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  • IBM OS Targets Intel Market, Linux Users

    IBM Corp. this fall will release AIX 5L, a freshly minted and renamed version of AIX, combining extensive Linux support with performance-boosting features designed to appeal to IBM's more traditional high-end user base.

  • Wired Politics, Round Two

    Not to be outdone by the Republicans, which had the first-ever broadband convention last month, the Democrats on Monday have harnessed tech tools such as streaming video, Internet chats, and a string of wireless applications for their party's Los Angeles soiree.

  • Using RFIs Effectively

    The Request for Information (RFI) should be an integral part of your "procurement tool-box". However, the RFI is often overlooked and underutilized because it is misunderstood. Many confuse the purpose, use and intent of the RFI with the more popular Request for Proposal (RFP). Failing to recognize when an RFI is the more appropriate procurement tool can lead to confused deals and results that do not meet expectations.

  • Brief: Muglia to Head Microsoft .Net

    Microsoft launched its new .Net division last week with the designation of Bob Muglia as group vice president. Muglia will focus on overseeing the development of software, subscription services and interface design. Muglia was vice president of the division responsible for development of Microsoft Office.

  • In Search of a Few Good Geeks

    There's a server farm blackout in Sioux City. Four people can't boot up in Massapequa. In a San Jose elementary school, a monitor needs degaussing. These sound like jobs for TechieTeam 2000.

  • Brief: Adobe Sues Macromedia

    SAN MATEO (08/14/2000) - Adobe Systems Inc. last week filed suit against Macromedia Inc. over the issue of Adobe's tabbed palette patent, which is Adobe's method of displaying and working with multiple sets of information in the same area of a computer screen. The patented invention allows users to customize how the functions in the product are organized in the workspace. Bruce Chizen, Adobe's president, said in a prepared statement that Adobe has warned Macromedia several times and wants it to stop infringing on Adobe's patent. Macromedia issued a statement denying the infringement, claiming that the patent is invalid and unenforceable. The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court of Delaware.

  • Brief: Critical Path Acquires PeerLogic

    FRAMINGHAM (08/14/2000) - E-mail outsourcing giant Critical Path Inc. continued its acquisition streak with last week's purchase of PeerLogic Inc., a directory services firm specializing in security services. The $400 million stock transaction is scheduled to close in the third quarter. Critical Path offers a range of outsourced messaging services, including hosted Microsoft Exchange, Web mail, integrated fax and security services. PeerLogic is the ninth company that Critical Path has acquired since June 1999 and its second acquisition in the directory arena following the purchase of Isocor in January. Critical Path plans to fully integrate PeerLogic's LiveContent Directory with its own InJoin Directory Server and InJoin Meta-Directory engine to provide a full suite of directory services to large corporations.

  • Japan's Police Gain Right to Tap Phone, E-Mail

    TOKYO (07/14/2000) - Japan's police gained at midnight Tuesday the right to eavesdrop on telephone calls and fax messages and access e-mail accounts in the course of their investigations into serious crimes -- defined by the law as those concerning illegal drugs, cases involving weapons, organized group illegal entry into Japan, and organized murders.

  • Compaq Unveils Flat-Panel Monitors

    BOSTON (08/14/2000) - Compaq Computer Corp. unveiled two flat-panel computer displays on Monday whose prices start at less than US$1,000.

  • Microsoft cutting free phone support

    Microsoft wants customers to get support for Windows and Office online, and the company is boosting the cost of telephone support in hopes of nudging them in that direction.

  • AS/400 users get a Windows boost

    IBM yesterday announced its plans for rolling out products and programs to help AS/400 users interested in running Windows NT/2000 applications in their shops.

  • Bringing Home the World

    Three years ago he became the first CIO of an Ontario school board. He's helped bring technological innovation to the classroom and he's passionate about the ways in which IT -- especially high-speed communication -- is revolutionizing education. But he's worried that our schools are underfunded in the area of technology and that we're moving too slowly in developing our children's skills in this area.

  • DOJ to reply on Tuesday to Microsoft brief

    The US Department of Justice (DOJ) and state officials will file a brief with the US Supreme Court on Tuesday rebutting statements by Microsoft Corp. and arguing that the antitrust suit against the company should not be heard by the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

  • LinuxWorld Announcements Looming

    Improvements in Linux clustering, system management, and the future of open source as it relates to enterprise performance and 64-bit computing will be hot topics at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo at the San Jose Convention Center, in San Jose, Calif., this week.

  • HP to Release All-in-One Color Printer/Scanner

    SAN FRANCISCO (08/14/2000) - Hewlett-Packard Co. gave a September target date for the availability of the company's latest multifunction printer, which will feature color printing, faxing, scanning and copying functions on a single machine.

  • HP Offers One-Box PC Bundle

    Hewlett-Packard makes life easier for overwhelmed first-time PC buyers with the introduction Monday of a one-box package that includes a PC, a monitor, a printer, and all the trimmings for US$898.

  • WorldCom Seeks Fixed Wireless Licensing Authority

    WorldCom Inc. announced plans on Monday to file its first round of applications with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission for licensing authority to offer broadband fixed wireless services.

  • Sun Rays Shine Bright

    The Sun Ray thin client harkens back to the old days of mainframe/terminal computing, in which the client is merely an entry point to the applications that run on the server. Indeed, the Sun Ray includes only a video card and a network interface in the terminal. The software on the host Unix system handles all of the processing for the user session, and only pixel changes are sent over the wire to the Sun Ray.

  • Clustering around Linux

    Trying to capitalise on what it sees as a growing trend among both small and large companies, IBM on Monday unwrapped its first set of prepackaged Linux clusters for use on its PC-based line of Netfinity servers.

  • HP Offers New Line of CD-RW Drives

    Citing the growing trend of computer users downloading music from the Internet and then creating their own CDs, Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) unveiled six new compact disc-rewritable (CD-RW) drives Monday.