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  • Package Shipping Giant Embraces Outsourcing

    In what will take a two-year roll out to complete, package shipping giant DHL International Ltd. will convert its IT systems from a decentralized infrastructure around the world to a system that connects its distributed federation of DHL entities.

  • Navy Smart Ship Enters New Phase

    The U.S. Navy released a request for proposals for its technologically advanced DD-21 Land Attack Destroyer on Sept. 14.

  • Open-Source Collaborative Website Unveiled

    A new Web site will debut on Oct. 2 that enables developers to work with a variety of platforms to which they normally would not have easy access.

  • 100,000 developers in the Palm

    While users are still not convinced there is a ubiquitous future for handheld Internet access, developers have no such trepidation about the role of personal digital assistants (PDAs).

  • Solution 6 tries a bit of acquisition therapy

    Despite being bathed in red ink, Solution 6 has followed the acquisition trail to Kiwi company exo-net International. Other big players have blazed their own trails overseas, and some of the financial results announced during the week raised eyebrows

  • News Briefs

    Citrix extends remote access, Telstra answers RequestDSL

  • NEWSBRIEF: Struggling SCO Gets $US13.1M Cash Infusion

    The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), which has been buffeted by two straight quarters of losses and recently announced a 19% workforce reduction, this week said it has received a cash infusion of $US13.1 million. The Santa Cruz, California-based software vendor said the financing is coming via a private placement facilitated by Security Research Associates, a brokerage in Larkspur, California, that plans to sell 3.3 million shares of SCO's stock to its clients.

  • Struggling SCO gets $13.1 million cash infusion

    The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), which has been buffeted by two straight quarters of losses and last week announced a 19 per cent workforce reduction, today said it has received a much-needed cash infusion amounting to $13.1 million.

  • Local Novell operations continue to grow

    Novell in Australia and New Zealand has escaped relatively unscathed from the recent US-based staff retrenchments and company-wide cost savings. In an effort to bring the cost base in line with current revenues, Novell head office in the US announced a reduction in its worldwide workforce by 16 per cent (about 900 positions) and the write-off of certain assets. Globally the transition from a packaged service to a Net services business has taken longer than expected, reducing revenues.

  • US Group Decries Use of 'Web Bugs'

    Companies and online advertisers that use information-gathering "Web bugs" on their Web sites should clearly disclose the presence of the technology to users, according to a Denver-based privacy group that proposed a set of standards to address the issue this Week.

  • Scanning for trouble

    E-mail-borne viruses have reached something of a watershed in their potential to wreak economic damage on hapless organisations throughout the world. Witness the ILoveYou worm, which spiralled out of the Philippines in May, ultimately delivering an astronomical repair bill (in fixes and lost productivity) estimated in the tens of billions.

  • NZ Software Exporters Prefer Strong Economy

    Software exporters are benefiting from the depressed New Zealand dollar but they'd rather have a strong economy.

  • For Amazon, Honesty May Not Be the Best Policy

    To Inc. (AMZN) , it seemed like a good idea: to be up-front with its customers and put to rest latent fears that it might share their shopping habits with others. But the company's effort to look like a responsible citizen seems to have backfired.

  • Technology buyers guide: E-mail virus and content scanning details as supplied by vendors by deadline

    Technology buyers guide: E-mail virus and content scanning details as supplied by vendors by deadline

  • IBM heads Olympic hit list

    Despite the attraction of live TV Olympic coverage, the internet is still grabbing Australian viewers' attention in a big way, with the IBM-hosted official site,, quadrupling its monthly traffic over the previous four months from 36,000 to 180,000 unique visitors.

  • Telco tools ease congestion

    An Australian corporate telco, Macquarie, has pitched a new product range as the solution to the 'big three' critical IT issues - network bandwidth, inadequate data cost control and the skilled IT staff shortage. Claiming it is the first telecommunications company in Australia to offer an end-to-end, outsourced solution to manage bandwidth for WAN applications, the telco says its QoS Optimiser can instantly improve congestion by 15 per cent on day one.

  • E-commerce having no effect on business: PwC

    E-commerce has had a "moderate" or "non-existent" impact on business according to almost 80 per cent of corporate CEOs in the Asia-Pacific who participated in a Pricewaterhouse-Coopers survey. The corporate consultancy said only around 20 per cent of CEOs acknowledged "any kind of impact" of e-commerce on their business.

  • Big Blue's Site Is Bigger, Faster, Better

    SYDNEY (09/18/2000) - An estimated 1 billion page views are expected to be generated on the official Olympic Web site leading up to and during the Sydney 2000 Games.

  • CEO, Analysts Herald AltaVista's Refocus on Search

    Both AltaVista Co.'s chief and analysts Friday welcomed the company's decision to refocus its energies on its core Net search business as a way to increase its profitability. The vendor announced earlier Friday that it had laid off one quarter of its staff and was stepping down its efforts to establish a media portal business.

  • Thin team to work with Oracle and Sun

    ASX-listed Thin Technologies, a retail industry-based B2B ASP, is nearing the release of a range of point of sale (POS) software developed in conjunction with Sun Microsystems and Oracle.