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  • House passes its antiterrorism bill

    The U.S. House of Representatives voted Friday to approve new antiterrorism legislation that gives U.S. law enforcement agencies expanded rights to snoop on electronic and voice communications.

  • New applications aimed at managing complex orders

    FRAMINGHAM (10/12/2001) - Supply chain software vendors i2 Technologies Inc. and Yantra Corp. are preparing to roll out rival order management applications designed for users who need to automate complex order fulfillment processes involving multiple business units or suppliers.

  • Study sees future in electronic-trading networks

    A new report has concluded that the providers of Electronic Trading Networks (ETN) are most competitive over, and often share different opinions on, three areas of ETN services: speed of implementation; services provided, including overall service and integration management; and product applicability to small and medium-size enterprises.

  • Manugistics, Acta enter data integration partnership

    Manugistics Inc. and ACTA Technology have teamed up to provide high-volume data integration solutions designed to simultaneously optimize a company's supply-side and demand-side business processes.

  • Intel to detail roadmaps, improvements at MPF

    Chip giant Intel Corp. will continue its trend of preaching about "more than gigahertz" at the Microprocessor Forum in San Jose, which begins Monday.s the embargo, the embargo will be considered irrelevant.

  • SunGard buys Comdisco services division

    Financial services company SunGard Data Systems Inc. bought the availability services division of bankrupt computer leasing company Comdisco Inc. on Thursday. SunGard's US$825 million offer topped a competing bid of $610 million made by Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) in August.

  • FCC asked to eliminate wireless spectrum cap

    Two U.S. congressmen asked the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in a Friday letter to lift restrictions on the amount of spectrum wireless phone carriers may license in a market.

  • IBM unveils power-paring chip

    IBM Corp. unveiled an ultra-low power chip Friday that it said will reduce power consumption in battery-operated portable consumer electronic devices and improve power efficiency, both in active and standby modes.

  • Vitria pushing a value chain markup language

    Integration vendor Vitria Technology Inc. last Wednesday unveiled what it is calling an XML-based set of documents and vocabularies to facilitate business-to-business collaboration throughout the value chain, which consists of enterprises, partners, customers, and the supply chain.

  • NA to sell off some PGP tools, dissolve unit

    Network Associates Inc. has dissolved its PGP Security business unit and plans to sell off the division's gateway firewall and encryption products. PGP's other technologies, including the CyberCop vulnerability assessment tool, PGP VPN, PGP E-Business Server, and PGPfire will be branded and sold as McAfee tools.

  • Internet rises from dotcom demise: Autodesk CEO

    Despite the dramatic failure of the 'dotcom' era, it produced important lessons about networks and how the management and movement of technology has changed and is changing, according to Autodesk CEO Carol Bartz.

  • Microsoft, government face settlement deadline

    Microsoft Corp. and its antitrust foes in the state and federal governments reached an incremental deadline Friday in their efforts to settle the landmark legal bout outside of a U.S. courtroom.

  • HP ready to embrace DVD+RW

    Hewlett-Packard Co. will begin phasing out off-the-shelf CD-RW (CD-rewriteable) drives as the company begins a shift toward more expensive and possibly more lucrative recordable DVD drives.

  • Intel files counterclaim, countersuit against Via

    Intel Corp. continued the battle with its legal sparring partner Via Technologies Inc. earlier this month, asking for a summary judgement in an earlier suit by Via and at the same time filing further patent suits against the company.

  • Congress goes hard on terrorism, tech privacy

    Two proposed bills being considered by Congress that would give U.S. law enforcement extensive powers to snoop on electronic and voice communications are expected to converge on Capitol Hill next week as the Senate and House of Representatives work to send a single antiterrorism bill to President Bush.

  • CA cuts 900 jobs globally

    Computer Associates International Inc. (CA) is cutting 900 jobs, or 5 percent of its workforce, worldwide across all areas of the company. The cuts are effective immediately, CA said Thursday.

  • Beta testers give Novell's NetWare 6 positive marks

    Joe Doupnik has a big problem with NetWare 6, Novell Inc.'s newest network operating system.

  • RSA to trim staff as part of rough Q3

    RSA Security Inc. Thursday announced plans to lay off about 15 percent of its staff, cut employee salaries by 10 percent and trim some business units, as the company was hit hard by a slowing global economy in its third fiscal quarter.

  • High-density SRAM targets networking, communications

    A new family of SRAM (static random access memory) products from Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and Ramtron International Corp. subsidiary Enhanced Memory Systems Inc., will result in networking hardware offerings that cost less and consume less power, the companies said on Thursday.

  • Net devices worsen IT security problems

    Companies increasingly deliver their content and services via the Internet to a variety of new devices, such as personal digital assistants, television sets, gaming consoles, MP3 players and smart phones, creating a situation that makes it more difficult for IT departments to protect internal systems from attacks and prevent data theft, a Gartner Inc. analyst said this week.

  • CIOs are finding agility through cloud-based communications

    Companies grappling with new customer expectations turn to Communication-as-a-Service model (CaaS) for a more agile, cloud-based omnichannel experience.

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