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  • Top court broadens Calif. affirmative action ban

    In a landmark test of California's ban on affirmative action programs, the state's Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a city program encouraging outreach to women and minorities for public contracts.

  • Advertisers tune in to interactive TV

    Major advertisers are relishing the power of interactive TV - a medium that allows viewers to shop, email, play games and control what they watch - to target finely-tuned audiences.

  • HP holds fast to fiscal 2001 predictions

    In the wake of several of its PC competitors issuing profit warnings, Hewlett-Packard Thursday recommitted to its most recent predictions for the company's likely financial performance in fiscal 2001.

  • Oracle Withdraws Education Support from OAUG Conferences

    A lack of Oracle user education support at a recent OAUG Asia Pacific User Conference turned the event into a networking opportunity for regional IT executives and analysts, rather than an educational forum, according to Don Payne, executive vice president of the OAUG board.

  • Racing Around Melbourne

    CIOs are now talking about electronic service delivery rather than e-commerce.

  • IBM, C&W Extend Outsourcing Contract by US$18M

    IBM Corp. and telecommunications carrier Cable & Wireless PLC (C&W) have extended an IT outsourcing contract between the two companies with a deal worth US$18 million over eight years, the companies announced Thursday.

  • AT&T Places 3G Call to Telecom Equipment Makers

    A bevy of telecommunications equipment makers answered AT&T Wireless Group's third generation (3G) wireless call Thursday. Nokia Corp., L.M. Ericsson Telephone Co., Lucent Technologies Inc. and Nortel Networks Corp. agreed to sell a variety of telecom infrastructure equipment to help AT&T usher in its next generation of wireless services.

  • Viruses get creative

    Trend Micro is warning the Australian IT community of a new e-mail-born virus.

  • SALES CLINIC: Are you listening?

    Just because you hear everything the client said without interrupting doesn't make you a great listener. Listening without interrupting is often simply waiting for your turn to talk. Listening is more than just hearing the words.

  • Red Hat Trumpets Linux for Alpha

    Red Hat Inc. last week released Red Hat Alpha Deluxe, a Linux distribution for systems based on Compaq Computer Corp.'s Alpha chip. The operating system will come preinstalled on Compaq's ES and DS AlphaSeries servers and Compaq AlphaStations. Based on Red Hat Linux 7.0, Alpha Deluxe contains a number of programming modules tuned to harness the power of the 64-bit Alpha chip, which differentiates it from Red Hat Linux 7.0 for the Intel platform, said Melissa London, spokeswoman for Red Hat. Alpha Deluxe is priced at US$79.95.

  • Disney, Compaq in Marketing, Technology Deal

    Compaq Computer Corp. will be the preferred technology provider for the Walt Disney Internet Group, under a three-year agreement announced Thursday.

  • Harris Scarfe Buys dstore

    Harris Scarfe has acquired one of Australia's leading e-tailers, dstore, for an undisclosed amount.

  • HP Debuts Entry-Level Unix Server

    Looking to give enterprise users more speed and a clear upgrade path to its larger boxes, Hewlett-Packard Co. this week rolled out a new Unix server that tops off its entry-level family.

  • IBM Cries Crypto Wolf, Experts Say

    IBM Corp. (IBM) is announcing a new algorithm on Thursday that it says will double the speed at which online communications are encrypted. But several crypto experts say that IBM is fixing something that isn't broken and that Big Blue has a history of tooting its horn needlessly.

  • Update: Compaq drinks Sweetwater

    Compaq has today revealed Sweetwater will join its distribution ranks in a decision likely to create confusion in the channel.

  • IBM Opens e-Business Centre

    IBM launched its new $23 million high-tech e-business centre this week in Pyrmont, Sydney's emerging dotcom district on the edge of the city's CBD. In addition to creating 340 jobs the centre has forged an alliance with the University of Technology to train and develop the IT skills of students.

  • Frontline takes first step to national coverage

    Frontline Systems has "entered the 'brave new world' of national coverage" following an alliance with Brisbane-based company ICC.

  • Genie enters garden of Eden

    Genie Systems has added Eden Technology to its team of distributors in an effort to tap its government and corporate customer base.

  • Check Point Scales Firewall Heights

    For the fourth consecutive year Check Point Software Technologies has led worldwide firewall software sales.

  • Early Market Movers: Battered and Broken

    Investors who have awaited a bottom to this market may now be wondering if there'll be one at all. The Nasdaq, already horribly depressed, plunged nearly 4 percent this morning, dropping 105.41 to 2601.52, as of 11 a.m. EST. The index headed south after hearing bad news in two sectors: PC company Gateway Inc. announced a drop in sales, while chipmaker Altera fell on an earnings warning.