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  • CRM data flexes muscles as a corporate asset

    State-of-the-art campaign management solutions are no longer simply tools to automate direct marketing campaigns but instead now provide personalised information that enables a financial institution to meet acquisition, loyalty, retention and relationship development objectives by enhancing its customer knowledge asset, delivering value to the customer and capitalising on customer interactions and touch points

  • WAP portals are not sufficient to drive site traffic

    WAP site owners should not depend on mobile portals to drive traffic to their sites because the different requirements of mobile users illustrate that portals will not have the same effect on the wireless Web as on the PC-based Web.

  • The dangers of reorganisations and layoffs

    Enterprises have been warned to manage staffing cuts and layoffs carefully because more than 90 per cent of knowledge workers who are laid off or choose to leave the enterprise during an economic downturn will be unavailable for rehire in an upturn. Many managers are sending some of their best intellectual capital out the door forever because they do not have a good assessment of their companies' intellectual capital landscape

  • CUseeMe extending videoconferencing interface

    FRAMINGHAM (03/26/2001) - CUseeMe Networks Inc. Monday will roll out a new version of its videoconferencing server designed to integrate with Microsoft Exchange.

  • Collaboration server has offline support

    Intraspect Software Inc. last week released the next version of its Web-based workgroup collaboration server, which provides the offline features IT executives crave for support of mobile users.

  • IBM releases 64-bit zOS mainframe operating system

    As part of its ongoing effort to "reinvent" its venerable mainframe line IBM Corp. dropped the other shoe on Monday, delivering its new age 64-bit mainframe operating system called zOS.zOS fully exploits the z900 series of mainframes -- which was the first shoe to drop last December -- including support for the Intelligent Resource Director (IRD). With IRD, a z900 can automatically manage the amount of processing power devoted to applications across the entire system, which IBM officials claim is an industry first.

  • Shipping goes down the tubes

    Imagine a national network of pipes, some as small as one foot in diameter and half a mile long, for transporting mail or machine parts between two buildings, and others as large as six feet in diameter and hundreds of miles long for intercity and interstate freight shipment. Sound far-fetched? Not to Professor Henry Liu, director of the Capsule Pipeline Research Center (CPRC) at the University of Missouri in Columbia.

  • NetIQ adds Microsoft tools

    NetIQ Corp. last week added two new tools to its Windows 2000 back-office application migration and management suite to help users plan and execute migrations to Microsoft Exchange and Windows 2000 Active Directory .

  • Foresight aims to ease Web-based B2B trading

    Foresight Solutions Inc., a decade-old, privately held firm specializing in EDI software, this week ships software that lets corporations register new trading partners on the Web and exchange business documents in HTML, XML, EDI or other formats.

  • Symantec eases desktop management

    Symantec Corp. next week will roll out an upgraded management package designed to reduce time spent manually administering to end users' desktops.

  • Woes mount at Infonet, E*spire

    Multinational telecommunications service provider Infonet Services will likely be put up for sale by shareholders. Infonet has several large international telecommunications shareholders, including Koniklijke KPN in the Netherlands, Telefonica in Spain, Telia in Sweden, KDD in Japan and Telstra in Australia.

  • Multinational VoIP services get a boost from Equant

    Multinational service providers are beefing up managed converged network services with new guarantees and cost-effective call-routing features. Last week Equant NV announced service-level agreements (SLA) for its Integrated Voice and Data (IVAD) service that guarantees call quality. Also, Global One announced enhanced call routing, which the company says will more cost effectively route calls over its Global IP VPN voice-over-IP service.

  • Even the IETF is feeling the downturn

    The Internet Engineering Task Force enters the post-Internet-bubble era with a new leader, an evolving set of protocol development projects and a shrinking pool of attendees. These shifts in the Internet's premier standards-setting body were evident at a meeting here last week.

  • Patent flap slows multilingual domain name plan

    Intellectual property claims have blindsided the Internet Engineering Task Force and could derail the group's efforts to develop a common scheme for supporting foreign-language domain names across the Internet.

  • Novell boosts storage and management offerings

    Novell Inc. bolstered its directory-enabled applications last week with a slew of new products and features designed to make it easier for net managers to solve file and print, remote access and management problems on their NetWare, Windows NT/2000, Solaris and Linux networks.

  • CA finds mobile mgmt. partners

    Computer Associates International Inc. last week announced several partnerships with mobile industry pioneers that the company says will give customers options to manage their wired networks and new wireless devices with the same tools.

  • Coast-to-coast broadband link funded

    Australian telecommunications carrier Amcom Telecommunications has confirmed funding enabling the completion of its $145 million trans-Australian broadband link.

  • IBM announces new OS for Z/900 Series

    Three months after IBM Corp. shipped its eServer Z900 Series, the company on Monday announced the availability of its new 64-bit OS for the mainframe machines.

  • Alliance wraps up Mt. Rainier spec for easy CD-writing

    Four industry leaders have finished their work on the Mount Rainier specification, a project to make writing, deleting and rewriting data to a CD as simple as accessing a floppy disk.

  • DoCoMo unveils 3G handset prototypes

    NTT DoCoMo Inc. used the CeBIT trade show this week to give the world a glimpse at what the first handsets for 3G (third generation) mobile services are likely to look like.

  • Economist survey foresees shift in IT service delivery

    63% of LOBs expected growth of third-party tech services, while increased spending on enterprise IT services is anticipated by 65% of CIOs


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