• ATO IT will stay at home

    In what has been a clearly testing week, Australian Taxation Office CIO Bill Gibson has spelled out his vision for Australia's single largest revenue raiser and scotched allegations that the Tax Office is set to move its applications code shop to India.

    17 March 04 08:54 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • StorageTek intros FICON drives

    Storage Technology (StorageTek) Monday announced that its SLA8500 and PowderHorn tape libraries now come equipped with FICON drives.

    17 March 04 08:46 Written by Deni Connor
  • IBM targets 40,000 Linux desktops by 2005

    IBM hopes to have 40,000 Linux desktop users within the company by year's end, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the computer giant thinks everyone should move to the Linux desktop, an IBM executive said Tuesday at the Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco.

    17 March 04 08:44 Written by Robert McMillan
  • Ballmer meets EU competition chief

    Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer is discussing the European antitrust case against the company with Mario Monti, the European competition commissioner in Brussels, a person close to the talks said Tuesday afternoon.

    17 March 04 08:43 Written by Paul Meller
  • Sun executives sound off on Java, OS plans

    Sun Microsystems is planning a number of announcements in coming weeks to redouble efforts to use aggressive pricing and technological innovation to win customers from competitors, but is downplaying rumors about talks with IBM to create an open-source version of Sun's Java technology.

    17 March 04 08:40 Written by Paul Roberts
  • Microsoft sends management products to beta

    Microsoft on Tuesday announced test versions of several of its management products, including a new, lower-cost, "Express" version of its Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) product.

    17 March 04 08:36 Written by Joris Evers
  • EMC division buys Xerox's askOnce unit

    EMC's content management software division, Documentum, has purchased Xerox's askOnce technology for integrating content from disparate data sources.

    17 March 04 08:33 Written by Stacy Cowley
  • Microsoft's entry to stir speech recognition market

    Microsoft is about to stir the speech recognition market with the launch of its Speech Server products next week. The vendor promises speech recognition for the masses, but analysts warn that speech-enabling applications is not easy.

    17 March 04 08:24 Written by Joris Evers
  • Tas university moves to IP videoconferencing

    The University of Tasmania is migrating its legacy ISDN videoconferencing system to IP enabling students to access lecture material from more remote locations, according to director of IT resources John Parry.

    17 March 04 08:18 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • Vic government shortlists Rosetta tenderers

    The Victorian government has shortlisted IBM and Novell from tenderers for Project Rosetta, an ICT initiative to connect directories across the state's government.

    17 March 04 08:12 Written by Siobhan McBride
  • No gigs for 4-gig fibre

    A working 4Gbit/s Fibre Channel network is being demonstrated at the Cebit show this week in Germany.

    16 March 04 17:36 Written by Chris Mellor
  • Veritas to restate results after internal investigation

    Citing an internal investigation into its finances, Veritas Software said it will restate its financial results for calendar years 2001 and 2002 and will revise its results for 2003.

    16 March 04 13:37 Written by Todd R. Weiss
  • IBM unveils Opteron workstation

    IBM in May will begin shipping the company's first workstation powered by Advanced Micro Devices's Opteron microprocessor.

    16 March 04 11:17 Written by Robert McMillan
  • Portal pain stops projects' gain

    Poorly constructed business cases and inflated business expectations will hamper about 40 percent of portal, document and content management, and collaborations projects in the year ahead.

    16 March 04 09:58 Written by Siobhan McBride
  • Analysis: NOIE morphs to live and expand

    In the six months since the spectacular exit of Richard Alston as IT and communications minister and his replacement by Daryl Williams QC, much has quietly changed in the way those who hold power in the federal sphere view public sector information technology and particularly outsourcing.

    16 March 04 09:57 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • NetScout unveils Linux network management appliance

    Network management vendor NetScout Systems will introduce its first network management appliance for Linux next month when it releases its nGenius Express Appliance for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

    16 March 04 09:41 Written by Todd R. Weiss
  • Vendors eye cheaper switching at net edges

    Foundry Networks and Extreme Networks plan to separately announce edge-switching technology that promises users lower costs and improved functionality.

    16 March 04 08:33 Written by Matt Hamblen
  • Regulators back EC Microsoft ruling

    Antitrust regulators from the 15 European Union (EU) countries have unanimously backed the European Commission's negative ruling against Microsoft, a Commission spokeswoman said Monday.

    16 March 04 08:24 Written by Paul Meller
  • IBM rolls out BI solution for banks

    IBM on Monday rolled out new software that allows banks and other financial institutions to connect data repositories strewn across the enterprise, allowing them to integrate, manage, and analyze data generated by their customers.

    16 March 04 08:19 Written by Ed Scannell
  • EC sends Oracle list of objections to PeopleSoft deal

    The European Commission confirmed Monday that it has sent a statement of objections to software maker Oracle, detailing reasons why its planned takeover of rival PeopleSoft will harm competition in the European Union (EU).

    16 March 04 08:18 Written by Paul Meller
  • 7 Habits of the Effective Network Manager

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