• Platform offers site assurance

    Platform Computing announced the release of Platform SiteAssure 2.1 on Monday, offering customers an upgraded version of its distributed computing software equipped with new integrated service-level transaction probing and beefed-up management features.

    20 March 02 08:32 Written by Brian Fonseca
  • Software maker to stamp Microsoft Passport

    Microsoft has found a partner in its efforts to recruit enterprise customers to embrace its single sign-on service Passport behind the corporate firewall.

    20 March 02 08:25 Written by Matt Berger
  • Treo coming to Sprint 3G network

    Handspring and Sprint are working together on a CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) version of the Handspring Treo that will work on Sprint's future 3G (third-generation) network, the companies announced Monday.

    20 March 02 08:23 Written by Stephen Lawson
  • Sun acquires clustering software company

    Sun Microsystems has completed the acquisition of clustering software developer Clustra Systems in a move intended to make its application server products more reliable, Sun announced Monday. Financial details of the deals were not disclosed.

    20 March 02 08:21 Written by Sumner Lemon
  • Wingcast, BeVocal plan voice-driven telematics

    Wingcast LLC, a joint venture of Ford Motor Co. and Qualcomm that plans to offer hands-free voice and data services in cars made by Ford and Nissan Motor Co. starting in the third quarter, will offer voice control for those services using software from BeVocal Inc., the companies announced Monday.

    20 March 02 08:17 Written by Stephen Lawson
  • Quarry mines VPN, firewall treasures

    Quarry Technologies is introducing firewall and VPN capabilities for its service edge switches that enable carriers to protect traffic between customer sites rather than just within carriers' networks.

    19 March 02 15:04 Written by Tim Greene
  • IBM signs up with Home Depot

    Looking to bolster its software infrastructure to extend the reach of its e-business-related applications, The Home Depot on Monday signed a five-year deal with IBM to standardise on a number of Big Blue's products including WebSphere and DB2.

    19 March 02 14:58 Written by Ed Scannell
  • Novell seeks to 'dominate' access, Web services

    Tough talk about competing against Microsoft, a completely redesigned business plan and a vow to abolish proprietary application programming interfaces (API) highlighted the keynote speech of Novell. Vice Chairman Chris Stone at the company's BrainShare 2002 user conference being held here this week.

    19 March 02 14:56 Written by Michael Meehan
  • Users see benefits, risks in Sun vs. Microsoft suit

    Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy, who studied antitrust issues as an economics major at Harvard University, has been among the industry's most vocal critics of Microsoft. And he doesn't hesitate to put his problem with the software giant in personal terms.

    19 March 02 14:52 Written by Patrick Thibodeau
  • Jupiter Media Forum: Broadband is in eye of beholder

    Here's a strategy you can use to help gain and maintain negotiating strength. The key to this called the "salami" strategy is to disclose your goals to prospective vendors a few slices of information at a time, rather than give them the whole salami when they ask what it takes to do a deal.

    19 March 02 14:39 Written by Joe Auer
  • Management foibles risk IT failures

    Skimping on change management initiatives -- to compensate for technology budget 'gobbles' -- dooms IT projects to failure.

    19 March 02 13:11 Written by Kelly Mills
  • Sun and AOL Time Warner end iPlanet pact

    Sun Microsystems and AOL Time Warner (AOLTW) officially parted ways Sunday on their iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions alliance, as Sun will now take full control of the iPlanet staff and product line.

    19 March 02 10:06 Written by Ashlee Vance
  • AOL tests open source browser, server software

    America Online Inc. (AOL) is undergoing a taste test of several open-source software products to run various parts of its Internet service, a move seen by some as the beginning of its shift away from Microsoft's Web-browsing software and from Unix on its servers.

    19 March 02 09:38 Written by Matt Berger
  • Server fault impacts

    A fault with a name server prevented users from accessing Web sites and sending mail to other parts of the Internet for about three hours last Thursday.

    19 March 02 09:23 Written by Siobhan Chapman
  • HP/COMPAQ: CTOs predict merger will happen

    The US$100,000 question this week is whether the proposed merger between Compaq Computer and Hewlett-Packard will be accepted.

    19 March 02 08:53 Written by Scott Tyler Shafer
  • Network Appliance ships 96TB NAS system

    NAS (network attached storage) pioneer Network Appliance on Monday rolled out a new storage server and software for backup and recovery in local or distributed business environments.

    19 March 02 08:51 Written by Dan Neel
  • Prodigy wins first round in BT hyperlink patent case

    British Telecommunications PLC (BT) suffered a setback in its patent-infringement lawsuit against Prodigy Communications Corp. last week when an initial ruling narrowed how BT can present and defend its claim to have invented hyperlink technology.

    19 March 02 08:47 Written by Laura Rohde
  • Board member sues ICANN over document access

    A judge late Friday denied Microsoft's request for a preliminary injunction against startup , thus allowing the startup to continue selling its operating system under the name Lindows.

    19 March 02 08:33 Written by Sam Costello
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