted at small and midsize companies and remote professionals working in home offices, the Nokia MW1642 can be used as a bridge or a router depending on the network model used, Nokia officials said in a statement. It provides a high-speed, always-on network connection supporting data throughput of as much as 2.3Mbps, enabling users to send and receive data simultaneously. For the local network, both 10Base-T Ethernet and wireless LAN interfaces are supported. Pricing and shipment information were not available..

  • VoiceStream Chief Stresses Spectrum Allocation

    The U.S. needs a comprehensive view of radio spectrum allocation and a simple licensing process in order to catch up with other countries in the market penetration of mobile telephones, said John Stanton, chairman and chief executive officer of VoiceStream Wireless Corp. at a briefing here Friday for members of U.S. Congress and their staff.

  • Cutter Council Study Stresses Data Quality

    FRAMINGHAM (09/08/2000) - Data quality is one of the major issues that information technology managers will continue to face in the 21st century, according to a recent study conducted by Arlington, Mass.-based Cutter Consortium's Cutter Technology Council. Even though data quality issues have been neglected in the past, the council recommends that IT managers follow four steps to ensure quality data: establish a data quality initiative, begin a data quality education program, create a data quality group and identify data quality targets of opportunity. However, the council said, management changes in data quality policy will be the only real means of ensuring success..

  • Conditions Expected for AOL-Time Warner Merger

    Under pressure from critics who say the America Online Inc. -Time Warner Inc. merger has huge implications for the evolution of broadband, federal regulators later this month will likely hand down "open access" safeguards for the deal.

  • Heavy Demand Drives Record Chip Sales

    An insatiable demand for computers and other electronic devices boosted worldwide semiconductor sales to an all-time high of US$17.3 billion in July 2000, according to a report released this week from the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), a computer trade association based in San Jose, Calif.

  • Toshiba Launches Compact Computer

    FRAMINGHAM (09/08/2000) - Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. in Irvine, Calif., rolled out its newest PC, the Equium 8000S, this week. It's the smallest PC the company has released and incorporates "intelligent cooling" and Epak foam that prevents the computer from overheating, without increasing the noise it makes, according to Toshiba. The Equium can be equipped with Intel Celeron 566 MHz to Pentium III 1 GHz processors, without increasing the PC's size. Pricing starts at about US$800..

  • Wireless Hook-Up?

    AT&T Wireless Inc. wireless carrier Nextel Communications Inc. are rumored to be meeting over the possibility of a merger.

  • Amex Unveils Disposable Credit Numbers

    American Express Co. said this week that it will give out single-use credit-card numbers to customers worried about online security.

  • CIOs Detail Vision for E-Gov

    Members of the CIO Council on Thursday detailed their draft strategic plan for the next fiscal year, highlighting e-government initiatives, interoperability, security, privacy and workforce issues.

  • Faces the Music in Legal Battle

    Stirring up the ongoing tussles over online copyright infringement, a U.S. federal judge in New York ruled this week that Inc. willfully violated the copyright of Universal Music Group.

  • Garment Maker Donning Wireless

    Garment manufacturer VF Corp. is relying on wireless technology to redesign its information systems to seamlessly integrate its factory processes with its global supply chain.

  • Wary Users Mull Abandoning NetWare

    As Novell Inc. this week announced that it would cut 16% of its staff, some users said concerns about the company's future and service are driving them to consider a move from NetWare to Windows or other platforms.

  • Bull Exposes Confidential Customer Data

    French information technology giant Bull SA acknowledged Aug. 31 that an internal sales and marketing database loaded with customer contact names and network configurations was exposed on one of its data-processing servers.

  • Users on Guard Against New Denial of Service Tool

    Several information technology managers said they've gone on guard to protect their systems against the Trinity distributed denial-of-service attack tool, which came to light earlier this week as a vehicle for using Internet Relay Chat channels to unleash floods of IP packets from compromised Linux servers.

  • RealNetworks, Streambox Settle Copyright Case

    BOSTON (09/08/2000) - Streaming media software company RealNetworks Inc. ended one of the first tests of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act on Friday with an out-of-court settlement with Streambox Inc., a software rival it accused of copyright infringement.

  • Corel Reveals Plan to Close Irish Operations

    Executing a restructuring plan aimed at reducing US$40 million in annual expenses, officials at Corel Corp. said this week that the company would close its Dublin, Ireland, engineering facility, laying off 139 employees in the process.

  • Java Tool Upgraded

    SAN MATEO (09/08/2000) - Inprise/Borland Corp. has announced JBuilder 4, the latest version of its Java-based cross-platform development environment. The new version addresses team development, Java Server Pages, and support for more application servers, according to Tony de la Lama, vice president and general manager of Inprise/Borland's Java business unit. JBuilder 4 is tightly integrated with the Borland Application Server and now offers support for BEA Systems Inc.'s WebLogic server. According to officials at the companies, users can run and debug Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and CORBA applications locally or remotely in the JBuilder environment and deploy EJB instantly without shutting down the application server. Inprise also plans to support more application servers, such as IBM Corp. WebSphere and iPlanet, built by the Sun Microsystems Inc. - Netscape Communications Corp. Alliance..

  • DT-VoiceStream Merger Plan Questioned

    SAN MATEO (09/08/2000) - Deutsche Telekom AG this week made much of the fact that the U.S. Department of Justice's antitrust division filed no objection to its $50.7 billion planned acquisition of VoiceStream Wireless Corp. But Washington lawmakers -- notably Sen. Ernest Hollings, D-S.C., -- reiterated serious concerns. Hollings said the buy would violate a U.S. telecommunications law that prohibits foreign governments from purchasing U.S. telecommunications entities. Hollings stressed that the issue was not foreign ownership but foreign government ownership. The German government owns 58 percent of the company..

  • IT Spending Grows

    SAN MATEO (09/08/2000) - Global IT spending is expected to grow rapidly during the next five years from a projected $1.4 trillion this year to more than $2 trillion in 2003, according to the latest report from Strategic Planning Services (SPS)/Spectrum Economics Inc., an economic consulting company, in Palo Alto, Calif. By 2005, worldwide spending for IT products and services will reach $2.6 trillion. In a study released last week entitled "Global Economic and Information Technology Market Forecasts, 2000-2005," SPS/Spectrum predicted that global industry and governmental annual spending for IT will increase at a steady 13 percent compound annual growth rate between now and 2005..