• IBM to offer Nokia server software to enterprises

    Nokia Corp. and IBM Corp. have agreed to collaborate in providing secure mobile phone applications to enterprises in a move that could help the Finnish manufacturer penetrate the corporate market.

    18 Dec. 02 08:30 Written by John Blau
  • Intergraph sues HP, Dell, Gateway over patents

    Intergraph Corp. has filed a lawsuit charging Dell Computer Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co. and Gateway Inc. with patent infringement, the company announced Monday.

    18 Dec. 02 08:28 Written by Gillian Law
  • India agency offers build-to-order supercomputer

    The Indian government-run Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) has designed a parallel-processing 1 TFLOP (trillion floating point operations per second) supercomputer, scalable up to 16 TFLOPs and available on a build-to-order basis.

    18 Dec. 02 08:23 Written by John Ribeiro
  • Metrowerks to acquire Linux vendor Embedix

    Metrowerks Inc., a Motorola Inc. company, Tuesday announced its intent to acquire the assets of Embedix, a company that makes embedded Linux development tools.

    18 Dec. 02 08:22 Written by Deni Connor
  • WorldCom's old board steps down

    Most members of the board of bankrupt telecommunications service provider WorldCom Inc. have resigned following court approval of Michael Capellas as the new chairman and chief executive officer (CEO), the company announced Tuesday.

    18 Dec. 02 08:20 Written by Stephen Lawson
  • Cape Clear takes wraps off Web services suite

    Cape Clear Software Inc. on Tuesday released an improved version of its integrated product suite that is intended to make it easier for developers to create, deploy, and manage Web services.

    18 Dec. 02 08:18 Written by Ed Scannell
  • W3C promotes Web access for disabled

    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) on Tuesday issued guidelines intended to make Web browsers and multimedia players more accessible to disabled persons.

    18 Dec. 02 08:15 Written by Paul Krill
  • New 'Iraq oil' network worm found

    A new network worm that spreads through shared folders on machines running Microsoft Corp.'s Windows NT, 2000 and XP operating system has been detected, according to advisories posted by a number of antivirus software makers Tuesday.

    18 Dec. 02 08:13 Written by Paul Roberts
  • CERT warns of more SSH flaws

    A number of newly discovered vulnerabilities in implementations of the Secure Shell (SSH) transport layer communications protocol could enable attackers to launch denial of service attacks or run malicious code on machines running SSH client or server software provided by a number of software vendors.

    18 Dec. 02 08:08 Written by Paul Roberts
  • Australia latches on to data vault idea

    The first of what were to have been a chain of secure data vaults the length of New Zealand is set to open in Australia.

    17 Dec. 02 16:05 Written by Darren Greenwood
  • Super AIT tape technology breaks 1TB barrier

    Sony on Monday announced the first production tape drive and cartridge that breaks the 1TB capacity barrier, leapfrogging two competing cartridge and drive technologies by at least six months, according to those companies' development road maps.

    17 Dec. 02 14:21 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • BEA to expand WebLogic Workshop

    BEA Systems will expand its WebLogic Workshop application development environment to feature portal problem-solving and integration, a company official said on Monday.

    17 Dec. 02 14:17 Written by Paul Krill
  • Ambos touch base with new mobile network

    The Ambulance Service of NSW will upgrade to a mobile data radio network to reduce the time it takes for ambulances to receive messages from headquarters.

    17 Dec. 02 10:33 Written by Steven Deare
  • MS highlights security in Web services development pack

    Microsoft Corp. on Monday officially unveiled the general release of Web Services Enhancements 1.0 (WSE) for Microsoft .Net, focusing on security and support of proposed standards.

    17 Dec. 02 09:54 Written by Paul Krill
  • Two security holes discovered in MySQL

    Security holes discovered in the MySQL open source database and client software could allow an attacker to launch a denial of service attack against machines running affected MySQL components or gain administrative access to the database server, according to an alert posted by German security company e-matters GmbH.

    17 Dec. 02 09:12 Written by Paul Roberts
  • Traction tailors weblogs for business process

    Putting popular weblogs to use for specific business processes, Traction Software Inc. on Monday introduced enterprise weblog technology targeted at the competitive intelligence and market research industries.

    17 Dec. 02 08:30 Written by Cathleen Moore
  • Bowstreet streamlines portal development

    Bowstreet Software Inc. on Monday rolled out a new version of its Bowstreet Portlet Factory featuring deeper integration with IBM Corp.'s WebSphere Portal, enhanced Web services support, and a new wizard for speeding the development of portlets.

    17 Dec. 02 08:29 Written by Cathleen Moore
  • RLX rolls out new Transmeta-based blade

    RLX Technologies Inc. has released a new model of its Transmeta Corp.-based blade server that runs on one of the fastest Crusoe processors to date, the company announced Monday.

    17 Dec. 02 08:27 Written by Ashlee Vance
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