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  • Cisco Announces Products to Network On The Go

    Cisco Systems Inc. on Monday announced networking products that let users access the Internet while on the go.

  • Will Pay Universal $US53.4 Million

    Online music service Inc. (MPPP) will pay Universal Music Group $US53.4 million for infringing on copyrights held by the world's largest recording company. The decision, announced in a New York court Tuesday, was termed a judgment but apparently had the agreement of both sides.

  • Sparkies light up trading hub

    Suppliers and manufacturers of electrical components and data cabling have banded together in the development of another vertical industry exchange that is expected to result in significant savings for the sparky.

  • Davnet Awards VoIP Contract

    Davnet Limited, provider of Internet protocol (IP)-powered telecommunications services, has awarded a multimillion dollar contract to Open Telecommunications (OT)

  • Go the channel

    Phew, what a week! Where news is concerned, the adage "when it rains it pours" could not be more appropriate.

  • WebCentral offers faster connections

    Caching service to make Australian Web sites faster for overseas users

  • Oracle hands Compaq channel new server on a platter

    Oracle and Compaq Computer have announced the December availability of a new application server appliance based on the Oracle 9I application server and the Compaq Proliant DL360 server.

  • Sony Shows Off Range of Home LANs

    Sony Corp. on Tuesday provided a glimpse of the many choices consumers will soon face when putting together home networks for entertainment, information and telecommuting.

  • COMDEX - Low cost gives Linux Global appeal, say supporters

    The Linux operating system is a more practical solution than proprietary operating systems, especially in developing countries, its supporters claimed in a panel discussion about the open source platform at Comdex earlier this week.

  • Cisco Pays $567M for Local Wireless Technology

    Cisco yesterday acquired Radiata Communications, an Australian wireless technology developer for $A567 million worth of Cisco stock.

  • COMDEX - Sony expands Memory Stick platform

    Sony is enlisting support in its battle for supremacy in the memory card market. The company, which has been battling alone since the 1998 launch of Memory Stick against formats with wider industry support, demonstrated aat Comdex a selection of products from other manufacturers based on its memory card format.

  • PC-to-Stereo Music Playback, With or Without Wires

    With the announcement here of new MP3 file-management, wireless connection and home networking products, sound-technology company Voyetra Turtle Beach Inc. is looking to domesticate the Internet music download revolution. In doing so, the vendor is participating in a race among PC vendors, including Dell Computer Corp. and Gateway Inc., to offer PC-to-stereo connectivity products for plugged-in music lovers.

  • Intel, HP to Launch "Deep Forest" Concept PC

    Intel Corp. and Hewlett-Packard Co. showcased a jointly developed concept PC, Deep Forest, here Tuesday.

  • corProcure CEO appointed

    The board of corProcure, the procurement hub touted as Australia's largest horizontal e-market place, has appointed Len Ward as chief executive officer.

  • Vendors squeeze mid-tier disties

    Distributors who refuse to reinvent themselves as VARs are walking the plank, as yet more vendors show a willingness to bypass medium-sized wholesalers to get to the customers.

  • NetStar closes in on its Convergent vision

    Chasing vendors' dreams of converged voice/data networks

  • ACT Govt Enrols Cisco In High School Curriculum

    The ACT government has included courseware developed by Cisco Systems for its Networking Academy program in its senior secondary college curriculum.

  • Open Source Closes Backdoors

    When a software company will not make the source code for a product available, one must put one's faith in something called security through obscurity. The argument for security through obscurity is simple. If crackers could get to the source code, it would be easy for them to find ways to exploit weaknesses in the product.

  • Optus Joins C&W Global IP Network

    Cable & Wireless Optus has announced the availability of a single, global Internet Protocol (IP) network to coincide with the opening of the Southern Cross Cable network.

  • Baltimore Readies Security Toolkit for Mobiles

    Baltimore Technologies has launched a digital signature toolkit for mobile devices.