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  • Companies unite to develop 3G services

    The world's leading mobile phone manufacturers and operators, led by Finland-based Nokia Corp., plan to jointly develop software for advanced digital services for the mobile Internet, a move seen as an end-run around any move by Microsoft Corp. to dominate a market that has more than 1 billion users globally.

  • HP sales, profits continue to fall

    Hewlett-Packard Co. reported today that its sales and profits continued to decline in the fourth quarter, although its earnings exceeded analysts' estimates.

  • Trend Micro unveils antivirus suite

    Trend Micro Inc. released Wednesday the latest version of an antivirus and security suite for Internet gateways. The software incorporates a new, experimental kind of policy-based screen for e-mail suspected of harboring viruses.

  • Novell awarded $680,000 in software piracy suit

    A judge ruled that a California man must pay software vendor Novell Inc. US$680,000 in a scheme to profit from pirated software, the company said.

  • Staples' CIO warns IT about innovation 'frenzy'

    In sharp contrast to the uninhibited hawking of cutting-edge technology on the Comdex show floor, Staples Inc. CIO Brian Light cautioned IT users here to "get back to basics" when considering future technology purchases.

  • IBM to put mainframe tools on Wintel servers

    IBM Corp. will upgrade its server line by the second quarter of next year when the company begins shipping systems with its own "Summit" chip set designed to improve the management and stability of Intel Corp.-based servers.

  • HP to phase out e3000 server series

    Hewlett-Packard Co.'s (HP's) e3000 server series is being phased out and will be discontinued in late 2003, the company said Wednesday. Slumping sales and decreased interest from outside developers, along with an increasing industry emphasis on open-standard systems, prompted the e3000 series' demise, HP said in a statement.

  • Gmate to debut Linux PDA next month

    Gmate Co. Ltd. plans to put on sale its long-awaited Linux-based PDA (personal digital assistant) in December, the company announced at Comdex Fall.

  • TechTracker ITX probes software usage on PCs

    Diverging from the frenzy that traditionally embodies Comdex's fall show, many end-users are window shopping less this year and honing in on key products to will help them maximize efficiency in their enterprises.

  • COMDEX: Virtual keyboards let you type in air

    Call it air guitar meets computer keyboard. Two firms here at Comdex, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Senseboard, are showing off gizmos that attach to your hands and track your finger movements so you can type without a keyboard to input data into a personal digital assistant or other handheld device.

  • Optus cuts again, Vodafone ordered to 'fess up

    Just over 900 jobs have been eliminated at Optus over the past two months, following today's announcement of about 560 job cuts.

  • COMDEX: nStor bolsters storage management

    Storage vendor nStor Technologies on Monday unveiled an enhanced version of its storage management software suite at Comdex Fall 2001 in Las Vegas.

  • COMDEX: Handspring goes enterprise

    Device maker Handspring is trying to spring into the enterprise market.

  • ICANN eyes DNS security, solutions

    Of all the Internet's security concerns, one of the least troublesome may be the physical security of its root name servers, the top servers in the Internet's traffic directing system. There are only 13 of them, a redundant system located in scattered locations around the world, any one of which could probably be reconfigured in a pinch on a "beefy laptop."

  • NASA using supercomputer for global climate research

    Using supercomputers from Silicon Graphics, NASA can now better evaluate the effect of natural and human activities on global climate.

  • CERT: Unix flaw could allow malicious hacking

    A vulnerability in a component of a graphical user interface that ships with several commercial Unix systems could let a malicious attacker take administrative control of an affected host system, according to an advisory Tuesday from the CERT Coordination Center at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

  • COMDEX: Kaspersky puts antivirus at e-mail gateway

    Aiming to stem the tide of viruses at their most common propagation point, antivirus company Kaspersky Labs announced its Antivirus for SMTP Gateways product Monday at the Comdex trade show here.

  • Amex signs three-year global support deal

    American Express and IMX -- a division of Powerlan -- have signed a three-year global support agreement for an undisclosed amount.

  • COMDEX: BMC offers Web systems monitoring through ASPs

    BMC Software today released a Web-enabled systems management tool aimed at the application service provider (ASP) market, though analysts believe the technology is a precursor to next-generation systems management tools for end users.

  • Hyperion ramps up BI platform

    Partnering is the key strategy and the way business intelligence vendor Hyperion wants to grow its business, executives said at the launch of its Essbase BI platform on Monday.

  • Key to omnichannel CX is customisation

    In order to achieve success with omnichannel customer experience strategy, companies need to utilise user personas, while maintaining excellence across all channels, according to customer transformation service expert, Brad Starr.

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