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  • E-business directory to rate as e-comm's 'Yellow Pages'

    The Federal Government's proposed e-business directory should become the "Yellow Pages of the e-commerce world", according to an industry player.

  • IBM's Power4 chip will fight disease first

    IBM Corp. on Thursday announced the first hardware built around its next-generation Power4 chip, signing on to deliver one of the world's largest computing systems dedicated to finding answers about diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and the human form of mad cow disease.

  • Security vendors group for total solution

    Trend Micro, Check Point Software, Compaq and Internet Security Systems have joined forces in Australia to offer a managed security solution.

  • IT gets big slice of Victorian budget

    The Victorian Government has allocated more than two-thirds of its $268.6 milllion IT budget to education and training.

  • Jupiter: Poor customer service hurting B-to-B

    Business-to-business Web sites are not using Internet technology to its best advantage, and run the risk of alienating potential buyers, according to a new survey by Jupiter Media Metrix Inc.

  • C&W finds a bargain in Digital Island

    Cable & Wireless PLC appears to have filled a glaring need with Monday's bargain-basement purchase of Web hosting service provider Digital Island Inc.

  • Nortel revamps VoIP package

    Nortel Networks Corp. may be a latecomer to the IP PBX market, but the company could be getting in the game quickly with new technology designed to help traditional PBX customers painlessly migrate to IP.

  • Broadband bill causes concern in VoIP community

    Controversial telecommunications legislation that won the approval last week of a U.S. House of Representatives committee has raised a red flag among companies and organizations active in the development of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

  • Vodafone NZ not affected by layoffs

    Vodafone New Zealand says it won't be affected by layoffs striking its Australian counterpart.

  • Cisco, Nortel, others form Tahoe Networks

    Some of the industry's top networking and mobile telecommunication companies are throwing their weight behind the creation of Tahoe Networks Inc., a new company focused on developing a bridge between wireless networks and existing data networks and the Internet.

  • HP hit hard by slowed consumer spending

    Hewlett-Packard met its own lowered expectations for its second quarter in what continues to be a tough economic climate for the company, HP announced Wednesday.

  • RealNetworks, Microsoft announce media player plans

    The media player war between Microsoft and RealNetworks heated up Wednesday, with RealNetworks announcing new battlefronts on non-PC devices, and Microsoft releasing updates for both its media player and its media software developers kit.

  • IBM chooses Opera browser for Net appliance

    Opera Software AS has delivered its newly developed Opera Internet browser for the QNX operating system to IBM, for use in IBM's NetVista Internet appliances, Opera announced Wednesday. The Norwegian browser maker developed the QNX version especially for IBM, but will make it available for download by the general public in coming weeks.

  • Intel strikes up largest ad blitz ever

    Timed with the long-awaited arrival of its Itanium chip, Intel next Monday will announce its "Macroprocessing" advertising campaign, its largest business advertising venture ever, according to Intel officials.

  • Oracle, Novell, Microsoft enhance mobile e-mail access

    This week, three major high tech companies announced technology to give workers the ability to access corporate e-mail from a wireless device.

  • Motorola to upgrade telecom server

    Motorola will release a telecommunication server and related software for high-availability voice and multimedia applications based on the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system sometime in the second quarter, the company announced Wednesday.

  • Compaq to kill Armada and Deskpro brands

    In an effort to streamline its product portfolio Compaq is dropping its well-known Armada and Deskpro product names, as well as several other brands. The company will unveil a new name on Monday for all its products targeted at business users.

  • Two companies look to provide Web services interfaces

    With all the attention being paid to Web services primarily focused on back-end infrastructure, very little attention has been paid thus far to the user interfaces that will be required to support next-generation applications based on these services. With that issue in mind, two companies, ComplementSoft and Droplets, are seeking to provide more robust browserlike user interfaces than today's Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

  • IBM to support Linux in set-top box controllers

    IBM's microelectronics division said Wednesday it is working with MontaVista Software Inc. to make MontaVista's Hard Hat Linux operating system available for IBM's PowerPC-based set-top box (STB) controller. The deal follows IBM's recent embrace of the Linux operating system, and continues Linux's steady expansion into the consumer realm.

  • Microsoft set to launch Xbox on Nov. 8

    Microsoft's Xbox video game console will be available on Nov. 8 at a price of US$299, the company announced Wednesday at the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) gaming show in Los Angeles.

  • Economist survey foresees shift in IT service delivery

    63% of LOBs expected growth of third-party tech services, while increased spending on enterprise IT services is anticipated by 65% of CIOs


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