• to leverage Microsoft .Net on Monday enhanced its offline customer relationship management (CRM) edition by leveraging Microsoft's .Net platform to boost mobile worker productivity.

    20 Aug. 02 11:00 Written by Heather Harreld
  • Omniva offers control over corporate e-mail

    Companies fretting over whether or not their employees are complying with e-mail policies and retention regulations are being offered a helping hand by Omniva Policy Systems, which is launching two new software products Monday, offering to help ease the nerves of weary executives.

    20 Aug. 02 10:30 Written by Scarlet Pruitt
  • Alacritech adapters off-load IP, iSCSI work

    New systems from Alacritech Inc. for off-loading network processing from servers will allow users to off-load two different networking functions and turn on one or both through software, the company announced Monday.

    20 Aug. 02 10:26 Written by Ashlee Vance
  • New Intel, AMD chips coming soon, ahead of schedule

    Faster versions of existing chip families from Intel Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) will be released over the next two weeks, setting the stage for next-generation releases by the end of this year and into 2003.

    20 Aug. 02 08:45 Written by Tom Krazit
  • Sun opens up with storage software suite

    Sun Microsystems on Tuesday will throw its hat into the emerging market for heterogeneous SAN management software, claiming to be the first company to offer support for budding open standards for discovering and managing multi-vendor storage devices.

    20 Aug. 02 08:30 Written by Scott Tyler Shafer
  • HP ships first AMD Business PC

    Advanced Micro Devices is moving into the big time, supplying Athlon XP processors to power the Hewlett-Packard Compaq D315 Business PC being released in the US this week.

    20 Aug. 02 08:30 Written by Tom Mainelli
  • Record labels sue ISPs over access to site

    Five major record companies have sued four of the biggest ISPs (Internet service providers) in a U.S. district court in an attempt to stop what the record companies say is blatant copyright infringements occurring at a music Web site registered in China.

    20 Aug. 02 08:30 Written by Gretel Johnston
  • Intel adds mobile mgmt features to LANDesk Manager

    Intel announced Monday that it is extending LANDesk Management Suite, Version 6.6 for desktop systems to include management of mobile devices. The additional applications will be called Mobile Manager.

    20 Aug. 02 08:30 Written by Ephraim Schwartz
  • Report: Investigators focus on AOL swapping deals

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) investigation into AOL Time Warner's (AOLTW) business dealings has reportedly focused on swapping transactions akin to those that have come under heavy scrutiny in the energy and telecom industries.

    20 Aug. 02 08:30 Written by Scarlet Pruitt
  • Efficient Networks introduces DSL equipment

    Hoping to build on its position as the market leader in ADSL customer premise equipment, Efficient Networks Inc. on Monday introduced a new line of DSL modems and routers.

    20 Aug. 02 08:16 Written by Scott Tyler Shafer
  • PGP finds new home with startup

    Network Associates has unloaded its software portfolio based on the security technology PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) to a startup launched Monday by a collection of security industry veterans.

    20 Aug. 02 08:15 Written by Matt Berger
  • Crystal Decisions release new reporting solution

    Crystal Decisions unveiled the newest version of its reporting solution Monday designed for use in Java and .Net development environments to provide tight integration of reporting into enterprise Web applications.

    20 Aug. 02 08:15 Written by Heather Harreld
  • Supply chain pipeline hotting up

    Day breaks a little brighter for SAP bosses after closing a couple of major local deals and registering strong customer-base interest in supply chain management and customer relationship management software modules.

    20 Aug. 02 08:10 Written by David Beynon
  • IBM, HP exchange management APIs

    IBM and Hewlett-Packard are expected to announce this week that they are exchanging management APIs for their storage hardware and software so network managers can manage their storage devices from a single management console.

    20 Aug. 02 08:00 Written by Deni Connor
  • Aprisma is set free

    Equipment maker Enterasys Networks Inc. last week announced that it has sold network management software company Aprisma Management Technologies Inc. to a buyout firm in a move intended to help Enterasys better focus and Aprisma position itself as hardware-agnostic.

    20 Aug. 02 08:00 Written by Denise Dubie
  • System administrators boost skills development

    System administrators lapped up information on security, documentation and risk analysis at the 10th annual SAGE-AU conference in Melbourne last week.

    19 Aug. 02 15:03 Written by Siobhan Chapman
  • Food group names communications provider

    Australasian food group Goodman Fielder has awarded its two-year telecommunications deal to Telecom Corp of New Zealand.

    19 Aug. 02 14:54 Written by Staff Writers
  • Linux, beyond the enterprise server

    An underlying theme at last week's LinuxWorld Expo was that there's more to Linux than just an inexpensive enterprise server operating system.

    19 Aug. 02 13:35 Written by Phil Hochmuth
  • TechEd: Security and integration hot topics for developers

    Security and integration are the biggest concerns for IT professionals in the face of digital terrorism, according to Microsoft at this year's TechEd 2002, the annual conference for Microsoft IT developers.

    19 Aug. 02 12:38 Written by Siobhan Chapman
  • Analysts: Dell move into printers, PDAs benefits users

    Dell Computer's eventual entry into the printer and personal digital assistant (PDA) markets will cause headaches for some vendors and delight users as the company drives down prices, analysts said Friday.

    19 Aug. 02 11:00 Written by Tom Krazit
  • How Project Management Can Advance Your IT Career

    What other challenging opportunities lie within the IT sector? Seeking new frontiers to progress your career? Project management can help you excel

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