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  • Federal Court Trials Internet

    The Family Court of Australia is trialling a new online service which will enable the electronic lodgement of court documents using digital signatures.

  • Hostworks Launches MS-Backed Data Centre in Adelaide

    A Microsoft Tier One Internet hosting facility Hostworks Data Centre opened in Adelaide this week, boosting the capital's available Internet bandwidth 40-fold by taking it past Brisbane and Perth.

  • Put an ASP to a Legacy System: Andersen Consulting

    Using an application service provider (ASP) is the way to beat the legacy system hurdle in the manufacturing industry, according to an Andersen Consulting partner.

  • New York Ban on Net Cigarette Sales Halted

    A federal judge in New York has halted the state's enactment of a new law that would ban direct cigarette sales over the Internet to prevent minors from obtaining them.

  • Home, Web-Enabled Home

    I have seen the home of the future--and it has an Internet-ready blender.

  • NetStar to Develop Voice, Data Solutions in Australia

    Australia will become NetStar Group's development centre for integrated voice and data solutions following the acquisition of Convergent Communications.

  • Mercedes VP Envisions Net-Ready Cars

    Ken Enders, vice president for marketing at Mercedes-Benz USA LLC, said Wednesday that his company wants its cars to become part of the seamless fabric of the Internet and that it's looking for technology players to host the applications that will make it happen.

  • Has Internal Greed Damaged Desktop Linux?

    Linux supporters were ecstatic when the financial markets responded extremely favorably to the IPOs (initial public offerings) of open-source companies. However after the unprecedented hype behind launches like VA Linux Systems Inc. and Red Hat Inc., share prices plummeted, leaving companies desperate to reorganize. Now, it seems that the shareholders were not the only victims, but that Linux's chances on the desktop also became something of a casualty of share dividends.

  • Sued Again as Unity Files Class Action

    Music downloading service on Thursday said another lawsuit has been filed against it for copyright infringement.

  • Oracle-Compaq Box to Compete with Ellison Start-Up

    The Net appliance collaboration with Compaq Computer Corp. that Oracle Corp. CEO Larry Ellison announced earlier this week at Comdex/Fall 2000 stands to compete squarely against another Ellison-backed venture.

  • Shark Repellent

    How CIOs can help keep their companies out of court and the lawyers at bay.

  • Dollars and SANs

    Storage area networks (SANs) will contribute 44 percent of Singapore's external storage systems revenue in 2004, with network attached storage (NAS) making up 25 percent and the rest coming from direct attached storage (DAS). This will be a reversal of the current situation, in which revenue from DAS surpasses SAN by about six times.

  • FTC Warns About Top-Level Domain Scams

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warned consumers on Thursday to beware of companies offering to pre-register Web sites with as-yet unapproved TLDs (top-level domains).

  • Novell Takes Platform Approach to E-Business

    Novell Inc. popped the lid off a new technology strategy and announced iChain, eGuide, and embedded printing products here at Comdex.

  • Make Your Cell Phone Live Longer

    It never fails. Right when you need it most, your cell phone battery fizzles out, with nary an electric outlet or recharging cable in sight. Sound familiar? Then Electric Fuel Corp. has good news for you.

  • GUI Contenders Sparring for the Linux Desktop

    Although the Linux movement is seen by many as one happy community of information age hippies, the lack of a standard look-and-feel which makes the open-source operating system so popular with technical users, could also be what's keeping the OS off the desktop.

  • Postgraduate Scholarships On Offer for Bright IT Professionals

    Global services company EDS Australia has introduced a $700,000 Australia-wide program to provide special training to IT entrepreneurs at the National University in Canberra over the next four years.

  • Terms of Fed's Outsourcing Review Announced

    Minister for Finance and Administration John Fahey has given an assurance the review into IT outsourcing will be made public.

  • ICANN Hit by Critics as TLD Vote Nears

    In the final hours before its board of directors is expected to pick and choose between proposals to add new top-level Internet domains, the nonprofit organization that manages the domain name system is facing a barrage of criticism and threats of lawsuits over its selection process.

  • B2B Standard Continues to Garner Support

    Microsoft Corp., IBM Corp., and Ariba Inc, now stand ready to deliver a high-powered version of their Yellow Pages for the Internet after the trio released Thursday the beta of their UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) Business Registry.

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