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  • Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

    Just when you think you've seen the last of her swinging ponytail and improbable chest, Lara Croft is back with another adventure. Thankfully, balanced game play and a focus on problem solving make Lara's latest Tomb Raider escapade, The Last Revelation, one of her most satisfying.

  • Dot-Orgs Keep Community Alive at LinuxWorld Expo

    With more than 150 commercial Linux vendors at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, including industry heavyweights such as Compaq Computer, IBM, Computer Associates, Red Hat , and Corel, it was easy to overlook the people and organizations that truly make Linux what it is. Many attendees were no doubt taken in by the glitzy marketing blitz, by the magicians, acrobats, and flashy displays. Personally, I went to the Expo to meet the community. I wanted to know what was going on with the people who actually created Linux as we know it today. They are the ones who started developing for Linux on an old 386. They are the people who generally don't get paid a dime to work on their beloved operating system. I wanted to talk to the folks who get their hands dirty with Linux, the ones involved with KDE, GNOME (not Helix or Eazel), and GNU.

  • ASPs: Is it all Bells and whistles?

    Among the hype and hoopla surrounding the application service provider (ASP) market, analyst International Data Corp (IDC) is finalising a report into the current state of play for the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Grammarian 2.1


  • Nikon D1


  • Authoring Tool Streamlines Web App Development

    Dreamweaver UltraDev

  • Retail Solutions Briefs: Sony,,

    Sony's HS-RW drive is no floppy, but costs more, Failed e-tailer denied customer data sale, US e-tailing shakeup

  • High-Quality Education on the Web

    Ask Jeeves Inc.: Ask Jeeves lets kids search the Web for answers to questions phrased in plain English ("Why are diamonds hard?"). Results are presented in a kid-friendly format, so children will probably find this site easier to use than general-purpose search engines. "

  • Microsoft Offers Office 10 Details

    BOSTON (08/29/2000) - Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday announced its newest version of Microsoft Office, which currently is undergoing its first technical beta testing and will hit retail stores in about 10 months.

  • Linux-Mandrake Ported to SPARC, UltraSPARC

    Linux-Mandrake, a MandrakeSoft operating system, was recently ported to Sun Microsystems's SPARC and UltraSPARC platforms. Dubbed Corporate Server 1.0, the port is based on Linux-Mandrake 7.1 and contains all of the necessary tools for setting up main server functions. In addition, wizards offer guidance on configuring email, Web servers, firewalls, and routers.

  • Circuit City Seeks E-Mail Help for Training

    Electronics retailer Circuit City Stores Inc. Tuesday said it has signed a deal to outsource e-mail for the training of sales associates at its 600-plus stores, becoming the latest user to join a small group of companies that are moving to Web-based services for some of their messaging needs.

  • Office 10 Preview Released

    A technical beta of the next version of Microsoft Corp.'s Office productivity suite has been released to testers, a representative of the Redmond, Wash. software giant said Tuesday.

  • IIA puts e-biz 'on notice' to design disabled-friendly sites

    In a move that has implications for Web developers, the Internet Industry Association (IIA) has warned online businesses to design user-friendly websites for the disabled or face the risk of legal proceedings.

  • Survival of the Hippest

    Few TV shows have captured the imagination of viewers as much as Survivor, the hit show that pits 16 contestants against nature -- and each other -- on a tropical isle. The show divides the contestants into tribes, which compete in contests of skill. Each week the losing tribe votes to expel a member from the island, until only one remains -- the hearty individual who has bested personal politicking, petty bickering, and the occasional meal of grilled rat to reign as sole survivor. But why not populate the island with computer-industry heavyweights? After all, who's more familiar with personal politicking, petty bickering, and vermin than the titans of Silicon Valley? -- Philip Michaels

  • Casting Out Unwanted Color

    Although the human eye is capable of detecting thousands of different hues and tones in a single glance, we often end up seeing exactly what we expect to see. For example, take three pieces of white paper collected from different sources (a white napkin, a sheet of copier paper, and a catalog page, for example). Individually, each sample looks as though it's neutral white. It's not until you place them side by side that you see a color cast -- subtle tints of yellow, blue, or magenta.

  • Intel, Telesystem Sink US$10.8 Million in Popcast

    STOCKHOLM (08/29/2000) - Popcast Communications Corp., a provider of business-to-business streaming media software and services, announced Tuesday that it has received a total of US$10.8 million in investment from Intel Capital and Telesystem Ltd.

  • The Game Room

    When was the first time someone told me to get a life? I've been sitting here at my PowerBook for 20 minutes pondering this one. I'm thinking junior high, but wouldn't it be difficult to say that to a 12-year-old and make it really sting? Besides, on the occasions when my classmates felt it necessary to actualize their emotions on the subject of Young Ihnatko, they universally preferred the thrown beer bottle method.

  • Microsoft Invests in Another Game Company

    Microsoft Corp. has agreed an exclusive distribution deal with Maryland-based strategy games developer Big Huge Games Inc., the companies announced Wednesday. Microsoft has also made an equity investment of unspecified size in the company.

  • No Longer Business as Usual

    Scan the business-software landscape for the Mac, and you half expect to see tumbleweeds blowing on the horizon. It's not that the programs are lackluster; it's just that since Intuit Inc. stopped developing QuickBooks for the Mac several years ago, there hasn't been that one software package that handles the nuts and bolts of running a small business.

  • IBM-Compaq storage union bearing fruit

    When former storage rivals IBM and Compaq Computer agreed last July to bury the hatchet and couple their storage offerings, many industry observers were quick to point out that the arrangement merely augmented parts of each company's storage offerings with badly needed technology from the other.