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  • Layoffs Slam SCO and PictureTel

    Unix software vendor The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) said last week it plans to reduce its worldwide workforce by 19%, or around 190 employees. The job cuts will result in the company taking a charge of $US5 million to $US6 million against earnings in the quarter ending Sept. 30.

  • Warner to Sell Digital Singles Online

    BOSTON (09/11/2000) - Warner Brothers Music Group Inc. Monday announced plans to sell its singles by digital distribution, starting in November.

  • E-Trade Rears Its Head on Nasdaq Japan

    E-Trade Japan, a joint venture between Softbank Finance, a subsidiary of Japan's largest Net investor, and E-Trade Group in the U.S., made its debut Friday on Nasdaq Japan, ratcheting up what promises to be fierce price competition among Japan's online financial-services companies.

  • Online Service Gives Wireless Access

    A new online service lets enterprise customers quickly forge wireless connections to their existing Web content.

  • The Politics of Standardized Privacy

    Trust is the key to any business relationship. Without it, deals don't happen and customers don't make purchases. But on the Internet, trust can be a very difficult thing to earn. A large segment of the general public is already cautious about doing business online, having heard countless horror stories about people being victimized by sites that track their movements through the Web or launch guerrilla marketing attacks against them. And if you don't have a brick-and-mortar presence or a name-brand identity, how do potential business partners or customers even know who you are?

  • Attention Passengers: Orbitz is Delayed

    Orbitz, the Web site that plans to deliver discount fares from virtually every major American airline, announced Friday that it is postponing its official launch for a second time.

  • Why the Tiscali Deal Wasn't News in Germany

    Late in the afternoon on Thursday, news - big news - broke. Italian ISP Tiscali SpA was acquiring Dutch competitor World Online International NV in a $5.1 billion deal. Newsrooms across Europe were buzzing, except in Germany. Why? A quirky German securities disclosure law actually forced the dealmakers to keep the German media in the dark.

  • Improved Solaris Networking

    While Sun Microsystems customers continue to wait for the release of the company's 64-bit UltraSparc III processor, the chip maker on Monday announced that it will begin sampling its UltraSparc IIe embedded 64-bit processor.

  • Rambus Sues Micron, Hyundai in Europe Over Patents

    SAN FRANCISCO (09/11/2000) - Rambus Inc., a designer of high-speed memory interface technologies, said Monday it has filed lawsuits in France and Germany charging memory chip makers Micron Technology Inc. and Hyundai Electronics Industries Co. Ltd. with patent infringement.

  • Compaq Sees Need for New Partners

    Compaq Computer Corp. is looking for new types of companies to partner with, Peter Blackmore, Compaq's senior vice president and general manager of sales and services, said Tuesday in a speech here at International Data Corp.'s European IT Forum.

  • N/MCI Watchdog Bateman Dead at 72

    Rep. Herbert Bateman, a Republican from Virginia, chairman of the House Military Readiness Subcommittee and a onetime critic of the Navy's US$16 billion intranet contract, died today. He was 72.

  • E-Mail, E-Commerce Assist Firefighters

    The federal government has developed an arsenal of high-tech tools to fight the worst wildfires in decades in the western United States.

  • Commerce One Partners on E-Biz Software

    Focusing on providing tools to build e-business infrastructures, Commerce One Inc. announced on Monday that it has selected Progress Software's SonicMQ E-Business Messaging Server for use with the Commerce One MarketSite Portal solution.

  • E-Books Go Mainstream

    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em--the "dead tree" publishers who fear the competition of electronic books are now going wholeheartedly digital. A selection of titles to be published as e-books is now part of the season's catalog at leading publisher Simon & Schuster.

  • Palm Makes a Pitch to the Military

    Even as millions of mobile computer users recovered from the first known outbreak of a Trojan horse virus aimed specifically at Palm handheld computers late last month, the chief executive officer of the leading handheld manufacturer told an audience of military officials that handhelds are the key to "the third evolution of the Internet."

  • Too-Efficient Communications

    If someone wanted to demonstrate some of the challenges of getting important information via the Internet it would have been hard to do better than the recent episode involving Emulex Corp.

  • Vendor seeks national distie for NAS products

    Hardware storage vendor Maxtor is hoping to forge stronger links with its resellers by broadening its distribution model and forming strategic alliances with Australian systems integrators.

  • Siebel Systems to Acquire Janna in $975M Deal

    Business software supplier Siebel Systems Inc. announced Monday that it has reached an agreement to acquire financial services software provider Janna Systems Inc. in a stock deal valued at US$975 million].

  • What Do the CCA and MPAA Really Want?

    I discussed the controversy surrounding the decryption of the DVD Content Scrambling System (CSS) a bit last week, but feel that it is too complex to leave it the way I did. As I said before, in this case the Motion Picture Association (MPAA) and DVD Copy Control Association (DVDCCA) are the ones who are being most disingenuous and acting like spoiled brats. I also stated that I think we should be fighting more important battles than getting the right to publish the DeCSS algorithm, code, programs, or links to any of the above. But it really isn't quite as simple as that, so allow me to expand on these thoughts.

  • MSN Adds Chat Room Sound Track

    When you're pouring on the charm in Microsoft Corp.'s MSN "Blind Date" chat room, a little Barry White in the background couldn't hurt, right? Or maybe you prefer Cher, Britney, or Garth, pardner.