• Web services standardization advances

    Web services standardization is advancing on several fronts, including choreography and intellectual property concerns, a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) official said in an interview this week.

    11 Nov. 02 08:20 Written by Paul Krill
  • Oracle to boost database management

    Oracle Corp. is moving to centralize systems management, monitoring and performance-analysis operations for users of its databases and middleware.

    11 Nov. 02 08:16 Written by Marc L. Songini
  • Companies fight the downturn with tech

    While some companies delay new IT initiatives in the face of the current economic downturn, American Express Co. is using this time -- and technology -- to gain competitive advantage, the company's top executive told a group of corporate executives yesterday.

    11 Nov. 02 08:14 Written by Elizabeth Heichler
  • Investing now for the upturn later

    Companies that successfully emerge from the current economic slump will be those that focus on technologies such as Web services and "adaptive" supply chain networks and closely align their IT managers with business unit and marketing leaders, said analysts at Forrester Research Inc.'s Executive Strategy Forum here this week.

    11 Nov. 02 08:13 Written by Thomas Hoffman
  • Symantec fixes mail deletion flaw in security suite

    Symantec Corp. has fixed a flaw in part of its Norton Internet Security 2003 security software suite that can cause e-mail to be deleted before it reaches a user's inbox, Symantec said Friday.

    11 Nov. 02 08:12 Written by Joris Evers
  • Nokia licenses BlackBerry software

    Nokia Corp. has agreed to license the BlackBerry wireless e-mail software developed by Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) in a move to simplify messaging services for corporate customers, the companies announced Friday.

    11 Nov. 02 08:10 Written by John Blau
  • Gates to outline .Net programming roadmap

    Bill Gates, Microsoft Corp.'s chairman and chief software architect Friday is slated to outline the roadmap for the software giant's newest programming languages, Visual C# .Net and Visual C++ .Net.

    11 Nov. 02 08:03 Written by Laura Rohde
  • Tres chic Linux clustering

    Network administrators looking for a free tool to manage a cluster of Linux nodes might want to check out Clic, an open-source project with a French flavor.

    11 Nov. 02 08:03 Written by Phil Hochmuth
  • Vamos appointed Microsoft Australia MD

    After three years as the head of Microsoft Australia, Paul Houghton has been sent packing to the US, with the company announcing today that Steve Vamos has been appointed managing director of the software company.

    08 Nov. 02 16:01 Written by Howard Dahdah
  • Exec labels Tablet PC a budget booster

    In an effort to convince senior management and CEOs to extend the IT budget, visiting Microsoft exec Dick Brass is betting that after just a week of using the new Tablet PC, "CEOs will be convinced to buy, and IT managers will get the budget to buy a few".

    08 Nov. 02 15:44 Written by Lauren Thomsen-Moore
  • US Government-backed software security study takes off

    The Air Force Research Laboratory this week awarded Santa Clara, Calif.-based Network Associates Inc. a US$1.8 million contract to support research that may have widespread implications for the future of government and private sector cybersecurity.

    08 Nov. 02 14:19 Written by Dan Verton
  • Airline chats up bookings

    In a move that will bring little joy to large-scale CRM solutions vendors, fledgling airline Regional Express (REX) has deployed a live, real-time chat facility on their Web site to enable call centre staff to guide customers through the online booking process.

    08 Nov. 02 10:47 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • Microsoft spins Rotor tools update

    Microsoft Corp. this week posted an update to its Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) implementation, codenamed Rotor, which adds support for Mac OS X.

    08 Nov. 02 10:01 Written by Paul Krill
  • Software maker JDA looks to cozy up to the customer

    Looking to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, JDA Software Group Inc. is launching a major restructuring of its operations, which will include laying off 170 employees.

    08 Nov. 02 09:29 Written by Marc L. Songini
  • Study: More citizens globally using e-gov't offerings

    The number of citizens worldwide using the Internet to access government services or products during the past 12 months increased 15 percent, according to the second Government Online Study published Thursday by the London-based market research company Taylor Nelson Sofres PLC.

    08 Nov. 02 08:35 Written by John Blau
  • Network equipment start-ups feel financing pinch

    Venture capital investments in network equipment start-ups slowed to a trickle during the third quarter of 2002, reaching the lowest level of early-stage investments recorded in seven years.

    08 Nov. 02 08:30 Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan
  • SingTel profit down 32 percent despite Optus turnaround

    Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. (SingTel) posted net profit of S$792 million (Approx AUD$794 million) for the first half of fiscal 2002, 31.7 percent lower than the S$1.19 billion net profit for the same period last year, the company said in a statement Thursday.

    08 Nov. 02 08:15 Written by David Legard
  • AMD to cut expenses $350M, seeks profit by Q4 of 2004

    Advanced Micro Devices Inc. will experience growth in all of its businesses amid a tentative semiconductor recovery in 2003, but it will have to endure a large restructuring charge and cut staff to get to that point, company executives said Thursday at a meeting with analysts.

    08 Nov. 02 08:11 Written by Tom Krazit
  • Internet domain name servers get more security

    To make the 13 computer servers that run the Internet's core addressing system more secure, the two machines operated by VeriSign Inc. in the U.S. have been physically and electronically separated to make them less vulnerable to attack.

    08 Nov. 02 08:09 Written by Todd R. Weiss
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