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  • Borland says Kylix is complete

    Borland Corp., at the LinuxWorld conference in New York on Wednesday, will announce that Kylix, its toolset for Linux-based applications, is finished and will ship later this month.

  • High-tech group gives advice to President, Congress

    The AeA high-tech trade association on Tuesday submitted a report to U.S. President George Bush and Congress detailing the group's public policy priorities for 2001, including education, privacy issues, taxation, broadband deployment and international trade.

  • New WordPerfect suite to debut by midyear

    Corel Corp. announced Tuesday that WordPerfect Office 2002, its new suite of office applications, will be ready for release by the middle of this calendar year.

  • The warp and woof of data storage

    We all know the future of computing storage. Well before Inc. common stock pays a dividend, there'll be essentially three kinds of computer storage. First, tiny holographic biogelled libraries the size of a dime will be able to hold your entire digitized life history under your skin, or the dashboard of your personal mover, if not your toaster. Really large projects will offload to storage-over-next-next-generation-Internet-Protocol. Backup will be as much of a utility as potable water, with pro-quality encryption and super-high availability assumed. Finally, there'll be a few magtape readers and writers, because ... well, just because there'll always be magtape.

  • What to expect at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo

    Some 22,000 to 24,000 attendees are expected to descend on this week's LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in New York -- pretty clear evidence that IT decision-makers more than ever crave business solutions that leverage the benefits of Linux and open source.

  • Vic utility bets on CRM for free-market share

    To prepare for the deregulation of Victoria's multibillion electricity market later this year, energy operator Utili-Mode, has implemented a customer relationship management (CRM) package to maximise its marketing and sales operations.

  • Analysis: Innovative? Well, sort of

    The IT&T industry is justly delighted that science and innovation have finally come to the forefront of Australian public debate, even if they have been placed there only because this is an election year.

  • Primus moves into corporate arena

    Telecommunications company Primus is making the leap into the corporate market through a deal with telco management company Stratatel. Primus has signed a licensing agreement to brand Stratatel's MobileFleet service as Primus Mobile Fleet Management.

  • Bluetooth gap delays OZ medical advance

    An Australian medical technology company is being hindered by the lack of Bluetooth-enabled products on the market. MicroMedical Industries, which supplies heart monitoring systems to ambulances and at-home patients via the GSM network, has been granted a new European patent for the development of wireless medical monitoring system using Bluetooth technology.

  • SAP, Fujitsu in Asia-Pacific alliance

    SAP has announced a global technology partner agreement with Fujitsu to support the company's e-business platform

  • Belkin acquires Micra Digital

    California-based Belkin Components, a manufacturer of computer connectivity solutions and accessories, has acquired Micra Digital, an Australian-based manufacturer of computer cables, telephone accessories, and networking products.

  • Inprise morphs to Borland

    E-business implementation solutions provider, Borland Software Corporation has completed its name change from Inprise Corporation.

  • Q4 PC sales fall: watch for price cuts

    PC shipments in Australia declined by 18 per cent during the fourth quarter of 2000 over the previous quarter and by 11 per cent over the 1999 corresponding period, a Gartner Dataquest report has shown.

  • OZ server market flatlines in Q4

    Australia's server market experienced flat growth in the final quarter of 2000, despite a boom in other parts of the Asia-Pacific region. Figures released by Gartner's Dataquest show Australia missed out on a 30 per cent increase in server unit shipments in the region during the last quarter of 2000 compared with the corresponding quarter in 1999.

  • What's a QALA?

    In the face of increasing telecomms deregulation across the Asia-Pacific region, startup telco services provider QALA - launched in Australia in October last year - has previewed the first of its services.

  • Card cheats? Don't ask the banks

    Major banks are shirking the task of tackling Internet credit card fraud, leaving e-tailers to carry the costs, according to OzBooks CEO Rafael Chavan de Montero. The founder of one of Australia's largest online book shops, Chavan de Montero, is lobbying the banks to improve security checks with merchants in an attempt to cut online fraud.

  • Consortium unveils security spec

    The Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA), a trade group representing 145 technology companies, on Tuesday released a specification to make computer data more secure. Its efforts are backed by founding members Compaq Computer Corp., Microsoft Corp. Hewlett-Packard Co. and Intel Corp.

  • Waitt cleans house on first day back in Gateway CEO chair

    Gateway Inc., the PC retailer, has had a management overhaul in the past two days, as it attempts to turn around flagging PC sales.

  • U.K. telecom Thus says DSL makes no economic sense

    The rollout of broadband Internet services in the U.K. suffered yet another set back on Tuesday when Scotland-based telecommunications company Thus PLC announced it was pulling the plug on its aggressive plans to offer DSL (digital subscriber line) service from co-location sites with British Telecom PLC.

  • 2netFX and Linux NetworX ship cluster servers

    Streaming software vendor 2netFX and Linux NetworX will be showing off at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo today a new clustering system that handles streaming media for high-volume businesses.