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  • Bluetooth will network any device without cables

    Computing in an office environment has become undeniably network-centric. The explosion of the Internet, e-mail, and the remote storage of information makes a non-networked PC as useless as a flat football. The same is true of portable devices. Having the ability to quickly connect, check, and send e-mail; to access the file server; or to participate in an electronic meeting is a must.

  • KAZ Thais up new deal

    Australian integration and outsourcer KAZ Computer Services has entered into a deal which will see it develop a superannuation administration system for the Thai government and three superannuation schemes run by the Thai Farmers Bank. Peter Kazacos, KAZ managing director, said the agreement would position the company to take advantage of other outsourcing opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • IBM Lays Claim to Clearest Computer Display

    IBM on Friday rolled out what it believes is the industry's clearest computer display, saying it is 12 times sharper than existing displays, or about 4.5 times clearer than HDTV.

  • ICANN Narrows New Domain Options

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has zeroed in on 10 new top-level domains, pending a vote of its board of directors that is scheduled for this week.

  • Study: Bulk Industry Eschews 'Net in Supply Chain

    A reluctance to increase their Internet use is preventing bulk-industry companies from improving their supply-chain processes, according to survey results released Friday.

  • Coke's Net Links 87 Countries

    Coca-Cola last week confirmed that it had completed the design of a new network that will link its 289 facilities in 87 countries.

  • Trysoft lands big Indian alliance

    Trysoft looked to India for an international partnership while other Australian companies turned their sights to other countries for international expansion. Even those that stayed at home managed to chalk up some significant alliances this week

  • IT Spending set to jump five per cent

    Recent surveys indicate that IT budgets will increase and application spending will show growth specifically in supplier- and customer- facing e-commerce applications. Len Rust examines the evidence and looks at some of the other recently-released research

  • Norm McCann takes reins at HP

    HP's rough ride without a leader is over as the company has appointed industry veteran Norm McCann Australasian managing director. Over at Sun, Russell Bate has taken a regional role, while down as Sausage the inside-out takeover is having some weird effects

  • SecureNet consolidates in China with banking pilot

    IT security specialist SecureNet has completed an electronic commerce pilot with one of the dominant banks in China, while at home KAZ and VeCommerce have also chalked up solid orders and the Federal Government's outsourcing controversy shows every sign of hanging around to cause further embarrassment

  • The task of co-mingling

    What's coming in 2001? Can we make 2001 a better year than 2000? Ah, 2000 was the year we realised things were getting harder rather than easier, the year when only 30 per cent of projects were considered successful, and the year when more dollars were thrown away on cancelled and problematic projects. Len Rust checks his crystal ball to see what lies ahead

  • Unisys West Lands WA Justice Deal

    The WA Ministry of Justice awarded Unisys West, the joint-venture between Unisys and BankWest, its first contract, under which the IT service partners will streamline the agency's court systems administration and operations.

  • British Tel Unveils Partial Breakup

    British Telecom PLC is taking the next step in its restructuring, unveiling a timetable of public offerings and the sale of non-core assets in a bid to raise $US14.23 billion. But the company has stopped short of the full breakup that analysts were hoping for. Instead it has created a holding company that would remain a majority shareholder in all the units to go public.

  • ACCPAC buys out Australian, NZ reseller

    Computer Associates subsidiary ACCPAC has bought out its primary Australian/NZ reseller, Smart Business Systems, for an undisclosed amount, effectively clipping Brocker Vendor Services' distribution arm 1World from its distribution chain.

  • KAZ Cheques in to Banking Industry

    Australian outsourcing company KAZ Computer Services is on a roll this week, announcing today it has signed a significant outsourcing deal with the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

  • Multilingual Domain Name Testing to Begin

    The company that maintains the master database of Internet domain names tomorrow plans to start testing the use of multilingual Web site names, initially supporting Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters in addition to the English ones used now.

  • Some US Voters Cast Critical Votes Online

    The US presidential race hinges on the electoral outcome in Florida, where the difference is being measured in hundreds out of the millions of votes submitted -- some of which were ballots cast over the Internet.

  • Sites Flourish as War Looms

    War, sadly, can be good business for some companies. And that includes news Web sites. The fighting in the Middle East between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians has boosted traffic for independent Arab and Israeli sites covering the clashes.

  • NEWSFLASH: Smartbuy scores Tandy e-commerce deal

    Smartbuy yesterday signed an agreement to provide electronics retailer Tandy with e-commerce capabilities in a deal which cements Smartbuy's transition from a proposed e-tailer to an Internet services and consulting business.

  • NetStar buys into Convergent vision

    NetStar has acquired Brisbane-based Convergent Communications for an undisclosed sum in an effort to position itself at the forefront of integrated voice and data network channel which it currently sees as being muddied.