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  • Amazon Teams with Microsoft for Electronic Books

    Microsoft Corp. Monday moved closer to establishing its Microsoft Reader as the default format for distributing electronic books. The company announced that online retailer Inc. has selected Microsoft Reader as the "preferred format" for a future e-book store.

  • Novell financial strife fuels rumours

    Novell posted woeful financial results recently amid fresh speculation about a possible takeover by IBM and musings from analysts as to how the company might make enough money to keep its technologies intact.

  • EditDV 2.0

    PROS:Pro-quality precision and effects; welcome enhancements.

  • Microsoft Invests in Another Game Company

    Microsoft Corp. has agreed an exclusive distribution deal with Maryland-based strategy games developer Big Huge Games Inc., the companies announced Wednesday. Microsoft has also made an equity investment of unspecified size in the company.

  • Lexmark wins award for after-sale service

    Lexmark has come out trumps at Recognition in IT Achievement (RITA) 2000, winning an award as the best printer vendor for technical support in Australia.

  • Employees, Customers Left Out of B2B

    Training for e-commerce has to extend throughout the organisation, says Keith Holtham, architecture manager for Intel's Asia-Pacific region.

  • VA Linux Ups Server Ante

    VA Linux Systems Inc. Tuesday rolled out a four-way 700MHz Pentium III-based system that company officials promised will be targeted at users looking to speed e-commerce or Web serving applications.

  • Iran News Briefs: Operators to Exchange Traffic

    TEHRAN (08/29/2000) - High-speed network operators are to create an Internet traffic exchange center, to be called Gix. One of the goals of this center is to implement policies for the control and prevention of unsuitable sites on Internet. Besides supporting the stability of the country's Internet network, the center is expected to result in savings on international Internet bandwidth. It will also be an important step toward government policies of reducing administration and leaving the responsibilities to the nongovernmental sector.

  • VARs set to ride ASP wave

    Systems integrators and VARs are in an excellent position to take advantage of application service provider (ASP) growth, according to Paula Hunter, president of the ASP Industry Consortium.

  • Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

    Just when you think you've seen the last of her swinging ponytail and improbable chest, Lara Croft is back with another adventure. Thankfully, balanced game play and a focus on problem solving make Lara's latest Tomb Raider escapade, The Last Revelation, one of her most satisfying.

  • Sun Adopts GNOME 2.0 for Solaris

    Sun Microsystems recently became a member of the GNOME Foundation, a group of technology companies and open community developers that plans to promote GNOME as an open user environment across the industry. In addition, Sun announced plans to implement GNOME 2.0 as Solaris's desktop. It's anticipated that Sun's adoption of GNOME for Solaris will be beneficial to Linux developers, and will ensure quality and reliability from the GNOME Foundation.

  • Powerlan offers Clarity in public offering

    Powerlan last week announced its telecommunications group Clarity International will list on the ASX in an effort to raise $3 million of new capital to fuel its growth ambitions.

  • Not the Kind of Java I Had in Mind

    SAN FRANCISCO (08/29/2000) - Starbucks Corp. (800/782-7282, points to the iMac as the inspiration for its new Barista Utopia. And they're similar, as long as the comparisons stop at encased in see-through plastic. As for matching the iMac's famed ease of use, the Barista Utopia may be the first coffeemaker to come with a 30-minute instruction video. Setup is a chore, and brewing a pot can take as long as rendering an iMovie transition. That flaw overshadows the Barista Utopia's novel vacuum-brewing system. Hot air pushes water up from the coffee carafe through a funnel and into the filter, where it mixes with beans. Eye-catching, sure -- but the iMac has proven it takes more than a pretty face..

  • Digi rethinks channel strategy

    Digi International's Australian operation has launched a new-look channel strategy geared around supporting a select number of integrator/reseller partners.

  • Solution 6 takes Gamble

    Listed IT company Solution 6 has taken strides to complete the recovery from its public relations disasters of earlier this year by appointing the high-profile and broadly experienced Neil Gamble as its new CEO.

  • Dot Schadenfreude

    Those poor dot-coms. Once they were the golden promise of the New Economy, flush with cash and partying like it was 1999. But since the market downturn in April, many Internet-only companies can't afford a pity party.

  • QuicKeys 5.0


  • Sale of the Century

    Since the first iMac debuted two years ago, Apple Computer Inc. has sold 3.7 million of them. As some number cruncher in Cupertino likes to put it, that translates to 5,000 iMacs sold each day, 200 each hour, and 3.5 every minute. Telling numbers, to be sure, but we think we've found even more eye-popping sales statistics.

  • Optus joins exchange

    C&W Optus is nominating itself as the Australian representative in the Global Trading Web Association (GTW), a worldwide e-marketplace comprising 24 leading companies.

  • Copyright Trial Continues

    BOSTON (08/29/2000) - Inc. founder and Chief Executive Officer Michael Robertson resumed the stand Tuesday in Manhattan Federal Court to defend his company against willful copyright accusations made by Universal Music Group.