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  • Microsoft Gets Under the Covers with Amazon

    Microsoft Corp. and Inc. Monday announced a partnership to deliver electronic books online. Amazon plans to open an online e-book store, offering consumers the chance to buy and download paperless books using a customized version of the Microsoft Reader e-book format. After years of maintaining a strangely distant relationship, the two Seattle-area companies are finally doing business together.

  • Bureaucratus: The IRS Wants Its Due

    Under a U.S. Internal Revenue Service collection program that got under way last month, certain individuals and businesses with unpaid tax bills may be subject to a continual 15 percent levy on money due them from the federal government.

  • Career counsel: Dressing up a degree

    Getting advice when a career change beckons - or worse, when it comes to an abrupt halt - can be frustrating. In this forum, IT career specialist Mark Polansky offers opinions on the way ahead for those at the crossroad

  • Low-Cost 3D Sound from Philips

    I've never been a fan of entry-level speakers, but the price of the Philips Consumer Electronics Corp. MMS205 speaker system intrigued me. Could a four-speaker system that cost only US$80 sound good? My test indicates that the quality of such speakers has improved--but you still get what you pay for.

  • Justice Shops for Carnivore Review

    The U.S. Department of Justice has officially begun shopping for a university to conduct an independent technical review of Carnivore, the e-mail bugging system.

  • Cover story: X marks the spot

    Two years ago it was tough to find someone who knew anything about XML other than how to spell it. Now XML - or Extensible Markup Language - is being hailed as the future of B2B e-commerce. Caitlin Fitzsimmons takes a look at what's changed

  • Top 10 Budget PCs

    Our top Best Buy system, the Micro Express MicroFlex 600A, retains its spot, while NuTrend Computer Products Inc.'s Athlon Special 2, a newcomer in September, moves up a notch to claim second place. The Sys TaskMaster 600D, powered by AMD's new Duron processor, makes a strong debut in the fourth position.

  • Microsoft VP: Stealing Bits Is Stealing

    What is the publishing community's biggest fear? That it might be faced with the kind of copyright turmoil the recording industry is currently dealing with, thanks to music-sharing Web sites such as Napster.

  • Dell to Offer System Imaging Service

    Dell Computer Corp. Monday said it will begin to offer a new suite of services designed to enhance platform stability, speed system delivery and address the often mundane task of updating hard drive images.

  • SonicWall and VeriSign Team

    SonicWall is adding something new to its bag of VPN tricks: support for digital certificates that authenticate users for the purpose of exchanging encryption keys used to secure Internet connections.

  • Microsoft, Amazon to Bring 'EBooks to the Masses' is teaming up with Microsoft to create an electronic bookstore, the two companies announced Monday. Although the companies wouldn't be drawn on exactly when the Amazon eBook store will appear, both parties said it will be "as soon as possible." Amazon will offer Microsoft Reader as the "preferred format and preferred reading appliance" for its upcoming eBook store, according to Lyn Blake, general manager of Amazon Books. Microsoft Reader is software that enables users to read electronic books, including a technology known as ClearType, designed to improve on-screen text resolution.

  • Umax Unveils High-Res Scanner

    Scanner and digital-camera maker Umax Technologies Inc. is taking advantage of this week's Seybold digital-media show here to announce two midprice high-resolution scanners, which are expected to ship in mid-September.

  • Feature: The evolving IT worker

    Key technology workers may not come from IT at all, as managers rethink where they look for new talent. It's the critical need for both business and technology skills that has many IT pros on the ropes, fighting off business peers for choice IT jobs

  • On the Avenue

    "Black isn't always black." So says Lezlie Winter, explaining why she shuns the Internet when it comes to shopping. She was browsing through the handbag section of Saks Fifth Avenue. "And gray isn't always gray, and red isn't always red." Whatever important things the Internet might do for the world and the economy, when it comes to picking a purse, it apparently doesn't measure up.

  • Management View: Imagine the Possibilities

    What does your company have to look like two years from now in order to remain afloat and prosper? Believe it or not, your greatest challenge isn't turning that corpse you call a Web site into a living, sticky, interactive entertainment and sales zone for your customers. That's part of it, of course, but that's not what's going to keep you off life support.

  • ACS Certification Program adds value

    There has been a major change in the business community's attitude to IT. Where IT used to be left to professional staff in the back room, today it is on every business person's agenda. IT knowledge is needed by many more people and has moved to be a mainstream part of business.

  • Building Bigger Pipes

    It sounds almost too good to be true. Bandwidth-hungry agencies that have upgraded their networks with Gigabit Ethernet on IP-based backbones rather than Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) are saving themselves both headaches and money. Besides the obvious bandwidth boost, network managers can expect a variety of benefits by adding Gigabit Ethernet switches to their network backbones. And if they handle the design and installation details properly, they can expect a smooth upgrade as well.

  • Vendors salivate at penguin-led party

    Big announcements and large attendance signalled to the world that Linux may have come of age at the fourth LinuxWorld Conference & Expo recently. The show, which saw 200 vendors and 20,000 visitors, featured high-profile announcements from big systems stalwarts IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Dell Computer and Sun Microsystems, and start-ups, such as Linux NetworX, all bent on making the Linux operating system as bulletproof as possible for the enterprise customer.

  • Iocom, Equico on $50m outsourcing mission

    SME outsourcer Iocom has teamed up with financier Equico and set out with a $A50 million kitty to buy the technology departments, hardware and software infrastructures, and staff of Australian SMEs under the guise of outsourcing. In other areas some big names and heavy hitters made the news

  • IBM, Citrix Offer Philippines ISVs an ASP Boost

    IBM Philippines and Citrix Systems, provider of application server software and services worldwide, have teamed up to enable local software developers to offer their existing applications over the Web.