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  • Chillin' with your mobile

    The flagship Kode store is tucked inconspicuously into a California shopping center just across from a Subway sandwich shop. But Kode's ultramod design is more avant-garde Soho than Sacramento Sunset Mall.

  • Hewlett-Packard bolsters storage management

    Hewlett-Packard Co. launched a barrage of storage hardware and software last week for large enterprises that need to be able to quickly expand and manage their storage.

  • Microsoft partners for storage management

    In an effort to increase the number of Windows-driven storage products, Microsoft Corp. on Monday announced a licensing agreement with WQuinn Associates Inc. to embed the company's StorageCentral SRM software in Microsoft's Server Appliance kits.

  • 'Decoy nets' gain backers in battle against hackers

    ORLANDO (03/06/2001) - As hackers obtain ever more dangerous and easy-to-use tools, they are being countered by novel defense strategies. Witness the experimental idea of setting up a decoy network separate from your real one to fool intruders as they try to fool you.

  • Microsoft lays out management technology roadmap

    Microsoft Corp. offered a glimpse of its management technology roadmap here at the SMS & Windows 2000 User Conference, including a discussion of features in the forthcoming version of Systems Management Server (SMS) and a look at management capabilities expected in the company's Whistler OS and .NET applications platform.

  • IBM starts biotech consulting group

    IBM Corp. announced Tuesday it will establish a life sciences consulting practice within its Global Services organization, to help biotech and pharmaceutical organizations use information technology in research and development.

  • to launch online CRM service

    San Francisco-based sales force automation company Inc. will include full CRM (customer relationship management) services on a hosted, monthly subscription basis starting next week.

  • Asia-Pacific server market healthy: IDC

    The Asia-Pacific server market, excluding Japan, experienced a 32 percent year-on-year growth rate for the fourth quarter of 2000, according to preliminary results for that quarter released on Monday by International Data Corp. (IDC).

  • Bells are failing to compete as they promised

    Call it the "quid" without the "pro quo." In a grand bargain over the past few years, the government has allowed the eight dominant local carriers - the seven original Bells plus GTE Corp. - to shrink to four in exchange for written promises to begin competing with one another.

  • gen-i wins Ansett contract

    New Zealand-based integrator gen-i will ramp up substantially in Australia after winning a contract with Air New Zealand Ansett to install and manage around 11,500 desktops as the airline prepares to totally overhaul its IT services.

  • Council stirs union ire with e-procurement job ad

    The Municipal Employees Union (MEU) has threatened to go to the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) if an e-procurement coordinator is appointed at a Sydney metropolitan council.

  • US$100 million Asian Web bank plan collapses

    ANZ Bank and Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation have withdrawn from their joint venture to develop a Web-led bank in Asia, after investing $US10 million each and six months of detailed work developing the business model.

  • RAMS and Solace approach $150m outsource deal

    Mortgage provider RAMS is negotiating an outsourcing deal with Solace, potentially handing its core banking systems management to Solace to the tune of $150 million.

  • NSW Emergency Services network contract open

    New South Wales' emergency services communication network is up for contract renewal with plans for an expansion to the network and a possible move to wireless IP (Internet protocol) technology.

  • MS India migrating Java to .NET

    Microsoft's software development subsidiary in Hyderabad, South India, has announced it is developing JUMP to .NET, the company's Java User Migration Path (JUMP) for Microsoft .NET, consisting of a set of tools and technologies that will enable Java programmers to migrate projects to the Microsoft .NET platform.

  • VeriSign may sidestep split

    VeriSign Inc. apparently won't have to split its domain name registration business this spring as anticipated, thanks to a tentative agreement with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

  • RSA touts new smart card system

    RSA Security Inc. has made available a PC-based cryptographic smart card personalization system that lets one smart card be programmed for public-key-based network access from the desktop, magnetic-stripe-based physical building access, plus the user's photo for corporate identification.

  • First P2P virus strikes Gnutella

    File-swapping on the Internet hit a sour note last week with the appearance of a virus that attacks users of the Gnutella file-sharing service. Security software vendors say it is the first virus to affect peer-to-peer communications.

  • Software giant looks to bury test results

    Microsoft recently threw around its weight -- and its fat wallet -- to squash an independent testing lab from publishing benchmark results that the lab ran for Computerworld's sister publication NetworkWorld. The test demonstrated that SQL Server 7 runs nearly twice as fast on Windows NT 4.0 than it does on Windows 2000.

  • Microsoft wraps up Office XP

    Microsoft Corp. announced Monday that it has released the final code of Office XP, the successor to Office 2000, to manufacturing.

  • Economist survey foresees shift in IT service delivery

    63% of LOBs expected growth of third-party tech services, while increased spending on enterprise IT services is anticipated by 65% of CIOs


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