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  • Planet 2000: Barrett Urges Open Deployment for Exchanges

    Intel President and CEO Craig Barrett stressed at i2's Planet 2000 conference in San Diego that so-called open systems are needed for online exchanges to succeed and grow.

  • Web Browser: In Support of E-commerce

    The Financial Services sector has always been on the leading edge in the adoption of information technology. In the last decade, the focus has been on the development and implementation of customer-focused Financial solutions with increased integration across various product lines. In the past few years, there's been an emphasis on strengthening business continuity practices.

  • Novell Turns to Sento for Help

    FRAMINGHAM (10/09/2000) - Novell Inc. is taking some of the same application service provider medicine it has prescribed to its customers, as the company will soon outsource all technical support to another firm. Novell last week announced that all support issues will be routed through Sento Corp. Sento has handled a portion of Novell's support but now will take on all Novell's per-incident support calls..

  • Broker, Developer Team for ‘Instant' CRM Service

    Online broking services arm of,, has launched an instant messaging facility to cut response times to customer queries and boost operator staff productivity.

  • Plumtree Ups Enterprise Portal Ante

    Software maker Plumtree Software Inc. is looking to make its Corporate Portal software more scalable for large enterprise customers.

  • When the Boss Is Half Your Age

    That bright techie who arrived as an intern five years ago is now your new boss, leading the project you've worked on for the past year. What's wrong with this picture? And who are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, anyway?

  • Shopping Advice

    How did the MSP originate? Today's market is a mishmash of businesses founded by application service providers, ISPs, former management software vendor staff and systems integrators. Obviously, not all have the same level of experience with network and systems management products.

  • DSL Providers: Grow Up Already

    DSL providers - grow up already!

  • AOL-Time Warner Urge FCC to Exclude AT&T

    In the latest in a series of letters defending their merger before the U.S.Federal Communications Commission, America Online Inc. - Time Warner Inc. executives argued that Time Warner's "interrelationship" with AT&T Corp. is no deal stopper.

  • In Latin America, It's the Auction Sites, Stupid!

    Going once, going twice ... vendido! The top spot among online retailers in Latin America goes to auction Web sites.

  • Getting on Board

    Want a major boost to your career? Try getting appointed to a Board of Directors, either within your own company or outside it. Whole new avenues of promise and personal development can open up.

  • Managing, Assessing Risks

    Though we've been trying to perfect it for hundreds of years, it appears that the 1983 Tom Cruise film hit the nail on the head: Business is risky. And with the increasing dependency of businesses on technology to maintain and advance their organizations, the risks - and the stakes - are greater than ever.

  • Campaign 2000 Online

    Al Gore

  • The Look After 'The Leap'

    Tom Ashbrook, a former reporter and deputy managing editor at The Boston Globe, is a co-founder and vice chairman of Inc. in Newton, Mass. The founding of HomePortfolio, and the changes it caused in Ashbrook's life, are chronicled in his book The Leap.

  • Europe Vacations

    Ask Bernard Frelat how his travel website compares with others and he'll give a simple answer: "We take a customer- centric approach, rather than a product approach." That may sound like the same tiresome spin that emanates from the mouths of every dotcom Tom, Dick and Harry, but Frelat may have more horsepower to back it up.

  • Under the Hood with Mac OS X

    In the middle of last month, Apple Computer Inc. released a public beta of its next-generation operating system, Mac OS X. (The "X" is read as "ten"; it will be the successor to the current implementation, Mac OS 9.) The goal is to provide for the Macintosh platform all the modern bells and whistles, such as preemptive multitasking, memory protection, virtual memory and task scheduling.

  • How We Did It

    The network analyzers went through two types of testing. The first compared each unit to the others based on its features, capabilities, size and price. The second step of our testing involved a usability test. Twelve network professionals performing the tests were given the units in a specific order so that each device was tested first four separate times. In other words, four testers were given Wavetek's LAN Checker 100 first, another four received Fluke Corp.'s 686 Enterprise LANMeter first, and a final four tested Microtest's Compas first. The tests were given in a specific order to eliminate any effects that being the first or last tester may have had on scoring.

  • Best and Worst Jobs Overall

    Best Jobs Overall

  • C&W to Move Voice Customers to IP Network

    Cable & Wireless PLC is dumping its circuit-switched voice network for a new IP network that Nortel Networks Corp. is building and will maintain.

  • Wireless apps lead to privacy concerns

    Concerns about loss of privacy caused by the use of wireless devices will rock the budding wireless location industry, analysts and users warned last week.