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  • Comdex goes wireless, portable

    Internet appliances, handheld computers, Web-enabled mobile phones and wireless technologies that link them all together will lead the charge at this year's giant Comdex trade show, which throws open its doors in Las Vegas on November 13.

  • Transfield goes for Allegiance in SAP rollout

    The operations and maintenance division of Transfield Services has selected Allegiance Systems to host and manage the company's payroll services under a multimillion dollar, five-year agreement.

  • Qld TAFE scores training solution

    Communications and interactive management solutions provider Call Time Solutions has donated a $250,000 multimedia contact centre solution to Queensland's Moreton Institute of TAFE for its new Moreton Training and e-business Centre in Brisbane.

  • Voice step leads to convergence

    Analysts were this week hailing 'voice' as the next 'killer app' claiming it will lead the way in the field of unified convergence (UC).

  • Companies don't learn from previous IT snafus

    Computer projects have failed for as long as there have been computers.

  • Privacy Amendment Bill Gets Go Ahead

    After hours of rowdy debate about whether the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Bill 2000 will stimulate or hinder the growth of e-commerce, the controversial legislation was finally passed in the House of Representatives on Friday.

  • Posties detail e-commerce master plan

    Australia Post will offer warehousing, fulfilment, payment, billing and delivery services to businesses and consumers, as part of its e-commerce strategy announced yesterday.

  • Editorial: Is e-business all flash and dash?

    The promise, or at least the premise, of most IT projects has been to make businesses more efficient. Dramatic technological developments have driven and hyped the gains, which have then been sold, often, in used-car fashion.

  • Alstom Catches MTE Network Deal

    Melbourne Transport Enterprise (MTE) has named Alstom Information Technology as the successful bidder for its $3 million project to install and maintain its data network.

  • Study: Bulk Industry Eschews 'Net in Supply Chain

    A reluctance to increase their Internet use is preventing bulk-industry companies from improving their supply-chain processes, according to survey results released Friday.

  • ICANN Narrows New Domain Options

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has zeroed in on 10 new top-level domains, pending a vote of its board of directors that is scheduled for this week.

  • Coke's Net Links 87 Countries

    Coca-Cola last week confirmed that it had completed the design of a new network that will link its 289 facilities in 87 countries.

  • Norm McCann takes reins at HP

    HP's rough ride without a leader is over as the company has appointed industry veteran Norm McCann Australasian managing director. Over at Sun, Russell Bate has taken a regional role, while down as Sausage the inside-out takeover is having some weird effects

  • Trysoft lands big Indian alliance

    Trysoft looked to India for an international partnership while other Australian companies turned their sights to other countries for international expansion. Even those that stayed at home managed to chalk up some significant alliances this week

  • IT Spending set to jump five per cent

    Recent surveys indicate that IT budgets will increase and application spending will show growth specifically in supplier- and customer- facing e-commerce applications. Len Rust examines the evidence and looks at some of the other recently-released research

  • SecureNet consolidates in China with banking pilot

    IT security specialist SecureNet has completed an electronic commerce pilot with one of the dominant banks in China, while at home KAZ and VeCommerce have also chalked up solid orders and the Federal Government's outsourcing controversy shows every sign of hanging around to cause further embarrassment

  • The task of co-mingling

    What's coming in 2001? Can we make 2001 a better year than 2000? Ah, 2000 was the year we realised things were getting harder rather than easier, the year when only 30 per cent of projects were considered successful, and the year when more dollars were thrown away on cancelled and problematic projects. Len Rust checks his crystal ball to see what lies ahead

  • Multilingual Domain Name Registrations to Start Friday

    A new domain registration service means characters before the dot in a domain name can now be in the language of the country of origin, in combination with the suffix '.com'.

  • ACCPAC buys out Australian, NZ reseller

    Computer Associates subsidiary ACCPAC has bought out its primary Australian/NZ reseller, Smart Business Systems, for an undisclosed amount, effectively clipping Brocker Vendor Services' distribution arm 1World from its distribution chain.

  • Yahoo Buys Taiwan's Biggest Portal

    In a move aimed at strengthening its position in Asia, Internet bellwether Yahoo Inc. on Thursday unveiled an agreement to acquire Taiwan's leading portal provider Corp. in a stock-swap deal valued at US$146 million.