• Sophos: Klez worm is simply the best in 2002

    In a year that saw a number of high profile virus and e-mail worm outbreaks, the Klez worm topped the charts and was the most frequently occurring virus in 2002, according to statistics released Wednesday by antivirus company Sophos PLC.

    05 Dec. 02 08:11 Written by Paul Roberts
  • PGP 8.0 released in several new editions

    PGP introduced several new products on Tuesday, 16 weeks after it acquired the software portfolio based on the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) security technology from Network Associates (NAI).

    05 Dec. 02 08:11 Written by Joris Evers
  • 90 percent of Web shopping through four search sites

    Most online holiday shoppers are going straight to the four main search engines for assistance in ferreting out the perfect present for friends and family, according a study by WebSideStory Inc.

    05 Dec. 02 08:06 Written by Laura Rohde
  • IBM offers financing for on-demand era

    IBM announced a new financing deal for its U.S. e-business hosting customers Tuesday, offering payments spread over a year and a line of credit held in reserve.

    05 Dec. 02 08:00 Written by Gillian Law
  • Hard times open up innovation surge

    In a new twist on the grisly scenarios associated with the tech downturn, a visiting US Internet expert yesterday said that while the economic climate may be tough it is also a time of 'innovation upturn'.

    04 Dec. 02 10:25 Written by Sandra Rossi
  • HP wins $920 million in services contracts

    Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday announced it has won a little more than US$920 million in services contracts over the past few months fueled largely by helping build, integrate, and manage the IT infrastructures of larger companies looking to cut down on their costs and to respond quicker to marketing opportunities.

    04 Dec. 02 10:15 Written by Ed Scannell
  • OMG hails CORBA, Web services ties

    Boosting interoperability between the CORBA and Web services camps, the Object Management Group (OMG) in late November adopted a specification to define interoperability between CORBA, WSDL, and SOAP.

    04 Dec. 02 10:14 Written by Paul Krill
  • Sybase patches three security holes

    Sybase has issued a security patch for three vulnerabilities affecting the newest versions of its database software that could allow a malicious hacker to gain control of a Sybase server and run arbitrary code on it.

    04 Dec. 02 10:13 Written by James Niccolai
  • E-comm revenues plunge

    E-commerce revenues in 2002 are now estimated to be 95 per cent below earlier expectations of this year, according to an Ernst & Young survey of 86 CEOs and senior executives from the telecomms, media and technology industries.

    04 Dec. 02 10:11 Written by Sandra Rossi
  • Utopian solutions out, says HP man

    The days when CIOs would buy the latest hot box or "utopian" solution are gone, says Hewlett-Packard global network storage head Howard Elias.

    04 Dec. 02 09:48 Written by David Watson
  • Market continues shift to permanent staff

    A shift from contracted to permanent jobs seems to be growing, despite one recruiter claiming a "resurgence" in IT contracting.

    04 Dec. 02 09:45 Written by Darren Greenwood
  • HDS brings virtualization down

    Rounding out its family of storage systems, Hitachi Data Systems Corp. on Tuesday unveiled a modular system for the midrange market that features functions borrowed from its higher-end systems.

    04 Dec. 02 09:29 Written by Scott Tyler Shafer
  • Judge probes sides in Sun case against Microsoft

    A federal judge in a Baltimore courtroom Tuesday peppered lawyers from both Microsoft and Sun Microsystems with probing questions as the two sides presented opening arguments in a pretrial hearing in Sun's private antitrust case against the software giant.

    04 Dec. 02 08:25 Written by Grant Gross
  • Survey: Linux gaining acceptance in the enterprise

    The Linux operating system has "an established and growing presence" in the enterprise market, although it remains a nascent technology in the early stages of adoption, according to a new study released Monday by the research unit of The Goldman Sachs Group investment bank.

    04 Dec. 02 08:22 Written by Juan Carlos Perez
  • Sun expands its reach

    Despite the industry's economic downturn and strong competition from Intel-based rivals, Sun Microsystems nonetheless is moving ahead with multiple products based on both Sparc and Intel chips and is entering new markets, a Sun official said during a briefing Monday.

    04 Dec. 02 08:15 Written by Paul Krill
  • Red Hat to target workstations, telcos

    Linux vendor Red Hat Tuesday detailed the release of its operating system for workstations, and announced that it has enhanced its Linux Advanced Server operating system to add support for "carrier-grade" Linux applications.

    04 Dec. 02 08:14 Written by Matt Berger and Elizabeth Heichler
  • Online shopping cart flaw makes for easy discounts

    A flaw in a commonly used Australian e-commerce software package may allow shoppers to give themselves discounts on the products they purchase, according to an alert posted by Trust Factory BV, a security company based in the Netherlands.

    04 Dec. 02 08:11 Written by Paul Roberts
  • Cisco pops products for next-gen IP nets

    Cisco Systems this week unveiled a bevy of products designed to convince service providers that they can profitably roll out new services on new and existing circuit, packet and cable infrastructures.

    04 Dec. 02 08:10 Written by Jim Duffy
  • Police, penguin join forces on forensics

    Federal and State law enforcement agencies have introduced the Linux platform as a new crime fighting tool with the NSW computer crime unit recently installing 40 boxes with triple boot systems.

    04 Dec. 02 08:08 Written by Sandra Rossi
  • Internet hate-speech ban called 'chilling'

    As European leaders move to ban Internet hate speech and seek support from the United States, civil liberties groups charge that the proposal would violate free-speech rights.

    03 Dec. 02 14:46 Written by Michelle Madigan
  • The Internet of Things in the Real World

    The future of healthcare is a goldmine for IoT that will have an immediate impact on wellbeing.


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