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  • Registry extends deadline for .biz domains

    Due to the terrorist attacks in the U.S. last week, NeuLevel Inc., the company responsible for assigning and controlling the registration of the upcoming .biz Top Level Domain (TLD), has extended by one week its deadline for .biz domain name applications.

  • EU approves Hitachi, LG disc drive JV

    The European Commission has given its consent to a joint venture between Hitachi Ltd. of Japan and LG Electronics Inc. of South Korea, arguing that the combine will face stiff competition from competitors.

  • Nimda worm wriggles throughout Asia

    Most of Asia has been put on worm alert as W32.Nimda, a mass-mailing worm, greeted users Wednesday morning by infecting their address books, computers and servers.

  • US ATTACK: Hacker cracks Islamist mailing list

    A hacker has cracked a German-based Islamist Web site, publishing on the Web hundreds of e-mail addresses of subscribers to its mailing list, including one of a suspect in last week's terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York.

  • Unix/Linux vendor Caldera restructuring to cut costs

    Unix and Linux software vendor Caldera International Inc. is laying off 51 workers and streamlining its operations as it fights to stay alive in a tough market.

  • US ATTACK: Staying connected in a postattack IT world

    During last week's tragic attacks in New York and Washington, mobile workers across the nation found themselves scrambling to make cellular connections work or scurrying to find new, inventive ways to get desktop work done on laptops or on handhelds equipped with e-mail.

  • HP debuts midrange Unix server

    Hewlett-Packard Co. Tuesday took the wraps off a new 16-way, midrange server built around the company's own flavor of the Unix operating system.

  • Dell readies new workstation

    Dell Computer Corp. started shipping a new workstation Tuesday, offering customers working with complex financial applications or graphics intensive programs a small but powerful system.

  • Red Hat reports loss, revenue slips

    Linux software maker Red Hat Inc. Tuesday reported a break-even quarter in terms of adjusted earnings per share as revenue slipped 15 percent from the same quarter a year ago in the midst of a slower market for corporate software.

  • US ATTACK: US markets knocked down again

    From a slight morning surge to an afternoon slide, U.S. markets experienced choppy trading Tuesday, closing down as recession fears managed once again to rattle investors. The losses weren't as severe as those posted Monday, however, when most major indices took a tumble in their first day of trading since the devastating terrorist attacks launched against the U.S. a week ago today.

  • Toshiba to roll out Bluetooth notebooks

    Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. is set for a Thursday roll out of two notebooks with integrated Bluetooth capabilities aimed at traveling business users.

  • W3C recommends online accessibility guidelines

    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has issued recommendations to ensure that the Internet is accessible to people with disabilities.

  • IBM preps WebSphere Commerce Business Edition

    IBM Corp. detailed Tuesday features of its upcoming WebSphere Commerce Business Edition Version 5.1, a software tool for business-to-business e-commerce transactions.

  • There is life after the dot-com hype

    Although visionaries were scarce, all speakers here at International Data Corp.'s (IDC's) European IT Forum said that there is life after the Internet hype and the dot-com bubble bursting.

  • Volatile new worm poses serious threat

    A new worm that can infect all 32-bit Windows computers and propagates using multiple methods has spread across the world Tuesday morning, according to Roger Thompson, technical director of malicious code at TruSecure Corp.

  • Antarctic Storage is a SNAP

    When the Aurora cruises out of Tasmania bound for Antarctica later this month it won't just be stocked with the usual food supplies, scientists, and instruments. A new piece of IT equipment will be aboard the vessel, which will change the way scientists share their research.

  • HP introduces Web site health check

    Hewlett-Packard Australia has announced the introduction in Australia of its free program, which evaluates the performance and availability of corporate Web sites.

  • Verizon may buy wireless access for $550M

    Verizon Communications is in talks to acquire shares in wireless licenses in Arizona, California, Georgia, Ohio and Tennessee, the company said Monday.

  • Banks reject WAP : beginning of the end?

    Banks are shying away from WAP, thanks to the once-hyped medium failing to catch the eye of users.

  • Corporate data needs two-pronged protection

    Stiffer defences are needed to protect corporate data against both illegal and official snoopers in the face of a newly-declared war on terrorism, civil libertarians warn.

  • Key to omnichannel CX is customisation

    In order to achieve success with omnichannel customer experience strategy, companies need to utilise user personas, while maintaining excellence across all channels, according to customer transformation service expert, Brad Starr.

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