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  • Planet 2000: Barrett Urges Open Deployment for Exchanges

    Intel President and CEO Craig Barrett stressed at i2's Planet 2000 conference in San Diego that so-called open systems are needed for online exchanges to succeed and grow.

  • I-Commerce Aims for the Personal Touch

    As competition intensifies in the world of business-to-consumer Internet commerce, the focus has narrowed down to twin goals: attracting business and retaining customers. Executives in charge of I-commerce sites are under pressure to attract, retain, and increase the number of loyal customers to ensure consistent and robust revenue streams.

  • Mirapoint Adds Wireless Support

    Mirapoint Inc. has started shipping what it claims is the first messaging server appliance to support the Wireless Access Protocol (WAP).

  • Ups and downs at Solution 6

    It has been a topsy-turvy week for Solution 6 - within 24 hours the company has added the launch of a new taxation information portal for the Taxation Institute of Australia (TIA), and announced the resignation of chief financial officer Tom Montgomery.

  • Zimmermann's PGP Keeps Data Safe

    Not many technologists receive e-mail from their users saying the only thing standing between them and an oppressive government is your technology, but that's exactly the kind of e-mail Phil Zimmermann evokes, thanks to his creation Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). Released in 1991, PGP has been used the world over to encrypt data and keep it safe in places such as Kosovo, Sarajevo, Croatia, and Guatemala. But, Zimmermann is quick to point out, although using PGP to keep the secret police at bay is vitally important, the security provided by PGP is also vital to the life of any enterprise.

  • Retail Solutions Briefs: MP3, Digital Certificates, Net licences

    Push to legalise MP3 services, US starts digital certificate smart card rollout, Musical bodies issue global Net licences

  • Survey Says SANs

    Network World readers, especially those with large data storage requirements, are moving toward storage-area networks in a big way, according to a recent survey conducted by Enterprise Management Associates Inc.

  • Planet 2000: i2 Unveils Updated Marketplace Platform

    At its Planet 2000 conference in San Diego, i2 Technologies announced the availability of TradeMatrix 5.0 and its Customer Order Management.

  • You and Your Customers

    Your company is investing heavily in customer relationship management (CRM) tools, has a dynamite Web site and runs a call center armed with customer information on each agent's screen. It's customer-centric - and "customer" is today's mantra.

  • Searching with Mr. X

    How often do you use search engines? Most of you will do so at least once per day, and some will be lucky enough to do so perhaps dozens of times before morning coffee.

  • Games R Us share stumbles

    Directors of the newly ASX-listed games retailer Games R Us must be questioning their decision to take the company to market after the its share price reached a low of 13 cents per share yesterday.

  • Mining B2B exchange launched

    A consortium of mining suppliers has launched MiningXchange, an Internet-based vertical trading hub which will service the mining, oil and mineral processing industry on a global basis.

  • VivaNET signs up MyAccess

    In just over a week, Internet infrastructure service provider VivaNET has signed up a million-dollar wholesale deal with Internet service provider MyAccess, and announced that Wayne Bos' new economy investment firm, Tomorrow, plans to purchase of a 53 per cent stake in the company.

  • "Show Offs" Cop Mate Hate

    IT workers in Australia are either a group of "slackers" or especially prone to peer pressure at work. According to a survey by recruitment specialist Morgan & Banks, almost one third of information technology (IT) workers face coercion by colleagues to slack off at the office.

  • EU Says Yes to DVD Manufacturers' Patent Pool

    BRUSSELS (10/09/2000) - The European Commission has approved an agreement by some of the developers of DVD (digital versatile disc) technology to pool their patents, it said Monday.

  • Red Hat Linux to Run Across IBM's New eServer Line

    Red Hat and IBM demonstrated their continued interest in driving Linux toward the enterprise with a Monday announcement that Red Hat Linux will run on all of Big Blue's new eServer line of enterprise servers and with all of its Linux-enabled software.

  • Mincom on track with rail deal

    The money train has come in for Australian solutions and software developer Mincom, after the company stitched up yet another deal with a railway company.

  • ASI to build NT manufacturing facility and open SA branch

    Sydney-based systems integrator and services company ASI Solutions extended its national network yesterday, announcing it will open offices in South Australia and construct the Northern Territory's first computer manufacturing plant.

  • Oracle and Sprint PCS Ink Wireless Deal

    Oracle Corp. announced Monday it received a big vote of confidence in the wireless game when Sprint PCS Group agreed to use the software vendor's wireless applications for the next line of Internet-based wireless services designed by Sprint.

  • Deleting E-mail Illegal Warns Archive Director

    Federal government agencies have been warned that, for them, deleting e-mail is illegal. E-mail should be treated the same as paper records under the Archives Act of 1983.