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  • Agiliti Enters Hosted E-Commerce Arena

    Application service provider aggregator Agiliti Inc. this week is adding hosted e-commerce applications, designed to allow midsize businesses to quickly set up Web storefronts, to its portfolio.

  • Plumtree Ups Enterprise Portal Ante

    Software maker Plumtree Software Inc. is looking to make its Corporate Portal software more scalable for large enterprise customers.

  • Maxtor, Quantum Merge

    FRAMINGHAM (10/09/2000) - Storage vendors Maxtor Corp. and Quantum HDD, Quantum Corp.'s Hard Disk Drive group, last week merged in what analysts say will make the company the largest manufacturer of disk drives in the world. The Maxtor name will emerge from the $2.3 billion deal with the company led by Mike Cannon, CEO of Maxtor. As a result of the merger, the company will have combined annual sales of more than $6 billion. Maxtor also manufactures network-attached storage devices. The division of Quantum that manufactures digital linear tape systems is not part of the deal and will be known as Quantum Corp..

  • Hall of Fame

    Making one's way into the InfoWorld Hall of Fame requires a person to be a driving force behind the Internet architecture that drives today's e-business economy.

  • Web Site Performance Measurement Yields Results

    In the spring of 1999, Ameritrade Inc. ran one of the slowest brokerage sites on the Web. Today, the company consistently ranks among the five fastest Web sites for executing stock trades. For the past 34 weeks, Ameritrade has also recorded the quickest home page download times among consumer Web sites.

  • Minding his own business

    ARN: What was the vibe of the software industry when you started? Winkler: The late 80s, early 90s was a time of rapid change, not that it isn't now, but they were exciting times in the sense that the price per unit of processing power was dropping in a stunning kind of fashion. Small businesses were able to adopt computers for the first time at any sensible level and we saw the opportunity to really make a difference by providing them with tools to manage their operations effectively.

  • Music for the Masses

    The MP3 saga grows increasingly fascinating as it unfolds its intricate array of plots and counter-plots. A work in progress, its finale is still shrouded in the mists of the future.

  • Me Generation Guru

    Not work 14 hours a day? Not work for the same company forever? What's wrong with people today? Has the hot economy created a generation of workers whose allegiance is to themselves, not their companies?

  • Home Checkout - with No Lines

    Location, location, location is the mantra behind one company's effort to place its wares on America's kitchen counters. HomeAccess International, a maker of Web devices, has designed a telephone-complete with screen, bar-code scanner and keyboard-that provides its users with a direct connection to local merchants. Albertson's Inc., the country's second-largest supermarket chain, is one of the first companies to distribute the devices to its customers (for free). The company envisions home shoppers waving items (cereal boxes, cans of lima beans) in front of the bar-code scanner, which will automatically add them to an electronic grocery list. Shoppers can then use the device's screen and keyboard to order other provisions from the Albertson's product catalog. Albertson's will even deliver orders for free (if they're greater than $60).

  • Attention CIOs: Prepare to Lead the Way on Culture

    Over the past six weeks, I have traveled many miles, visited many CIO watering holes, sat in on several CIO campfires (such as the Society for Information Management conference in San Diego and the Strategies for Electronic Commerce program at Carnegie Mellon University) and listened to many voices.

  • Dell Joins ASP Pack

    Dell Computer Corp. broadened its reach into the ASP (application service provider) arena Tuesday, announcing a pact with Xevo Corp. and Portal Software Inc. to deliver infrastructure technology to the ASP market, here at the Microsoft Exchange Conference.

  • Net Analysis in Your Hand

    Network administrators understand the business consequences of a sluggish network. A common tool for pinpointing the source of network congestion is the handheld network analyzer. Handheld analyzers can detect some faults that can't be found with software-based network analyzers and can work in some instances when software-based analyzers cannot.

  • B2B potential unrealised

    With the proliferation of business-to-business (B2B) Web sites, we're witnessing the emergence of the phenomenon of oligopsony - what economists call a condition where many sellers encounter only a few buyers. For instance, US military weapons manufacturers have only a few customers (governments). So far, oligopsony transactions have been rare because of difficulties in coordinating purchasing decisions among competing sellers.

  • Watching Wireless

    Last week, I watched a hapless marketing executive struggle through a keynote speech that relied on a series of demonstrations of new wireless gadgets and technologies. While thousands of techies looked on hopefully, the poor guy proved my new theory that the scope of a demo failure is directly proportional to the size of the audience. And it was one huge crowd.

  • Luck of the Irish

    When Volkswagens were new cars, Mike Sheeran's family arrived in Sydney having felt the lure of immigration advertising in the UK. Originally from Ireland, they had been living in what Sheeran describes as some of the toughest parts of London. When they arrived in Sydney, Sheeran's parents sought out the type of suburb they had seen in the black and white depictions of Australian life.

  • SALES CLINIC: Winning the mind game...

    "Whenever players in the top 10 face each other on court, it's not about skills. Winning or losing at this level is a mind game" - Andre Agassi, Australian Open 1998

  • Introduce Your PDA to Monday Night Football

    Who would have thought convergence would lead to this? I'm sitting at home, PDA in hand, waiting breathlessly for the next Dennis Miller translation from his play-by-play on Monday Night Football.

  • Cisco spurns channel to bag $100M Telstra contract

    Networking vendor Cisco Systems is set to bring in over $100 million in additional revenues over three years, after the company announced it secured a contract to migrate Telstra's high-speed cable modem services to the DOCSIS standard. But left out of the deal is the channel, which looks like it won't even pick up the scraps from Cisco's table.

  • Planet 2000: B-to-B and B-to-C Combo Readied

    A joing offering for the business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce realms will be coming from I2 Technologies and BroadVision, bringing greater personalisation to i2's supply-chain management. The vendors made the announcement Monday at Planet 2000 in San

  • BMG Offering Digital Music Dowloads on Lycos

    In another small step into cyberspace for the recording industry, music company BMG Entertainment Inc. announced Tuesday it has begun offering digital music for download online through the Lycos Inc. Web portal.