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  • Rioport, MTVi get all 5 labels on board for downloads

    The MTVi Group LP and music distribution site Inc. announced Wednesday that they have agreements with all five of the major recording labels to provide secure digital music downloads for consumers on their service, beginning this month.

  • Rhythms CEO resigns

    In the latest sign of troubled times for digital subscriber line (DSL) service wholesalers, Catherine Hapka resigned as chairman and chief executive officer of Rhythms NetConnections Inc. on Tuesday for unspecified reasons, the company said in a release. She also gave up her seat on the company's board of directors.

  • Spring forward leaves eBay behind

    A problem with Microsoft Corp. software involving the switch to daylight-saving time this weekend left thousands of eBay Inc. customers confused for about 24 hours over when auctions started and ended, terminating some auctions while in other cases telling members that they still had an hour to bid.

  • MIT to put course materials online for free

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Wednesday unveiled an ambitious plan for making nearly all of its course materials available online to the general public over the next 10 years.

  • Study bullish on VoDSL market

    The voice-over-DSL market for small business should grow exponentially from 2001 to 2005, according to a report published by Research First Consulting Inc., a market research and consulting firm that focuses on the telecom industry.

  • SAP, Computer Associates push enterprise portals

    Enterprise software vendors SAP AG and Computer Associates International Inc. Wednesday laid out separate plans for personalized, easy-to-use and all-encompassing portal applications that are aimed at simplifying end-user access to corporate business data and other information.

  • After lawsuits, its slow going at

    Despite four months of effort and spending more than US$100 million, not to mention learning to navigate the byzantine structure of music industry copyrights, Inc. is still unable to do much of anything with its flagship service.

  • RealNetworks player to go on Intel's Dot.Station

    RealNetworks Inc. continued its quest for domination of the media player market on Wednesday when Intel Corp. announced plans to include RealPlayer software on its forthcoming Dot.Station Web appliance.

  • Cisco CEO talks about weathering the economic slump

    In a keynote presentation at the Cisco Global Partners Summit in Las Vegas, Cisco Systems Inc. President and CEO John Chambers yesterday pondered the fate of the economy and what Cisco is doing amid a spreading slump.

  • ICANN revises VeriSign accord on .org, .net, .com

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approved revisions to its agreement with domain registry VeriSign Inc., creating three different agreements, for the .com, .org and .net domains, respectively.

  • Government investigates satellite sale

    The federal government says it is investigating the security implications of the sale by Cable & Wireless Optus of its $500 million satellite joint venture with the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

  • Users rethink Web-based supply chain

    Interest in Web-based supply-chain and procurement systems remains steady, but users and analysts this week said many companies are rethinking their business-to-business strategies due to the softening economy and the lack of fast returns from investments in online marketplaces.

  • UltraSparc III workstations require software patch

    Sun Microsystems Inc. on Wednesday issued a warning to its SunBlade 1000 workstation customers that a software patch must be downloaded and installed to avoid possible data corruption, a Sun representative said.

  • Sun, PeopleSoft join on CRM deal

    Sun Microsystems Inc. and PeopleSoft Inc. announced a global alliance Wednesday that will see the two companies build and sell CRM (customer relationship management) solutions for the communications and brokerage industries.

  • Online ads down but not out

    If you thought all those dotcom deaths were going to reduce the number of annoying ads you see on the sites you visit, you're only partly right. A new report from Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research Inc. indicates that the current drop-off of online advertising is only a lull. The real storm will arrive starting about two years from now.

  • Microsoft researching e-mail filtering, rating software

    Microsoft Corp. researchers are developing e-mail software that learns what messages are important to users and which aren't, ranking them by urgency, Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates said to technologists at the Computer-Human Interaction Conference in Seattle on Tuesday.

  • Microsoft to wait on Bluetooth backing in Windows XP

    Microsoft Corp. officials on Wednesday said the software giant is rethinking its commitment to support Bluetooth in initial versions of its upcoming Windows XP operating system.

  • Lucent hit with bankruptcy rumors

    Bankruptcy rumors salted Lucent Technologies Inc.'s open wounds Wednesday, sending its stock plummeting as much as 30 percent in morning trading, and closing down 13.63 percent at US$6.78 a share.

  • IDC: ASPs learn from past mistakes

    A new breed of ASPs (application service providers) that have learned from the mistakes of their predecessors is emerging and offering better service to users, according to a new report published by International Data Corp. (IDC).

  • Apache 2.0 beta hits the Web

    The beta version of Apache Web server 2.0 was completed Tuesday night. This is seen as the first major reworking of the popular software in some time. The upgrade is expected to make the software more accessible to users unfamiliar with it and to integrate better with other platforms.