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  • Oracle, Compaq Team Up on Net Appliances

    Oracle Corp. and Compaq Computer Corp. are collaborating on an Net appliance which is due to appear next month through distribution partners, Larry Ellison, Oracle chairman and chief executive officer announced here Monday at his keynote address and during an earlier press conference.

  • The Cheque's in the E-mail

    Australian bill payers will be able to receive and pay their bills by e-mail with a service payments solutions provider SecurePay plans to launch next month.

  • Comdex: Gates Touts XML in Keynote

    The computer industry is heading into an era of "unconstrained innovation" as old models fall away and applications based on XML (Extensible Markup Language) take over, Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates said in his keynote speech at Comdex.

  • CSIRO cops Group 9 tender freeze

    CSIRO staff have been informed that notification to industry on Group 9 tenders has been frozen indefinitely.

  • Comdex goes wireless, portable

    Internet appliances, handheld computers, Web-enabled mobile phones and wireless technologies that link them all together will lead the charge at this year's giant Comdex trade show, which throws open its doors in Las Vegas on November 13.

  • Qld TAFE scores training solution

    Communications and interactive management solutions provider Call Time Solutions has donated a $250,000 multimedia contact centre solution to Queensland's Moreton Institute of TAFE for its new Moreton Training and e-business Centre in Brisbane.

  • Privacy Amendment Bill Gets Go Ahead

    After hours of rowdy debate about whether the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Bill 2000 will stimulate or hinder the growth of e-commerce, the controversial legislation was finally passed in the House of Representatives on Friday.

  • Billions wasted on security: Forrester

    In the next few years IT managers will waste billions of dollars on security products and services feeding a spending frenzy that will peak in 2004.

  • Alstom Catches MTE Network Deal

    Melbourne Transport Enterprise (MTE) has named Alstom Information Technology as the successful bidder for its $3 million project to install and maintain its data network.

  • News in brief

    Dun & Bradstreet sets up free B2B hub, New Tel readies for China, NetComm selects Cisco, IBM wins Q3 PC sales race

  • Editorial: Is e-business all flash and dash?

    The promise, or at least the premise, of most IT projects has been to make businesses more efficient. Dramatic technological developments have driven and hyped the gains, which have then been sold, often, in used-car fashion.

  • Duo wins $9m Defence deal

    Business processing systems provider Siemens Business Services (SBS) has scored a $9 million technical contract with the Australian Defence Department (Defence) to develop call centre applications for the Defence Services Centre.

  • Posties detail e-commerce master plan

    Australia Post will offer warehousing, fulfilment, payment, billing and delivery services to businesses and consumers, as part of its e-commerce strategy announced yesterday.

  • Intellisol reinvents its channel

    Software vendor Intellisol International is reinventing its channel strategy, introducing a three-tiered reseller program based on its US operations.

  • Companies don't learn from previous IT snafus

    Computer projects have failed for as long as there have been computers.

  • Navidad Virus Carries an Early Holiday Surprise

    Network Associates McAfee division on Friday upgraded the threat level of a virus named Navidad from low to medium. McAfee said the virus seems to have increased its rate of spread in recent days, although the malicious program actually contains a bug that allows a user to make it inactive.

  • Macquarie takes DSL offering to heavy hitters

    New carrier licence holder Macquarie Corporate Telecommunications will begin operations of a DSL (digital subscriber line) service for large companies in January next year.

  • NetStar buys Convergent vision

    NetStar has acquired Brisbane-based Convergent Technologies for an undisclosed sum in an effort to position itself at the forefront of integrated voice and data network channel which it currently sees as being muddied.

  • Get over the virus hype Aim for foolproof security: vendor

    While the Love-Letter bug caused critical damage to businesses worldwide, companies should not be concerned about viruses as such, but with implementing a foolproof antivirus system - one free of human tampering, a local security specialist said.

  • News Briefs

    IBM and CorVu sign joint deal, Inprise is Borland