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  • Antarctic Storage is a SNAP

    When the Aurora cruises out of Tasmania bound for Antarctica later this month it won't just be stocked with the usual food supplies, scientists, and instruments. A new piece of IT equipment will be aboard the vessel, which will change the way scientists share their research.

  • HP introduces Web site health check

    Hewlett-Packard Australia has announced the introduction in Australia of its free program, which evaluates the performance and availability of corporate Web sites.

  • Verizon may buy wireless access for $550M

    Verizon Communications is in talks to acquire shares in wireless licenses in Arizona, California, Georgia, Ohio and Tennessee, the company said Monday.

  • Banks reject WAP : beginning of the end?

    Banks are shying away from WAP, thanks to the once-hyped medium failing to catch the eye of users.

  • Corporate data needs two-pronged protection

    Stiffer defences are needed to protect corporate data against both illegal and official snoopers in the face of a newly-declared war on terrorism, civil libertarians warn.

  • TAB bets on plug 'n play solution

    Stripped-down software applications wrapped in black box appliances that plug into the corporate intranet are proving a winner for NSW TAB. TAB is using the new devices, developed by Melbourne company IntraCom Australia, to electronically deliver employee timesheet, leave and expense forms.

  • China telcos anticipate WTO entry

    World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiators are set to formally recommend the terms of China's entry into the WTO in a final draft agreement in Geneva on Monday.

  • US ATTACK: Asian tech stocks hammered

    Asian stock markets tumbled Monday as expectations mounted that U.S. markets, which open later today for the first time since last week's terrorist attacks, will fall sharply on opening.

  • IT FORUM - HP/Compaq won't fire Euro sales, services staff

    At least in Europe, the merger of Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Compaq won't lead to massive layoffs among sales and service employees, HP Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Carly Fiorina said Monday.

  • Fiber future plans

    There is a fiber glut. There's scads and scads of unlit optical strands sitting idle, waiting to be loaded up with a seemingly infinite number of wavelengths, with each individual wavelength carrying an ever greater amount of traffic.

  • US ATTACK: Tech firms help NY rebuild

    When Mike Lackey sent an e-mail message Wednesday night to technology companies around the world asking them to donate any PCs, technical equipment, and expertise they could spare for New York City companies devastated by Tuesday's terrorist attack, he was unprepared for the response.

  • Distributer puts portal software to work on SCM

    Sydney-based computer distributor Simms International is deploying a supply chain management module of B2B portal software to give its employees a central point of access to the company's Internet-based trading activities.

  • STMicroelectronics cuts 2,500 jobs worldwide

    STMicroelectronics NV (ST), Europe's largest chipmaker, is in the process of eliminating 2,500 jobs through attrition and layoffs, a company spokeswoman confirmed on Monday.

  • GM launches online car-shopping site in Japan

    Despite slow progress selling vehicles online in the U.S., General Motors Corp. has launched a joint venture with three Japanese automakers to sell cars over the Web in Japan.

  • Allied Telesyn adds two Gigabit NICs to its menu

    Allied Telesyn International last week unveiled two Gigabit network adapters for servers or workstations, aimed at enterprises looking to take advantage of falling prices in Gigabit Ethernet equipment.

  • Vendors focus on integrated Web acceleration devices

    Integrated Web acceleration appliances and software making their way to market promise to be a boon for network professionals.

  • US ATTACK: U.K. asks ISPs, telcos to retain data

    Shortly after the terrorist attacks in the U.S. last Tuesday, the U.K. government sent out a request to all U.K.-based ISPs (Internet service providers) and telecommunication companies to retain all communications-traffic data for the next month

  • Rambus and Intel renegotiate licensing pact

    Rambus and Intel signed a five year cross-licensing agreement Monday, allowing Intel to use all patented Rambus technology, while giving Rambus permission to use Intel technology for its high-speed memory interfaces.

  • IT FORUM - Compaq's Capellas sees bumpy ride ahead

    Growth in IT spending will not stabilise anytime soon and PC innovation is stagnating, said a somewhat gloomy-sounding Michael Capellas, Compaq's chief executive officer (CEO), Monday during a keynote at International Data Corp.'s (IDC) European IT Forum here.

  • US ATTACK: Apple Expo show in Paris cancelled

    The European showcase for all things Apple has fallen victim to last week's terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. Apple Expo, which was to have taken place in Paris Sept. 26-30, is cancelled.

  • Key to omnichannel CX is customisation

    In order to achieve success with omnichannel customer experience strategy, companies need to utilise user personas, while maintaining excellence across all channels, according to customer transformation service expert, Brad Starr.

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