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  • SingTel deal could end up in the trash

    Former British prime minister Harold Wilson once said that a week is a long time in politics.

  • Compaq moves toward utility-based hardware services

    Compaq on Tuesday became the latest major computer vendor to shift its focus from stand alone product sales to complete technology solution offerings.

  • Demand for execs increases

    Demand for higher-paid Australian executives is on the rise and showing signs of recovery, according to an executive search firm.

  • Poachers pounce on EAI skills

    Skill shortages in the enterprise application integration space are tempting organisations who share the same EAI vendor to poach staff from each other.

  • Merger spawns security firm with global aspirations

    The Vectra Corporation was formed this month following the merger of South Australian technology companies Systems Services and IT Services Group.

  • Comdisco bankrupt, sells services unit to HP

    IT services and equipment leasing firm Comdisco and 50 of its U.S. subsidiaries have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Comdisco's operations outside of the U.S. are not included in the filing.

  • Cut cables delay flights

    Flights in and out of Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra were delayed yesterday after two cables carrying radar and communications data were cut.

  • Qld sets up online conveyancing shop

    The Queensland Government has introduced an online property conveyancing package aimed at streamlining regional legal eagles' duties.

  • HP to add usage payment plan

    Corporate customers will pay for the amount of server computing power they use, as a result of a new metered service Hewlett-Packard will introduce to Australia in September.

  • Microsoft hard on charity software

    As Microsoft targets underprivileged kids in its "Bridging the Digital Divide" initiative, a local charity working towards a similar goal may well be quashed by the tech giant.

  • Government to review spectrum auctions

    The Productivity Commission will review the process of auctioning telecommunications spectrum after the failed datacasting auction held earlier this year.

  • Industry group promotes ICT opportunities for Indigenous Australians

    Indigenous Australians can benefit from the long-term job and business opportunities provided by the information and communications technology (ICT) industry, according to the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA).

  • CommBank feels the need for speed

    The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has invested millions in a move to ramp up the efficiency of its business processes.

  • Dark horse FullAudio grabs another license

    While high-profile players like MusicNet and Pressplay steal the spotlight in the online music battle, dark horse FullAudio Corp. announced its third significant license in a month Monday, this time with EMI Recorded Music Ltd.

  • Commerce One enables cross-industry purchase orders

    Last year, it was marketplace mania as seemingly every company on earth announced it would launch an online trading exchange.

  • Linux lends a hand to Sun engineers

    Sun Microsystems Inc. is rolling out a critical customer service application on an operating system that's almost completely untried for handheld devices - Linux.

  • Users keen on the new version of CA's Unicenter

    Beta-version users are applauding the latest release of Computer Associates International Inc.'s management framework software, saying the more modular design makes it easier to implement and use.

  • MSN messenger outage leads to .Net concerns

    The recent weeklong access foul-up with MSN Messenger left users angry and analysts questioning Microsoft's ability to effectively manage enterprise applications and systems under its .Net initiative.

  • Alloptic announces deep fiber solution

    Alloptic at last week's National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference announced the availability of its curbG.E.A.R. (Gigabit Ethernet Access Router) Optical Networking Unit, a device that lets network providers deliver high-bandwidth fully converged services to residential communities, multidwelling units and multi-tenant units.

  • Newest version of Sun's J2EE ready for download

    Sun Microsystems has made its latest version of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), version 1.3 beta 2, available for download, the company announced Monday.