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  • Microsoft Changes Financial Reporting Categories

    SAN FRANCISCO (09/27/2000) - Microsoft Corp. Wednesday retooled its revenue segments for fiscal 2001, upping the lines of business reported to five as opposed to the three categories used in previous financial reports.

  • Sprint Forges E-Commerce Alliance

    Sprint Corp. on Wednesday beat the managed services drum, adding a new deal with Open Market to spruce up its Web hosting and e-commerce services.

  • Microsoft Unveils Wireless Server

    Microsoft Corp. this week announced software products to let handheld users connect wirelessly to applications and data on Windows 2000 servers.

  • U.S. Lawmaker Wants to Legalize MP3

    If U.S. Representative Rick Boucher has his way, services like Inc.'s will be legally untouchable.

  • Eisa's salvation hangs in the balance

    Politely noncommittal, Andrew Love of eisa administrators Ferrier Hodgson spoke on Wednesday of the pending $13 million Austar take-over as if it was a forgone conclusion.

  • SAP and Compaq Make E-Business Mobile

    Microsoft clearly dominated the floor during the software giant's Enterprise 2000 Launch here in San Francisco Tuesday. SAP AG and Compaq Computer, however, made waves of their own at the event, saying they will team to bring business applications and electronic-business services to mobile workers.

  • N+I 2000: Schmidt Announces Novell Alliance with Red Hat

    Novell made announcements at NetWorld + Interop Wednesday that strengthen the company's relationship with Red Hat.

  • Lycos Asia to Trial HP's WAP-Based Wireprint

    Singapore Internet portal Lycos Asia Pte. Ltd. will begin a trial in in November of a WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)-based application which enables mobile phone users to access and send a range of documents from a remote location to a nearby printer or fax machine, according to the application's developer Hewlett-Packard.

  • QoS Networks Details Service Plan

    Startup QoS Networks Ltd. announced its network roll out plan and service pricing at NetWorld+Interop 2000.

  • UPDATE: SOCOG Faces Damages Over Website

    The Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (SOCOG) is expected to appear before the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) again as early as October.

  • LookSmart looks elsewhere

    Search directory company LookSmart has terminated current discussions with Telstra over a possible business relationship.

  • IBM Global Services Adds Storage to Portfolio

    IBM Global Services will provide a network-delivered service for clients, allowing them to store data online on IBM-managed servers, the company announced Wednesday. Clients will be able to purchase storage capacity and management services on the customer's property, or off-site at an IBM data center, IBM Global Services said.

  • Kevin Mitnick Bares All

    Kevin Mitnick once made a hobby out of breaking into computer systems, causing many network administrators -- not to mention the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) -- a lot of grief in the process. He spoke to the public Wednesday for the first time since being released from prison in January, telling a group of corporate managers in the computer-security field how to keep hackers like him out of their networks.

  • Acer CEO pleads for fair evaluation of stock

    Acer Group chairman and chief executive officer Stan Shih has urged foreign investors to take a long-term view of Acer, the group's core PC-making company that recently saw its stock price plunge to less than half of its year-to-date high.

  • Siemens to Invest US$700M in Brazil Mobile Market

    BOSTON (09/27/2000) - Siemens AG will invest more than US$700 million during the next three years in its mobile phone business in Brazil.

  • Candle CEO Envisions 'Ecosystem' Network

    ASPs (application service providers) are barreling toward a future where their specialized services will evolve from smaller enterprise markets to play a bigger role in an integrated e-business "ecosystem" network comprised of trading exchanges and commerce providers, said Aubrey Chernick, CEO of network infrastructure and management Candle Corp.

  • Symons: Get Used to 'Last Mile' As It Is

    ATLANTA (09/27/2000) - The "last mile" of the network connecting telecommunications carriers and service providers to the home is going to be a hybrid environment for the foreseeable future, said Jeanette Symons, chief technology officer and vice president of engineering of Zhone Technologies Inc.

  • Union plans IBMGSA protest strikes

    The CPSU (Community and Public Sector Union), also known as the Communications Union, is threatening to take industrial action against IBMGSA, the services arm of IBM.

  • N+I 2000: Palm Tied into Virtual Nets

    V-One has made it possible for users of Palm handhelds to take advantage of V-One VPN. The VPN appliance vendor announced at NetWorld+Interop that its SmartPass VPN software now supports the Palm OS, meaning remote users can make secure IP connections to corporate VPNs from their PDAs.

  • Microsoft's Ballmer Eyes Storming the Enterprise

    In the tiny, cramped dressing room named for Jerry Garcia in the bowels of San Francisco's Warfield Theatre, Microsoft Corp. President and CEO Steve Ballmer looks like the proverbial caged lion. At Microsoft's Enterprise Server 2000 launch event on Tuesday, Ballmer positively roared that the software giant, which enjoys a desktop monopoly so vast a federal judge branded it illegal, is ready to ride Windows into the heart of the enterprise. With the release of Windows 2000 in February, and this week's release of Windows 2000 Datacenter, the company appears poised to make good on the promises to prove the operating system high-end ready.

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