• Cisco extends IP phone lineup

    Desktop IP (Internet Protocol) phones inched closer to computing platforms on Tuesday with Cisco Systems' announcement of a phone with a color touchscreen and the addition of XML (Extensible Markup Language) application support to two of its less expensive phones.

    11 Sept. 03 08:07 Written by Stephen Lawson
  • Panasonic moves on enterprise market

    Consumer electronics giant Panasonic has signalled its intention to move into the enterprise solutions market with the formation of Panasonic Business Systems Australia (PBSA).

    11 Sept. 03 08:04 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • Telstra responds to Estens inquiry

    Telstra has released its response to the Estens Inquiry which outlines the telcos commitment to implementing the 19 recommendations relating to Telstra services.

    11 Sept. 03 07:20 Written by Cameron Roberts
  • Nokia forecasts slight profit, flat sales in Q3

    Despite strong consumer demand, third-quarter sales at Nokia are expected be flat or slightly lower compared to the same period last year due to the depreciation of the U.S. dollar's value, the company said Tuesday.

    10 Sept. 03 14:36 Written by Laura Rohde
  • IT security rates corporate governance focus

    Enterprise security should be treated as part of a company’s IT governance policy, where the total cost of security is incorporated into its risk assessment framework, an industry representative claims.

    10 Sept. 03 13:38 Written by Nadia Cameron
  • Intel takes Manitoba to the EDGE

    Designers of cellular phones based on the emerging EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) standard will be able to incorporate a new single-chip solution from Intel in phones next year, the company said Tuesday.

    10 Sept. 03 09:04 Written by Tom Krazit
  • SCO CEO fires off letter to open-source community

    In an open letter to the open-source community, chief executive officer (CEO) of The SCO Group, Darl McBride, has offered to find ways that his company and the community can work together so each can remain viable in the software industry. And he has launched his first public broadside against Silicon Graphics, which he said contributed some of SCO's protected Unix code into Linux.

    10 Sept. 03 08:43 Written by Todd R. Weiss
  • SGI bolsters storage products

    SGI introduced a new set of storage products this week that will help customers improve the management and workflow of data.

    10 Sept. 03 08:41 Written by Deni Connor
  • Novell extends Linux ties

    Novell, at BrainShare Europe 2003, Monday bolstered its support for Linux with a variety of products it claims will work across operating system boundaries.

    10 Sept. 03 08:38 Written by Deni Connor
  • AMD releases Opteron 146, 846

    Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) completed the rollout of a group of new Opteron chips Tuesday, adding the Opteron 146 and Opteron 846 to its lineup.

    10 Sept. 03 08:35 Written by Tom Krazit
  • Bill Joy to leave Sun

    After more than 20 years at Sun Microsystems, co-founder and Chief Scientist Bill Joy is leaving the company, Sun announced Tuesday.

    10 Sept. 03 08:32 Written by Grant Gross
  • Oracle grid strategy unveiled

    Oracle by the end of the year plans to release an upgrade of its JDeveloper tool for Java that backs the latest J2EE standard, which focuses on Web services.

    10 Sept. 03 08:30 Written by Patricia Pickett
  • Oracle parades 10g beta customers

    Oracle trotted out a handful of customers at its OracleWorld show Monday who have been beta testing new versions of its database and application server software, which are supposed to make it easier to manage groups of connected servers.

    10 Sept. 03 08:24 Written by James Niccolai
  • Oracle releases grid-ready database

    Oracle is pushing hard to sell its customers on the value of low-cost, on-demand computing enabled by its infrastructure software.

    10 Sept. 03 08:19 Written by Marc L. Songini
  • Hackers jump through holes in Microsoft patch

    Security experts are warning Microsoft customers about silent Internet attacks that exploit a security flaw in the Internet Explorer Web browser, potentially allowing remote attackers to run malicious code on vulnerable machines.

    10 Sept. 03 08:16 Written by Paul Roberts
  • Sun to announce Orion pricing next week

    Sun Microsystems will use its SunNetwork conference next week to reveal long-awaited details of a new pricing scheme it plans to introduce for its server software products, the company's chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) said Tuesday.

    10 Sept. 03 08:11 Written by James Niccolai
  • IT takes two to tango

    Today's CIO is expected to lead like a CEO, analyse like a CFO and execute like a COO, according to Gartner's group vice president Dr Marianne Broadbent.

    10 Sept. 03 08:09 Written by David Beynon
  • Open source crusader to resubmit SA law

    Following a flurry of interest, feedback, and protest to his initial bill to mandate the use of open source software, Democrat Ian Gilfillan resubmits an amended version of the proposed legislation to the South Australian parliament next week.

    10 Sept. 03 08:06 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • Marketing overload loses customers: guru

    Better use of customer data combined with new privacy policy auditing tools in databases is fast delivering offers from mass marketeers and junk mailers straight to the dustbin says self-proclaimed futurist and data guru Thom Blischok.

    10 Sept. 03 08:00 Written by Julian Bajkowski