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  • Master of His Domain

    Scott Ross wanted to be a jazz musician. "But I kept having a dream that I'd wake up and be 40 years old, wearing a black, shiny suit, stinking of cigarettes and playing 'Hava Nagila' at bar mitzvahs," he says. So Ross opted for a career in special effects instead. Things have worked out pretty well: Ross is cofounder of Digital Domain, a special effects outfit. He may not be available for weddings and bar mitzvahs, but his special-effects gig gives Ross, who bought his first Mac in 1984, a front-row seat for the technology revolution sweeping moviemaking.

  • Centura gives out a freebie

    Qualified application developers will now have access to a free Centura software-enabled platform for building Web and wireless solutions.

  • Sabre Buys GetThere, Announces Layoffs

    Arguments over which company was leading in the business-to-business travel procurement space were put to rest Monday as Sabre Holdings Corp. purchased its chief competitor, GetThere Inc. in Menlo Park, Calif.

  • Roundtable Roundup

    Thanks to its free-speech and free-beer nature, the success of Linux is in the bag. Even Michael "How high did you say I should jump, Bill?" Dell has figured out that he can make more money by preloading a free operating system on his machines than by paying Microsoft a fee for every unit sold.

  • Octek opens production line

    Computer manufacturer Ocean Office Automation last week flicked the switch on its new production line at Silverwater in Sydney's west.

  • Australia gets global eTick

    An Australian technology company has taken credit for a global e-commerce standard designed to allay consumer fears, particularly of privacy and security, over the Internet.

  • Enterprise DSL Customers Eyed

    Eyeing enterprise customers that want to purchase blanket DSL connections, DSLnetworks on Tuesday hooked up with Level 3 Communications Inc. on a deal also intended to woo ISPs and ASPs (application service providers).

  • Analysis: New standards orbit XML

    Are recent changes to the XML standard and new XML extensions leaving you feeling lost in space? This primer will help you catch up on useful XML standards, soon-to-be standards and satellite technologies

  • Sony Targets Palm with US$400 Clie PDA

    TOKYO (08/30/2000) - Aiming squarely at the bows of Palm Inc., Sony Corp. will unveil later Wednesday launch plans for its new Palm-OS based personal digital assistant (PDA), the Clie.

  • From Hiccups to Heart Attacks, We've Got a Cure

    In a perfect world, you'd be reading something else right now. Of course, in a perfect world, you would not be seeing a Type 2 error message on your monitor as you try to start up your Apple Computer Inc. Mac -- and frantically worrying whether you and your files will ever meet again. You'd go to the Web to look for the solution, but your computer's on the critical list, so you can't very well use it to get online. And calling tech support means hours of hold time and countless transfers -- and maybe a big bill if your computer is no longer under warranty. You need help, and you need it fast.

  • UUNet Plans to Enter Latin American ISP Market

    Latin America's already crowded field of ISPs (Internet service providers) is gaining another player. This time it's UUNet Technologies Inc., WorldCom Inc.'s Internet services arm, which on Tuesday announced plans to extend its global presence to Latin America.

  • Sun Adopts GNOME 2.0 for Solaris

    Sun Microsystems recently became a member of the GNOME Foundation, a group of technology companies and open community developers that plans to promote GNOME as an open user environment across the industry. In addition, Sun announced plans to implement GNOME 2.0 as Solaris's desktop. It's anticipated that Sun's adoption of GNOME for Solaris will be beneficial to Linux developers, and will ensure quality and reliability from the GNOME Foundation.

  • The shame of dot-coms

    Pure-play Internet companies are finding it tougher in a number of areas since April's market crash, especially when it comes to hiring and keeping good staff. Claire Tristram reports on why

  • Wireless Buys May Fuel GSM

    The announcement Monday that Georgia-based regional wireless provider Powertel Inc. will ultimately be owned by Deutsche Telekom AG may boost the uptake of GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communications) technology in the United States.

  • Digi rethinks channel strategy

    Digi International's Australian operation has launched a new-look channel strategy geared around supporting a select number of integrator/reseller partners.

  • AT&T LatAm Wraps FirstCom Merger, Begins Trading

    AT&T Latin America Corp., a subsidiary founded last year by AT&T Corp. to offer telecommunications services to businesses in Latin America, began trading its Class A common shares on The Nasdaq Stock Market on Tuesday after completing its merger with FirstCom Corp. on Monday.

  • Iran News Briefs: Operators to Exchange Traffic

    TEHRAN (08/29/2000) - High-speed network operators are to create an Internet traffic exchange center, to be called Gix. One of the goals of this center is to implement policies for the control and prevention of unsuitable sites on Internet. Besides supporting the stability of the country's Internet network, the center is expected to result in savings on international Internet bandwidth. It will also be an important step toward government policies of reducing administration and leaving the responsibilities to the nongovernmental sector.

  • Powerlan offers Clarity in public offering

    Powerlan last week announced its telecommunications group Clarity International will list on the ASX in an effort to raise $3 million of new capital to fuel its growth ambitions.

  • Volante to acquire AAG

    A new IT procurement and services powerhouse is set to appear on the horizon as AAG Technology Services reviews a merger offer by the Volante Group worth over $30 million.

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