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  • Can Dot-com Mania Help Education in America?

    U.S. Secretary of Education Richard Riley said he plans to enlist the private sector to help narrow the technology gap between white and minority students and between affluent and poverty-stricken students.

  • Sun Offers Net Hardware High Availability Program

    REVEALING THE STRATEGY behind its "Build for the Age" vision, Sun Microsystems today unveiled a program that will offer communication equipment providers a standards-based approach to rapidly developing scalable platforms to keep up with the enormous traffic generated by the Internet.

  • African Group Offers Computer 'Driver's License'

    There is relief in sight for employers in Southern Africa who have not had a way to verify the credentials of job applicants who present themselves as computer literate.

  • Infostrada, Sprint Sign Broadband Net Agreement

    Infostrada SpA, the Italian fixed-line telecommunications company controlled by Mannesmann AG of Germany, yesterday signed an agreement for the supply of broadband Internet access with Sprint Corp., the U.S.'s third largest long distance telecom operator, Infostrada announced today.

  • Logitech Debuts New Mouse, Trackball

    Logitech Corp. will debut a smaller mouse designed for portable PC users, as well as a wireless trackball at CeBIT this year, executives announced this morning.

  • LibertyOne trumps auction market in Asia

    Internet company LibertyOne's online auction strategy has intensified with the announcement that it will extend its licensing arrangement with US auction house uBid into the Asian region.

  • Get Yours With

    Unless you're with the IRS or work for the mob, you're probably not too comfortable harassing friends and pestering loved ones for money they owe you.

  • Intel Previews Itanium, Willamette Systems

    Intel Corp. today previewed here at CeBIT systems running powerful forthcoming processors, including a Willamette prototype chip running slightly faster than 1.5GHz.

  • Germany, U.K., China to Buy Lucent 10G-bit Kit

    Lucent Technologies Inc. is to supply a 10G-bps (gigabits per second) nationwide fiber-optic backbone network to German carrier Deutsche Telekom AG in a three year contract that the company said will be worth several hundred million marks, or at least US$100 million.

  • Kyocera, Qualcomm Close CDMA Sale

    The deal for Japanese electronics maker Kyocera Corp. to buy the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) standard-based phone business from Qualcomm Inc. has been finalized, Qualcomm announced yesterday.

  • HP Joins 'Legacy-Free' Movement

    Hewlett-Packard Co. yesterday launched its e-Vectra PC, the first in a line of so-called "legacy free" PCs from HP.

  • DVD Audio Copy System Approval Due Soon

    Approval of a revised copy protection system for DVD (digital versatile disk) Audio, drawn up because a related system was hacked, is likely come within the next month, according to the head of DVD business at Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd., Japan's largest consumer electronics manufacturer.

  • Nokia taps ICL for e-commerce push

    UK-based IT services company International Computers (ICL) announced on Monday that it has formed a joint venture with Finnish telecommunications giant Nokia to support Nokia Information Management's eBusiness division.

  • B2B portal provides opportunity for local channel

    Primus Telecommunications will provide opportunities for local developers and integrators to take a stake in its new business-to-business portal.

  • UPDATE: ADC Buys PairGain for US$1.6 Billion

    Networking vendor ADC Telecommunications Inc. today said it will buy digital subscriber line systems maker PairGain Technologies Inc. for US$1.6 billion.

  • WebTV Looks to Attract Users via Free Service

    Microsoft Corp. is looking to lure new subscribers to its WebTV service with a free two month introductory offer, the company announced yesterday.

  • Why Germans Are Slow to Surf

    American consumers are spoiled. We're used to Sunday shopping and smoke-free restaurants--luxuries you won't easily find in Germany. And you can add cheap, unlimited Internet access to that "not found here" list.

  • Philips 'Rushes' into MP3 Market

    Dutch consumer electronics giant Philips Electronics NV has entered the MP3 player market with the launch of its new Rush player.

  • Nokia Adds Avenue, Private Road to Digital Highway

    Mobile phone users and VPN (virtual private network) users are two of the groups to which Nokia Corp. hopes to offer cheaper, safer access to the Internet with a variety of new IP (internet protocol) networking products launched here at the CeBIT exhibition in Hanover today.

  • Vendors rally round mobile sync spec

    A slew of high-profile companies yesterday announced an XML-based data synchronisation protocol aimed at facilitating mobile computing.

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