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  • Cop Shop: Federal Police Trial E-procurement

    The Australian Federal Police will pilot a B2B e-procurement hub over the next two months, the second federal government e-trading feasability trial under the Commonwealth Electronic Procurement Implementation Strategy.

  • Exit Interviews: tell 'em when you're going

    Exit interviews are becoming popular with large companies for the information they contribute to retaining staff, according to an international recruitment consultancy.

  • Microsoft Releases XML for Analysis Beta

    Hoping to create an industry standard governing the transfer of information between different databases for use in data-mining applications, Microsoft Corp. Wednesday announced the release of the beta specification for XML for Analysis.

  • Nokia awards eSec gold

    Security services provider eSec has been appointed as the first 'Gold Reseller' of Nokia security products in Asia-Pacific.

  • NOTES FROM THE FIELD: No shoes ain't so bad

    After reading some of my e-mail about Verizon, Randi finally stopped complaining about AT&T Digital Cable. "It's like that expression, ‘I was sad that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet'," she told me.

  • LEGAL CLINIC: Design ramifications

    The recent decision by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) in the case of Maguire v SOCOG will have significant consequences for the development of e-commerce.

  • HiServ switches to Triaton

    Global systems integration company HiServ has been renamed Triaton to reflect the merger of the company with the IT business wing of its parent company Thyssen Krupp Information Systems. HiServ was acquired by German-headquartered Thyssen Krupp Materials & Services AG in May.

  • Speak Normally, Please

    Telstra has introduced a voice response service which uses natural voice commands to access the most frequently requested directory assistance information.

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    Compaq embraces franchise model

    Compaq has announced the trial period for its controversial Compaq Connect direct stores is officially over and it's on the hunt to recruit up to 100 franchisee resellers nationwide.

  • IDC: Global PC Sales Up, US Weakens

    Strong sales of portable PCs and demand in regions outside the U.S. will spur global personal computer shipments to 40.15 million units in the fourth quarter of this year, according to a revised forecast from market researcher International Data Corp (IDC).

  • Dell Offers Enterprise Servers

    Dell Computer Corp. this week announced a series of new servers in a bid to broaden its appeal to corporate users.

  • Former Compucon exec takes on GM job at Sweetwater

    Philip Tran has today joined Compaq's new aggregator Sweetwater as its general manager, as the company gears up to tackle the SMB PC and notebook market.

  • Lionel Singer: larger than life no longer

    Lionel Singer was always larger than life, yet it seemed that he never bit off more than he could chew, was always in control. His presence energised the IT scene of the ‘70s and ‘80s and his influence has remained in the marketplace thanks the host of people who had came in one way or another under his spell. Now Lionel Singer has died in the US and the Australian IT scene has lost a legendary figure

  • IBM Readies Itanium-Based Workstation

    Making sure it gets a running start at the Intel Corp.-based 64-bit desktop market, IBM Corp. is readying its first Itanium-based workstation and currently has 209 applications certified to run on the system.

  • HP Pledges Server, Storage Growth in Year Ahead

    Despite ongoing concerns about the health of the PC market, Hewlett-Packard Co. is comfortable with its projections of revenue growth of between 15 percent and 17 percent in fiscal 2001, Carly Fiorina, HP's chairman, chief executive officer and president, said in a meeting with financial analysts this morning.

  • BEA, Broadvision in e-Business Alliance

    BEA Systems and BroadVision have announced an alliance based on supplying next-generation e-business solutions.

  • Apple Projects Q1 Loss

    Apple has added its name to the ever-growing list of technology companies issuing profit warnings. The company said it will report its first loss in three years for its first fiscal quarter of 2001.

  • R&D Making Waves at Telstra

    Telstra set up three New Wave research labs this week as part of an overhaul of its R&D division, the first in 77 years, the national carrier said.

  • Dell Aims New Systems, Services at Corporate Users

    Dell Computer Corp. today announced a series of new servers and customer service offerings in a bid to broaden its appeal as an enterprise-level vendor for corporate users.

  • Sun forms Bullant alliance

    Privately held software developer Bullant has signed a development agreement with Sun Microsystems that will secure its ongoing hardware, service and support.