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  • Worldwide networking industry hit by layoffs

    Gloom cast a shadow on the networking industry last week, with layoffs announced by several market leaders.

  • Caldera, SCO offer Linux wrapper for Open Unix platform

    Caldera Systems Inc. and Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) have announced a Unix-based operating system that will support Linux applications.

  • HailStorm faces new blitz

    Microsoft Corp.'s competitors are gathering their forces to resist Bill Gates's Internet software service, HailStorm, which was announced last week.

  • Lotus delays Discovery server gold code for a month

    The second component of Lotus Development Corp.'s knowledge management system code-named Raven has been delayed again.

  • Short takes

    PC vendor Gateway Inc. has closed 27, or about 8 percent, of its Gateway Country stores in the US in an effort to cut costs.

  • Law firm drops Holocaust suit against IBM

    A US law firm is dropping a class-action suit against IBM Corp. over its alleged business ties to the Nazis during the Holocaust. The action will be "voluntarily dismissed," the law firm Cohen, Milstein, Hausfeld & Toll PLLC said in a statement Thursday.

  • Quantum take leaps into enterprise storage

    After 22 years in the hard disk drive manufacturing business, Quantum Corp. announced today that its stockholders have approved the sale of its hard-drive division to Maxtor Corp. for US$1.1 billion in stock. The sale also marks a new course for Quantum, which confirmed its leap into a pure-play enterprise storage solutions company.

  • Microsoft releases beta of XP OS

    Microsoft Corp. employees from Bill Gates on down are hailing the beta release of the Windows XP operating system as the first step in an ambitious attempt by the company to gradually shift the entire computer industry to a single, unified operating system.

  • Startups unveil network-layer integration frameworks

    The nature of application and data integration is changing. Although the early whisperings of the demise of EAI (enterprise application integration) are proving premature, the technology is now finding itself challenged by an expanding range of options.

  • Check Point rallies major partners for faster security

    With an eye toward speeding Internet security functions, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is bringing out a new security architecture designed to boost VPN and firewall performance and has joined up with heavyweight partner companies, including Nokia Corp. and Compaq Computer Corp., to bring the software to market.

  • Internet Explorer vulnerable to attack: patch released

    Microsoft is warning users about a security hole in Internet Explorer that could be used to force the Web browser to automatically open HTML e-mail attachments, potentially enabling attacks in which malicious hackers could delete data from PCs or cause other types of damage.

  • VeriSign certificate snafu shows threat of human errors

    When VeriSign Inc. disclosed last week that it had issued two digital certificates to an individual who fraudulently claimed to be a Microsoft Corp. employee, the incident highlighted for corporate users how simple human error can undo technology-based security schemes.

  • Memo to Sen Alston: Thanks, Mate, based on the English Channel island of Alderney, says its online gaming business will benefit if the proposed legislation is passed. At the same time, it has just bought Australia's largest private bookmaker, The Number One Betting Shop, for a multimillion-dollar combination of cash and shares.

  • Professional Advantage targets security

    Recognising emerging opportunities in the field, solutions and integration group Professional Advantage has been awarded Cisco Advanced Security Partner certification, the first Premier Partner in Australia to do so

  • New 3D Web tool linked to XML

    We might one day look back at the week of March 26 as the dawn of the 3D Web. Coming on the heels of an announcement this week from Adobe Systems Inc. that it will release a beta version of a new 3D Web application called Atmosphere, Mariah Vision 3 Inc. today released 3Scape, a new 3D Web authoring application.

  • CA announces immediate support for IBM z/OS

    Computer Associates International Inc. (CA) on Friday announced it will provide support for IBM Corp.'s new operating system, z/OS, on CA zSeries mainframe machines.

  • BroadVision updates e-business platform

    BroadVision Inc. announced on Friday that it has begun shipping the latest version of its electronic-business application platform, BroadVision One-To-One Enterprise 6.0, and that it has formed a partnership with Informix Software, a subsidiary of Informix Corp., to ensure compatibility with the latest version of Informix Dynamic Server.

  • SAP to pay US$400M for TopTier

    Business software maker SAP AG has agreed to acquire US portal software company, TopTier Software Inc. for US$400 million, SAP announced Friday.

  • UMTS will eclipse GPRS before its peak

    The GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) mobile phone networks being launched across Europe will never be used to full capacity, as handset makers are sluggish with mobile phone development, according to market research firm Gartner Group Inc.

  • High-speed wireless, but it's not 3G

    Wired broadband solutions so tightly clutched to British Telecommunications PLC's breast may no longer be the future of home Internet access. One of Europe's leading research laboratories, the AT&T Corp. labs in Cambridge, England, has teamed up with Cambridge Broadband to test a pioneering broadband wireless network in the area.