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  • Technology buyers guide: E-mail virus and content scanning details as supplied by vendors by deadline

    Technology buyers guide: E-mail virus and content scanning details as supplied by vendors by deadline

  • Microsoft Mulls Browser Changes on Privacy Front

    Microsoft Corp. this week said it's looking at altering the next version of its Internet Explorer browser to allow users to more easily disable the software's "persistence" feature, which lets Web sites gather some information about Internet usage and identify return visitors even if they have turned off Explorer's ability to accept Internet cookies.

  • Oracle's First Quarter Income Hits $501 Million

    Oracle Corp. Thursday reported strong first quarter financial results, continuing a stretch of healthy revenue and profit growth in most of its main businesses.

  • Hands Across the Waters

    Piyush Gupta used to say he'd never send an it project out of house again, never mind to a different company on a different continent. A veteran IBM Corp. project manager, Gupta first struggled with distributed projects back in the late 1980s, when working on that company's ill-fated OfficeVision development, which was spread across two continents. Later at Informix in Menlo Park, Calif., where he was a vice president of engineering, Gupta wrestled with

  • Western Union Site Back Up After Breach

    Western Union Holdings Inc.'s Web site was out of commission for five days this week after a malicious hacker broke into the site and apparently copied the credit-card or debit-card numbers of about 15,700 Western Union customers.

  • Complying with Privacy Law Too Pricey for Kid Site

    The cost of complying with the federal Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and a lack of advertising dollars is forcing Inc., a children's Web site in Portland, Ore., to shut down its chat rooms and e-mail service by the end of this month.

  • E-Mail Policies: We've Got Mail

    Hi, Bob. How are the kids? Guess what? We just signed Keanu Reeves to reprise his role in Speed III. I hope I see him walking around the lot one of these days! Talk to you soon, Janice."

  •'s New Site Popular Target

    In just a week's time,'s new Web site that targets senior executives has drawn more than 2,000 job candidates and several hundred postings.

  • Telstra's Mobile Network Ready for Games

    Early this week, Telstra's $150 million upgraded mobile network passed its final test before the Olympic Games kick off tonight at Homebush Olympic Park.

  • Some Hackers Say No Thanks to SDMI Challenge

    BOSTON (09/15/2000) - Surely you've heard the one about the fox guarding the hen house? Well, what if the hens asked the fox to try and break into their house so that they could learn how to better protect themselves? Strange as it may sound, that's exactly what the creators of SDMI, the Secure Digital Music Initiative, are doing starting Friday.

  • Portal Potential

    Exchanges, portals, auction sites--whatever the method, everybody's trying to aggregate supply and demand and operate their supply chains in new and more efficient ways. Office-furniture maker Herman Miller Inc. in Zeeland, Mich., got an early jump start two-and-a-half years ago on the development of a portal that lets suppliers rifle through data from Herman Miller's ERP system.

  • All for One, One for All

    "If you can get an organization to move faster by creating a separate [Web development] group, then you should do it," says Brian Farrar, chief operating officer at the Chicago consultancy Xpedior Inc.

  • E-Business Models: Flower Power

    What do you get when you combine fragrant purple stock, pink sweetheart roses, yellow daisy spray mums and white mont casino asters with the Internet? The answer is leadership in the US$15 billion-per-year floral industry, says Tom Butler, president and CEO of American Floral Services Inc. (AFS).

  • All Eyes focus on Launch of Covisint

    Covisint, the global auto exchange which is now expected to be operational as soon as November, may answer the question of where global exchanges will lead multinational companies. For this reason the whole business world is watching with great anticipation.

  • Advice to Aspiring CIOs and IT Managers


  • New ISP Launches in Cameroon

    GABORONE, BOTSWANA (09/15/2000) - Cyberix has launched as a new ISP (Internet service provider) in Cameroon, with the aim of promoting electronic-commerce in central Africa.

  • Government Intervention Starts to Look Inevitable

    The most telling moment of this week's Global Privacy Summit here came in the final hour of the conference today when one of the participants, U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) member Mozelle W. Thompson, asked the large audience of businesses representatives and privacy advocates a simple question: How many believe online privacy legislation is inevitable? A sea of hands were raised.

  • Windows ME Upgrade Released

    SAN MATEO (09/15/2000) - Microsoft Corp. this week released an upgrade to Windows 98 -- dubbed Windows Millennium Edition, or Windows ME -- that, like its predecessor, is aimed at consumers. New features of the operating system include System Restore, which will enable users to roll back their software configuration to a date or time when it was working properly, and an automatic updater, which will upgrade the system with software from Microsoft without the user's intervention. Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) will help users transfer images from WIA-compliant digital cameras. The system ships with Windows Media Player 7 and Internet Explorer 5.5..

  • Opportunities and Risk in a Changing World

    The Internet is creating a new group of online upstarts that hope to capture a small percentage of your spending. Forming electronic marketplaces for everything from logs to office supplies, hundreds of new venture-backed startups are dreaming of redirecting the spending flows of worldwide supply chains, eventually creating mighty rivers of revenue for themselves--all without ever touching a product.

  • Big Three Clear Major Hurdle with FTC

    After two rounds of inquiries by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Big Three's online auto industry exchange this week won tentative approval to open its virtual doors. Gaining that green light will allow the Southfield, Mich., exchange, called Covisint, to seek a permanent location, hire a CEO and gear up to launch by year's end.