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  • GTSI Brings Two More into Fold

    Government customers seeking to better monitor their e-business systems and applications and those looking for fault-tolerant servers can find help in a pair of alliances announced Monday by GTSI Corp.

  • Government Hikes Spending on Quantum Computing

    Preparing for an eventual post-silicon-chip world, the U.S. is hiking its research spending on quantum computers and other advanced computing alternatives. But foreign governments are doing likewise, and a race to develop new technologies -- potentially raising profound implications for computer security -- may be beginning.

  • Dell Names New VP

    Dell Computer Corp. in Round Rock, Texas, appointed Russell Holt as vice president and general manager of the company's storage systems business unit.

  • Compuware Introduces Remotely Hosted Software

    As more vendors offer Web performance testing through a hosted model, analysts say it can be a cheaper alternative to performing the function in-house as long as users don't mind relinquishing control of their Web information.

  • Qualcomm, Via Discuss Wireless Cooperation

    TAIPEI (09/22/2000) - Driven by the convergence of wireless communications and computing, Qualcomm Inc. and Taiwanese PC chip set and processor vendor Via Technologies Inc. are exploring opportunities for cooperation, a Qualcomm official said here Thursday.

  • Chase Exec Sees Internet Driving Bank Mergers

    Chase Manhattan's Chairman for Asia-Pacific Antony Leung said Thursday that the Internet is the driving force behind a recent wave of bank mergers, including his company's historic $US31 billion combination with J.P. Morgan last week. Because online banking allows banks to serve customers around the world, it is accelerating the globalization of banking, Leung said in a speech to the American Chamber of Commerce here.

  • Telecom Italia Releases ISDN Webphone

    ROME (09/21/2000) - Telecom Italia SpA has launched an ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) Webphone, giving customers the chance to navigate the Internet over a fixed-line connection without using a PC, the Italian telecommunications incumbent announced Thursday.

  • Wins Media Bid

    FRAMINGHAM (09/21/2000) - Mississauga, Ontario-based e-commerce service provider International Inc. this week announced it entered into a three-year agreement with News International PLC, the flagship media business unit of London-based The News Corp. and publisher of a number of newspapers, including The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sun and News of the World. will provide e-commerce services to enable News International's online ventures to sell reader offers and branded products through the Internet using a blend of fixed- and dynamic-pricing formats..

  • Weather Bureau upgrades network for Games

    A new ATM network link has been installed by the Bureau of Meteorology to handle increased data traffic between Melbourne and Sydney generated by the Olympic Games.

  • Study: Businesses Not Tapping Full Net Potential

    AUSTIN, TEXAS (09/21/2000) - A new study of more than 1,000 businesses in the U.S. and Europe concludes that companies are not tapping the full potential of the Internet marketplace.

  • Iomega Ships Digital Music Player

    Iomega Corp. is hoping its next big hit will be on your hip. The storage maven is entering the crowded field of portable digital music players with the release of its HipZip player. The device uses Iomega's own 40MB PocketZip storage disks, which cost considerably less than competing players that use pricier flash memory to store music files.

  • Web banners have proved a disaster

    Advertising on the Internet has been "an absolute, complete, unmitigated failure," said Jason McCabe Calacanis, editor and CEO of Silicon Alley Reporter. He addressed a crowd on Thursday largely composed of e-commerce executives, at the Komm conference held here as part of the Internet Commerce Expo (ICE).

  • Acer Will Help Start Digital Project in Argentina

    Acer Argentina S.A., a subsidiary of Taiwanese company Acer Inc, and Banco de la Nación Argentina, Thursday announced they had signed an agreement to kick off the Argentina Digital Project. The project is aimed at granting low interest rate loans through businesses or labor unions for those seeking to purchase personal computers for home use.

  • IT Execs Praise Clinton Support for Disabled

    SAN FRANCISCO (09/21/2000) - Many of the biggest names in the world of technology Thursday voiced support for the Clinton administration in relation to the U.S. president's work in making products and services more accessible to the disabled community.

  • Despite Optimism, SDMI Wavers

    BOSTON (09/20/2000) - After two years of proposals, meetings and controversy, the Secure Digital Music Initiative -- SDMI -- may soon become a major player in the Internet music arena. The technology is nearly ready for the market, according to Leonardo Chiariglione, the executive director of SDMI, and is already available, in an early form, in some devices.

  • Corel Scores Financing Deal with Unnamed Investor

    After announcing it will eliminate 139 jobs in Ireland as part of a $US40 million cost-cutting program, software developer Corel Corp. announced an unnamed investor could purchase up to 14.7 million shares of the company over the next two years.

  • Handspring Sidles into Wireless

    Handspring Inc., whose Visor commands about a quarter of the handheld market, is going after customers who want to cut down on the number of devices they have to lug around.

  • PDAs and mobile phones converging

    Long anticipated, the convergence of PDAs (personal digital assistants) and cellular phones will get a boost next week when California-based Handspring Inc announces its VisorPhone.

  • Balance Personalization, Privacy on Web Sites

    DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY (09/20/2000) - Promoters of techniques for personalizing content on electronic-commerce Web sites say those are a valuable marketing tool. But privacy advocates caution that it's bad business, as well as bad ethics, to misuse personal data.

  • EPA Making Move Toward E-Gov

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is taking the first step toward enabling companies to file environmental reports to the government online.