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  • MARKET REVIEWS: Channel stocks climb the ASX ladder

    Just how well do channel companies perform on the ASX?

    Solution 6 Holdings epitomises the tech boom and subsequent crash with a share price that hit $17.70 in December 1999 and then bounced off a recent low of $0.92. But unlike other Internet start-ups, Solution 6 has a substantial business with global reach.

  • EDITORIAL: The young and restless

    OK, so I'm not actually all that old, but I'm told it doesn't matter. For one thing, I'm less likely to be conservative when it comes to corporate decisions because, frankly, I think things can always get better. Mine is the Internet generation where company loyalty is out and career progression is in. We also think the world's such a small place that we can see all the best bits in a two-month holiday between international postings.

  • Sun's flawed tests delay Java certification

    Some Java application server vendors say they have been hampered by hundreds of flaws in test programs that Sun Microsystems provides to make sure these products use Java correctly and work with each other.

  • Going Gigabit

    Gigabit Ethernet is growing fast, and 10Gb Ethernet will soon follow, according to a recent report by Scottsdale, Arizona-based Cahners In-Stat Group.

  • KIT BAG: When worlds converge

    Internet telephony is very much the holy grail of networking. Running voice and data communications over a single network offers self-evident savings in telephone bills, administration costs and equipment costs. In addition, such a converged network is "future-proofed" for such emerging technologies as streaming video and e-commerce. Yet, despite these obvious advantages, it has remained an elusive goal.

  • Keycorp Telstra Alliance

    At an EGM held yesterday, Keycorp, an internet transaction solutions provider, received shareholder approval to finalise an alliance deal with Telstra, under negotiation since July.

  • BO stronger in the channel

    Business intelligence software vendor Business Objects (BO) has ramped up its indirect sales force appointing two new channel partners and a new wireless connectivity edition of its InfoView server.

  • NavDam quells acquisition uncertainty

    After recent announcements that they are to merge, Danish mid-market ERP vendors Navision and Damgaard have quelled channel uncertainty, unveiling its restructure plans this week.

  • Black Cab Quick off the Rank with IVR

    Implementations of interactive voice response (IVR) systems with natural language speech recognition (NLSR) are growing in number.

  • MORPH: Changing morality

    Ethics used to mean a system of moral principles by which one guided and judged one's actions as either good or bad, right or wrong -- in other words, as socially acceptable or unacceptable. Note the keyword -- "social". Now, mentally type it into your personalised brain-Google engine, click Search, and see what comes back.

  • Oracle takes aim at .Net with new Web software

    The spokesperson for the Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) Australia is taking a wait and see approach to Oracle's latest offering which is targetted at Microsoft's .Net initiative.

  • European Forum Aims to Influence Wireless Research

    Four European mobile telecommunications infrastructure manufacturers are hoping to influence the course of future research in their field with the creation on Monday of the Wireless World Research Forum.

  • Mercury moves into financing

    Lending new meaning to the total solution concept, national reseller The Mercury Group will offer in-house financing to its customers.

  • Cisco Extends Wireless LANs to Telecommuters

    Cisco Systems Inc. on Monday added a new base station to its line of 802.11b-compliant Aironet wireless LAN products.

  • B2B's Surprise: The Survivors

    Two independent business-to-business exchanges, Promedix and Chemdex, were quietly axed by their parent company this week.

  • GoCorp Shows Its Hand

    Following the Senate's passage of a 12-month moratorium on onling gambling, GoCorp slammed the legislation in an announcement to the ASX, stating that it "will only serve to force consumers into the arms of the many potentially unscrupulous and unregulated operators that exist around the world today".

  • IBM announce start-up development partners

    IBM has announced its initial group of partners in a four-pronged strategy aimed at gaining new business through the development of emerging Internet companies.

  • Intel, IBM Show Advanced Chip-Making Technologies

    Inte Corp. and IBM Corp. have separately announced significant chip-making advancements. Intel on Monday revealed that its researchers have developed working transistors with architectures as small as 0.03-microns, nearly as small as human DNA, while IBM on Sunday said it has begun pilot production of chips utilizing a new process technology package that combines several recent advances in chip-making.

  • Intel promises 10GHz chips with tiny transistors

    Intel announced yesterday what it calls the world's smallest and fastest transistor, promising microprocessors running at 10GHz.

  • Tivoli Software Watches Over Mainframe IP Nets

    Users controlling IP resources with S/390 mainframes may be interested in an improved performance management package from Tivoli Systems Inc. that monitors application response time, FTP transfers and network performance.