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  • AT LARGE: A day in the life

    6:00am - Drag myself out of bed. Make myself a nice hot cup of Earl Grey to start the day. Switch the computer on. Got to write column for ARN today.

  • NEWSFLASH: Senior Westcon executive resigns

    Westcon Australia national sales manager John Readshaw has resigned from the distribution company and taken up an appointment as the regional business development manager with services giant NCR's fledgling e-business unit.

  • What's he smiling about?

    This week's "Who is this guy?" candidate chose not to be photographed in his luxurious leather chair in his spiffy office, nor did he stand with his back to a view of the harbour. He chose boxes. Boxes as far as the eye can see.

  • Visual Studio under .NET

    Microsoft .NET, the software giant's language-independent architecture for enterprise applications, is a decisive departure from current Windows programming methods. Even the most intrepid developers have taken to the command-line tools supplied with the .NET software development kit (SDK), doing well enough with those tools to ask Microsoft to permit production use of .NET software.

  • Network Solutions Briefs: 3Com, HP & Nortel, SANS

    3Com to boost reseller training in Asia-Pacific, HP, Nortel join forces on 10Gbps Ethernet interface, SAN speeds to increase 10-fold, association claims

  • Enterprise Solutions Briefs

    Bay of plenty at MEC, Where's Archie?, Viridian Warp speeds reseller information, Security: Card or key?

  • Red-M sinks enterprise tooth

    With the hype surrounding Bluetooth wireless connectivity gaining momentum, it comes as little surprise then that networking vendors are scrambling to release devices and applications to cash-in on a potential Bluetooth explosion.

  • AMD names Legend distributor

    Looking to further expand its CPU reach, AMD has appointed a new distributor for the Australian market.

  • UK's Logica acquires MITS

    After over 12 months in the pipeline, Logica has finally announced its acquisition of Melbourne-based systems integrator MITS. Although the sale has yet to be approved by parent company share holders, the acquisition is clearly endorsed by the MITS board of directors.

  • Competition for IBM's Mainframes - Unix Servers

    According to US users and analysts, the impending exits of both of IBM s plug-compatible mainframe rivals from the S/390 market focuses more attention on the real high-end server battle: the one between IBM's big-iron boxes and Unix systems made by vendors such as Sun Microsystems and Hewlett-Packard.

  • Retail Solutions Briefs: Online retail,, Daisytek & Telstra

    Online retail to boom, settles lawsuit, Daisytek pens Internet retail deal with Telstra

  • ESR hails cab contract

    Enterprise Speech Reco-gnition (ESR) has set the metre running after scoring a lucrative four-year contract with Sydney's largest taxi company, Combined Communications Network (CCN).

  • Web Developer Briefs: Tech One, Lotus, Paralympic Games

    Tech One gets hungry, Lotus releases beta, Games create Web history

  • Sun Plans for the Wireless Future

    Like many other companies around the world realising that the wireless market will overshadow the Internet in the near future, Sun Microsystems has released its wireless strategy.

  • Bertelsmann Forms Alliance With Napster

    Once enemies, Bertelsmann AG BMG and Napster will now form an alliance to develop a peer-to-peer file sharing service, the German company announced Tuesday.

  • Botched SAN sparks legal battle

    A legal battle is underway in Melbourne after an integrator allegedly left its customer an under-performing network for 12 months at a cost of $600,000.

  • Resellers slam registry

    In a dispute over "grossly misleading" tactics, domain name resellers and some ISPs have blocked their customers' access to a competitor's Web site and are redirecting them to a consumer alert.

  • Developers get taste of .NET

    The Objectworld conference has offered developers a quick peek at the details of Microsoft's much-hyped .NET strategy.

  • AMD appoints Legend distributor

    Looking to further expand its CPU reach, AMD has appointed a new distributor for the Australian market.

  • Lucent misses quarterly mark

    Just hours after the company's board fired its top officer, Lucent Technologies released its fourth quarter earnings results and said it was disappointed with them.