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  • Cars Will Be Major Net-Service Vehicles

    Cars in the future will deliver Internet-based services and entertainment to users, a Mercedes Benz USA executive said at Comdex Wednesday in the first ever keynote address at the trade show given by an automotive executive.

  • XML Development Specification Hailed

    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) on Monday recommended that the Document Object Model Level 2 (DOM Level 2), a set of objects for representing XML documents and data, is ready for widespread deployment.

  • MS Invests $50M in USi, Raises ASP Stakes

    Microsoft Corp. today took a giant step into the application service provider market, announcing a US$50 million equity investment in USinternetworking as part of a strategic alliance to develop and market managed application services built on the Windows 2000 and .NET platforms.

  • Oracle Strikes Deal With Citigroup

    Database and applications software giant Oracle Corp. and international banking group Citigroup Inc. Tuesday announced a strategic electronic business agreement that spans several divisions of both companies.

  • Software Vendor Planning ZXML-Based Spec

    A dozen vendors Wednesday said they will produce a security specification for XML to help XML-based applications share user authentication and authorization information across online supply-chain environments or trading exchanges.

  • Food-Industry Exchange Taps Kraft Exec

    Looking to add technical spice to its operations, business-to-business exchange Tuesday announced that former Kraft Foods International CIO Nicholas Maturo is being brought in to work as chief operating officer of the Internet-based marketplace for food and agricultural companies.

  • Job Fairs Lose Their Luster

    As organizations rely increasingly on the Internet to find job candidates, some attendees at the International Quality and Productivity Center's recruiting conference questioned whether job fairs are still an effective hiring channel.

  • Kodak Moments May Help IT

    Eastman Kodak CEO Dan Carp Tuesday unveiled a number of future products and services, including one that may interest IT managers struggling with managing documents in formats no longer readable by commercially available systems.

  • MS Releases Public Beta of Tools for Web Services

    Beating the drum for its new Web development initiative, Microsoft Corp. made the first public beta of its .Net Framework and Visual Studio.Net tool set available to developers at Comdex/Fall 2000 this week.

  • Security rented via ASP model

    E-business service provider eGlobal has announced the availability of Check Point software's Virtual Private Network and Firewall software via the ASP model.

  • auDA releases domain report

    auDA has released a public consultation report prepared by its Name Policy Advisory Panel, which is charged with reviewing the rules that govern domain name allocation.

  • Comdex a Victim of Its Own Success

    On the one hand, technology companies can get some pretty good exposure at Comdex.

  • IBM Portables to Go Wireless by Mid-2001

    LAS VEGAS (11/14/2000) - IBM plans to integrate support for a fast-emerging wireless LAN (local area network) technology in all of its commercial notebook computers by the end of the first half of next year, a senior IBM executive said here Tuesday.

  • NetActive Looks to Role as Download Police

    Many people come here to Las Vegas trying to make a quick buck. NetActive Inc., however, sauntered onto the Comdex floor looking for customers with content to secure.

  • Virus Series: Who Writes Worms

    The friends and business colleagues who send you the likes of the unloving LoveLetter virus attachments and other unpleasant e-mail surprises are unwitting messengers, of course. Who's really responsible for computer viruses? And what's their motivation, anyway?

  • Interface Problems Hold Back Linux, Users Say

    Oddsmakers in this town probably aren't betting against Linux, but the operating system's users and vendors both believe that its old-style command-line interface makes it a long shot for moving beyond its current niche as an Internet infrastructure building block.

  • EDS Integrates Site Design, Back-End IT Support

    At Comdex/Fall 2000 Tuesday, consulting giant Electronic Data Systems announced the formation of a subsidiary that combines its teams of Web site designers with a staff of technical consultants responsible for working with users on back-end IT support issues.

  • Qld IT Buying Group slips into voluntary administration

    Qld IT Buying Group is on the slippery slide to expected liquidation after creditors this week received notice of the company's move into Voluntary Administration with debts in excess of $3 million.

  • Slow Start to Holiday E-Shopping

    The latest snapshot of holiday e-commerce sales reveals that although in full swing this time last year, the online holiday shopping season has yet to begin. But analysts continue to be optimistic, expecting 35 million online holiday buyers - up from 20 million last season.

  • Secure XML Standard Defined for E-Commerce

    Backed by some very diverse names, Netegrity Inc. announced plans on Wednesday to develop an XML-based standard to secure e-commerce transactions.