• CA to watch traffic

    Computer Associates International Monday further fleshed out details of a technology, dubbed Sonar, which the company claims can directly correlate application performance to the underlying network infrastructure.

    16 July 03 08:10 Written by Denise Dubie
  • Oracle, Yahoo team to offer portal content

    Oracle and Yahoo are teaming together to offer companies more news and trade information for their corporate portals, intranets and extranets, saying that it is more cost efficient for companies to provide relevant business information in a centralized place.

    16 July 03 07:46 Written by Scarlet Pruitt
  • ABS puts eCensus up for tender

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) wants to hear from IT specialists interested in developing an online form for the next Census in 2006.

    16 July 03 07:30 Written by Cameron Roberts
  • Patent nuisance travels across the Tasman

    A controversial Canadian company has begun seeking tens of thousands of dollars from e-tailers in New Zealand for a controversial patent on e-commerce transactions – and may soon attempt the same in Australia.

    16 July 03 07:30 Written by Brett Winterford
  • New in-flight cell phone technology on the horizon

    Having already infiltrated cars, buses and trains, cell phones could soon overrun airplanes if technology being separately developed in the U.S. and Europe receives regulatory approval and, equally important, support from the major airlines.

    16 July 03 07:04 Written by John Blau
  • Escort job on Job Network database

    The Federal Government's employment service was today encouraging job seekers to work for an escort agency after the Jobsearch database mistakenly listed two jobs entitled "Ladies of All Ages" according to the deputy leader of the opposition Jenny Macklin.

    15 July 03 17:22 Written by Computerworld Staff
  • Home robbed after virtual tour

    Police have warned people advertising homes online to be mindful of what is on display, after sports memorabilia was stolen from a home that featured in a virtual tour.

    15 July 03 16:13 Written by Steven Deare
  • Apple takes aim at government, defence and media

    Apple Computer has signalled its intent to play hardball in courting the Australian government and military space. The vendor has announced Tony King as its new Asia-Pacific managing director as well as a specialist Canberra-based sales unit.

    15 July 03 15:58 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • Test version of Linux 2.6 released

    The new version of Linux is finally here, in beta form at least. A test version of the much-anticipated version 2.6 of the Linux kernel was released by Linux's creator, Linus Torvalds on Monday.

    15 July 03 13:01 Written by Robert McMillan
  • Sybase opens Linux showcase center in New York

    Database software vendor Sybase Inc. Monday launched a Linux Competency Center in New York for customers to learn more about its products, and it unveiled plans to port all of its software to Linux by next year.

    15 July 03 13:00 Written by Todd R. Weiss
  • Autodesk entices customers to upgrade, subscribe

    Design software vendor, Autodesk, is offering large discounts on its software in order entice customers to either upgrade to the latest versions and or take up an annual subscription program.

    15 July 03 11:59 Written by Brett Winterford
  • Bank of Queensland revamps ATM network

    The Bank of Queensland is implementing new software applications to run its network of 120 Diebold ATMs, with the network set to go live at the end of July.

    15 July 03 10:46 Written by Computerworld Staff
  • Is IT losing its place?

    IT's contribution to business is being forgotten as the industry struggles to survive what Gartner calls a "trough of disillusionment".

    15 July 03 10:43 Written by Helen Han
  • SecureNet attracts US suitor

    Managed security services company 90East could be the only remaining 'true blue' Australian IT security provider to federal government agencies such as the Department of Defence if beTrusted's $110 million bid for SecureNet is approved.

    15 July 03 10:40 Written by Sandra Rossi
  • Microsoft plans Web services spec meeting

    Microsoft on Tuesday at its Redmond, Wash., campus plans to hold a summit meeting to seek input on the Web Services Reliable Messaging (WS-ReliableMessaging) specification for Web services-based integration, according to sources familiar with Microsoft's plans.

    15 July 03 08:41 Written by Paul Krill
  • Computer Associates tackles Web services management

    In an effort to overcome complexities associated with Web services management, Computer Associates on Monday introduced Unicenter Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM) 1.0, a tool designed to automatically discover and monitor Web services.

    15 July 03 08:32 Written by Brian Fonseca
  • Unisys preaches Java for large Wintel box

    Looking to scale Java applications on its Windows-based multiprocessor system, Unisys on Monday announced availability of a Java Virtual Machine for its ES7000 server running Windows and as many as 32 Intel processors.

    15 July 03 08:22 Written by Paul Krill
  • PeopleSoft cleared to buy JDE; Oracle extends offer

    The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has ended its review of PeopleSoft's planned acquisition of J.D. Edwards & Co., clearing the way for the transaction to close later this month, PeopleSoft said Monday.

    15 July 03 08:22 Written by Stacy Cowley
  • CA pushes 'Sonar' automation as on-demand computing tool

    Computer Associates International will reduce the need for human intervention in enterprise management and make it easier for IT staffers to more efficiently exploit unused assets.

    15 July 03 08:14 Written by Marc L. Songini
  • Intel launches new Xeon with expanded cache

    Intel added more cache to its Xeon server processor on Monday, boosting performance of its primary chip for low-end servers, the company said in a release.

    15 July 03 07:57 Written by Tom Krazit
  • Demand for 3rd Party ERP Support Soars

    Widespread shift to more cost-effective, third party support models for Oracle and SAP platforms signals the end of ‘one-stop-shop’ vendor solutions

    Rimini Street

    Over 1,750 global, Fortune 500, midmarket, and public sector organizations from a broad range of industries have selected Rimini Street as their trusted, independent support provider

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