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  • The Other Trustbuster

    If America Online Inc. (AOL) and Time Warner Inc. want to merge, they'll have to get through Richard Parker first.

  • GUI Set for Trading Infrastructures

    Fairfax, Va-based WebMethods Inc. this week will debut its webMethods for Trading Networks toolkit for creating new trading network infrastructures.

  • Ugly Mistake for Pretty Good

    "If you think cryptography can solve your problem, then you don't understand your problem and you don't understand cryptography."

  • Novell launches OnDemand Net services

    Novell has launched an "OnDemand" Internet services strategy, providing a host of vendor-neutral software and Net services to providers on a pay-as-you-need basis.

  • Blair Outlines Plans to Push U.K. Online

    U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair announced on Monday the locations of the first batch of 6,000 planned Internet learning centers as part of a campaign to get the country online.

  • Dell Expects Sales to Reach $US33B This Year

    Dell Computer expects sales to reach $US33 billion this year, Michael Dell, the company's chief executive, said at the European IT Forum on Monday.

  • Human Resources Gets GSA Revamp

    The human resources department has a hand in almost everything an agency does, from benefits to payroll to staffing. So a few years ago, when the U.S. General Services Administration found that only a few people knew how to use its legacy HR system that was taking up to 12 hours to deliver information, the agency decided it was time to scrap it.

  • E-Trade Rears Its Head on Nasdaq Japan

    E-Trade Japan, a joint venture between Softbank Finance, a subsidiary of Japan's largest Net investor, and E-Trade Group in the U.S., made its debut Friday on Nasdaq Japan, ratcheting up what promises to be fierce price competition among Japan's online financial-services companies.

  • Telecom User Groups Are Out of Touch

    Do you ever read in the pages of Network World or another publication about some controversy in the telecom or Internet industries and say to yourself: "Why is it always one group of vendors arguing with another group? Why isn't the user voice represented?"

  • HP Negotiating US$18B Price Consulting Buyout

    Hewlett-Packard Co. and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP confirmed reports Monday that the computer and printer maker is discussing the purchase of the consulting arm of the big five accounting firm.

  • Commerce Mulls Share-in-Savings

    The U.S. Department of Commerce is considering a share-in-savings approach to consolidate its multiple data centers without having to provide any upfront funding.

  • Alaskan Tribes Launch Web Site

    In an effort to keep the public informed about negotiations between the state government and its 227 federally recognized tribes, Alaska has a launched a new Web site.

  • Compaq Rolls Out B2B Portal in Europe

    MONACO (09/11/2000) - Compaq Computer EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) BV announced Monday a new business-to-business (B2B) Internet portal, here at the European IT Forum 2000. Dubbed "The Source," the new portal is designed to offer one-stop shopping for services aimed at small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Europe.

  • IDC Sees Bright Future for European E-Commerce

    Europe stands poised for explosive growth in the electronic commerce field in the next few years -- but significant challenges lie ahead.

  • Junkbuster Blocks Unwanted Web Content

    E-business companies will be the first to tell you that the information they collect about your browsing habits enables them to improve their bottom line. Some junk-raking companies benefit from the sale of your information held in "junk databases." In them, they record where you surf and what ads you download.

  • Compaq Sees Need for New Partners

    Compaq Computer Corp. is looking for new types of companies to partner with, Peter Blackmore, Compaq's senior vice president and general manager of sales and services, said Tuesday in a speech here at International Data Corp.'s European IT Forum.

  • Gates Concedes Microsoft's Catch-up Status for Browsers

    In the new era of the Internet, Microsoft is "sort of the Netscape and the Microsoft combined", the software giant's chairman Bill Gates told a media conference in Sydney yesterday.

  • Commerce One Partners on E-Biz Software

    Focusing on providing tools to build e-business infrastructures, Commerce One Inc. announced on Monday that it has selected Progress Software's SonicMQ E-Business Messaging Server for use with the Commerce One MarketSite Portal solution.

  • Lotus Offers Hosted Apps

    Lotus Development this week will make its most significant push into the application hosting market, a move that should enable more customers to choose between building their own collaborative applications based on Domino or getting them through a service provider.

  • Tellium Touts High-Scale Switch

    Tellium last Friday announced the shipment of its Aurora Optical Switch, a high-density, high-capacity optical switch for the Internet core.