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  • ASP to Mine Web Data

    Data mining and analysis might become more pervasive with the arrival of DigiMine Inc., an application service provider (ASP) that officially opens for business next week.

  • Conexant Doubles Down, Oracle Splits Aces

    SAN FRANCISCO (09/15/2000) - In Las Vegas, the house frowns on blackjack players who count cards and try to beat the odds of the game with an eagle eye. The technology sector, however, tends to reward gamblers for closely watching their opponents' hands and then making decisions based on calculated risks. This week, we look at three companies who scanned their industry sector carefully and then went on to post impressive financial results.

  • Star TV, CyberWorks Spar in India

    An announcement that Star TV has bought a stake in a big cable network in India could heat up a rivalry there with Richard Li's Pacific Century CyberWorks Ltd. Both companies want to target the lucrative Indian market with interactive entertainment services. But Star TV - a company that Li actually started, and then sold to Rupert Murdoch - seems to have beaten CyberWorks at jumping on some of the pipes that will deliver these goods.

  • Nordstrom CIO to Be Replaced

    Slumping sales growth has prompted Nordstrom Inc. to replace several key executives, including its first CIO, who departed last week after just seven months on the job.

  • Chief Privacy Officers on the Rise

    Ronald Hoffman, the privacy issues manager at Mutual of Omaha Insurance Co., is at the forefront of a new breed of company officials who are working with CIOs to set corporate data-privacy policies.

  • Taking Sides on Critical Issues

    There is a technology-based scourge afoot...maybe.

  • Amazon Loses Two Partners Over Privacy Policy

    Two privacy advocacy organizations, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) in Washington and Junkbusters Corp. in Green Brook, N.J., have severed all ties to Inc. over recent changes made to the online retailer's privacy policy.

  • Loudcloud Targets ASPs with Expanded Services

    Web infrastructure provider Loudcloud Inc. next week will roll out expanded services designed to manage Internet operations for ASPs (application service providers) and other businesses.

  • Hop to Online Gift Giving

    Virtual roses and electronic greetings simply don't have the same appeal as real gifts. But how do you shop for your cyberfriends? Often, our "e-buddies" are no less important than "real-world" friends, even though we've never laid eyes on them.

  • The Next Chapter of Book Publishing

    Unless you've been sleeping as soundly as a princess for the past six months, it'd be impossible not to notice that summer 2000 was the season the electronic book finally barged into public consciousness like a battering ram. Publishing's dream boy Stephen King, himself newly packaged following a near-fatal car accident that shattered his right leg, started the assault this spring. Simon & Schuster Inc. released King's Riding the Bullet as an e-book, making it available in a digital form online (an e-book is the encrypted, digitized contents of a book, from jacket image to index). More than 500,000 copies of the novella were snapped up in a day by the author's notoriously rabid fans, e-book enthusiasts and just plain bargain hunters (reportedly, as many as 300,000 free copies were distributed). Simon & Schuster, apparently pleased enough with those numbers, announced it would make all of suspense novelist Mary Higgins Clark's 22 mysteries available electronically just a week after striking a US$64 million deal to publish four of her new works. Then in July King upped the ante, self-publishing on his website Chapter 1 of a new novel, The Plant, saying future chapters would be available if readers paid $1 per installment.

  • Enterprise Application Integration

    When Michael R. Spano Jr. set out to re-create his company's enterprise systems in the summer of 1998, he knew application integration wasn't going to be easy. The CIO of Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution in Raleigh, N.C., chose general ledger and electronic data interchange applications from Baan Co. NV as the company's fundamental enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. He then planned to add more preintegrated Baan applications in phases.

  • Kmart Names New CIO

    Kmart Corp. today announced the appointment of Randy L. Allen as chief information officer, making her the company's fourth CIO in the last five years.

  • Corio Offers Enterprises Hosted Messaging

    Corio Corp. this week added a hosted messaging service to its portfolio of application service provider offerings.

  • AltaVista Refocuses, Cuts 25 Percent of Staff

    SAN FRANCISCO (09/15/2000) - Search engine company AltaVista Co. Friday announced it has cut 25 percent of its workforce and is quitting the media portal business. The moves represent a return by the company to its core search engine business in hopes of ramping up its profitability.

  • Key Auto Supplier Agrees to Join Covisint Exchange

    In a move that came just three days after the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) gave an initial green light to the Covisint online exchange being developed by the Big 3 automakers, Visteon Corp. - the world's second-largest automotive supplier - Thursday announced that it plans to participate in the Internet-based purchasing venture.

  • Southwest Hits $1B Mark in Online Sales

    Dallas-based Southwest Airlines Inc. has announced that its Web site generated more than $1 billion in passenger revenue from January to August. About 30% of Southwest's ticket sales come directly via the Internet, the airline added.

  • AltaVista Pruning Workers, Refocusing

    AltaVista Co. announced Friday that it will cut 25 percent of its workforce and consolidate its four California offices into its Palo Alto headquarters.

  • Streaming Video for Handhelds Eyed

    SAN MATEO (09/15/2000) - Digital media software companies Loudeye Technologies Inc. and Firepad Inc. have announced that they are working on technology to deliver streaming video and animation to handheld devices. Firepad, which makes software for rich content on handheld devices, will be working with digital media infrastructure company Loudeye to encode movie trailers, newscasts, and other content for delivery on Palm Inc.'s handheld devices..

  • Office Suites Go Online

    Few can deny that the ultimate dream of the application service providers (ASPs) is enticing: Imagine users accessing any of their applications and data whenever, wherever. At the same time, one of the most tedious tasks facing any IT department--installing and supporting applications and managing users' data--disappears. Eager to test this promise, some companies have already started using ASPs in areas such as customer relationship management and supply-chain management. Now a handful of developers have their sights set on applying the ASP model to personal productivity tools--word processors, spreadsheets, presentation packages and the like.

  • Midmarket IT Standing in the Middle

    Mark Lindquist is president of a small metals fabrication company. Founded in 1926, Rapid-Line has 78 employees and churns out automotive parts and office furniture components in a single 46,000 square-foot facility in Grand Rapids, Mich. How rust belt can you get? Sounds like the kind of shop where IT capabilities might consist of Quickbooks running on a hand-me-down 486.