• Supercomputer puts Qld cops through virtual paces

    Officers in the Queensland Police Service have started training for command and control roles with virtual reality imaging in what the department believes is a world first.

    06 June 03 08:23 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • Group issues framework for vulnerability reports

    The Organization for Internet Safety (OIS) is wading more deeply into the murky waters of vulnerability disclosure, releasing a draft document that lays out best practices for reporting and responding to software security vulnerabilities.

    06 June 03 07:38 Written by Paul Roberts
  • Oracle, CGEY sign development agreement

    Cap Gemini Ernst & Young BV (CGEY) and Oracle have agreed to jointly promote Oracle 9i Application Server and Database solutions internationally, the companies said Thursday.

    06 June 03 07:25 Written by Gillian Law
  • Intel narrows second-quarter revenue guidance

    Intel narrowed its second-quarter revenue guidance Thursday, keeping expectations in line with those announced in its first-quarter earnings release.

    05 June 03 20:48 Written by Tom Krazit
  • MCI defends its federal contracts

    The top official in charge of federal government contracts for WorldCom Inc. defended the company's ethics and service record Wednesday and said the carrier, which is in the process of rebranding itself as MCI, has not received any special consideration in winning government bids for voice and data services.

    05 June 03 14:02 Written by Matt Hamblen
  • Palm/Handspring offshoot strong wireless competitor

    Enterprise users and industry analysts see Palm Inc.'s acquisition of Handspring Inc. as a smart move that will result in a combined company that's better able to compete in the mobile and wireless marketplace with rivals such as Microsoft Corp. and cellular telephone manufacturers.

    05 June 03 12:14 Written by Bob Brewin
  • Telstra ADSL under fire

    Senator Kate Lundy has formally called upon the ACCC to investigate Telstra for anti-competitive behaviour, following claims it rejected an application for ADSL services from a competitor through its wholesale division only to then approve the same application through its own BigPond retail service.

    05 June 03 10:45 Written by Nadia Cameron
  • Sybase invests $25M in Wi-Fi application development

    Sybase Inc. plans to invest US$25 million over the next year to make using public wireless LAN networks more cost-effective and reliable for accessing enterprise applications, it announced Tuesday.

    05 June 03 10:00 Written by Peter Sayer
  • French GSM operators collaborate on Wi-Fi roaming

    In a bid to make wireless LAN hotspots as easy to use as mobile phone networks, three French mobile phone operators will open up their networks of wireless hotspots to one another's customers by the end of this year.

    05 June 03 09:55 Written by Peter Sayer
  • NZ transport firm moves toward Linux

    New Zealand transport operator, Stagecoach-Fullers has decided not to go with Microsoft's Software Assurance because of cost, says IT manager Stan Low.

    05 June 03 08:40 Written by David Watson
  • CIO job going in where else but Queensland?

    Brisbane City Council is crossing the Queensland border and undertaking a nation-wide search to find a new chief information officer (CIO).
    The council has placed advertisements in numerous state and national newspapers in its hunt for a CIO who will be responsible for the organisation's overall strategic direction and to oversee four large IT projects that are still in the pipeline.

    05 June 03 08:29 Written by Lauren Thomsen-Moore
  • Microsoft issues first patch for Windows Server 2003

    Two serious security flaws that could allow an attacker to take over a user's system exist in all current versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser, including the one that ships with Windows Server 2003, Microsoft said Wednesday.

    05 June 03 08:20 Written by Joris Evers
  • Palm buys Handspring, focuses on converged devices

    Palm on Wednesday announced its intention to buy Handspring in a deal that will expand Palm's presence in the market for converged devices that combine voice and data with traditional handhelds, according to executives and analysts.

    05 June 03 08:10 Written by Tom Krazit and Gillian Law
  • Software should reflect business metrics: CA

    As infrastructural software moves to focus on support for the business, rather than emphasising its technical smarts, software companies will have to change their licensing structure to reflect the same emphasis.

    05 June 03 08:10 Written by Stephen Bell
  • Sun to open source Java gaming software

    At its JavaOne developer conference next week, Sun Microsystems will unveil plans to release new graphics and networking software to the open source community.

    05 June 03 08:06 Written by Robert McMillan
  • Showbag won't make us buy: Microsoft users

    In an effort to appease its disgruntled customer base after last year's Software Assurance licensing fiasco, Microsoft has unveiled a showbag of freebies that come into affect on September 1, but IT managers have already warned they can't be bought that easily.

    05 June 03 08:04 Written by Helen Han
  • Sobig: spam, virus or both?

    The quick spread of the recent Sobig.C virus may owe more to the advances in spamming techniques than to the skill of an anonymous virus writer, according to a leading antivirus company.

    05 June 03 08:00 Written by Paul Roberts
  • SAP's government focus

    New Zealand and Australia lead the world in government sector SAP implementations, SAP NZ country manager Ian Black says. In New Zealand 31% of SAP's business is with the government and in Australia the figure's about 40%.

    05 June 03 08:00 Written by David Watson
  • Microsoft vows to clean up its patch management mess

    Microsoft will whittle down its stable of patch management tools from eight to two by the end of the year, according to the software giant’s chief security strategist.

    05 June 03 07:59 Written by John Fontana