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  • Sun launches site for Web developers

    Sun Microsystems has unveiled Dot-Com Builder, a resource Web site designed to harness and distribute Web-programming knowledge from leading developers on the Web. The site will aim to be a resource for Web developers who create applications using Java, extensible markup language (XML), and other server-side scripting languages.

  • SCO OSs from Tardis

    Operating systems distributor Tardis is set to offer a consistent operating system (OS) interface from small Intel servers right up to high-end Unix boxes after inking a distribution agreement with networking vendor SCO Pacific.

  • Westpac banks with IBM GSA

    Westpac has finally announced the winner of its highly sought after IT and telecommunications outsourcing agreement, siding with IBM GSA and Telstra over the CSC and Optus bid, ending months of speculation.

  • Govt moves to absorb IT offices

    The National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) has been announced as an executive agency, giving the office a direct link to Government decision-making. NOIE will also absorb the Office for the Government Online (OGO) in the process.

  • BRIEFS: LookSmart, Melbourne IT, Dot.Com

    LookSmart still talking, Melbourne IT tenders top-level domains, disasters

  • PC Solutions Briefs: HP, RosettaNet, Megatec, EDS

    HP takes over classroom, RosettaNet's new head, Megatec's name change, EDS wins $US9 billion Navy contract

  • Maxtor to acquire Quantum

    Maxtor and Quantum's Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Group has announced it will merge its disk manufacturing companies in what is believed to be the single largest company of its type in the world.

  • Microsoft Names Local Datacenter Vendors

    Following the launch of its Windows 2000 Datacenter in late September, Microsoft have named the Australian vendors who have rolled out programs to support the product.

  • Finding key to e-comm success

    Online retailers are looking to take that extra step to assure customers of the safety of buying over the Internet.

  • Drawn and quartered

    Being the Australian regional head of a US-listed company would currently have to be one of the highest stress positions on offer, a situation which may help to explain the rash of recent departures from such roles. This pressure to perform for US bean counters, analysts and investors would have to be particularly intense if the company concerned has a focus on hardware or software that is accelerating towards commodity status.

  • Inkjet market to triple

    Lexmark predicts IA market will drive printing

  • IBM Meets Expectations in Q3

    IBM on Tuesday announced its third quarter earnings, which rose 20 per cent from the same time last year and kept pace with analysts' projections.

  • Local carriers take broadband to Singapore

    A three-way alliance which includes Australian telecommunications carriers Telstra and Davnet will market broadband services to corporate customers in Singapore, Davnet said in a statement last week.

  • 3Com may incite acquisition fever

    3Com may be rounding the corner in terms of its restructuring program, but its low stock price and market value will continue to pose a problem for the company, some observers claim.

  • Games developers meet in Melbourne

    The Academy of Interactive Entertainment and the Game Developers Association of Australasia have banded together to host the Australian Game Developers Conference (AGDC) in Melbourne.

  • NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Fact is stranger than fiction

    Verizon doesn't want anyone to look at Me

  • Software sales slump in wake of GST

    Retail software sales may be down but the market is definitely not out, according to latest figures from market analyst Inform.

  • CA launches new collaborative portal

    Computer Associates International (CA) this week released the Jasmine ii Portal, a tool that can link internal and external users with information via the Web.

  • LEAD FEATURE: Taming the tender

    In the 1997/98 Budget the Federal Government announced its "whole of government information technology infrastructure consolidation and outsourcing initiative". The initiative proposed that all government IT services and infrastructure be outsourced to the private sector. In a massive undertaking, the Government called for 11 tenders, and predicted that the outsourcing process would save approximately one billion dollars over seven years.

  • Retailers to offer DSL services

    Having long-touted itself as more than a modem company, Netcomm this week consolidated its move into broadband services, announcing the acquisition of telecommunications company Van Gogh Investments (VGI).