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  • PC design counts more than ever

    Desktop PC design appears to be on its way toward some major changes, with size and colour being critical in determining the success of the design, a study released by International Data Corporation concludes.

  • Motive Expands Online Customer Service

    Motive Communications Inc., which provides software for online customer service, next week will announce a set of prepackaged, reusable software components that makes it easier to embed customer service features into complex, e-business applications.

  • Align Your Minds

    E-mail, voice mail and cell phones are powerful ways of connecting, but they don't always have all the connections you need. To fill the void, Parlano Inc. has recently released MindAlign, a set of server-based collaboration tools that let teams keep in touch, share important documents and track project progress from any networked computer.

  • Dell, WebMethods Unveil B2B Offering

    Dell Computer Corp. on Tuesday announced an initiative with webMethods Inc. aimed at making it easier for companies to engage in business to business (B2B) commerce.

  • What do you know?

    As the data pile builds in large organisations, new information search technology must burrow faster to use it or lose it

  • Syrinx calls out to new CEO

    Australian voice recognition software vendor Syrinx Speech Systems has ended a lengthy search for a new CEO after announcing today Steve Watt will take the reins.

  • Sol 6 cops shareholder flak

    While there was no shortage of frustration among Solution 6 shareholders at its Annual General Meeting today, some cracked jokes about the company's prospects as board members attempted to convince investors of an imminent turnaround.

  • DSL Without Breaking Your Backbone

    Many local exchange carriers, from giant Bells to small-town independent telcos, are coming under pressure to do something about their remote neighborhood terminals that extend ordinary voice lines but block DSL signals.

  • Channel sales buoy Acer

    As more and more vendors push towards a direct sales model, Acer Computer Australia has upped its channel revenues by 25 per cent for the first three quarters of this year.

  • Seagate launches Crystal Enterprise, gets $US20b in buyout

    Seagate Software has released Crystal Enterprise (CE), saying the enterprise reporting solution is the "evolution" of Seagate business information tools.

  • Rapid changes in the e-marketplace

    For the small to medium business teetering on the edge of the e-marketplace, doing nothing can sometimes be the best course

  • Prediction: E-Commerce - Paying the Bills

    Those piles of invoices could start to shrink, according to a study by the Aberdeen Group Inc. in Boston. The report, "Internet Bill Presentment and Payment: E-Business Solutions for Improved Customer Service and Cash Flow," predicts that IBPP (both consumer and business to business) will increase more than 500 percent to US$1.9 billion by 2005. As payees seek to get a grip on their cash flows, payers will look for the efficiencies online payment can provide.

  • SALES CLINIC: Presenting with purpose

    You've done your planning, investigation, and now you are ready to present your solution or credentials. Both how and what you present will have a significant impact on the outcome. Here are six tips for ensuring your presentation is lean and purposeful:

  • Remember the Mainframe?

    You don't hear much talk about mainframes these days, even if the world is still running on them. But Singlepoint Systems hasn't forgotten. The company has announced LegacyPoint, an event management tool that provides two-way communication between OS/390 systems and Hewlett-Packard Co.'s OpenView VantagePoint network management product.

  • Supply chain sugar pills

    Time to suck and see

  • Search Struggle

    On the Web, finding what you need is more than half the battle, yet some sites still don't offer effective search capabilities. Seeking to provide an easy option for adding search to any site, Tippecanoe Systems Inc. has unveiled, an online service that lets companies provide search features on their sites by simply adding a small piece of HTML code for a search button.

  • Senteq seals $10M DataTrack deal

    Senteq Information Systems has signed an agreement with DataTrack Solutions to seal the development partnership of the new Council Track software.

  • NSI Still Registering Chinese Domain Names

    Following public criticism from Chinese authorities of its Chinese domain name registration service, a senior official at VeriSign Global Registry Services (GRS) subsidiary Network Solutions Inc. (NSI) has downplayed the possibility of any negative effect on its domain-name registration business in an interview with Computerworld Hong Kong. In addition, the executive said NSI would continue to register Chinese-language domain names.

  • Growing pains won't slow the broadband revolution

    Broadband providers will differentiate themselves by offering innovative services which take over their subscribers' burdens

  • Scientific Group Aims at Independent Platform Evaluation

    The CSIRO is releasing a series of studies this month which evaluate a key technology for Internet-based computing. The study of middleware technologies is aimed at providing independent assistance for business in product choice.