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  • VA Linux to Let Buyers Preconfigure Servers

    VA Linux Systems Inc. in Sunnyvale, Calif., is launching a service that will let buyers of Linux workstations and servers preconfigure their machines with a wide range of software options.

  • CSIRO shuns channel

    Commonwealth research organisation CSIRO's union has openly slammed the Government's initiative to outsource the science agency's IT requirements, planning a national strike for August 29 and calling into question the channel's ability to handle complex outsourcing requirements.

  • Intel Seeks to Put Home Network Users at Ease

    SAN FRANCISCO (08/15/2000) - What do most home network users want to make them feel more secure about accessing the Internet? According to research by chip maker Intel Corp., the top priorities for consumers are protection from hacker attacks and a means to safeguard their children from chancing upon unsavory content on the Net.

  • High-Tech Titans Join Open-Source Network

    BOSTON (08/15/2000) - High-tech industry titans Compaq Computer Corp., EMC Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co., IBM Corp., Intel Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc. all have joined as founding members the Open Source Development Network (OSDN), an organization committed to accelerating open-source software development, the companies announced Tuesday.

  • Outsourcing Leadership: Hands On, Hands Off


  • Chemical Attraction

    Companies that sell products and services to other businesses rather than to consumers, now known by the ubiquitous moniker B2B, are capitalizing on the benefits of e-commerce at a furious rate. B2B commerce in the United States alone will experience a 41 percent compound annual growth rate during the next five years; B2B transaction volume will top US$541 billion by 2003, up from $138 billion in 1999, according to a report by Yankee Group Inc., a Boston-based consultancy.

  • Lako Vision signs video card distribution deal

    Melbourne-based Lako Vision has finalised a deal to distribute Osprey video cards in the Australian market. Lako Vision, a division of video editing and sports graphics company Pineapplehead, will be the sole distributor of the cards, which employ a server-based technology that allows the simultaneous downloading of video files from the Internet or local area networks.

  • REVIEW: Opensales AllCommerce Suite for Linux

    With the rise in popularity of online commerce, more and more companies are looking for solutions to help them become online business-to-business and/or business-to-consumer powerhouses.

    However for many organisations, the cost and complexity of online commerce solutions, are barriers to entry.

  • AMD Works with Linux Community on Sledgehammer

    Open source developers, such as Red Hat Inc. and SuSE GmbH, are committed to developing Linux applications to run on the soon-to-be-released Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) 64-bit Sledgehammer chip.

  • PS2 to debut November 30

    It's the news console-game players have been waiting for: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc (SCEI) has announced PlayStation 2 will launch in Australia on November 30 and will carry a recommended retail price of $749. The company also announced plans to release the console in Europe on November 24. Different production schedules relating to DVD zoning requirements mean the console could not be released simultaneously with Europe, according to the company.

  • Building Maxwell's house

    The basic need for management of customer relationships in business was understood by many well before some marketing "guru" came up with the CRM acronym. For people like Grant Maxwell, customer relationship management is a way of life. Gerard Norsa reports

  • Trendlines: The New, the Hot, the Unexpected


  • Wild wireless windfall

    Having assumed the mantle of managing director of Cabletron spin-off Enterasys, Ian Fewtrell spoke with Jeanne-Vida Douglas about some of the challenges of rebranding, and why the wireless is a potential windfall for the channel

  • AT&T Unveils Web Hosting

    To cash in on the Web hosting craze and get more use of its sprawling data center build-out, AT&T on Tuesday unfurled its Business Ready Dedicated Hosting service.

  • HP tops sales, MD quits

    Hewlett-Packard Australasia's managing director, Bruce Thompson, has quit the company at a time when it has finally outgunned Compaq in channel sales. Thompson's resignation, effective August 31, follows 32 years of service with the company in Australia and New Zealand. He has held the posts of chairman and managing director for almost five years.

  • Eliminate Web publishing bottlenecks

    Enterprises face huge content management challenges - not just in administering volumes of documents - but also in getting this material online and keeping it up to date. Documentum 4i eBusiness Edition 4.0 provides a first-rate solution for large-scale content management. Global 2000 and Internet companies will find this product moves content quickly from authors, through approvals, and onto live Web sites, allowing e-businesses to respond quickly to changes in the online marketplace and deliver timely, relevant information to customers and business partners.

  • Network Solutions Briefs

    Lan1 hosts tech-talk roadshow, IP PBXs off to fast start with small companies, Upgrades to follow Bluetooth adoption

  • Sun moves into open-source storage

    In an effort to make good on a promise to open-source its storage offerings, Sun Microsystems last week announced that it has teamed with California-based Linuxcare to create a Linux failover driver which supports the Sun StorEdge T3 array.

  • Free Net access to get ‘smarter' advertisements

    The future may offer a mixed blessing: you'll have free Internet access, but you'll pay for it by viewing ads. And the ads are getting smarter. Custom advertising, targeted at your interests, will populate the banners that you may put up with to get free Internet access, according to a recent study released in the US by analyst Strategis Group.

  • CA names new chief

    In a major corporate realignment, Computer Associates International (CA) last week announced that founder Charles Wang is giving up his CEO job and that it plans to spin off some of its software and services businesses.