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  • Content retrieval getting XML boost

    Like everyone else who's used an online search engine, you're well acquainted with the sorry state of content retrieval. It doesn't seem to matter how carefully you craft your query - some results will be wholly unrelated to your topic. The inaccuracy of content retrieval is merely frustrating to casual users, but it costs professionals real money.

  • The virus that stole Christmas

    Christmas cheer is apparently enough to make your computer sick, following a new worm hole virus hitting companies across the US.

  • NZ diary group links global sites

    The New Zealand Dairy Board is implementing a new worldwide network to provide a unified platform for future e-business, Internet and intranet developments, and has chosen Equant to build and manage it.

  • Comdex goes wireless, portable

    Internet appliances, handheld computers, Web-enabled mobile phones and wireless technologies that link them all together will lead the charge at this year's giant Comdex trade show, which throws open its doors in Las Vegas on November 13.

  • News in brief

    SecurePay launches antifraud, Harvest Road acquires Cyber,, Amadeus link, Comet forms joint venture to handle BSkyB's installations

  • News in brief

    Dun & Bradstreet sets up free B2B hub, New Tel readies for China, NetComm selects Cisco, IBM wins Q3 PC sales race

  • Supercomputer Testing Standards Ready to Improve

    The High-Performance Computing (HPC) User Forum is establishing supercomputer testing standards that it says will serve as a valuable tool for scientific, engineering and government users.

  • Ex-politician's dotcom startup banks on fed's transactions

    Ex National Party senator Bill O'Chee has joined the list of former politicians starting dotcom companies with the launch of (business to government).

  • ASP Summit Grabs Comdex Spotlight

    It's about the services, stupid. At least that will be a message coming from a significant portion of this week's Comdex/Fall 2000 show in Las Vegas.

  • Intellisol reinvents its channel

    Software vendor Intellisol International is reinventing its channel strategy, introducing a three-tiered reseller program based on its US operations.

  • Posties detail e-commerce master plan

    Australia Post will offer warehousing, fulfilment, payment, billing and delivery services to businesses and consumers, as part of its e-commerce strategy announced yesterday.

  • US May Face Net-Based Holy War

    As hacker groups in the Middle East threaten to launch a "cyber-Jihad," or electronic holy war, against companies with ties to Israel, security experts said Internet security at most U.S. companies remains woefully inadequate to defend against such attacks.

  • Navidad Virus Carries an Early Holiday Surprise

    Network Associates McAfee division on Friday upgraded the threat level of a virus named Navidad from low to medium. McAfee said the virus seems to have increased its rate of spread in recent days, although the malicious program actually contains a bug that allows a user to make it inactive.

  • News Briefs

    IBM and CorVu sign joint deal, Inprise is Borland

  • Microsoft, HP Play Politics

    Opting to fight archrival Sun Microsystems in the Java arena the old-fashioned way -- with technology rather than through the courts -- Microsoft is working to ink a broad alliance with Hewlett-Packard that could join the companies' application development strategies at the hip.

  • Study: Bulk Industry Eschews 'Net in Supply Chain

    A reluctance to increase their Internet use is preventing bulk-industry companies from improving their supply-chain processes, according to survey results released Friday.

  • ICANN Narrows New Domain Options

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has zeroed in on 10 new top-level domains, pending a vote of its board of directors that is scheduled for this week.

  • Coke's Net Links 87 Countries

    Coca-Cola last week confirmed that it had completed the design of a new network that will link its 289 facilities in 87 countries.

  • IT Spending set to jump five per cent

    Recent surveys indicate that IT budgets will increase and application spending will show growth specifically in supplier- and customer- facing e-commerce applications. Len Rust examines the evidence and looks at some of the other recently-released research

  • Trysoft lands big Indian alliance

    Trysoft looked to India for an international partnership while other Australian companies turned their sights to other countries for international expansion. Even those that stayed at home managed to chalk up some significant alliances this week