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  • Design Programs Pit Price Against Function

    To avoid being overlooked in the unsubtle world of online advertising, a banner must spin, flash, or fly. Web animation tools make it easier to build eye-catching ad banners, but the leading tools -- such as Adobe Systems Inc. Photoshop 5.5 -- cost upward of US$600 and may be overkill for simple animations. Two less-expensive alternatives, Beatware Inc.'s e-Picture Pro 1.0 and RecoSoft's WebShocker 2.0, prove you don't have to spend your life savings to create effective Web banners -- but you do get what you pay for.

  • IMovie: The Sequel

    Sometimes the sequel surpasses the original. That definitely applies to iMovie 2, the latest version of the Apple Computer Inc. software that has made digital video editing easy for everyone. iMovie 2's star attractions include new editing capabilities, glitzy special effects and title styles, and a popcorn bucket full of tweaks and interface enhancements.

  • Illustrator 9's New Transparency Tools

    Creating the illusion of transparency is something Adobe Systems Inc.'s Photoshop users have taken for granted since the introduction of the Transparency slider in version 3. But Adobe left Illustrator users behind, forcing them to rely on laborious and unsatisfying draw-and-fill methods to create transparency effects until the release of Illustrator 9, that is.

  • Education - Sun Microsystems CEO announces $1.6 million technology grant for Australian schools

  • Benhamou Quits as 3Com's CEO

    Eric Benhamou is stepping down as chief executive officer (CEO) of networking equipment maker 3Com, the company said in a statement issued Thursday.

  • Digital Debt Reduction

    It's the American way: you're a little too free and easy with that magic piece of plastic, and next thing you know, you're carrying a monthly credit card balance at an interest rate that would make a loan shark blush. The financial experts agree: the first step toward getting your personal finances in order is to pay off consumer debt.

  • UDATE: Union plans IBM GSA strike

    The CPSU (Community and Public Sector Union), also known as the Communications Union has announced plans to hold a stop work meeting on the 5th of October effecting operations of IBM GSA, the services arm of IBM.

  • Two-Megapixel Camera Serves Up Pleasing Images

    Three-megapixel cameras are all the buzz, but there's no shortage of new two-megapixel models that merit a look. We recently reviewed five of the latest offerings (see, the most noteworthy being the Canon PowerShot S100 Digital Elph. Built on Canon Inc.'s popular Elph (an APS film camera), the Digital Elph is lightweight and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or in your shirt pocket. A small size doesn't mean a small feature set, however: you get 2x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, a built-in flash, a bright LCD monitor, USB connectivity, and a complete set of menu functions.

  • Careers - Despite the labour shortage, some can't find work

    Sell yourself as an independent contractor

  • For Chipmakers, It Takes More than Good Silicon

    It takes more than good silicon these days for chip makers to sell their wares to network equipment makers. Chip vendors have to offer customers a full package of protocols, applications and even the reference design.

  • IMan for All Seasons

    SAN FRANCISCO (09/28/2000) - From the country that gave us Arnold Schwarzenegger and the von Trapp family singers comes the latest in iMac accessories -- the iMan. Standing 45 inches tall, with a spine made of silver steel, the iMan looks like a droid rejected at the Star Wars auditions. Austrian-based iXicom ( touts its creation as the ideal iMac-presentation stand for Internet cafes, exhibitions, museums, and kiosks. It holds an iMac, a keyboard, and peripherals -- while hiding all unsightly cables in its curved backbone. The iMan comes in the six original iMac colors -- ruby, sage, snow, and indigo are on the way. And it's yours for just 555 euros (about US$500 and change depending on the conversion rate). Sadly, no Apple Computer Inc. iMac is included..

  • Kill Your Modem

    Your neighbors have done it. Your friends have done it. Even your grandfather has done it -- they've killed their modems for a zippy, high-speed, always-on Internet connection. With his newfound bandwidth, Grandpa is suddenly a world-class netizen -- downloading MP3s, checking stock quotes in real time, bidding on Lionel trains on EBay Inc., and serving up his own Web site, all from his home iMac.

  • Profile - Stretching the bounds of security

    In the complex and competitive world of security and cryptography, few people have a pedigree to compare with that of Professor Bill Caelli.

  • Blue Martini Scores Olympic Gold

    E-commerce vendor Blue Martini Software Inc. has sewn up a deal with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) to supply software for the USOC Online Store.

  • Amazon Apologizes for Price-Testing Program

    Online retailer has issued an apology to customers for a recent price-testing program that charged some users of its Web site more than other shoppers had to pay for the same products.

  • 3Com CEO to step down

    Six months after a company reorganisation aimed at reversing a recent string of financial losses, 3Com yesterday announced its CEO Eric Benhamou is leaving his post effective January 1. Benhamou, who has led the networking company for 10 years, will remain as 3Com's chairman.

  • Pratt & Whitney Launches Exchange

    FRAMINGHAM (09/28/2000) - SpaceWorks Inc. in Rockville, Md., announced that $24 billion aircraft engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford, Conn., has licensed SpaceWorks' Order Manager and other software to trade electronically with its corporate customers. Pratt & Whitney customers will have access via the Internet to the engine manufacturer's catalog of products and services. Customers will also be able to place and track orders and schedule shipments over the Internet..

  • Emerging technology - Linux entices IBM, Oracle

    Businesses take note: As IBM and Oracle position themselves to benefit from Linux's boom in enterprise standing, the two industry leaders are making the once-underground platform a very wise investment

  • Apple Pro Keyboard

    PROS: Gorgeous; same layout as that of the Apple Systems Inc. Extended Keyboard; volume and eject keys.

  • E-Businesses Struggle to Rally Troops for Growth

    Sounding like a broken record is a common occupational hazard for executives who head up e-business initiatives.