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  • Citadel watches over security

    Niche security integrator, Citadel Securix has been appointed as a Nokia Internet Communications Premier Reseller, an agreement which rewards its commitment to security solutions.

  • HK Online Bookstore Offers Print-on-Demand

    To overcome inventory and logistics problems commonly faced by online bookstores, (Hong Kong) Ltd. has adopted a print-on-demand (POD) technology that allows it to be more virtual in terms of product delivery and inventory.

  • Microsoft Partners to Push Pocket PC in France

    PARIS (09/07/2000) - Microsoft Corp.'s Pocket PC platform is to get an extended push into the corporate market in France from the French subsidiary of Extended Systems Inc., the developer of XTNDConnect Server data synchronization software, the companies announced Wednesday.

    Microsoft and Extended Systems SARL will collaborate to provide businesses with secure synchronization and management systems for their Pocket PC devices. The move will help corporate users reduce the total cost of ownership involved in maintaining handheld computers, the companies said in a joint statement.

    XTNDConnect Server provides secure access to Microsoft Exchange Servers and ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) databases such as SQL Server, according to Extended, while a suite of remote management tools allow administrators to monitor corporate data accessible to portable devices through the Microsoft Management Console.

    Pocket PC devices are set to face one more competitor in the French market. Handspring Inc. on Wednesday began online sales of a French-language version of its Visor, a rival handheld device based on Palm Inc.'s PalmOS platform.

    The Visor was introduced to other European countries on May 2, but its launch in France was delayed pending the introduction of a localized version. [See "Handspring Brings Visor to Europe," May 2.]

    Extended Systems Inc., in Boise, Idaho, can be reached at +1-208-322-7800, or via the Web at Extended Systems SARL, in Le Pont de Claix, France, is at +33-4-76-98-90-10, or at Microsoft, in Redmond, Washington, is at +1-425-882-8080, or at Handspring, in Mountain View, California, is at +1-650-230-5000, or at http:/

  • Brief: MSN E-Mail Down for Some Users

    Some of Microsoft Corp.'s Microsoft Network customers have been unable to download e-mail for days, though they can still send messages.

  • Airport Grabs CLEC-Class Optical Access Gear

    Optical edge vendor Intelect Network Technologies has won a US$1 million-plus order from the Metropolitan Airports Commission in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

  • Judge: MP3.Com 'Willfully Violated' Copyright

    BOSTON (09/06/2000) - A U.S. federal judge ruled Wednesday that Inc. willfully violated the copyright of the Universal Music Group Inc.

  • SaleLogix lands for Web-phones

    Software vendor Interact Commerce launched a version of its Saleslogix customer contact management package today for Web-enabled mobile phones and handheld devices.

  • MPAA Pursues DeCSS Posters over Links

    BOSTON (09/06/2000) - In the last 10 days of August, the Motion Picture Association of America Inc. (MPAA) began sending cease-and-desist orders to people who post or link to the De-Content Scrambling System (DeCSS) program from their Web sites.

    Many observers had expected the MPAA to take such action after the Aug. 17 ruling by New York State District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan barring journalist Eric Corley from linking to DeCSS, a program that decrypts DVDs (digital versatile discs), from the Web site of his publication, 2600: The Hacker Quarterly.

  • Telmex Spins Off Cellular Business

    Teléfonos de México SA (Telmex) announced Wednesday that it will spin off its local cellular business and most of its cellular businesses abroad in order to improve its financial management and better its operations throughout Latin America.

  • Struggling Novell to Cut 16 Percent of Workers

    Novell Wednesday announced that 16 per cent of its 5,500 employees are being laid off in a cost-cutting move as executives at the struggling company continue to look for a solution to its worsening financial situation.

  • HK Company Offers Domain-Name Alternative

    HONG KONG (09/07/2000) - To break down the language barrier for non-English speakers on the Web, Hong Kong-based Culturecom Holdings Ltd. has introduced a numeric alternative for domain names, according to company executives.

  • RSA Code Patent Released to Public

    Two weeks earlier than expected, RSA Security Inc. has released into the public domain an important computer security patent.

  • The Untethered Campus

    Students at the University of Oregon in Eugene will surf the Web a little easier when they return to campus this month. Over the spring and summer, the university's network department installed and tested wireless network-access points, which let a student using a laptop with a special card tap into the network over radio frequencies.

  • Ericsson Scores Telecom Deals in Guangdong, China

    L.M. Ericsson Telephone said Wednesday that it expects to sign frame agreements valued at $US550 million for the building of a fixed-line and expansion of mobile telecommunications networks in China's Guangdong province.

  • Telco Targets ‘Big Three' IT Issues

    Australian corporate telco, Macquarie is pitching a new product range as the solution to the ‘big three' critical IT issues -- insufficient network bandwidth, inadequate data cost control and the skilled IT staff shortage -- today.

  • Novell Slims Down

    As expected, financially troubled Novell Inc. Wednesday pink-slipped 900 employees in an attempt to bring its expenses in line with revenue.

  • IBM, Microsoft, Ariba Join on B-to-B Directory

    IBM Corp., Microsoft Corp. and Ariba Inc. Wednesday plan to jointly announce a business-to-business e-commerce directory that some analysts are describing as a potential Yellow Pages for companies looking to locate suppliers and other business partners and then hook up with them via the Internet.

  • BPAY Hits $1 Billion Record

    Australia's leading online bill payment service BPAY hit a record $1 billion in bill payments in July.

  • Add Flash to Online Albums

    Already tired of the ordinary digital photo album? SmashCast is betting on just that with the introduction of a free Web-based Flash moviemaking application called PhotoPoint Corp. MovieMaker on the site.

  • Telstra Consolidation Disconnects Contractors

    Telstra has reduced the number of contractors maintaining its Customer Access Network from 1000 to eight.

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