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  • Analysts: Vendor's woes due to a variety of factors

    Nortel Networks Corp.'s US$19.2 billion second-quarter net loss and additional 10,000 job cuts sent another wave of tremors through an already-shell-shocked industry on Friday.

  • Netscape releases preview of browser upgrade

    Netscape Communication Corp. last week made available a preview version of an upcoming Web browser upgrade that's expected to address various problems associated with the Netscape 6.0 software released by the AOL Time Warner Inc. subsidiary last fall.

  • CIM 2.5 advances interoperability standards

    With release last week by the Distributed Management Task Force Inc. (DMTF) of the final version of Common Information Model (CIM) 2.5, IT managers see interoperability of systems inching closer to reality.

  • Sygate looks to secure remote workers with new software

    Aiming to add new layers and strength to the security that keeps remote workers safely connected to corporate networks, Sygate Technologies Inc. will release version 2.0 of its Sygate Secure Enterprise suite Monday.

  • AT&T levels patent suit at Microsoft

    AT&T Corp. has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft Corp. accusing the software giant of selling products that include a patented digital speech technology developed by the telephone company.

  • Ellison responds on database pricing

    Oracle Corp. last week announced its Oracle9i database and a new pricing scheme that does away with a capacity-based licensing model built around a system performance measure called the Universal Power Unit (UPU). The capacity-based pricing had been criticized as exorbitant by many users ever since it was implemented a year ago. Larry Ellison, Oracle's chairman and CEO, spoke with Computerworld about the pricing change and other issues after the announcement.

  • Gartner: Network convergence still has a long way to go

    The convergence of voice and data networks with various services holds promise, but it is still far from being universally deployed, said Gartner Inc. Senior Analyst Juan Ignacio Fernández, at a meeting here on Monday.

  • Natl. Semi improves architecture for Net appliances

    National Semiconductor Corp. last week unveiled a new architecture for its Geode family of system-on-chip (SoC) products, designed for set-top boxes, Web pads, and other devices that connect to the Internet.

  • Metal marketplace grinds to a halt

    MetalSpectrum LLC this week became the latest marketplace to announce it was closing operations, joining the likes of PetroCosm Corp., FreightWise Inc. and dozens of others.

  • Nortel to lose $19.2b in Q2 and cut 10,000 more jobs

    Nortel Networks Corp. forecasts a quarterly net loss of around US$19.2 billion, and a net loss on operations of $1.5 billion based on revenue from continuing operations of $4.5 billion in the second quarter of 2001, the company said Friday. The company also said it plans to cut 10,000 more positions by September, bringing the total headcount reduction for this year to 30,000.

  • Commerce One appoints new president

    Troubled business-to-business online exchange and procurement vendor Commerce One Inc. announced on Thursday the appointment of Dennis H. Jones as its new president.

  • Sprint confirms talks with Virgin for wireless services

    Sprint Corp. has confirmed that its Sprint PCS Group is in talks with U.K.-based Virgin Group Ltd. over a possible mobile phone deal.

  • Ellison bashes Big Blue, Microsoft

    Instead of describing the new features in Oracle Corp.'s 9i database, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Larry Ellison used the launch event last Thursday as a forum for taking shots at his competition, mainly IBM Corp. and Microsoft Corp., about pricing issues and clustering tactics.

  • Ecorp promotes Deans to CEO

    Ecorp Ltd has promoted Alison Deans to the new position of chief executive officer effective from July 1. Currently e-corp's chief operating officer, a position she has held since the role was created 10 months ago, Deans joined ecorp's board this week.

  • Amcor outsources IT for five years

    Siemens Business Services has struck a $200 million deal with Amcor to provide IT services for its Australian operations. Under the terms of the five-year outsourcing contract, Siemens will manage the IT infrastructure, maintain and support existing software applications, and provide IT project management services. Amcor said it expects savings of around 15 to 20 per cent over the life of the contract during which it expects to imprive capabilities and use its wide range of applications more efficiently.

  • Oracle revamps pricing with 9i release

    Oracle Corp. launched a new version of its flagship database Thursday morning, a product that includes high-end features designed to help Oracle shore up its narrow lead against arch rival IBM Corp. The company also said it has revamped a controversial pricing scheme that had come under fire from some customers.

  • Microsoft brings keyword search to UDDI

    Microsoft and RealNames teamed on a keyword-based searching service Thursday for the UDDI registry, adding one of the first new features to a directory that has been billed as a "Yellow Pages" for the Internet.

  • BP expands Accenture contracts

    British Petroleum PLC has expanded its US$300 million outsourcing contracts with New York City-based Accenture Ltd. for financial and administrative services by signing another IT deal worth $175 million. To address BP's business integration needs following its merger efforts with Amoco, Burmah Castrol and Arco, Accenture is expected to design, build and run critical business systems that support BP's U.S. downstream back-office business processes.

  • ISP aims to beat online shopping fears

    Internet service provider OzEmail has launched OzEpay, an e-commerce payment service, aimed at overcoming users' credit card security fears by circumventing the need to disclose personal information during online purchasing.

  • Baltimore upgrade access solution

    Baltimore Technologies has released its next-generation access and authorisation solution SelectAccess 3.0.