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  • Microsoft fires off salvo in ASP battle

    Launching its Australian ASP offering yesterday Microsoft Australia said it would take on arch-rival Oracle by providing competitive value and pricing for its partners.

  • Nominations called for Computerworld Fellows

    Computerworld, along with sponsor Marconi, is seeking nominations for the 2001 IT&T Fellows Awards.

  • News in brief

    News in brief

  • IBM claims advanced encryption algorithm

    The mathematicians at IBM have been hard at work, with Big Blue claiming Thursday that it developed a new algorithm that should provide increased network security.

  • UPDATE: Quadtel pulls out of CHA acquisition

    CHA's tale of woe in attempts to sell up continued this week with the announcement that its proposed acquisition by telco hardware distributor Quadtel was not proceeding.

  • M-commerce will drive wireless

    The much awaited arrival of GPRS (general packet radio services) and 3G (third-generation wireless) promises to deliver speed and greater functionality to the mobile Internet, but don't expect vast amounts of information as mobile phone screens will still be small, according to a visiting BroadVision VP.

  • Dell and WebMethods Devise B-to-B Starter Kit

    Dell Computer Corp. last week unwrapped a joint product offering with webMethods Inc. designed to allow companies to take a relatively easy first step toward integrating external procurement systems with internal ERP (enterprise resource planning) processes.

  • Eazel Shows Off Linux Client

    Eazel Inc., one of the shining hopes for establishing Linux on corporate desktops, will show off the latest version of its Nautilus graphical/network environment this week, along with announcing a partnership with Dell Computer Corp., through which the Austin, Texas-based PC maker is claiming a stake in the company.

  • Future watch: Low-cost, flexible displays will lighten reading matter

    Imagine being able to create your very own newspaper: scores and rankings of the sports teams you like, favourite comic strips, news topics that interest you, even the latest articles from the Test Centre.

  • NTT DoCoMo Confirms AT&T, KG Deals

    NTT DoCoMo Inc., Japan's leading cellular phone operator, will take a 16 percent stake in AT&T Wireless Group Inc., a unit of AT&T, in a deal valued at US$9.8 billion, the companies said in a joint statement last week.

  • Chrome finds cheap code-cutters in Vietnam

    Chrome Global takes the unusual step of outsourcing its software development to Vietnamese programmers, Powerlan takes its training program to India, and Wavenet builds base stations for Motorola customers around the world. And there was plenty more action around the traps during this very busy week

  • Davnet's tall order

    Davnet won a contract to install a broadband fibre communications network in the tallest building in the US - Chicago's Sears Tower - while eGlobal International won a similar intelligent building contract in China, then Intellect, which just cannot stay out of the news, cracked a $A3 million contract in The Netherlands. And that was just the tip of this week's news

  • B2B marketplaces slowly making it

    Business-to-business electronic marketplaces started out with a bang but will stumble over such issues as overly ambitious plans, and the lack of venture capital and suppliers over the next few years. How do we know? Gartner Group told us. Len Rust looks at this research and some of the other recent offerings

  • Telecom's changes drive Nissen out of AAPT

    Just as Telecom New Zealand (TCNZ) began to stamp its mark on AAPT, Ron Nissen found other interests that prevented him from continuing in the top job at Australia's third-largest telco. The Richter scale showed a jolt of equal magnitude at Telstra when CFO Paul Rizzo announced that he was going back to school, while around the traps the incoming traffic seemed to overwhelm the departures

  • Genie enters garden of Eden

    Genie Systems has added Eden Technology to its team of distributors in an effort to tap its government and corporate customer base.

  • Viruses get creative

    Trend Micro is warning the Australian IT community of a new e-mail-born virus.

  • IBM Cries Crypto Wolf, Experts Say

    IBM Corp. (IBM) is announcing a new algorithm on Thursday that it says will double the speed at which online communications are encrypted. But several crypto experts say that IBM is fixing something that isn't broken and that Big Blue has a history of tooting its horn needlessly.

  • HP holds fast to fiscal 2001 predictions

    In the wake of several of its PC competitors issuing profit warnings, Hewlett-Packard Thursday recommitted to its most recent predictions for the company's likely financial performance in fiscal 2001.

  • Advertisers tune in to interactive TV

    Major advertisers are relishing the power of interactive TV - a medium that allows viewers to shop, email, play games and control what they watch - to target finely-tuned audiences.

  • Check Point Scales Firewall Heights

    For the fourth consecutive year Check Point Software Technologies has led worldwide firewall software sales.