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  • Red Hat, SuSE Chiefs: We're for Linux Open Source

    For-profit companies in the Linux business see an opportunity to make money, but they aren't interested in monopolizing the market, said the heads of two major distributors of the open source operating system.

  • WebCatalog enables quick site setup

    Developing dynamic e-commerce sites can prove to be a daunting task, so the job is often delegated to high-cost, hard-to-find Web development specialists and can take weeks to complete.

  • SBC and BellSouth Rename Joint Venture

    FRAMINGHAM (10/06/2000) - Cingular Wireless is the new name for the joint venture of the two wireless divisions of San Antonio-based SBC Communications Inc. and Atlanta-based BellSouth Corp. Cingular serves 19 million customers in 38 states and provides service in 42 of the top 50 markets, according to Cingular and analysts. The company said it expects to earn $12 billion in annual revenue..

  • Retail Exchanges Forge Ahead Amid Doubts

    The retail industry's two most prominent electronic marketplaces are readying plans to go beyond the auction stage to the sort of hard-core business-to-business transactions they hope will lead to significant cost reductions in their supply chains.

  • Internet Requires Better Architecture to Grow

    The Internet is in need of an architecture that handles more addresses, increased reliability and quality of service (QoS) standards that Internet service providers can agree on, according to a report about to be released by the National Academy of Sciences in Washington.

  • House, Senate Vote to Increase H-1B Visa Cap

    Congress has boosted the H-1B visa cap and made it easier for workers under the program to change jobs. But the cap increase, which President Clinton is expected to approve, may not make a big dent in the information technology workforce shortage.

  • The Bug Report

    SAN MATEO (10/06/2000) - Microsoft Corp.: Windows users are advised not to install Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 immediately after installing Windows 2000 High Encryption Pack. Doing so may cause Windows 2000 to hang at the "Preparing Network Connections" message the next time users restart their computers. In order to prevent this from happening, computers should be restarted between the two installations. If it is too late and the computer is hung up, the problem can be fixed by following the steps outlined at

  • IP Telephony Aims at PSTN

    Although IP telephony began modestly as a novel, yet low-quality method for transmitting free voice calls over data networks, the technology is now showing great promise and blooming with business-enhancing features and applications, an industry expert said at the Internet Telephony Conference and Expo here.

  • Lexus Licenses GM's OnStar GPS Service

    After years of quiet talks with General Motors Corp., Toyota Motor Corp. next week will unveil its 2001 Lexus luxury sedans equipped with its rival's OnStar in-vehicle communications service.

  • Online Merchants Gird for Credit Card Fraud

    Fraud-prevention measures for online payment systems could become more than an afterthought to many e-tailers when the Web holiday sales surge hits full stride and transaction volume levels rise.

  • Marimba to Post Third-Quarter Loss

    Software maker Marimba Inc. in Mountain View, Calif., said it expects revenue for the third quarter ended Sept. 30 to be in the range of US$10 million to $10.2 million, with a net loss of 13 cents to 17 cents per share.

  • Compaq Ratchets Up OpenVMS with V7.3

    Compaq Computer Corp.'s newly released OpenVMS Version 7.3 builds on the company's promise to enhance the 24-year-old operating system it acquired from Digital Equipment Corp. two years ago, users and analysts said.

  •'s WebHouse Club Shuts Down Inc.'s grocery and gasoline selling licensee Priceline WebHouse Club, will wind down its operations in the next 90 days, citing funding difficulties, the company announced Thursday.

  • Despite Odds, Georgia Hits It Big with ERP System

    It was a big bang project - going live with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system throughout an entire organization at once. Employees even had to camp out at work in sleeping bags at certain crucial moments.

  • Maxtor Scoops Up Quantum in Deal Worth $2.3B

    Storage provider Maxtor Corp. this week said it will buy Quantum Corp.'s hard-disk drive group for an estimated US$2.3 billion in stock.

  • Dot-Com Bargains Mean Mergers Ahead

    A year ago only Internet companies could afford to acquire other Internet companies. A Yahoo Inc. could afford to spend US$5 billion on another dot-com, whereas traditional brick-and-mortar companies were left in the dust, under pressure to make an Internet play yet unable to afford to buy into the market.

  • Cisco Revises Optical Networking Strategy

    FRAMINGHAM (10/06/2000) - Cisco Systems Inc. this week unveiled a plant and a new strategy for manufacturing optical networking products. Citing an explosion in demand for Internet access, San Jose-based Cisco said that by manufacturing such products in-house - in its new 674,000-square-foot facility in Salem, N.H. - it will be able to reduce delivery times and stay ahead of market demand..

  • Oracle Trims Line in Increasing Performance

    In a feat of marketing reductivism attributed partly to quality-control concerns, Oracle Corp. has boiled down its product line from 75 to two: the Oracle9i database and Oracle9i Application Server (AS), both of which the software giant is aiming at the hosting arena.

  • DOJ Launches Investigation of Applied Materials

    The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has notified Applied Materials Inc., the world's largest supplier of manufacturing and testing equipment to the semiconductor industry, that it has begun an investigation of the company's licensing practices, Applied Materials said Friday.

  • Informix Commits Database to Symbian

    SAN MATEO (10/06/2000) - Database vendor Informix Corp. announced a partnership with wireless software platform provider Symbian Ltd. to port Informix's Cloudscape database to the Symbian platform. Applications written to the Java-based Cloudscape can run on Symbian-based smart phones and handheld computers..

  • Economist survey foresees shift in IT service delivery

    63% of LOBs expected growth of third-party tech services, while increased spending on enterprise IT services is anticipated by 65% of CIOs


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