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  • Lucent restates revenue downward by $125 million

    Lucent Technologies last week adjusted its revenue downward by US$125 million and its earnings by 2 cents a share for its fiscal fourth quarter of 2000.

  • China's wealthy find being rich is glorious

    New economy whizkids are jostling for space on millionaires row in China. Led by Edward Tian, chief executive of China Netcom, 14 Internet bosses have made their mark on the latest list of China's 50 richest entrepreneurs compiled by Forbes Magazine.

  • Telco Claims WAP Vulnerable to Viruses

    Sophos Anti-Virus came under attack from a leading European telco last week for stating mobile phone viruses have been greatly exaggerated

  • African e-commerce forum set for March

    London-based African IT Exhibitions and Conferences (AITEC) is hosting an African electronic commerce forum in March next year that is expected to lead to a green paper on the continent's e-commerce development.

  • Entrust to Boost Asian Presence By Acquisition

    Entrust Technologies Inc., a public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificate solutions provider, is looking to acquire companies in this region next year with its US$15 million Southeast Asia war chest. A significant portion of this investment will be made in Singapore. Rick Spurr, executive vice president, Global Sales and Services, Entrust, said this last week when he announced that the company will be opening its Singapore office in January.

  • Quadtel buys into national IT channel

    Quadtel CEO David Ramsay has confirmed the ASX-listed broadband products and solutions distribution company is on the verge of completing the acquisition of a national IT distributor.

  • Customers Grill Oracle Executives at OAUG Asia-Pac. Conference

    Regional Oracle customers used a forum with Oracle Corporation executives to scrutinise the database applications giant over quality and support issues, the Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) Asia Pacific Conference heard this month.

  • Vendors Incorporate BI Functions at the Core

    Aiming to bring decision support to the masses, database vendors have been stuffing as many features into their core database engines as possible lately in an effort to create integrated BI (business intelligence) platforms.

  • Telstra Adds Mobile Capacity in Flood Areas

    Telstra Australia has expanded the capacity of its mobile phone network in north-west NSW to cope with increased traffic as a result of severe flooding.

  • auDA director slams her own panel

    Erika Roberts, director of auDA and member of ICANN's name council, has decided to heat up debate about the .au domain by criticising the auDA's Name Policy Advisory panel over its first report into the domain space.

  • Machines Will Be Main Web Users, Says Negroponte

    The next two years will see a significant shift from people being the primary users of the Internet to an increase in machines talking to machines. There will be "more Barbie dolls connected to the Internet than Americans in the near future," said Nicholas Negroponte, founder and director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab.

  • Nortel Aims to Reduce Network Congestion

    Nortel Networks Corp. this week announced the availability of a new version of its licensable IP code that detects and attempts to alleviate network congestion.

  • IT to make up 15 per cent of the EU's GDP

    Information and communication technologies contribute 15 per cent of the European Union's gross domestic product, the European Commission said in its semi-annual economic forecasts published Wednesday.

  • Ericsson Creates Separate Bluetooth Business

    L.M. Ericsson Telephone Co. on Wednesday announced the creation of a separate company for licensing its Bluetooth technology. [Note to editors: updated information appears in bold.]

  • JCP Elects an Executive Committee

    Sun Microsystems Inc. appears to be soliciting more input from its partners as the Java Community Process (JCP) 2.0, a conglomeration of companies that oversees and tracks Java's evolution, has elected a new executive committee.

  • Federal Government Trials Electronic Tendering

    The federal government has begun trialling an electronic tendering solution in its first use of accredited digital certificates in an online environment.

  • Yahoo Ordered to Filter Websites

    Yahoo Inc. must find a way to prevent its users in France from linking to Web sites that sell Nazi memorabilia, a French judge ordered last week.

  • U.S. tech stocks fall to new year lows on election, earns

    U.S. stocks fell on Wednesday, with tech stocks carving out new lows for the year, as Wall Street again was spooked by the raging battle for the White House and worries about dwindling high-technology profit growth.

  • Microstrategy Chooses Sydney

    Pointing to Australia as the key entry-point into the Asia-Pacific market, Microstrategy Incorporated has opened regional headquarters in Sydney.

  • Indigenous name change for Aussie company

    Australian Palm applications developer, Palm Solutions has changed its name to yambay, ahead of a push into the international marketplace.

  • Economist survey foresees shift in IT service delivery

    63% of LOBs expected growth of third-party tech services, while increased spending on enterprise IT services is anticipated by 65% of CIOs


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