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  • Lotus to include new antispam tools in Notes R6

    Lotus Software Group will include new, server-side tools to reject spam before it hits an end user's mailbox in its upcoming Notes R6 software, the next version of the IBM subsidiary's e-mail and collaboration software, the company announced today.

  • Vendor expands patent allegations against MS

    A small intellectual-property development vendor that sued Microsoft Corp. last year for alleged patent infringement is expanding its allegations against the software maker.

  • Salesnet preps 'extended' version, offline app

    Sales software ASP (application service provider) Salesnet Inc. is developing an expanded version of its hosted application, including greater ability to customize and features aimed at larger organizations.

  • Ximian discounts software

    With just over a month to go before Microsoft Corp.'s controversial licensing plan goes into effect, Linux developer Ximian Inc. is offering alternatives and incentives to get network executives to switch to open-source software.

  • Our CDMA patents are sound says Qualcomm

    Qualcomm Wireless and Internet Group President Paul Jacobs says the company's many CDMA (code division multiple access) related patents are sound and that Qualcomm won't fall into the mire of litigation that sometimes faces companies which derive income from licensing their intellectual property.

  • Foundry Networks gets edgy

    Foundry Networks on Monday introduced a new family of Layer 2 edge switches for the wiring closet.

  • IBM now services company on worldwide stock exchange

    Starting today, IBM's stock is being reclassified on the FTSE All-World Index as a software and services company rather than as a hardware company.

  • NexPrise automates business processes

    Aiming to help companies automate business processes to drive external collaboration, NexPrise Inc. on Tuesday plans to enhance its nProcess Platform for development and unveil 25 out-of-the-box applications for the manufacturing industry.

  • Techie role diminishes as IT services morph to 'utility'

    The role of the IT shop is changing rapidly as application development, IT maintenance and network management evolves into a "commodity".

  • Enterprise interest in wireless stays strong: survey

    Despite pressures on the IT bottom line, interest in the development of wireless applications is rising rapidly, to the extent that projects are going ahead.

  • Volante locks up Police Credit Union deal

    Volante Solutions will protect the accounts and transactions of the Queensland Police Credit Union's 36,000 members when it implements a new intrusion-detection system (IDS) from Cisco Systems.

  • Users question JPEG virus, McAfee stands firm

    Users and antivirus vendors are questioning the seriousness of a virus announced recently by McAfee Security, a division of Network Associates, as well as the manner in which McAfee doled out details about the virus.

  • Sun to offer 2G bit/sec. SAN support

    Sun Microsystems announced a storage-area network (SAN) suite of hardware and software products that support 2G bit/sec. Fibre Channel networks, doubling the data transfer rates of its current SANs.

  • Agilent restores full pay to 37,000 employees

    Agilent Technologies announced yesterday that it will restore full pay to its employees beginning Aug. 1, after imposing wage cuts more than a year ago.

  • Extensity rolls out new ERM solution

    Extensity will unveil the newest version of its ERM (employee relationship management) solution Monday designed to help companies boost bottom-line results through integrated tracking and controlling of employee-based financial processes such as expense reporting and time sheets.

  • IBM takes Linux message to Wall Street

    IBM last Thursday announced plans to open a technology center in New York City devoted to encouraging financial services companies to deploy Linux.

  • Fujitsu to unveil Tablet PC prototype

    Fujitsu next week will introduce its prototype Tablet PC at TechXNY, part of an anticipated wave of the new devices expected to arrive at the industry trade show in New York.

  • U.S. gov't. halves Webcasting royalty rate

    U.S. regulators set a per-song royalty rate for radio Webcasters Thursday that was half the previously proposed rate, giving a break to some online radio stations who feared the higher rates would drive them off the air.

  • Analysis: Searching for solutions

    The proliferation of data in the enterprise is leading many organizations to pry their pocketbooks wide open in hopes of finding a reliable way to search and retrieve critical information lurking in various content repositories.

  • Asian ISPs eye 40G bps satellite

    A new satellite to be launched towards the end of next year to carry Internet traffic can offer bandwidth at just 10 percent of the cost of conventional satellite systems, Thai company Shin Satellite PLC said Friday at the CommunicAsia show.

  • CIOs are finding agility through cloud-based communications

    Companies grappling with new customer expectations turn to Communication-as-a-Service model (CaaS) for a more agile, cloud-based omnichannel experience.

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