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  • Borland bundle includes Rational, Macromedia products

    Borland Software Corp. released a new Java-based software bundle Wednesday aimed at helping customers get electronic-commerce applications up and running quickly. The bundle includes software from Rational Software Corp. and Macromedia Inc. as well as Borland's own products.

  • RightWorks readies e-commerce app upgrade

    RightWorks Corp. this month will roll out a new version of its eBusiness Application Suite. The upgrade will enable customers to tie together various systems in a "single coherent flow," says Lou Unkeless, RightWorks' vice president of strategy and product marketing.

  • Valentine's Day puts online flower shops to the test

    Flowers, the quintessential Valentine's Day gift, have migrated to the Web, big time. And processing all the transactions being submitted by online buyers in a short period of time is putting the Internet infrastructure of Internet-based flower shops to the test.

  • DOJ investigates MS investment in Corel

    An end user with a very big stake in the future of Corel Corp. -- the US Department of Justice (DOJ) -- is using its legal powers to probe the antitrust implications of Microsoft Corp.'s recent US$135 million investment in the struggling software vendor.

  • MPLS finds its way deeper into access services

    Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) has quietly proven to be a hit in big carrier networks. AT&T Corp. and WorldCom Inc. have used the traffic engineering technique to essentially turn their frame relay networks into IP VPN look-alikes, as we've reported in stories about AT&T's IP-Enabled Frame Relay and WorldCom's Business Class IP, recently renamed Private IP Services.

  • Microsoft plunges into firewall, cache market

    Microsoft Corp. Wednesday continued its parade of server releases, this time with a firewall and cache server first introduced last year.

  • Intel to scrap streaming media unit

    Intel Corp. is to close down its nine-month-old Internet Media Services (IMS) unit by the second quarter of this year, it announced Tuesday. The move will affect customers such as Quokka Sports, which use the service to distribute streaming multimedia content.

  • CopperCom gear meets ATM standard

    CopperCom Inc. says it has adopted a new ATM standard that will make it easier for DSL service providers to wheel out packaged voice and data services.

  • Procom rolls out high-end NAS appliance

    Procom Technology Inc. this week launched a high-end network-attached storage appliance for enterprise networks.

  • Staples buys IBM supercomputer for data warehouse

    Office-supply vendor Staples Inc. has joined the growing list of companies turning to supercomputers to handle integration and management of large databases with the purchase of an IBM Corp. SP machine for a new corporate data warehouse.

  • European Parliament votes on Internet copyright

    The European Parliament on Wednesday voted in favor of allowing people to copy digital content, such as music and films on CDs or from the Internet, as long as the copying is not for commercial purposes.

  • Gartner cuts forecast for B2B

    As the US economy shows signs of slowing down, Gartner Group Inc. has cut its world forecast for the growth of B2B (business-to-business) e-commerce revenue over the next four years due to underlying economic factors. However, growth in private exchanges means the research company sees Asia-Pacific staying on target.

  • ISPSoft can provision across hardware

    Start-up ISPSoft Inc. is introducing provisioning software that handles the configuration of multiple vendors' equipment employed in a single IP service.

  • Study: E-Business to Prosper, ASPs face trouble

    End-user companies are fully committed to implementing comprehensive electronic business initiatives in 2001, in contrast to the fear and confusion that marked the e-business market in 2000, according to a study from Boston-based AMR Research Inc.

  • Ironclad e-mail delivery on the way

    The Internet engineering community is wrapping up work on a new technique for tracking e-mail delivery, an important milestone as the Internet migrates from best-effort delivery of messages to the accountability available with low-tech alternatives such as Federal Express Corp.

  • Stuck in a BIND

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know about the latest buffer-overflow vulnerability in the Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) software, a domain name server (DNS) utility that matches Web server names to Internet Protocol addresses so people can find companies on the Web. By all accounts, BIND is the glue that holds the entire addressing scheme together, making up at least 80 percent of the Internet naming system.

  • Quokka cuts staff by almost 60 percent

    After releasing disappointing earnings last week, digital sports entertainment firm Quokka Sports Inc. said Monday it would undergo a major restructuring, cutting its workforce by almost 60 percent and spinning off its technology division.

  • MatrixOne reveals collaborative virtual workspace app

    MatrixOne Inc. on Monday unveiled a new application designed to create collaborative virtual workspaces for global project teams operating in private and public marketplaces.

  • University puts British Library on a chip

    A professor at Keele University in Staffordshire, England, claims to have invented a memory chip which can hold enough information to fit the entire contents of the British Library onto a single chip.

  • Budding B2B standard faces big problems

    A data standard created to act as a high-tech lubricant for the exchange of customer information is facing problems, including a just-announced review by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and, perhaps more important, a lack of big end-user acceptance so far.

  • Economist survey foresees shift in IT service delivery

    63% of LOBs expected growth of third-party tech services, while increased spending on enterprise IT services is anticipated by 65% of CIOs


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