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  • Reliability despite the elements

    Given the millions of penguins dotting the Antarctic landscape, it's perhaps appropriate that Linux whose mascot Tux would feel right at home on the world's coldest continent has earned a key role in the IT infrastructure supporting the British Antarctic Survey (BAS, at

  • BEA to stick with server-centric strategy

    Unlike other leading application server vendors, such as IBM Corp., which offers a bevy of programs that run on its platform, BEA Systems Inc. isn't developing an application-centric strategy for its flagship WebLogic application server.

  • Linux, Windows both show strong growth

    Two studies released Wednesday by International Data Corp. show that Microsoft continues to dominate the client operating system market and to build dominance in the server operating system market. But the studies also show that Linux, while not matching Microsoft's market share, is growing faster than the Windows operating system.

  • UPDATE: Advertising Meeting Bogged Down by Definition Debate

    Ratings and census measurement dominated the internet industry advertising meeting held yesterday morning, although participants said the level of discussion was fairly rudimentary.

  • EDS scores $500+ million Telstra contract

    EDS has won a tender for a five-year IT application development outsourcing agreement for Telstra worth in excess of $500 million.

  • Hitachi launches hojo8 to attack storage services

    Hitachi Data Systems claims it is pushing the storage service provider (SSP) envelope with the launch of its new spin-off storage solutions entity, hojo8.

  • T-Systems launches Australian arm

    Aiming to become a global market leader by 2004, IT&T solutions provider, T-Systems International has launched in Australia.

  • Pacific Dunlop acquires Sara Lee Apparel

    In an acquisition that will add approximately $200 million in sales to the Pacific Brands business, Pacific Dunlop Limited has announced the acquisition of Sara Lee Apparel Australasia and its range of brands in hoisery, workwear, caual clothing and intimate apparel.

  • Furini talks up ACS members' qualities

    Australia's IT leaders have been told by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) to have confidence in the quality and commitment of their IT professionals to deliver competitive advantage to the business, especially if those workers are members of the ACS.

  • Servers: Sun tries to shine, out of the blue

    The battle between Sun Microsystems and IBM over who is leading worldwide server sales has spread to the Asia Pacific region where analysts say competition will be fierce in 2001.

  • Qantas culls 20 IT managers in restructure

    Qantas Airlines has sacked 20 IT staff as part of a series of redundancies in a massive restructure forced by rising international fuel prices and increased market competition from no-frills carriers.

  • If it ain't broke !

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it' might be the motto of the technology team supporting researchers at France's Antarctic base, Dumont d'Urville, which lies at around 140 degrees longitude, due south of Australia.

  • Business as usual

    Because Norway's proximity to the Arctic circle means that the majority of its research activities are focused on that region, its exploration in Antarctica is coordinated with neighbouring Sweden and Finland, with each country taking turns as primary organiser of annual summer expeditions to the continent.

  • The Lin-Win network toolkit

    There is no doubt in my mind that Linux is the best operating system available, and having the source at your fingertips provides enormous leverage. That was reinforced for me after giving an X.25 course recently in Canberra, Australia. I had been unhappy with the ancient X.25 Packet Assembler/Disassemblers (PADs) the class used and thought that we ought to be able to use Linux to demonstrate many of the concepts in the course.

  • UK to test court hearings over the Net

    Plans to get the British criminal justice system online took another step forward today with the announcement of a pilot scheme in Manchester. Starting from the summer, Manchester Crown Court will be testing a system that enables procedural hearings to be conducted over the Internet rather than in the courtroom.

  • Quick and easy

    Sometimes the Web is about entertainment. But more often, it's about finding what you want and moving on. Many sites would do well to keep that in mind.

  • Get ready to wait for 3G, analysts say

    Both build-out and widespread adoption of 3G (third-generation) wireless data services are likely to take longer than was anticipated in countries that have not yet embraced mobile data, industry analysts said here Wednesday.

  • Domain-name registration gets 64 more languages

    Three months after VeriSign Global Registry Services (GRS) began registering Web site addresses in four languages other than English as part of a test process, the company has added 64 new site registration languages to directly bring the Internet to a larger number of native speakers around the globe.

  • SAP spinoff TeaLeaf upgrades e-commerce offering

    TeaLeaf Technology Inc., a spinoff of enterprise software powerhouse SAP AG, Tuesday began shipping a new version of its system for recording and visually replaying how customers interact with a Web site.

  • Bigger role beckons for MSN, Passport in New Zealand

    An enhanced local presence for MSN, Passport and Microsoft Corp.'s other Internet services is likely as the company works to put the beef in its .Net strategy.