• US government agencies hop aboard Liberty Alliance

    The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) have become some of the latest members to join the Liberty Alliance Project for implementing open standards for identity management on the Web.

    07 March 03 08:11 Written by Scarlet Pruitt
  • Gartner warns against buying uncertified Wi-Fi devices

    Research firm Gartner is warning companies to hold off on making investments in 802.11g wireless LAN technology until products can be properly certified by the nonprofit Wi-Fi Alliance.

    07 March 03 08:09 Written by Paul Roberts
  • WebSpy sets sights on Australian market

    ASX-listed WebSpy has announced the bundling of its Internet monitoring tool, Analyzer, with the Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000. The Perth-based security software developer, that has so far concentrated its efforts in US and European markets, will use the product integration as a spearhead for its plans to infiltrate the Australian market.

    07 March 03 07:30 Written by Brian Corrigan
  • BMC cuts staff, discontinues storage product

    BMC Software Inc. last week laid off 3.5 percent of its 6,942-strong worldwide workforce, 5 percent of which worked at the company’s Houston, Texas headquarters.

    06 March 03 14:05 Written by Denise Dubie
  • Web services maturity, benefits emphasized

    Web services is a maturing technology and IT shops need to recognize its benefits now, rather than holding off until ongoing standardization efforts conclude, said Bob Sutor, IBM Corp. director of Web services technology at the company on Wednesday.

    06 March 03 12:34 Written by Paul Krill.
  • SOAP author says enough specs already

    A Microsoft engineer had harsh words this week for vendors contributing to the plethora of Web services specifications, and advised developers to read less of them and get on with writing applications.

    06 March 03 10:34 Written by James Niccolai
  • McNealy on whistlestop visit to Sydney

    Scott McNealy, chairman, president and CEO of Sun Microsystems, will be in Sydney later this month, according to the Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC).

    06 March 03 10:31 Written by CW staff
  • Microsoft promotes Moore to regional CTO

    Peter Moore, Microsoft Australia's former director for .Net platform strategy and developers, has taken up the company's most senior technical position in the region as chief technology officer (CTO) for greater China and Asia-Pacific .

    06 March 03 09:31 Written by Helen Han
  • Toshiba launches Wi-Fi 'hot spot in a box' project

    The public access Wi-Fi hot spot market just got a little hotter as Toshiba Computer Systems Group (TCSG) formally launched a project to deploy 10,000 hot spots in the U.S. by the end of the year and Intel signed an agreement with the government of Singapore to support Wi-Fi roaming throughout Asia.

    06 March 03 08:41 Written by Bob Brewin
  • First fuel cell battery from Toshiba

    How to power ever more juice-sapping portable devices is a problem currently perplexing hardware designers. One possible solution could be fuel cell batteries, which offer longer life and don't need recharging.

    06 March 03 08:37 Written by Ursula Seymour
  • IBM delivers SOAP for CICS

    IBM on Wednesday announced it will offer a CICS (Customer Information Control System) SOAP Technology Preview designed to help developers build connections to its venerable CICS-based mainframe applications through Web services.

    06 March 03 08:31 Written by Ed Scannell
  • Newly leaked Longhorn shows no big advances yet

    A second build of the successor to Microsoft's Windows XP appeared on the Internet late last week but Windows watchers who tested the software don't see major advances to get excited about yet.

    06 March 03 08:29 Written by Joris Evers.
  • Trades at top speed

    In the name of straight-through processing (STP) of securities trades, financial services companies over the next two years will spend an estimated US$6 billion replacing their manual processes by plugging into virtual trade-matching utilities (VMU), installing middleware and integrating front- and back-end computer systems.

    06 March 03 08:24 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • Voice apps push security barriers

    Security threats are on the increase as voice applications move to converged networks where devices are connected to the IP network.

    06 March 03 08:11 Written by Sandra Rossi
  • Foxtel smoking logs fracas turns to legal farce

    Australia's largest pay TV provider Foxtel has backed away from claims made before the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) that it keeps no records of call centre employee e-mails. The claims were made by legal representatives for the company during a hearing into an attempt to sack a Foxtel employee for allegedly passing confidential information to a relative after gaining access to her supervisor's e-mail account.

    06 March 03 08:07 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • NSW Fair Trading brandishes analytics stick

    The NSW Department of Fair Trading has announced a $300,000 investment in a NetMap Analytics system to help seek and destroy the plethora of scam peddlers operating in the Premier State.

    05 March 03 15:59 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • BEA shows Web services allegiance

    Although BEA Systems has been in the somewhat-peculiar position of backing rival Web services choreography efforts, aligning with IBM Corp. and Microsoft Corp. on one proposal and Sun Microsystems on another, details of the company's new product suite, WebLogic Platform 8.1, reveal that BEA is moving closer to the IBM-Microsoft camp.

    05 March 03 15:08 Written by Paul Krill.
  • Sybase releases new version of PowerBuilder

    Sybase Inc. on Tuesday announced that it had updated PowerBuilder, its rapid application development (RAD) tool, with new features intended to make life easier for developers using the Java and Microsoft Corp. .Net environments to develop applications.

    05 March 03 11:03 Written by Agam Shah
  • Microsoft hits the road to show MS CRM

    Seven weeks after shipping, Microsoft Corp.'s closely watched Microsoft CRM (customer relationship management) software has attracted 300 customer orders and is being offered by more than 1,000 resellers, Microsoft officials said Tuesday during a seminar, part of a series being held throughout North America to demonstrate the software to prospective partners and customers.

    05 March 03 10:59 Written by Stacy Cowley
  • Sun's P-to-P project passes 1 million downloads

    Sun Microsystems has crossed the million download mark for its peer-to-peer platform known as Jxta and is seeing early signs of the technology making its way into customers' applications, the company said Tuesday.

    05 March 03 09:40 Written by Ashlee Vance
  • Demand for 3rd Party ERP Support Soars

    Widespread shift to more cost-effective, third party support models for Oracle and SAP platforms signals the end of ‘one-stop-shop’ vendor solutions

    Rimini Street

    Over 1,750 global, Fortune 500, midmarket, and public sector organizations from a broad range of industries have selected Rimini Street as their trusted, independent support provider

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