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  • Interwoven stitches content control into portals

    Content management software vendor Interwoven on Tuesday rolled out a partnership program aimed at tying its software to enterprise portals, and the company rallied early support from vendors including Epicentric, IBM, and Plumtree Software.

  • Korea unsure of May 2002 3G launch

    South Korea's major cellular carriers will introduce wireless multimedia services by June next year -- although they are not likely to be commercial services and may not even be based on 3G (third-generation) mobile telecommunication technology, industry executives and analysts said at a conference here Wednesday.

  • Oracle to let hosting users run their own servers

    Oracle has added a new wrinkle to its online application hosting service, announcing that users will be able to run the software on their own servers while Oracle handles the administration and support work on a remote basis.

  • Report: Lucent planning even more layoffs

    Lucent Technologies may lay off more than 10,000 additional employees, according to a report Wednesday in The Wall Street Journal newspaper.

  • Red Hat offers open-source consulting

    Eager to outgrow its Linux-only stereotype, Red Hat introduced three new services Tuesday as part of its open-source consulting arm launch.

  • New crimes for old cyberlaw for cyberspace

    In the fight against cybercrime, the federal government has released new measures which could see computer hackers jailed for up to 10 years.

  • EU gives go-ahead to Vodafone's Airtel acquisition

    The European Commission said Wednesday it had approved Vodafone Group's increased stake in Spanish mobile phone operator Airtel Movil SA.

  • Alcatel outlines plans to move out of manufacturing

    Joining a trend among telecommunication equipment makers, Alcatel SA is unveiling plans to effectively abandon the manufacturing business. The company will sell off all but a handful of its factories by the end of 2002, a company spokeswoman said Wednesday.

  • New group promotes e-commerce freedom

    A new lobbying group seeking to defend electronic commerce from unwarranted government intrusion is being launched in Washington D.C. Thursday.

  • Via's C3 drives low-power Web server

    Via Technologies on Wednesday announced that a U.S. company, Rauch Medien, is offering lower power Web servers based on its C3 microprocessor.

  • Networking show takes industry's pulse

    It seems there's a specialized electronic device for almost every task -- and if you find yourself urgently needing to perform an ECG scan outdoors in rain or snow, then Casio has something for you.

  • Compaq unveils PCs that accept credit cards

    Your local supermarket probably lets you pay for purchases by swiping your credit card through a reader. Why not give home PCs the same capability? That's the idea behind Compaq's new Smart Credit Card Internet Keyboard, announced here this week at PC Expo/TechX NY.

  • Bangalore startup aims to take e-mail to the masses

    Planning to tap the potential of e-mail as a low-cost communication medium in developing economies, a Bangalore-based startup, iNabling Technologies, has introduced a US$150 e-mail appliance called iStation that also helps with chores like word processing and spreadsheets.

  • IBM crams 9.2M pixels onto new 22-inch LCD screen

    IBM has launched what it calls the world's highest-resolution flat-panel monitor, the IBM T220. With 200 pixels per inch, totaling 9.2 million pixels, the 22.2-inch screen shows 12 times more detail than current monitors, IBM said Wednesday.

  • Compaq preps Presario line for XP upgrade

    New Presario PCs from Compaq will be shipped ready for upgrade to Microsoft Corp.'s Windows XP operating system, Compaq announced on Wednesday.

  • W3C issues XML base, XML linking language

    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) announced on Wednesday the publication of two W3C recommendations regarding XML (extensible markup language), which are aimed at standardizing more features of the language.

  • Sprint taps Nortel and Lucent to help build 3G network

    Sprint announced two US$1 billion deals Wednesday, tapping Nortel Networks and Lucent Technologies to provide products for the build out of Sprint's upgraded wireless network.

  • AOL, AT&T Wireless to expand mobile service

    Expanding on a year-old partnership, AT&T Wireless Group and America Online plan to offer cobranded mobile phone services for wireless data, e-mail and instant messaging, the companies announced on Wednesday.

  • First two new top-level domains become operational

    The first two of the seven new top-level domains (TLD) approved for addition to the official Internet domain name system became operational today after the U.S. Department of Commerce gave the go-ahead for them to be activated.

  • IBM, Compaq introduce more advanced servers

    IBM and Compaq yesterday announced dual-processor servers. IBM's servers have so-called self-healing and self-protecting tools, while Compaq's models have higher levels of memory availability.