• Commerce One garners support for Web services

    Commerce One unveiled its Web services strategy last Thursday with announcements of a slew of new partnerships to provide key technology enhancements such as guaranteed message delivery and data mapping to the company's new Web services platform.

    23 Sept. 02 07:46 Written by Heather Harreld
  • Insurers look at wireless technology, but with caution

    Some insurance industry IT managers who attended this week's LOMA Emerging Technology Conference here said they have set their sights on wireless devices that they hope could help reduce claims processing time and paperwork.

    23 Sept. 02 07:33 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • Next-Gen Web Services: Applications take flight

    Attempting to drill beneath pre-packaged application concepts from vendors and beyond the oft-cited benefits of integration, panelists here at InfoWorld's Next-Gen Web Services II: The Applications conference explored real-world deployments of user-centric Web services applications to leverage existing investments and create new business models and application opportunities.

    23 Sept. 02 07:32 Written by Cathleen Moore
  • Alcatel sees lower sales and 13,000 fewer jobs

    Citing a further worsening of the market for telecommunication equipment, Alcatel announced 13,000 more job cuts last Friday and lowered its second-half sales forecast.

    23 Sept. 02 07:30 Written by Joris Evers
  • WebMethods serves up management product

    WebMethods on Monday will unveil a management product that ties the worlds of application and process integration to traditional systems management.

    23 Sept. 02 07:28 Written by Carolyn A. April
  • Microsoft launches home WLAN hardware line

    Microsoft last week launched its much-anticipated line of home wireless LAN networking products, offering built-in setup software and vital security features turned on -- but with above-market prices.

    23 Sept. 02 07:15 Written by Bob Brewin
  • Statistics show IT income rose while profits slumped

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics confirmed the IT&T industry activity was significantly depressed for 2000 to 2001 with profits falling compared to figures recorded for the sector between 1998 to 1999, according to figures released Thursday.

    23 Sept. 02 07:12 Written by Siobhan Chapman
  • EDI seeks plug and play

    Leaving behind long-held assumptions about the technology's demise, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is undergoing a resurgence as vendors maneuver to offer enterprises hybrid EDI and Web services infrastructures.

    23 Sept. 02 07:11 Written by Heather Harreld
  • Next-Gen Web Services: Asynchronous services preached

    Asynchronous Web services, which would support extended transactions that take place over days or months, is a critical need for the success of Web services, said an official of Web services software company Sonic Software at the InfoWorld Next-Generation Web Services II: The Applications conference here Thursday.

    23 Sept. 02 07:05 Written by Paul Krill
  • IBM sets price increases on DB2 enterprise version

    IBM is adding a variety of features to the next version of its DB2 relational database, due for release in November. But it's also boosting the price of the enterprise edition of the software.

    23 Sept. 02 07:01 Written by Marc L. Songini
  • VeriSign tidies records after ICANN rebuke

    VeriSign said last week that it has corrected database inaccuracies flagged by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) earlier this month, after the regulatory body threatened to strip the leading U.S. registrar of its ability to sell ".com" domain names unless it cleaned up its act.

    21 Sept. 02 07:55 Written by Scarlet Pruitt
  • Public wireless proliferates

    A barrage of public wireless access services based on the 802.11 "WiFi" standard have hit Australian shores, with new retail hopefuls unleashing a plethora of products and services into the marketplace this month.

    20 Sept. 02 13:40 Written by Nadia Cameron
  • Microsoft, Feds set up cyber security talks

    The US Government may have snubbed Microsoft by not even mentioning the software giant in its draft cyber security plan but in Australia the company is scheduled for high-level briefings with the Federal Government next month on how to protect the nation's IT infrastructure.

    20 Sept. 02 12:42 Written by Sandra Rossi
  • Wireless sidesteps industry rules

    The Federal Government will today sign a ministerial determination allowing wireless Internet companies to sidestep telecommunications industry rules.

    20 Sept. 02 12:04 Written by Staff Writers
  • Olex names $5m managed services contract winner

    Power cable manufacturer Olex Cables has awarded a $5 million contract for IT managed services and infrastructure over three years at 13 sites to Hewlett-Packard (HP) Services.

    20 Sept. 02 12:03 Written by Sandra Rossi
  • Lack of IP hampers IT

    Australia's low, and slipping, levels of intellectual property and technology production has increased the ICT balance of payment deficit.

    20 Sept. 02 11:44 Written by Siobhan Chapman
  • Windows XP slow to gain foothold

    Corporate users are still putting off plans to migrate to Windows XP nearly one year after the desktop operating system was introduced.

    20 Sept. 02 09:29 Written by Sandra Rossi and Carol Sliwa
  • Microsoft urges users to patch flaws in its VM for Java

    Microsoft Corp. warned of two software flaws that could allow an attacker to take control of PCs running its Windows operating systems. All Windows users should patch their software to correct the flaws, which Microsoft described as critical in a notice late Wednesday.

    20 Sept. 02 07:48 Written by Joris Evers
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