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  • Tracking technology sheds light on shopping habits

    Most people don't consider the supermarket a high-technology haven, but if one company has its way, technology may play a bigger role in food shopping than most folks expect.

  • Microsoft asks court to reconsider Lindows ruling

    Saying that the court asked the wrong questions and therefore arrived at the wrong answers in its preliminary injunction ruling that allowed Inc. to continue to use the name Lindows, Microsoft Corp. filed a motion for reconsideration late last week with United States District Court for the Western District of Washington.

  • Wireless developer eyes TV channels

    A wireless telecommunication technology being tested by a small startup in Ridgeland, Mississippi, could allow mobile operators in developing countries to take advantage of an existing infrastructure with far greater population reach than most cellular networks: television broadcasting systems.

  • Nortel drops most of patent suit against ONI

    ONI Systems Monday announced that metro optical systems rival Nortel Networks has agreed to dismiss all claims related to four patents purportedly infringed upon by ONI, but is pursuing litigation on a fifth.

  • Unisphere injects VPN smarts into edge router

    Carriers and other service providers will be able to set up several different kinds of VPN (virtual private network) services using an enhanced VPN platform to be introduced Tuesday by Unisphere Networks, company officials said Monday.

  • Dattatech appoints CTO

    Dattatech has appointed Robert Pertzel as its new chief technology officer (CTO) effective immediately.

  • DoubleClick paying US$1.8 million to settle privacy suits

  • Windows NT/2000 hole can let attacker take over systems

    A recently discovered security vulnerability in a software debugging component of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows NT and 2000 operating systems can allow an attacker to elevate their privileges on a system and take the system over, according to intrusion detection system vendor Entercept Security Technologies Inc. An exploit is already circulating among potential attackers, the company said.

  • Ask Jeeves offers challenge to Google, a new search engine that went live Monday, should provide a boost to parent company Ask Jeeves Inc. and could provide a serious challenger to Google Inc.'s dominance of the market, according to analysts.

  • Anti-Unix campaign relies on its foe

    Even the anti-Unix camp relies on Unix. An advertising campaign funded by Unisys and Microsoft aimed at converting Unix users to their high-end server products hit a sour note Monday.

  • Sun, HP look to boost low-end Unix servers

    Sun Microsystems Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co. are taking their battle for Unix server sales to a new low, in the form of entry-level systems that start at less than US$1,000 and are aimed at uses such as running Web sites and e-mail systems.

  • NAI presses ahead with bid

    Network Associates Inc. is moving ahead with its offer to buy out the remaining shares in its Corp. subsidiary despite earlier indications the company might put its bid on hold.

  • Oracle extends hosting to 9i database, app server

    Oracle Corp. this week will extend its outsourcing program to include its Oracle9i database and application server products, a company executive said Friday.

  • HP links servers and storage with appliance

    Hewlett-Packard announced a new appliance Monday for managing data sharing and back-up tasks across groups of servers and storage systems.

  • McAfee ThreatScan checks for virus vulnerabilities

    Looking to extend the purview of its antivirus software and to help its customers discover network vulnerabilities that viruses might exploit, McAfee Security, a division of Network Associates Inc., Monday announced the release of McAfee ThreatScan, a virus vulnerability assessment tool.

  • HP/COMPAQ: HP drops Hewlett from board nominees

    In continuing fallout from the hotly contested merger between Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) and Compaq Computer Corp., HP's board of directors said Monday that it did not include Walter Hewlett in its list of candidates to be re-nominated to the board.

  • Glitch found in Cisco VoIP could crash phone service

    A glitch in Cisco Systems Inc.'s IP PBX software could leave an enterprise's Cisco-based voice-over-IP system open to a denial-of-service attack, according to a notice issued this week by Bugtraq, a security alert mailing list.

  • IBM points services at e-workplaces

    IBM Corp. last Thursday added to its Global Services arm a new e-Workplace practice aimed at helping enterprises construct multifaceted portals for employees and business partners.

  • Westpac investigating 'technical glitch'

    Westpac Bank is investigating a technical glitch that left more than 20,000 customers without $8 million in welfare payments last week.

  • HK government set to embrace Linux amid public pressure

    Under public criticism for promoting an oligopoly in the local software market, the Hong Kong government has for the first time outlined its stance towards the use of open-source technology in the support of public service provision.

  • What does the consumerisation of IT mean for today’s businesses?

    What role has the consumerisation of IT played in the shifting role of enterprise IT and the rise of shadow IT?

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