• Analysis: It's all about Longhorn at Microsoft

    Longhorn, the next major release of Windows, is "a bit scary," Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates confided to financial analysts last week. Scary to computer users, that is, because Longhorn products will be very different from today's Microsoft software, he said. But it appears the software is also causing some shivers at Microsoft.

    31 July 03 12:27 Written by Joris Evers
  • Microsoft muddies message as 3GL demand flatlines

    It's looking a pancake-flat market for third-generation language (3GL) tools for the next year or so and only those which greatly boost the productivity of developers or cut product time to market are likely to be considered.

    31 July 03 11:28 Written by Mark Broatch
  • Dell's Axim patch for Windows Mobile 2003 delayed

    Dell missed a self-imposed deadline to post a fix on its support Web site for the performance problems that have plagued the Windows Mobile 2003 versions of its Axim handheld.

    31 July 03 09:25 Written by Tom Krazit
  • IBM plans world's most powerful Linux supercomputer

    A Japanese national research laboratory has placed an order with IBM for a supercomputer cluster that, when completed, is expected to be the most powerful Linux-based computer in the world.

    31 July 03 09:08 Written by Martyn Williams
  • IBM aims product management package at midmarket

    Building out its Express line of products for midsize companies, IBM rolled out a hardware and software package Wednesday designed to help manufacturers manage information about their products.

    31 July 03 09:03 Written by James Niccolai
  • Borland integrates Tibco's JMS into app server

    Borland Software on Tuesday announced it is adding Tibco Software's JMS (Java Message Service) to the forthcoming release of its application server.

    31 July 03 08:59 Written by Tom Sullivan
  • IBM rolls out Opteron server, Linux database clusters

    IBM Wednesday introduced its first server based on Advanced Micro Devices' 32-/64-bit Opteron chip, pushing the new eServer 325 as an integral part of its expanded Linux cluster offerings. It also announced a new Linux cluster that includes DB2 for Linux, which is its first database offering generally available for the Opteron processor.

    31 July 03 08:56 Written by Jennifer Mears
  • Novell directory to support HP-UX

    Novell is expected to announce as soon as next month eDirectory support for HP-UX customers.

    31 July 03 08:54 Written by Deni Connor
  • Microsoft fixing another faulty patch

    Microsoft acknowledged Tuesday that a recent security patch is causing problems on machines running the Windows NT 4.0 operating system.

    31 July 03 08:51 Written by Paul Roberts
  • Intel joins open-source tool development group

    A group of industry vendors developing a common framework for software tool integration will add Intel to its roster of members, Intel announced Wednesday.

    31 July 03 08:49 Written by Tom Krazit
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 goes beta

    Red Hat released Tuesday the first public beta of its forthcoming Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, featuring scalability, clustering and security enhancements.

    31 July 03 08:44 Written by Stacy Cowley
  • HP signs up for 16,000 Siebel CRM seats

    Although the market for CRM systems applications has trended toward smaller, incremental installations, industry leader Siebel Systems has closed one of its biggest deals ever with massive Hewlett-Packard.

    31 July 03 08:39 Written by Marc L. Songini
  • Users slam slow Job Network system

    The federal government's beleaguered Job Network system, which went live July 1, is still under fire with users claiming miserably slow response times and persistent outages as the system struggles to cope with 3.2 million transactions daily, according to documents obtained by Computerworld.

    31 July 03 08:33 Written by Lauren Thomsen-Moore
  • Tourism commission powers up data centre

    As part of a six-month infrastructure overhaul, the Australian Tourism Commission has implemented rackmounted uninterruptible power supplies in its Sydney data centre.

    31 July 03 08:30 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • Microsoft revamps developer partner program

    Microsoft is encouraging small software developers to build extensions such as compilers for its Visual Studio .Net development tool by offering free access to the Visual Studio Industry Partner software development kit, the company said.

    30 July 03 14:31 Written by Joris Evers
  • Sun integrates GNOME into Solaris

    Three years after pledging to integrate its Solaris operating system with the open source GNOME (GNU Object Model Environment) desktop, Sun Microsystems is finally ready to deliver.

    30 July 03 13:30 Written by Robert McMillan
  • Market still waits for blade breakthrough

    Two years after vendors began introducing slimmed down "blade" computers as the next stage in the evolution of the server, these denser, more power-efficient servers have been struggling to meet market expectations and prove that they have what it takes to emerge as an industry standard.

    30 July 03 11:19 Written by Robert McMillan
  • SCO underwhelms Australian IT/IS management

    So, in the real world of e-commerce, far away from Lindon, Utah, in places like Australia where Linux is alive and well and running--for example-- the nation’s entire domain name registry, what effect has SCO Group’s recent pronouncements and posturings and shots across the bow of the Good Ship Global Enterprise had thus far?

    30 July 03 11:00 Written by LinuxWorld staff
  • 7 Habits of the Effective Network Manager

    Years of observing hundreds of network managers has revealed 7 habits that differentiate the effective network manager from the others. In this white paper, we will identify those 7 habits and discuss how these habits contribute to providing a well performing and reliable network. When problems do occur, these problems can be resolved in a timely manner, reducing the impact on the business, while at the same time, maintaining the credibility of the networking department.


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