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  • VA Linux shows its software side

    In its first major effort to reinvent itself as a software company, VA Linux Systems Inc. Tuesday unveiled a new version of its collaborative software, SourceForge 3.0 Enterprise Edition, which allows companies to build communities for managing internal development projects.

  • Fujitsu expands midrange Unix server line

    Fujitsu Technology Solutions Inc. (FTS) beefed up its midrange server line Tuesday, trying to tempt mid-sized businesses to choose the new PrimePower 650 and 850 products instead of more expensive high-end servers.

  • ATO ruling hits IT industry

    IT companies will be forced to think twice before setting up shop in Australia after the tax office introduced a new ruling last week which will apply to foreign companies operating here.

  • Telstra and China Unicom sign MOU

    Telstra and China United Telecommunications Corporation (China Unicom) have signed a memorandum of understanding for business partnership and cooperation.

  • Windows XP hype takes backseat for PC makers

    PC makers will try to show off more than just their latest boxes loaded with the new Windows XP operating system at next week's Comdex Fall 2001 trade show Nov. 11-16 in Las Vegas.

  • Cisco shows improvement but sales still slow

    Still hurting from a tough economic climate and relatively slow IT spending, Cisco Systems saw a slight uptick in sales for the quarter ending Oct. 27, but overall revenue and profits were well below year-earlier numbers, the company reported after the Monday market close.

  • E-CRM or 'pull up stumps'

    If your company is not doing eCRM, you might as well pull up stumps, according to analysts and consultants Ovum.

  • .Net no elevator pitch

    Conceding that Microsoft's .Net strategy may be confusing for IT managers and CIOs - and not amenable to 'the 30-second elevator pitch'- Microsoft CIO Rick Devenuti insists that the platform has potential to extend the life of large-scale enterprise applications.

  • Vodafone takes the XP path

    Vodafone Australia is moving its front-end infrastructure to the new Windows XP operating system in the expectation the change will lower applications support and management costs at the desktop level while reducing total cost of ownership for its front-end IT network.

  • Online IT job ads outstrip print

    Recruitment companies are moving their advertising spend away from print and into online media, with the Internet establishing itself as the preferred job seeking medium for IT professionals.

  • Oracle to ship 9i developer kit in December

    Oracle Corp. said Monday that it will ship the final version of its Oracle9i JDeveloper tool kit in December, promising to boost the performance of Java programs and offer a more integrated environment for developers working with emerging technologies like XML (Extensible Markup Language).

  • Ariba, PeopleSoft target strategic sourcing

    Vendors are maneuvering to offer strategic sourcing solutions to meet the growing demand for technology that cuts straight to the bottom line of enterprise operations.

  • API unveils first HyperTransport switches

    API NetWorks Inc. Monday unveiled a new switching component designed to increase the speed with which networking and storage products operate.

  • CYA takes storage management to the object level

    Innovative storage management software company CYA Technologies Inc. on Monday added both redundant fail over and browser-based management to its already revolutionary object-oriented storage technology.

  • Neoteris marries VPN and extranet technology

    In a play to combine the best features of VPN and extranet technology, startup Neoteris on Monday announced a set of devices aimed at providing secure remote access to corporate resources.

  • Next quarter, watch for upsizing and downsizing

    The Australian IT sector is suffering further from global rationalisation of IT companies, the shaky international economy and the bunkering down of Australian organisations, survey results have shown.

  • Telstra migrates to a single IP backbone infrastructure

    Telstra has selected Unisphere Networks technology to help it consolidate more than 20 separate Internet protocol (IP) networks into a single IP infrastructure backbone.

  • auDA opens doors for registrar hopefuls

    auDA has called for expressions of interest from organisations that wish to become auDA accredited registrars.

  • Computer Associates eyes digital media

    Once a domain of media and entertainment companies, the management of digital assets is becoming a strategic technology initiative across a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and finance.

  • Silicon Graphics joins HyperTransport Consortium

    Silicon Graphics Inc. has joined the HyperTransport Technology Consortium, an organization founded to develop, promote and manage specifications of the HyperTransport I/O link technology.

  • Disrupt or be disrupted in the digital economy

    The reality is that there is an urgent need for today’s enterprises to drive their digital transformation, especially if they do not want to be disrupted in their industry.


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