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  • ASIC issues warning to online brokers

    Inadequate complaints-handling systems are the key problem preventing many local online stockbrokers from "clean bills of health", the Australian Securities and Investments Commission has warned.

  • Online Wine E-Tailers Are Ripe for Growth

    The online retail wine industry is still in its infancy, with several digital exchanges now stepping into the ring to establish dominance as the standard marketplace. But the e-business transformation for this industry has come with its own unique challenges and difficulties, mainly in the form of old legislation.

  • Dharma Upgrades Integration Tools

    Dharma Systems Inc. has released an update to its eUnify software suite, touting new support for legacy applications and XML in the application integration tool set.

  • Casio releases entry level PDA

    Looking to cash in on the fledgling consumer handheld market, Casio has launched the Pocket Viewer PV750.

  • Wireless Apps Require Vigilant Monitoring

    The growing reliance on wireless technologies for business-critical data applications is beginning to pose challenges for enterprises and carriers striving to keep tabs on network performance. Whether companies are developing pure wireless applications or migrating existing Web applications to the wireless realm, wireless technology promises to reshape e-business. Challenges await enterprises, not just due to the demands of increased Web traffic but also from the compounded complexity of the new systems.

  • Radio Rentals, Walker Store form retail stronghold

    South Australia's Radio Rentals Group has appointed new CEO Brendan Killen to oversee the amalgamation of the state's Radio Rental and Walker Stores in a move that gives the combined company buying power of over $100 million.

  • Transmeta unveils new chip, signs up Sony

    It's been a big week for chip maker Transmeta. Wednesday saw the startup introduce a new model of its Crusoe chip, the TM5600, at the Hot Chips conference, and then came the news that Sony has been added to Transmeta's growing roster of clients.

  • Travel Vendors Push to Placate Frustrated Flyers

    In what may become known as the summer of the delayed flight, travel vendors are leveraging online and wireless technologies to pacify an otherwise furious public.

  • AT&T Debuts Web Conferencing Service

    AT&T Corp. on Thursday debuted a new Web conferencing tool for businesses looking to hold online presentations between dispersed locations.

  • Open-Source Vendors Offer Variety

    SAN FRANCISCO (08/17/2000) - Plenty of penguins filled the showroom floor at LinuxWorld this week helping vendors advertise the latest in open-source applications and products. The well-dressed birds helped draw attendees' attention to tech-savvy vendors hoping to push the open-source model further toward the enterprise and consumer market sectors.

  • Three Minutes with Dennis Lee

    From personal digital assistants to pagers and Internet-enabled phones that support the wireless application protocol, you'll find a plethora of wireless devices to access Internet sites and services. Despite the benefits of anytime, anywhere access, the wireless Internet also raises new questions of personal security. We recently spoke to Dennis Lee, director of training and research at information security consulting firm, IFSec, about privacy in a world where personal information travels over the airwaves.

  • Judges Bars Linking in DeCSS Case

    A U.S. federal judge has issued a ruling that permanently bars Web sites from linking to other sites that contain De-Content Scrambling System (DeCSS) code for disabling DVD (digital video disc) encryption when the site offering the link aims to help facilitate dissemination of illegal code.

  • Gore Pledges to Penalize Internet Abuse

    Like his republican competitor two weeks before him, Democratic party presidential nominee Al Gore largely skirted technology issues during his acceptance speech to the democratic party conference in Los Angeles Thursday night.

  • B2B Tipped As Next Net Shake-Out Sector

    The next big Internet shakeout will occur among vendors of business-to-business (B2B) electronic commerce products and services, according to Mark Daniell, managing director of international consultants Bain & Co. Asia.

  • Compression technology could speed Net transfers

    When most people think geometry and triangles, they think of things like the Pythagorean theorem: A^2 + B^2 = C^2. But two scientists are now taking triangles to a whole new level, using them to compress digital images up to 12 times better than current standards.

  • Looking back on LinuxWorld

    It was a good week for Linux as software vendors, application developers, and leading computer makers filled the San Jose Convention Center to demonstrate their support for open-source computing at the fourth LinuxWorld Conference and Expo.

  • FTC Reaches Legal Settlement with Online Retailers

    FRAMINGHAM (08/07/2000) - The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has reached a legal settlement with seven online retailers that the FTC says violated federal mail order rules (which also apply to online sales) by failing to ship items to consumers by the promised date or within 30 days. The retailers - Inc., Ltd., Inc., CDNow Inc., Patriot Computer Corp., Original Honey Baked Ham Company of Georgia and - will together pay US$1.5 million in civil penalties related to the retailers' failure to ship promised items in time during the 1999 Christmas season.

  • Gates to discuss .Net Down Under

    Microsoft has announced today Bill Gates will visit Australia during September to share Microsoft's .NET strategy with Australian audiences.

  • Swiss Bank Hit by Love Bug Variant

    Swiss bank UBS AG says only a small proportion of its electronic banking customers are at risk from a targeted e-mail virus. In a statement Thursday, the bank said the virus, a variant of the "Love Bug" virus which circulated in May, only affects the minority of customers who have loaded UBS PIN (personal identification number) software on their computers.

  • Toysmart, FTC Overruled on Sale of Customer Data

    The U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Massachusetts today denied a motion by Waltham, Mass.-based to approve a settlement the company reached with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) last month to sell its customer data.