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  • Entrust Gears up for Regional Expansion

    As part of a major assault on the Australian and New Zealand market, Entrust Technologies has formed a distribution partnership with Key Trust to provide e-business solutions.

  • Harvey Norman to take on Europe

    Harvey Norman will move its retail operations into Europe with the planned opening of its first store in Slovenia by November next year.

  • Baltimore Wins Accreditation

    Baltimore Technologies is Australia's first PKI provider to receive full accreditation under the federal government's Gatekeeper strategy.

  • BPay Picks Sun For E-bill Solution

    BPay has chosen Sun Microsystems to provide technology for its electronic bill presentment (EBP) service which it plans to launch by the middle of next year.

  • Praxa denies layoff rumours

    IT service provider Praxa have confirmed reports the company is going through another major restructure at present, but refused to confirm rumours the restructure involves the retrenchment of staff.

  • Linux Code Released for Panther Software

    Enterprise software maker JYACC Inc. in New York has released the source code for its Panther Open Source Software for Linux (POSSL) technology, which is widely known as a development environment for IBM Corp.'s WebSphere Application Server. JYACC also announced the creation of an open-source online community for developers to collaborate on the continued evolution of the software. The community for POSSL is at

  • XML Creator Maps Out Search Scheme for Net

    XML co-inventor Tim Bray launched a public showcase Web site last week for his new company,, offering a service called Visual Net that visually plots content on the Web and in private networks.

  • Vendors Announce P4 PCs Today

    Just in time for the holiday buying season, computer manufacturers announced Monday PCs they plan to ship with the Pentium 4, Intel Corp.'s newest, fastest microprocessor.

  • IBM's Red Hot Opportunity Speeds up Web Sites

    IBM Corp. Global Services is partnering with SolidSpeed Networks to enable Web hosters to offer SolidSpeed's CDN (content delivery network) services to speed up Web sites of small and midsize business clientele.

  • Government Boosts Pay for Half Its IT Workers

    The U.S. federal government next year will increase the salaries of nearly half its information technology workers by up to 33 percent - a move intended to improve the government's ability to recruit and retain employees. But while it may help make government service more attractive, it won't solve the government's IT labor hiring problems, according to federal employees.

  • IT, CFOs Struggle Over Control

    Conflict between the IT department and financial directors over who is directing the IT strategy is holding back process and power companies' IT progress, according to the results of an industry provider's survey.

  • MicroStrategy opens its eCRM doors

    Another US-based software developer has set up shop in Australia, looking to exploit what it hopes is a burgeoning Asia-Pacific market.

  • News Briefs

    Baltimore reports record Q3 revenues, New MD for CRM player gears up Aussie operations, KAZ cheques in to banking industry, AOL Australia searches with Looksmart

  • Online sales to octuple: Inform

    CIOs and IT managers are rethinking the way they want to buy from resellers, according to a recent survey conducted by channel research company Inform.

  • Oracle Loses Another Key Executive

    Database giant Oracle Corp. announced Friday that Executive Vice President Gary Bloom is leaving the company to become chief executive officer at Veritas Software Corp.

  • Privacy Bill change gets go-ahead

    After hours of rowdy debate about whether the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Bill 2000 will stimulate or hinder the growth of e-commerce, the controversial legislation was finally passed in the House of Representatives.

  • Editorial: Not an outsourcing blow-out

    The current Clayton's enquiry into federal government IToutsourcing on the back of an unfavourable report from the auditor general, which revealed a 300 per cent cost blow-out instead of expected costs savings, has limited relevance for the private sector. It's true that the federal government has pursued outsourcing with a sometimes ideological zeal and spent too much along the way, providing much fuel for the federal opposition's ongoing anti-outsourcing campaign, as reported in Computerworld (September 18, p1 and November 13, p1). Federal government accountability is one thing, practicality for enterprise IT departments is another.

  • Special version operating systems: secure but with a catch

    Trusted operating systems are special versions of off-the-shelf operating systems, such as Windows NT and Unix that are enhanced to be more secure. Charles Kalko is a big fan of trusted operating systems. With PitBull from Argus Systems, he's used them to lock down vital functions that run his business-to-business barter site. The result: tighter security and more stable systems because fewer information technology administrators can make ill-advised tweaks to them.

  • FTC Warns E-tailers to Keep Shipping Promises

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning more than 100 online retailers that they'd better not make holiday shipping promises they can't keep.

  • Labor calls for Senate inquiry

    The Labor Opposition expects to announce a full inquiry into the controversial IT outsourcing program by the end of this month following cross-bench support in the Senate.