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  • Sites Flourish as War Looms

    War, sadly, can be good business for some companies. And that includes news Web sites. The fighting in the Middle East between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians has boosted traffic for independent Arab and Israeli sites covering the clashes.

  • Brief: AOL Australia Searches with Looksmart

    Directories group Looksmart has become the Web search and directory provider for AOL Australia, the joint venture between America Online and AAPT. Effective immediately, the agreement gives AOL Australia ( members and visitors to the Web site access to LookSmart's database of editorially reviewed content through a co-branded directory in the AOL Australia search area.

  • Unisys West Lands WA Justice Deal

    The WA Ministry of Justice awarded Unisys West, the joint-venture between Unisys and BankWest, its first contract, under which the IT service partners will streamline the agency's court systems administration and operations.

  • Multilingual Domain Name Registrations to Start Friday

    A new domain registration service means characters before the dot in a domain name can now be in the language of the country of origin, in combination with the suffix '.com'.

  • Novell spins off caching, says voila to Volera

    Financially battered Novell will try to improve its financial prospects by spinning off the division that handles its caching and hosted file services, sources say.

  • ACCPAC buys out Australian, NZ reseller

    Computer Associates subsidiary ACCPAC has bought out its primary Australian/NZ reseller, Smart Business Systems, for an undisclosed amount, effectively clipping Brocker Vendor Services' distribution arm 1World from its distribution chain.

  • Lucent realigns top management, cuts 240 jobs

    Lucent Technologies said it is restructuring management in a push to integrate its sales and service organisation. As part of that restructuring, the company plans to cut 240 jobs.

  • Multilingual Domain Name Testing to Begin

    The company that maintains the master database of Internet domain names tomorrow plans to start testing the use of multilingual Web site names, initially supporting Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters in addition to the English ones used now.

  • Australian Spectrum Going for a Song

    Watch those prices plummet! That's the pundits' prognostication on Australia's looming auction of third-generation (3G) mobile phone spectrum.

  • UPDATE: Senate outsourcing inquiry called

    The Department for Finance and Administration (DOFA) has gone to ground, refusing to comment on whether timetables for the remaining tenders are threatened by the public Senate inquiry announced yesterday.

  • NetStar buys into Convergent vision

    NetStar has acquired Brisbane-based Convergent Communications for an undisclosed sum in an effort to position itself at the forefront of integrated voice and data network channel which it currently sees as being muddied.

  • NEWSFLASH: Smartbuy scores Tandy e-commerce deal

    Smartbuy yesterday signed an agreement to provide electronics retailer Tandy with e-commerce capabilities in a deal which cements Smartbuy's transition from a proposed e-tailer to an Internet services and consulting business.

  • Who is having core router problems?

    Juniper Networks this week denied rumours that the OC-192c interface modules for its high-end M160 Internet core router are bug-ridden.

  • Melbourne IT commences Asian character domain registration

    Domain registrar Melbourne IT commenced the registration of domain names in Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters this morning through its Internet Names World Wide subsidiary (INNW).

  • Yahoo Buys Taiwan's Biggest Portal

    In a move aimed at strengthening its position in Asia, Internet bellwether Yahoo Inc. on Thursday unveiled an agreement to acquire Taiwan's leading portal provider Corp. in a stock-swap deal valued at US$146 million.

  • KAZ Cheques in to Banking Industry

    Australian outsourcing company KAZ Computer Services is on a roll this week, announcing today it has signed a significant outsourcing deal with the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

  • Some US Voters Cast Critical Votes Online

    The US presidential race hinges on the electoral outcome in Florida, where the difference is being measured in hundreds out of the millions of votes submitted -- some of which were ballots cast over the Internet.

  • Uncertainty to roil Wall Street Friday

    Forget about inflation, sagging corporate profits and sky-high oil prices. The thing the stock market hates most is uncertainty.

  • Baltimore Reports Record Q3 Revenues

    E-security solutions provider Baltimore Technologies has announced record third-quarter results.

  • British Tel Unveils Partial Breakup

    British Telecom PLC is taking the next step in its restructuring, unveiling a timetable of public offerings and the sale of non-core assets in a bid to raise $US14.23 billion. But the company has stopped short of the full breakup that analysts were hoping for. Instead it has created a holding company that would remain a majority shareholder in all the units to go public.