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  • Panasonic DVD player a handful

    Panasonic has taken the wraps off its latest portable DVD (digital versatile disc) player to reveal a compact model with a 9-inch LCD (liquid crystal display) screen.

  • SilverStream updates app server

    Silverstream Software on Tuesday enhanced its application server with stronger support for Web services.

  • Telcos need partners for m-commerce: Telstra

    Telstra's decision to "bale out" of the content provider game, before it has already begun, will leave the door open for other telcos to reap the benefits of the new era of 3G (third-generation wireless) and m-commerce, according to analysts IDC.

  • Southern Cross to protect cable with figure eight

    Southern Cross Cable Network will reconfigure its Australia-U.S. loop cable network into a figure-eight topology as a matter of urgency after two unrelated failures in the past week caused service outages, the company said in a statement Tuesday.

  • Motorola, Nextel unveil keyboard for mobile phones

    Motorola, in collaboration with Think Outside Inc., has released a full-size portable keyboard for wireless phones, the companies announced in a joint statement Monday.

  • Gartner: 86 percent of users concerned about security

    When it comes to security online, the Internet still has an image problem, with 86 percent of U.S. adults indicating that they are very concerned about the security of online bank and brokerage transactions, according to a study released Tuesday by Gartner.

  • Viant reports second quarter loss

    Citing the unstable economy and a slowdown in IT spending, Internet consulting firm Viant today reported a US$10 million net loss for the second quarter.

  • Corel buys XML developer SoftQuad

    In a bid to get ahead on XML (Extensible Markup Language) technology, Corel said Tuesday that it has agreed to acquire XML-developer SoftQuad Software Ltd. in an all-stock transaction valued at US$37 million.

  • Anonymizer launches browser privacy tool

    Anonymizer, a provider of Internet-privacy software and services, announced the release of a new plug-in tool for Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browsers on Tuesday which lets users surf the Web anonymously.

  • Cisco's Q4 net income down 86 percent

    Cisco Systems, dominant seller of routers for the Internet, suffered a revenue decline and lower profits with an announcement of pro forma net income of US$163 million for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2001 --or $0.02 per share -- compared to net income of $1.2 billion -- or $0.16 per share -- in the same quarter last year.

  • Microsoft calls on Supreme Court

    Microsoft on Tuesday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review the July 28 judgment by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

  • XML database takes hold

    Looking to provide an alternative to storing XML tags in relational databases, Ixia Inc. this month plans to release Version 2.0 of its Textml database.

  • Software glitches extend tax deadline

    Glitches in, and the lack of tax software are hampering accountants from meeting electronic taxation lodgement deadlines.

  • Qld public sector poll shows IS planning cycles shrinking

    The first large survey of Queensland IS user organisations shows networks, staff training and customer-oriented applications top their spending plans.

  • CIOs grouping to tackle tough IT climate

    Under increasing pressure to tighten corporate budgets a new trend has emerged: CIOs are grouping together in private executive forums to tackle tough business decisions in a bid to survive the current economic downturn.

  • Code Red 3.0 attacks New Zealand with vicious payload

    Code Red version 3.0 is making waves in New Zealand with reports of thousands of hits on webservers being attributed to the new worm.

  • Sitara CEO: Telecom carriers are in the dark ages

    After his recent trip to Australia, outspoken Sitara Networks Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Malik Khan, has blasted the global telecommunications sector for what he says is a lack of class-based service offerings.

  • Docks to benefit from efficiencies of e-commerce

    To those not involved in the shipping and freight industry, the fact that a lone crate can be traced to a particular ship, wherever that ship is (at anytime), what time it will arrive at its destination and the time that crate will be unloaded onto the dock, just seems like a mind boggling, impossible feat.

  • ADSL users seek failure options for patchy connection

    The patchy reliability of Telstra's ADSL service is forcing business users to seek out failover options for their high speed Internet connections.

  • Talking up speech recognition technology

    When speech recognition technology (SRT) was first touted as the 'next big thing', people tapped into their sci-fi fantasies and envisioned a future of domestic bliss, where a quick word to the washing machine would see their clothes clean in a flash.