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  • Euro Tech Shares Slow After Morning Freefall

    European investors saw their IT share values plunge further in early trading today, but by lunch time the free fall appeared to be slowing with prices firming up and several market indices recovering briefly before resuming their decline more slowly.

  • E-comm success: Enterprise Toolbox

    "Ms Beegs," the lanky, short-haired man yelled out to me from across the supermarket, "we started carrying that brand of cat food that you like. You'll find it in aisle three." With his words ringing in my ears, I hustled to the appropriate location, and the cat food sale was made. In contrast, my phone rang recently and a very stilted voice read me a script detailing why I should change long-distance companies. You may also have received such a call. In this interaction, the sale was not made.

  • Securant Strengthens Web-Based Access Control

    Securant Technologies has just started shipping a new version of its ClearTrust SecureControl software for Web-based access control, adding a "threat-detection" feature that notifies managers when suspicious or unusual behavior is detected.

  • Hiring for All Hours

    Say goodbye to the traditional business day. Now that networks are central to companies and the Web provides a 24-hour link to customers, suppliers and employees, IT professionals are needed around the clock. In a market already painfully thin on IT talent, what's a network executive to do?

  • IntelliSeek Acquires Fellow Search Engine Firm

    Desktop search provider IntelliSeek today announced it has acquired for an undisclosed amount of stock and cash.

  • Turn Up Your Radio

    Have your local radio stations repeated their playlists one time too many? Ready to branch out into the world of Internet radio? Thousands of stations are out there waiting to be tuned into, and IM Software Tuner, a new downloadable Internet radio program from Sonicbox, is there to bring you the best of them.

  • Mincom walks the ASP tightrope

    An IT-weary stockmarket combined with the industry expectation that more than half of Australia's ASPs are doomed won't deter Mincom's ASP arm, Tequinox, from going to market later this year, officials said last week.

  • Ericsson to Expand GSM Network in Iran

    L.M. Ericsson Telephone Co. today announced that it has been awarded a contract by the Telecommunications Company of Iran (TCI) to supply equipment for the expansion of a nationwide GSM (global system for mobile communications) wireless network.

  • SAP faces challenge to establish dotcom image

    Enterprise software vendor SAP is manoeuvring to shake off a trying 1999 with a new strategy, new partnerships and a new name.

  • Editorial: Nudging the brick into a click

    If you're working for a company that's likely to buckle under the dotcom pressure, here's your opportunity to make a difference. While most traditional companies took a wait and see approach last year, the intensifying pressure to turn the brick into a click is forcing most to walk the walk.

  • Sun reports another bumper quarter

    Sun Microsystems strong quarterly earnings yesterday, beating Wall Street expectations by three cents per share.

  • VCs Trapped on Sand Hill Road

    No venture capitalist ever embarks on an investment without planning an exit strategy - a way to cash out with the best possible return. But the Internet stock turmoil, coupled with the growing number of online retailers running low on cash, has blocked the usual exits. In some cases, the strategy seems to be one hair short of a hasty retreat.

  • Investors see red

    As was widely predicted, the reverberations from Wall Street's record 617-point loss on Friday have caused similar carnage for local investors this morning.

  • Dell Preps E-Commerce Servers

    Dell Computer Corp. plans to announce two four-way Pentium III Xeon servers this week aimed at enterprise customers and companies hosting e-commerce sites.

  • Toshiba Unveils Laptop with Water-cooled Chip

    Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. introduced its new Portege 3440CT, a 0.75-inch-thick laptop computer which sports two significant features: a water-cooled processor and an optional Lithium Ion battery "slice" that provides up to nine hours of battery life, according to Steve Andler, the vice president of marketing at Toshiba's portable systems group.

  • Sun denies more UltraSparc III delays

  • HDS restructures again to arrest falling market share

    Reacting to a further slide in its market share, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has again restructured globally, dividing into two independent companies at the expense of 600 jobs.

  • LAND-5 Plunges Into Enterprise Storage

    Network storage vendor LAND-5 introduced two network-attached storage appliances last week for midsize to large workgroups in large corporate networks.

  • Korean Startup Works Hard to Pocket Linux

    It's a Sunday morning and while most of Seoul rests, Jae-Heon Lee, president and chief executive officer of Gmate Co. Ltd., gets into his car and makes the 30 minute drive to Pundang, a large commuter town to the south of the city where his company is based.

  • Boldly predicting the Internet is safe

    If you want to make a name for yourself, you can't be bashful about making bold predictions. Witness Bob Metcalfe (columnist).

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