• IDC: Storage market grew 12 percent in Q4

    Hewlett-Packard and IBM lead the marketplace in overall storage sales in a marketplace that grew 12 percent sequentially in the fourth quarter, despite an overall slump for the year, IDC reported today. In 2002, storage sales, which totaled US$5.4 billion, dropped 15 percent over 2001. That still beat IDC's prediction that sales would drop by 21 percent for the year.

    10 March 03 08:00 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • ATO extends EDS contract

    The Australian Taxation Office has extended its outsourcing agreement with EDS for a further two years.

    10 March 03 08:00 Written by ARN Staff
  • Competition watchdog slams Telstra

    Telstra CEO, Dr. Ziggy Switkowski, has described the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Chairman, Professor Allan Fels, as being ‘out of touch’ with today’s telecommunications market.

    10 March 03 07:59 Written by Cameron Roberts
  • Axiom snaps up enterprise user satisfaction surveys

    Acquisition-hungry marketing services and research company Axiom has acquired vendor satisfaction rating products "The Canberra Report" and "The Corporate Report" from boutique banking and finance research company East and Partners for an undisclosed sum.

    10 March 03 07:43 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • SCO sues IBM over Linux, seeks $1 billion

    Unix developer The SCO Group has filed a law suit against IBM charging it with misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair competition and other illegal actions related to IBM's Linux business. The suit seeks at least US$1 billion in damages.

    07 March 03 15:28 Written by Juan Carlos Perez and James Niccolai
  • Web standards burnout decried

    Over-standardization, royalty-free standards, and browser wars were on the minds of industry dignitaries serving on a panel discussing the future of the Web at the XML Web Services One conference on Thursday.

    07 March 03 15:27 Written by Paul Krill.
  • Telstra denies raids in continuing MP3 piracy investigation

    An Australian Federal Police investigation into an alleged major organised criminal music piracy racket involving MP3s has seen Telstra deny that any police 'raids' have taken place on its premises.

    07 March 03 14:06 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • Paypal customers target of apparent scam

    Another scam that targets online shoppers who use the eBay Inc. PayPal Internet payment service is circulating on the Internet, according to reports from those who have received the suspicious e-mail and to messages posted to online discussion groups.

    07 March 03 11:28 Written by Paul Roberts
  • Local online recruiter downplays US warning of ID theft's local arm is downplaying the threat of identity theft here despite the online job site's warning to millions of new and existing customers in the US about phoney job listings that are being used to steal personal information from job seekers.

    07 March 03 11:23 Written by Lauren Thomsen-Moore
  • ISPs turn up the heat on spammers

    Australian Internet service providers (ISPs) claim spam is eating up to $500,000 a year in revenue, clogging networks and annoying customers.

    07 March 03 09:59 Written by Helen Han
  • Heavy hitters give 'smart' tech a go

    Faced with "doing more with less", many Australian organisations are investing millions of dollars in business intelligence technology to a gain competitive advantage.

    07 March 03 09:40 Written by Lauren Thomsen-Moore
  • MasterTrade unplugs Linux

    A prominent New Zealand Linux site is to ditch the open source operating system over the next 12 to 18 months, but not for reasons of performance.

    07 March 03 09:12 Written by David Watson
  • EMC storage takes aim at Unix, Windows users

    EMC's Symmetrix storage servers have long been the domain of mainframe-heavy organisations such as banks and government departments, but the newest, modular offerings in the range aim to push down into the Unix and Windows markets.

    07 March 03 08:39 Written by Andrea Malcolm
  • SAP rolls out five offerings for SMBs

    In an effort to bolster a stronger level of specificity for its SMB (small to midsize business) clientele, SAP AG unveiled a quintet of new mySAP All-in-One products this week geared directly toward industry-centric areas.

    07 March 03 08:33 Written by Brian Fonseca
  • IDC: Internet traffic to keep doubling each year

    The amount of information transmitted globally over the Internet will continue to double each year over the next five years, according to research released Wednesday by IDC.

    07 March 03 08:25 Written by David Legard
  • For Microsoft, it's 'Greenwich' beta time

    Microsoft is set to make a showing in the enterprise instant messaging (IM) and collaboration market Thursday with the release of a beta version of its real-time communications server software technology, code-named "Greenwich."

    07 March 03 08:23 Written by Scarlet Pruitt.
  • IBM opens European engineering support center

    IBM has opened a new engineering support unit in Europe modeled on the one launched last October in the U.S., in an effort to push deeper into the technology consulting business.

    07 March 03 08:20 Written by John Blau
  • Study: Private lines will continue to thrive

    Private line revenue will continue to grow steadily through 2008, despite competition from Internet services, according to a recent report from Insight Research, a telecommunications research firm.

    07 March 03 08:14 Written by Michael Martin
  • US government agencies hop aboard Liberty Alliance

    The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) have become some of the latest members to join the Liberty Alliance Project for implementing open standards for identity management on the Web.

    07 March 03 08:11 Written by Scarlet Pruitt