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  • Cisco bags $100M Telstra deal

    Channel gets the fend but vendor adamant direct nature unavoidable

  • Microsoft saves the 24-hour period

    A helicopter pilot narrowly missed disaster when flying above Seattle last week. When an electrical malfunction disabled all of the aircraft's electronic navigation and communication equipment, the chopper pilot was left with limited visibility and no indication of where he was.

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    Retail Solutions Briefs:, FinancePlus and New Day, Tivoli, OziSoft joins e-comm fraud-fighting squad, FinancePlus appoints New Day as channel partner, Tivoli's new POS system, OziSoft and GT merge

  • CA launches new collaborative portal

    Computer Associates International (CA) this week released the Jasmine ii Portal, a tool that can link internal and external users with information via the Web.

  • Accounting for the IT passion

    Born in Poland, Mark Davis immigrated to Australia with his family as an 11-year-old, starting school without being able to speak any English.

  • Toyota Web-Enables Dealers, Supply Chain

    Toyota Motor Sales USA is pushing the pedal to the metal to get its products and operations as Internet-enabled as possible.

  • 3Com may incite acquisition fever

    3Com may be rounding the corner in terms of its restructuring program, but its low stock price and market value will continue to pose a problem for the company, some observers claim.

  • Systran builds VAR channel for software

    Multilingual software veteran Systran is on the hunt for channel partners to bring its translation packages to the Asia-Pacific market.

  • Games developers meet in Melbourne

    The Academy of Interactive Entertainment and the Game Developers Association of Australasia have banded together to host the Australian Game Developers Conference (AGDC) in Melbourne.

  • Local carriers take broadband to Singapore

    A three-way alliance which includes Australian telecommunications carriers Telstra and Davnet will market broadband services to corporate customers in Singapore, Davnet said in a statement last week.

  • SCO OSs from Tardis

    Operating systems distributor Tardis is set to offer a consistent operating system (OS) interface from small Intel servers right up to high-end Unix boxes after inking a distribution agreement with networking vendor SCO Pacific.

  • Austrade seeks innovators at CeBIT

    The Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) is calling for expressions of interest from IT innovators wanting to exhibit at CeBIT, arguably the world's largest IT trade show.

  • Drawn and quartered

    Being the Australian regional head of a US-listed company would currently have to be one of the highest stress positions on offer, a situation which may help to explain the rash of recent departures from such roles. This pressure to perform for US bean counters, analysts and investors would have to be particularly intense if the company concerned has a focus on hardware or software that is accelerating towards commodity status.

  • IBM Helps WebSphere Go Wireless

    IBM announced Tuesday a more wireless- friendly version of its WebSphere software at the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association) held here.

  • BRIEFS: Novell, WAN, Nortel

    Novell ‘Akamaizes' Web speed with partnership, WANs with a difference, Nortel completes Alteon Web Systems purchase

  • HP eyes PcW unit

    Hewlett-Packard is still in talks with PricewaterhouseCoopers over the possible acquisition of the accounting firm's consulting division, Carly Fiorina, HP's CEO, said last week.

  • StorageTek Announces Raft of New Wares, Upgrades

    Storage Technology (StorageTek) on Tuesday at its Forum 2000 conference in Toronto announced a slate of new products, including a new tape drive series and what the company claims to be the first and only non-erasable, non-rewritable tape-based storage technology.

  • Southern Cross to pay off for ISPs

    The completion of the Southern Cross Network should benefit ISPs and corporates that resell capacity to end users, with AAPT subsidiary being one of the first service providers to adjust how it sells the capacity on to other ISPs.

  • Penman replaced

    Compaq has appointed Paul Brandling as managing director for the South-Pacific region as replacement for the retiring Ian Penman.

  • The crux of it all

    There's nothing like a good sacking, appointment or mysterious disappearance to spark off the channel rumour mill, and the greatest rumour mongers by far are distributors.