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  • Web Database for E-Business Partners Planned

    IBM Corp. Mircosoft Corp. and Ariba Inc. next week will propose an XML-based standard that will allow thousands of vendors to register their businesses in a Web-based database, which will help them match up with partners and carry out e-commerce transactions, according to industry sources briefed by the companies.

  • Focus is Key to Success, Says Jamcracker CEO

    Have a clear vision, remain focused, and move quickly -- these are some of the lessons that Jamcracker Inc.'s Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, K B Chandrasekhar learnt en route to building up Exodus Communications Inc., which he co-founded in 1994.

  • What's Next? Office .Net

    While Office 10 includes several new features that are related to Microsoft Corp.'s .Net strategy, such as support for speech recognition and XML, the company has already started to discuss a successor to the product, called Office .Net, slated for 2002 or later.

  • NetRegistry scores IBM business

    Domain name specialist NetRegistry has signed a reseller agreement with IBM, using the extra business to promote products and services on top of its traditional domain registration business.

  • Major Firms Form Linux Lab

    Corporate users who count themselves among the loyal Linux legions were heartened by last week's announcement that an influential consortium of companies is forming an independent lab to speed the creation of key enterprise Linux technologies.

  • Lucent Plays Down Criticisms

    Amidst an unstable stock value, Lucent Technologies Inc. maintains it is not losing its foothold, citing revenue figures which it said were stronger than its competitors.

  • FrontRange pumps Maestro into e-business suite

    Local CRM software specialist FrontRange Solutions has acquired Chicago-based Maestro Commerce to expand its e-commerce and CRM application suite, targeting SMEs globally with "business on the Internet" solutions.

  • Ford, Dealers Launch Online Pricing, Purchasing

    Following the lead of rival General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. last week unveiled a copycat dot-com venture with its dealers to offer vehicle pricing and purchasing online.

  • Dell Breaks $1000 Barrier

    PC manufacturer Dell Computer has dropped the prices of some models below the $1000 mark for the first time.

  • Games sales static: Inform

    Growth in the games market for July was slow, as retailers felt the full impact of GST, according to market analyst Inform.

  • Web Content Delivery Competition Increases

    Sensing an opportunity to profit from caching, Web content management vendor Inktomi Corp. [Nasdaq:INKT] and a group of other information distribution companies have announced an alliance designed to speed the delivery of Web content by pushing it closer to end users.

  • Feds Grapple With Online Aversion

    The biggest obstacle to Federal government agencies trading electronically is the ability of suppliers to do so, a recent survey has found.

  • New Age of Dot.Com Inter-Marriage Dawns

    SYDNEY (09/05/2000) - An alliance struck Monday between the National Australia Bank Ltd. (NAB) and Sydney-based business-to-business (B2B) Internet company Peakhour Pty. Ltd., dubbed a "marriage made in heaven", is a sure sign of the role the clicks-and-mortar model will play in the business world of the future.

  • Unisys West opens for business

    Unisys' joint venture company with Perth-based BankWest, Unisys West, opened for business yesterday, appointing general manager Doug Cox to lead the company's national direction.

  • Wachovia to Cut 100 IT Jobs, 1,800 Total

    Wachovia Corp. announced plans to eliminate 1,800 jobs last week, including 100 information technology positions, in a bid to save $100 million in annual expenses.

  • Singapore ASP Service Level to Improve

    Customers of Singapore-based application service providers (ASP), should get to enjoy better services shortly, thanks to the launch of an alliance here -- comprising ASPs, systems integrators, hardware, software, and telecommunications companies -- that is currently working on an ASP service level guideline.

  • New Microsoft Office Suite Sparks Modest Interest

    The next version of Microsoft Corp.'s Office suite will leave millions of Windows users behind when it arrives next year, because it won't be able to run on Windows 95. Some 65 million copies of that operating system may still be in use then, according to one estimate.

  • Reveal All, Says ASIC

    Spike Networks, Travelshop and ISIS Communications and seven other listed technology companies, in a study of 20, have been found to have failed to comply with the Australian Stock Exchange's rules of continuous disclosure.

  • E-readiness gap threatens growth

    An analysis of 42 countries' current ability to participate fully in the digital economy paints a grim picture for most of them. The authors of the report said the situation is so bad that, unless key countries' act quickly, world economic expansion could stagnate. The report examined the 42 countries for what the authors called "e-readiness". Each country was rated based on five categories -

  • Report Cites Net's Growth Outside North America

    North Americans continue to be the largest single block of the online population worldwide, but a report released Friday shows that growth in the number of Web sites in languages other than English and rapid growth in the number of Internet users in Asia and Europe are transforming the Internet from a U.S.-dominated medium to an international communications media.