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  • PLDT Forms Internet Holding Company

    The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) early this month announced the formation of ePLDT, a holding company that will manage PLDT's investments in the Internet, e-commerce and multimedia businesses.

  • Face Off: Should the H-1B Cap Be Raised?

    ITAA President Harris Miller and Prof. Norman Matloff square off on the extent of the information technology labor shortage and the need for more foreign IT workers.

  • Net May Do for Education What Others Couldn't

    In an e-business world seemingly driven by competing forms of hype, this year's single loudest buzz is coming from the e-learning community. From Wall Street fortune-seekers to Ivy

  • Digging for Resources

    Your company's Web site is drawing more visitors than ever expected, and it won't be long before traffic slows to a crawl if you don't do something about it. You only have a few weeks to figure out which type of cache implementation will work best for your network and decide what to buy.

  • Embedded Microprocessors Are Everywhere

    You can't see them, but they're everywhere, exerting more and more influence on our lives, sometimes spelling the difference between life and death. We're talking about embedded microprocessors: the hidden chips that control everything from cell phones and microwave ovens to jumbo jets and antilock brakes.

  • IDF OVERVIEW: Intel Courts IT Managers at Conference

    Information technology managers played a central role in Intel's developers conference in San Jose last week. The company unveiled improved server processors along with a "concept PC" targeted at IT.

  • German Official: ISPs Liable for Hate Sites

    ISPs (Internet service providers) in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia could face fines of up to 500,000 marks (US$231,000) for carrying Web sites with neo-Nazi propaganda.

  • IBM Offers Java Virtual Machines for Download

    Developers can now download five Java Virtual Machines (VMs) from IBM Corp. for various platforms, including Java VMs for Linux, AIX, and OS/390. The newest version of OS/400 will contain a Java VM, and WebSphere Developer Domain offers a Windows version.

  • Online Tools and Internal Help Desks

    A growing number of corporations - from J. C. Penney Co. to General Electric Co. to Cisco Systems Inc. - are rolling out e-support tools to their employees as an inexpensive way of replacing in-person and telephone-based desktop support.

  • Dialup Blues

    A recurring problem that affected each product was configuring and reconfiguring laptops to make them connect via the LAN or via dial-up over the Internet. When the laptop was cabled via Fast Ethernet to the LAN, the laptop tried to dial out. When we had the laptop dial out, it couldn 't find the Domain Name System server on our LAN.

  • Plug-Ugly Interfaces Down to the Bone

    For many of you, the following observation may seem obvious, but I will make it anyway: Windows is ugly. (I rather wonder whether I should start watching over my shoulder for hit men sent out by Microsoft Corp.'s graphic design department . . . on second thought, given the number of critics of their output, I would suspect it will be a while until they get to me.)

  • Training Buyers Guide: A snapshot of seminars, short courses and university programs as supplied by the training providers by deadline.

    Training Buyers Guide: A snapshot of seminars, short courses and university programs as supplied by the training providers by deadline.

  • AT&T Solutions Offers Managed Storage Service

    AT&T Corp. Solutions is introducing a managed storage service designed for companies that can't stand to lose a packet of data.

  • Interactive TV Coming to Philippines

    Yes Television of the U.K. and Sky Vision Corp. have established a joint venture called Yes-Sky Interactive Corp., which will offer view on demand (VOD) and interactive TV (ITV) nationwide.

  • Brief: Foundry Switches Receive Certification

    FRAMINGHAM (08/28/2000) - Foundry Networks Inc. last week said its ServerIron Internet traffic and content-management switches received Open Platform for Security (OPSEC) certification from Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

  • Books Offer Food for Thought on Management

    Learning in Action: A Guide to Putting the Learning Organization to Work, by David A. Garvin. Explains how the organization can help you advance and perform better in the workplace. (Harvard Business School Press; 250 pages; $29.95)

  • Brief: LSI Logic Intros Fibre Channel Storage

    LSI Logic Corp. introduced a Fibre Channel storage array for workgroup and departmental networks last week. Dubbed the MetaStor E2400, the array has dual active controllers, redundant power supplies, cooling fans and redundant I/O paths for fault tolerance. All components are hot-swappable. The E2400 has a capacity ranging from 36G bytes to more than two terabytes. The MetaStor E2400 ranges from US$18,000 to $170,000.

  • Recruiters to the Rescue

    When Dick Mason, program manager at Unisys U.S. Federal Government Group, in Reston, Va., has a project to bid on, he begins the process by tapping in to an unusual source. He calls Natalie Schebella, his company's ace in-house technical recruiter.

  • Service Pack 1 for Windows 2000 Stops Useful Trick

    Many of my readers are using Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 2000, or thinking of upgrading to it. For these pioneers, I wrote in my Aug. 14 column that Windows 2000's recommended new Service Pack 1 has one significant glitch: SP1 disables network and Internet access if you're using a personal firewall product, such as ZoneAlarm or BlackICE, with security set on "High."

  • Brief: CA Releases Security Software

    Computer Associates International Inc. has released eTrust Internet Defense, an integrated software package designed to protect companies doing business online from attacks and security breaches.

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