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  • Easy Way to Secure Windows 9x/2000, NT Machine

    Anders Gustafsson of the Aaland Islands, Finland, writes that there's a quick and easy way to lock a Microsoft Corp. Windows 9x/2000 or Windows NT machine to password-protect it when you walk away.

  • IS Survival Guide: Words for the Wise

    TRANSLATION: I can't support this with any logic, and I sure don't want you to question it.

  • MARKETING CLINIC: Auction Auction Auction, oi oi oi

    The Olympics has provided some of the greatest displays of sporting ability the world has seen. But it has also shown the world a great way to efficiently use the Internet as a means of making money. I'm not talking about online ticket sales, but the use of an online auction to drive up prices of Olympic memorabilia.

  • Retail Solutions Briefs: MP3, Digital Certificates, Net licences

    Push to legalise MP3 services, US starts digital certificate smart card rollout, Musical bodies issue global Net licences

  • How We Did It

    The network analyzers went through two types of testing. The first compared each unit to the others based on its features, capabilities, size and price. The second step of our testing involved a usability test. Twelve network professionals performing the tests were given the units in a specific order so that each device was tested first four separate times. In other words, four testers were given Wavetek's LAN Checker 100 first, another four received Fluke Corp.'s 686 Enterprise LANMeter first, and a final four tested Microtest's Compas first. The tests were given in a specific order to eliminate any effects that being the first or last tester may have had on scoring.

  • The Gripe Line: Confused About a Warranty?

    When is a warranty not a warranty? In the high-tech world, it increasingly seems to be whenever a vendor decides that to honor it is no longer convenient.

  • Oracle shoots for massive savings

    Eighteen months after Oracle's CEO Larry Ellison pledged to transform the company into a truly Web-enabled business and reduce expenses by $US1 billion, Oracle announced plans to shock sceptics on Wall Street again by doubling those savings.

  • Starting Cold

    The commute: One Monday morning, Ken O'Neill, CIO of the government of Nunavut, left Ottawa for a three-hour flight north to Iqaluit, the capital of the new Canadian territory. The plane couldn't land because of bad weather, so it continued on to the next scheduled stop, Rankin Inlet, about 700 miles west across Hudson Bay. From there, the best choice was to continue about 700 miles farther west to Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, then south to Edmonton and down to Calgary. Finally, O'Neill took the red-eye back east to Ottawa just in time to catch the next morning's flight to Iqaluit.

  • Oracle Reinforces Internet Application Server

    Looking for a bigger piece of the e-business software market, Oracle Corp. last week announced a new release of its application server software that includes an enhanced caching feature designed to improve the performance of Web sites and other Internet-based applications.

  • Cisco spurns channel to bag $100M Telstra contract

    Networking vendor Cisco Systems is set to bring in over $100 million in additional revenues over three years, after the company announced it secured a contract to migrate Telstra's high-speed cable modem services to the DOCSIS standard. But left out of the deal is the channel, which looks like it won't even pick up the scraps from Cisco's table.

  • Too Many Options

    Trying to understand their 401(k) plans leaves many workers glassy-eyed, helpless and prone to investing all of their contributions in money market funds. Now, millions of people worldwide face an even more difficult task: figuring out what to do with their stock options.

  • Backdoor I.T.

    Tom Brailsford had a good idea for a technology project, but he couldn't get it done. Not without a little backdoor help from his IS department.

  • Shark Tank: Missing Connections

    New-to-the-job network administrator pilot fish walks into the computer room after a power outage during his first week on the job and finds all the servers rebooting. Wait, hold on - don't we have an uninterruptable power supply (UPS)? he asks another staffer, who points under a table to the UPS lit up and humming along. The fish climbs under the table to check the back of the UPS - and discovers that none of the servers are plugged into it.

  • What's new from ... Cisco, Nortel, Enterasys, 3Com, Intel, NetGear, D-Link

    Cisco has designed its Cisco 677 Small Office Home Office (SOHO)/Telecommuter asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) router to provide cost-effective high-speed services to small home offices and users working at home.

  • The Sensual Computer: High Touch, High-Tech

    How does your computer feel today? No, I'm not asking about its state of cybernetic health but about whether it's giving you any tactile feedback or manipulative capability through your fingers. Touch is the latest to be added to the list of human senses a computer can address. It's called haptics, from the Greek haptesthai, meaning to grasp or touch.

  • Ups and downs at Solution 6

    It has been a topsy-turvy week for Solution 6 - within 24 hours the company has added the launch of a new taxation information portal for the Taxation Institute of Australia (TIA), and announced the resignation of chief financial officer Tom Montgomery.

  • The Look After 'The Leap'

    Tom Ashbrook, a former reporter and deputy managing editor at The Boston Globe, is a co-founder and vice chairman of Inc. in Newton, Mass. The founding of HomePortfolio, and the changes it caused in Ashbrook's life, are chronicled in his book The Leap.

  • Increasing Number of H1-B Visas Bad for America

    Its an election year, so you probably expect our legislators to haggle over the bills before them in an attempt to court the votes of certain groups or sectors of the population. I'm happy to see that this year Congress is living up to my election-year expectations. Both Democrats and Republicans in the Senate are trying to appeal to the high-tech sector by passing a bill designed to increase the number of H1-B visas for temporary foreign workers.

  • StorageTek, SGI Hit with Earnings Bug

    FRAMINGHAM (10/10/2000) - Storage Technology Corp. and Silicon Graphics Inc. became the latest companies to warn about earnings shortfalls for their respective quarters.

  • The Old New Thing

    At Pacific Bell Park, the gleaming, new home of the San Francisco Giants, you can slide down a gigantic Coke bottle, eat sushi and get your e-mail. At Boston's venerable Fenway Park, once you settle in with a couple of dogs and a cold one, it's all about baseball.

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