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  • Borland looks ahead

    Borland Software expects to deliver a 13 to 17 per cent increase in revenues for the fourth quarter of 2001 compared with Q4 of 2000.

  • Cocktail for system crash

    A mix of Microsoft products has proved to be a troublesome cocktail for local electronics company Hagemeyer.

  • GiantLoop, Compaq team on optical storage networking

    In an attempt to minimize the complexity of SAN technology, GiantLoop Network and Compaq Computer on Monday announced a collaboration that seeks to extend SAN availability, using Compaq's Data Replication Manager solution, over GiantLoop's optical metro networks.

  • EMC sets its sights on storage software market

    Looking to repeat its hardware success in the storage software business, EMC on Monday opened chapter one of the company's AutoIS (automated information storage) initiative with four new software product announcements at a launch event in New York.

  • Intel cuts prices on top Pentium 4s, some Pentium IIIs

    Intel cut the prices of its three fastest Pentium 4 processors and of some of its 0.13-micron Pentium III Processor-M chips over the weekend. The cuts bring down the price of Intel-based business and consumer computers between now and the U.S. holiday season.

  • Sun sets sights on Wintel with server releases

    Sun Microsystems will update its range of entry-level servers on Monday. The company will introduce one product, the V880, aimed directly at competing systems based on Intel processors, and another built as an upgrade to its Netra server line and targeted at telecommunication companies.

  • Oracle upgrades software for small businesses

    In an effort to reach more customers, Oracle said today that it has enhanced its software for small businesses.

  • Fujitsu connects Linux-cluster with Infiniband

    Fujitsu says it has suceeded in using Infiniband to connect together a cluster of Linux-based servers and running an application on the system -- an industry first, according to the company.

  • Printer companies make their plays in October

    There is a time and a season for printer announcements and that time is now, according to analyst firm International Data Corp. A high-speed output of both color and monochrome printer news has recently flooded the printer market, and incentives to buy have ranged from ultra-low prices to free steaks.

  • New 6 teraflop supercomputer unveiled today

    A 6 teraflop Terascale supercomputer that will be used for severe-weather forecasting, earthquake modeling and other projects was unveiled today at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC).

  • LexisNexis looks to simplify search capability

    Lexis-Nexis Group hopes to broaden the use of its and Corporate Affiliates online products by incorporating iPhrase Technologies Inc.'s natural language search technology to make searching more simple.

  • Asera updating eBusiness Operating System

    Asera on Monday plans to announce Version 5.0 of its eBusiness Operating System, featuring Web services, workflow, and ties to legacy applications.

  • COMDEX: Show attracts fewer visitors, more security

    This was supposed to be Cindy Low's first visit to Comdex. But a combination of factors, including the economic slowdown and increased security fears, helped convince the Singapore-based marketing manager for network equipment vendor Linksys Group to cancel her trip.

  • McAfee adds users, competitor to EPolicy Orchestrator

    McAfee, a division of Network Associates, announced a new version of its ePolicy Orchestrator antivirus management product, boosting the number of desktop machines and products it can administer.

  • Tripwire aims to lock down routers, switches

    Working from the idea that intruders can't succeed in doing much lasting damage to your network if they can't make changes to files, Tripwire Inc. Monday announced a new version of its security lockdown software, Tripwire for Routers and Switches.

  • Cisco expands IP telephony portfolio

    Cisco Systems announced Monday a dozen hardware and software products designed to make IP telephony systems more secure, easier to manage and fault tolerant.

  • Antivirus integrated into e-mail list software

    L-Soft International, maker of the popular Listserv e-mail list software, and antivirus company F-Secure announced a deal Monday by which F-Secure's antivirus will check every attachment sent using the Listserv software in an attempt to stop the spread of viruses over e-mail lists.

  • Microsoft shows off Tablet PC and SDK

    Microsoft gave users a glimpse at what it believes will be the next major advance in portable computing at its Professional Developers Conference (PDC) this week.

  • Internet access readied for commercial vehicles

    In-vehicle wireless services will make a sharp turn to the business side when General Motors (GM) previews telematics -- in-vehicle computer and Internet service -- solutions for its commercial vehicles at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas next week.

  • Plumtree plans to empower portal users

    As a growing number of vendors prepare to duke it out for supremacy in the hot market for corporate portals, vendors such as Plumtree Software Inc. are seeking to assure customers and partners of their long-term viability and financial strength.

  • Key to omnichannel CX is customisation

    In order to achieve success with omnichannel customer experience strategy, companies need to utilise user personas, while maintaining excellence across all channels, according to customer transformation service expert, Brad Starr.

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