• Google seeks legal clarification on trademarks

    Google Inc. has asked a U.S. District Court judge to rule that keyword-based advertisements on the Web search engine do not violate trademark law.

    08 Dec. 03 07:26 Written by Grant Gross
  • Broadband R&D opens in Victoria

    NEC Australia announced today it will develop a new broadband research and development centre in Victoria, creating 63 new high-tech jobs.

    05 Dec. 03 16:23 Written by Staff Writers
  • McBride letter continues SCO's Linux attack

    Continuing its war of words against the Linux community, The SCO Group Inc. on Wednesday accused free software advocates of threatening the intellectual property protections provided by U.S. and European law.

    05 Dec. 03 12:44 Written by Robert McMillan
  • PeopleSoft revamps fees for JDE customers

    Starting in early 2004, PeopleSoft Inc. will unify the pricing models for its Enterprise software line and the EnterpriseOne line built around the applications it picked up through its August acquisition of J.D. Edwards & Co. -- a change that will alter the licensing structure J.D. Edwards customers are accustomed to.

    05 Dec. 03 12:19 Written by Stacy Cowley
  • Software takes hard work out of rocks

    Predicting rock behaviour under stressful conditions, either natural or mining, has become easier with the development of software that provides a practical and efficient method of analysing its structure.

    05 Dec. 03 12:19 Written by Siobhan McBride
  • Users see promises, challenges with BPM

    Companies can improve their processes, slash costs and gain insight into operations through business performance management (BPM) tools. But there are considerable challenges to be surmounted, users said. That was the message here this week from those on hand at the DCI Performance Management Conference.

    05 Dec. 03 10:48 Written by Marc L. Songini
  • Budget blues extend call centre hang ups

    Savage cost cuts in recent years has had a devastating impact on call centre performance reducing agent responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

    05 Dec. 03 10:34 Written by Helen Han
  • Sun to spruce up NetBeans tools initiative

    Sun Microsystems and the tools organization on Thursday are releasing a road map for the open source NetBeans tools technology, outlining advances to extend development for the Web and Web services.

    05 Dec. 03 10:14 Written by Paul Krill
  • HP to expand Debian Linux support

    In an effort to cater to vertical markets and customers who want customized applications that require changes to the Linux kernel, Hewlett-Packard is planning to expand support offerings to customers who run the Debian Project's version of the operating system.

    05 Dec. 03 09:30 Written by John Ribeiro
  • HP unveils PC blade system

    Hewlett-Packard (HP) Thursday detailed new thin-client systems based on PC blades, which it claims can potentially replace up to half of the existing desktops in medium-size to large companies.

    05 Dec. 03 07:49 Written by Patrick Thibodeau
  • SuSE Linux, IBM launch software integration center

    Enterprises needing server software support from SuSE Linux AG running on IBM middleware can turn to a new software integration center launched Thursday in Toronto by the two vendors.

    05 Dec. 03 07:47 Written by John Blau
  • Intel narrows Q4 revenue outlook, plans US$600M charge

    Intel narrowed its previous guidance for fourth-quarter revenue Thursday on the strength of its microprocessor business, but will take a US$600 million charge in the quarter to account for reduced long-term growth prospects in its XScale processor business.

    05 Dec. 03 07:44 Written by Tom Krazit
  • IDC predicts 'tech resurrection' in '04

    An improving U.S. economy and pent-up demand after years of austerity will combine to fuel IT spending growth in 2004, research firm IDC predicts.

    05 Dec. 03 07:37 Written by Paul Roberts
  • CAD package loses support next year

    Autodesk retires its AutoCAD 2000 software on January 15, 2004 leaving thousands of Australian users without technical support.

    05 Dec. 03 07:31 Written by Siobhan McBride
  • Job cuts, consolidation continues to hit IT

    While the long-term technology outlook is bright for Australia's ICT market, Gartner predicts 50 per cent of technology suppliers worldwide will be extinct by the end of 2005.

    05 Dec. 03 07:30 Written by Jennifer O'Brien
  • Janome plunges into OpenOffice

    Sewing machine giant Janome has joined the slim ranks of adventurous Australian companies that have boldly ventured into the uncharted waters of an open source office suite.

    05 Dec. 03 07:29 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • Former Intel exec sets Wi-Fi crowd straight

    Vendors of wireless LAN (WLAN) equipment must work much harder to make their products more user friendly and to improve security features, a former Intel executive said Wednesday.

    05 Dec. 03 07:19 Written by Joris Evers
  • Symantec patches product activation problems

    Utility software vendor Symantec has issued a patch to correct problems some users had with an antipiracy activation feature they encountered when trying to install Norton AntiVirus 2004 and other Norton products.

    05 Dec. 03 07:11 Written by Todd R. Weiss
  • Sun drops out of Eclipse negotiations

    Discussions aimed at merging Sun Microsystems's NetBeans Java development framework with the IBM Corp.-backed Eclipse group have broken down, Sun said on Wednesday. The news ends months of speculation about whether Sun, the company that created Java, would join forces with IBM, one of Java's biggest supporters, and unify the two companies' efforts to create a standard open-source development environment for Java.

    05 Dec. 03 07:08 Written by Robert McMillan
  • Govt goes it alone on security reporting scheme

    In its latest move to protect critical infrastructure, the federal government yesterday launched a secure Web site to report information security attacks, but the initiative has raised the ire of Australia's Computer Emergency Response Team (AusCert) which has spent the last two years establishing a national reporting and alert system with a broad membership base.

    04 Dec. 03 12:28 Written by Sandra Rossi
  • Demand for 3rd Party ERP Support Soars

    Widespread shift to more cost-effective, third party support models for Oracle and SAP platforms signals the end of ‘one-stop-shop’ vendor solutions

    Rimini Street

    Over 1,750 global, Fortune 500, midmarket, and public sector organizations from a broad range of industries have selected Rimini Street as their trusted, independent support provider

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