• Sun pricing model wows users

    Some Sun Microsystems Inc. users were clearly intrigued by the new per-employee software pricing model the vendor announced last week, saying they plan to investigate the model with a view to saving money or at least getting their hands on some additional Sun products at no extra cost.

    23 Sept. 03 08:16 Written by James Niccolai
  • Virginia Tech prepares to deploy Apple supercomputer

    Virginia Polytechnic and State University is racing to deploy its new supercomputer cluster based on Apple Computer Inc.'s G5 desktops by Oct. 1 in order to make the next ranking of the Top 500 list.

    23 Sept. 03 08:11 Written by Tom Krazit
  • SAML 1.1 ratified, products announced

    The OASIS Internet standards consortium said Monday that its members ratified SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) Version 1.1 as an official standard, approving changes to the specification will improve interoperability with other Web services security standards.

    23 Sept. 03 08:09 Written by Paul Roberts
  • Oracle e-mail shows losses to Peoplesoft, spin efforts

    As Oracle Corp. continues its takeover attempt for PeopleSoft Inc., internal e-mail messages reveal the competition between the two companies to win customers and Oracle's efforts to woo industry-watchers into supporting its unsolicited bid.

    23 Sept. 03 08:07 Written by Scarlet Pruitt
  • ACA gets $300k to fight spam

    The Australian Communications Authority is to receive additional funding totalling $300,000 to enforce new anti-spam legislation that is before parliament.

    23 Sept. 03 08:06 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • Cisco adds more Gigabit to high-end switch

    Cisco Systems Inc. last week released several Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet modules for its flagship enterprise switch, the Catalyst 6500.

    23 Sept. 03 08:05 Written by Phil Hochmuth
  • RSA upgrades ClearTrust software for Web access control

    RSA Security Inc. has upgraded its ClearTrust server software for policy-based access to Web applications, adding support for Security Assertions Markup Language (SAML) 1.1 and identity-management features licensed from Thor Technologies Inc.

    23 Sept. 03 08:02 Written by Ellen Messmer
  • No more free love on the web

    The internet’s hippy era is over, according to an Irishman whose web design company, Nua, was once worth a paper fortune. Today, Gerry McGovern makes a living talking about web publishing, with emphasis on “publishing”.

    22 Sept. 03 13:52 Written by Anthony Doesburg
  • ICANN asks Verisign to suspend controversial service

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has asked Verisign Inc. to suspend its new Site Finder service while it conducts an investigation into the system.

    22 Sept. 03 10:44 Written by Martyn Williams
  • DRM could kill work flow

    Enabling digital rights management (DRM) needs caution within enterprises which need to take a cold hard look at the way sensitive or valuable documents are managed, according to the managing director of document security firm Panareef, Anthony Turco.

    22 Sept. 03 10:19 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • Aust financial sector sets pace, sometimes

    Australia's financial services organisations boast straight-through-processing (STP) rates that are among the best in the world but in other areas of trading they are way off the pace.

    22 Sept. 03 10:09 Written by Lauren Thomsen-Moore
  • JBoss joins JCP, but without J2EE certification

    In a warming of relations between the two companies, open source software vendor JBoss Group LLC has signed up as a member of the Java Community Process (JCP), the group that defines Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Java standards.

    22 Sept. 03 08:32 Written by Robert McMillan
  • 'Right-sized' Baan to become market focused

    SSA Global Technologies Inc. found Baan Co. NV in shambles after acquiring it in June. But after cutting 800 of 2,800 jobs and instilling customer-focused business values, Baan should be profitable again in three months, its new president said.

    22 Sept. 03 08:19 Written by Joris Evers
  • Sun touts Fast Web Services plan

    Researchers at Sun Microsystems Inc. are working on an initiative called Fast Web Services, intended to identify and solve performance problems in existing Web services standards implementations.

    22 Sept. 03 08:15 Written by Paul Krill
  • Red Hat Q2 revenue up 36 percent from 2002

    Linux vendor Red Hat Inc. Thursday announced second-quarter 2004 revenue of US$28.8 million, up 36 percent from a year ago, when it posted revenue of US$21.2 million. Revenue for the quarter, which ended Aug. 31, was up 6 percent from the US$27.2 million posted in the first quarter, which ended on May 31.

    22 Sept. 03 08:14 Written by Todd R. Weiss
  • Sun makes crucial step toward open source J2EE

    Sun Microsystems Inc. has moved one step closer to certifying an open-source application server as J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) compatible, a company official revealed on Friday.

    22 Sept. 03 08:11 Written by Robert McMillan
  • IBM, Microsoft show Web services technologies

    IBM Corp. and Microsoft Corp. staged a demonstration last week to show how the advanced Web services specifications that they have developed will make it easier for companies with disparate systems to securely and reliably engage in electronic business transactions.

    22 Sept. 03 08:10 Written by Carol Sliwa
  • PeopleSoft upgrades finance apps

    Looking to ensure the long-term loyalty of its users, PeopleSoft Inc. last week announced extensions to some of its software support programs and said it plans to ship an upgrade of its finance applications in the fourth quarter.

    22 Sept. 03 08:09 Written by Marc L. Songini
  • 7 Habits of the Effective Network Manager

    Years of observing hundreds of network managers has revealed 7 habits that differentiate the effective network manager from the others. In this white paper, we will identify those 7 habits and discuss how these habits contribute to providing a well performing and reliable network. When problems do occur, these problems can be resolved in a timely manner, reducing the impact on the business, while at the same time, maintaining the credibility of the networking department.


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