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  • J. D. Edwards Unveils Web-Based Enterprise Suite

    J. D. Edwards is claiming that the world of "e-business" is dead, and that enterprise users must go to collaborative, or "c-business."

  • eisa's salvation on hold

    Austar's $13 million takeover bid for eisa has stalled following an announcement from regional TV network WIN that it was overlooked as a bidder for the struggling ISP.

  • Dot-Com Customers Get Short Shrift: PWC

    The majority of Internet start-ups focus more on forming strategic partnerships than they do on fulfilling orders, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) Hong Kong.

  • C&W to host apps

    Cable & Wireless has launched its first application-hosting services, which promise users an affordable and easy way to support enterprise software.

  • Briefs: Solution 6, ASP Allegiance Systems, Timemaster

    Sol 6 loses Yelland, Cross-Tasman ASP, ASPs all hype?

  • Computer Associates Wades into CRM

    Computer Associates International will unveil a CRM initiative later this month, a key official said Tuesday, but the move shouldn't be interpreted as CA's "entry" into the CRM space.

  • Tabloid Briefs: NetGear goss, Another winner

    First CHA, then Netgear and now Victoria Police? James Robbins, Netgear's southern regional manager and former CHA marketing manager is set to leave to join the ranks of Victoria's "Force"

  • Telecom NZ Slams 'Heavy-Handed' Government Report

    The New Zealand government risks missing a great opportunity to lead the country forward in the digital age, and is instead introducing old-style, heavy-handed regulation of telecommunications which is 10 years out of date, Telecom New Zealand said Wednesday.

  • Network Solutions Briefs: 3Com, Geni, Marconi

    Networking companies plunder ex-3Com, Geni teams up to put out network fires in NZ, Marconi to buy Mariposa for integrated access

  • EDITORIAL: Taking on the US

    If there's one thing we enjoy more than beating New Zealanders, it's beating the US.

  • Notebooks get faster

    Intel cranked up the speed of its fastest notebook PC processor to 850MHz last week, while vendors including Toshiba America Information Systems, Compaq Computer and Dell Computer unwrapped new systems powered by the latest chips.

  • Retail Solutions Briefs: Forrester, Microsoft, Mobile Internet

    Cooperation predicted, Incompatibility issues, Growth in handhelds

  • 10-Gigabit Ethernet Technology Picks Up Steam

    Low-cost, high-speed 10-Gigabit Ethernet technology capable of sustaining networked applications, such as VPNs, IP telephony, LAN services and e-commerce, is the wave of the future, according to a number of users, analysts and standards body representatives.

  • Novell Revamps Its Network Technologies

    Seeking to deliver on much-publicised promises made earlier this year, Novell Inc. rolled out a series of products and features at the NetWorld+Interop conference this week, designed to unify disparate networks and services. The move also fuels Novell efforts to get back on track after sluggish earnings prompted nearly 900 layoffs last month.

  • Oracle Updates Database

    Oracle Monday released details of the next version of its flagship database, dubbed Oracle 9i, at the company's annual user conference.

  • E-Legal Tangles

    Starting a new business always involves a bit of legal risk. But that risk is multiplied when starting an e-business, according to Allan Weeks, a partner with the ventures and intellectual practice group of Shipman & Goodwin.

  • The legal ABCs of outsourcing

    When a Saudi Arabian company outsources the management of its software to a US application service provider (ASP), whose laws apply if the servers go down and critical information is lost?

  • Apple gives sour earnings forecast, stock tumbles

    Stock in Apple Computer dropped precipitously yesterday after the company announced last week that fourth-quarter earnings will fall well below analysts' expectations due, in part, to slow September product sales.

  • IBM Ready to Launch First 64-Bit Mainframe

    IBM this week will announce Freeway, its next-generation System 390 mainframe. The server will use IBM's first 64-bit mainframe processors and come with greatly expanded memory capabilities for boosting application performance.

  • UPDATE: eisa sold

    eisa's 80,000 subscribers and remaining physical assets will pass into the hands of Austar after key creditors voted yesterday to accept the pay TV and Internet service provider's $13 million takeover bid.