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  • Perth services group wins investment from Compaq

    West Australian outsourcing and systems integration player AMCON Solutions Group has been boosted by a $A3.15 million investment by Compaq Computer as the two companies seek to exploit the WA State Government's "Buy Local" policy

  • Gloom deepens over US industry

    Optimists looking for a swift reversal of the recessionary gloom over the US economy would have been bitterly disappointed by the quantity of gloomy news emerging from the IT sector and by the quality of the companies involved

  • Linux is Asia's fastest-growing server OS

    Use of the Linux operating system for servers will grow by 57 per cent a year in the Asia/Pacific region (excluding Japan) to be worth $US470 million by 2004

  • Integration and innovation top priorities for 2001

    Integrating online customer data and processes will be a top priority for e-businesses in the coming year, according to a 2001 Outlook report released recently by AMR Research.

  • Unified messaging use to surge

    Unified messaging (UM) systems that provide users with one "mailbox" for all business-related communications, will become much more broadly adopted in the near future

  • ACCC Examining Telstra's Wholesale ADSL Program

    Telstra is charging its wholesale customers more for ADSL connections than it is charging many of its own retail customers, but wholesalers are restricted from discussing the issue because of non-disclosure arrangements in their contracts.

  • Survey shows XML use growing fast in enterprises

    Use of XML among enterprise customers is soaring, according to a recent survey. But the survey found users have a very different set of priorities from those of software vendors touting XML's more exotic promises.

  • More open competition coming for telcos

    The worldwide telecommunications industry is about to liberalise into a more open marketplace, which will force national governments and regulatory agencies to prepare for this changing and challenging business environment

  • Young, affluent males dominate mobile Web use

    Wireless Web device owners tend to be young, affluent males between 18 and 34 years of age, living in a household with income of $US100,000 or more. Their profile reflects the early Internet adopters who were seen five years ago when the Internet was still in its fledgling stages

  • European credit card fraud soars

    Credit card fraud in Europe soared by 50 per cent last year and a large proportion of the increase involved payments made by telephone or over the Internet, hitting consumer confidence in transactions over the Net and dampening the potential for expansion of e-commerce

  • Auscript names Rodgers as CEO

    Australian court reporting service Auscript has appointed Malcolm Rodgers as Chief Executive Officer. Rodgers' appointment comes at an important time for Auscript as it moves to assist legal practioners in improving the speed and quality of the justice system through e-enabling technology.

  • ASP body forms Australian branch

    An Australian chapter of the global application service provider (ASP) Industry Consortium was formed today (tues Feb 27) joining more than 700 other members in 30 countries across five continents.

  • Patient records stay offline pending stronger laws

    Plans to shift Australia's health records online have been stalled until the government introduces 'legal privacy sanctions with teeth.'

  • Doctors still wary of Net-based patient records

    The chances of the federal government's key project to get health records online becoming a "white elephant" rests with keeping doctors onside, said the Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care.

  • Feds open e-health test centre

    The uptake of information technology within the health sector will increase dramatically within the next four to five years, according to the Health Insurance Commission (HIC). Aiming to encourage that uptake, the HIC -- the government authority responsible for administering major health projects such as Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme -- has opened an e-Health Technology Centre in the ACT.

  • Say to pay

    A real-time credit card bill payment gateway using voicepay technology may slash contact centre costs and remove button-pushing and from the transaction.

  • Power-sharing: United Energy's $4m software boost

    Victorian utility United Energy is deploying a $4 million distribution management system so it can respond faster to power outages and better manage its electricity and gas supplies to more than one million customers in Melbourne.

  • E-Asia: Can regional online collaboration deliver?

    The majority of countries in Asia have embarked on formal IT and Internet drives to modernize their economies, and turn themselves into electronic nations.

  • ASIC fails to liquidate Maxis

    Troubled rural and regional telco Maxis Corporation has avoided being wound up at the behest of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission by promising a number of undertakings to the commission

  • In OZ, CPOs are no-no's

    The emergence of Chief Privacy Officers (CPO) in some of the world's largest IT firms is being rejected by Australian organisations, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC).