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  • Novell's eDirectory share grows

    Novell on Tuesday announced that sales of its eDirectory technology have reached over 300 million licenses as a result of it allowing independent software vendors to include the metadirectory software at no charge within their products.

  • Technology allows more compact, less expensive servers

    ServerWorks, a Broadcom subsidiary, rolled out core logic for use in blade and other ultra-compact servers that doubles the memory capacity of the Intel Pentium III processor and halves the number of dual in-line memory modules servers use, resulting in less power-hungry, faster servers.

  • W3C recommends XML security standard

    Looking to advance the security around XML, the W3C (Worldwide Web Consortium) on Thursday officially recommended the XML Signature specification as an industry standard.

  • Vodafone mobile-as-credit-card scheme due in March

    Beginning in March, mobile-telecommunication company Vodafone Group PLC will offer its U.K. customers the ability to use their mobile phones as a type of mobile credit card for making small purchases online.

  • Visual Studio .Net first to pass new MS security audit

    One of the back stories of the launch of Visual Studio .Net is that this is the first product to pass the security audit tests recently mandated by company Chairman Bill Gates.

  • Mitsubishi Electric pushes fiber transmission higher

    In a breakthrough that could lead to cheaper international telephone calls and Internet leased lines, engineers at Mitsubishi Electric have succeeded in sending 1.3T bps (bits per second) of data down a fiber-optic cable 8,400 kilometers in length.

  • PTC demonstrates collaborative platform

    Parametric Technology, a small product development company, on Wednesday demonstrated a new collaborative software platform based around Groove Networks' peer-to-peer based technology.

  • Pacific Access to acquire CitySearch online guide

    Microsoft recently began shipping the retail edition of its new top-end development product, Visual Studio .Net Enterprise Architect. This massive bundle unites the Visual Studio .Net IDE (integrated development environment) with Visio-based modeling tools, the full suite of .Net enterprise servers, Visual SourceSafe source code control, and facilities for creating architectural templates for team development. Following on the heels of countless public previews and betas, the release version of the Visual Studio IDE itself held few surprises for us.

  • Security flaw threatens to tie up Net sites

    A security flaw threatening much of the Internet's network devices has put local system administrators into action mode.

  • Cisco boosts its security offerings

    Moving to help its customers manage their security architectures and help those systems keep up with traffic, Cisco Systems Inc. on Wednesday announced new software for its Pix Firewall platform and the availability of new hardware models to join that line.

  • Gates casts Visual Studio .Net

    Microsoft Corp.'s Bill Gates cast his company's .Net initiative wide Wednesday, releasing the final version of the long-anticipated developer toolkit, Visual Studio .Net, as well as the underpinnings of its emerging Web-based development platform, called the .Net Framework.

  • Traditional retailers debate pulling plug on e-commerce

    Some traditional US retailers could start to pull the plug on their e-commerce sites during the coming year -- or at the very least, re-evaluate and scale back investments in their online operations, according to some electronic retailing executives and experts who spoke at yesterday's eTail 2002 event here.

  • Official: Terrorists used Web to get info on targets

    The Bush administration's top cyberdefense official said today there is evidence that the terrorist group al-Qaeda was using the Internet to gather intelligence about critical facilities in the U.S., and other terrorist groups and nations may be doing the same.

  • HP benefits from Q1 holiday sales

    Hewlett-Packard Co. posted better-than-expected results Wednesday for its first quarter, as the company benefited from strong PC and printer sales during the holiday season, reporting revenue of US$11.4 billion.

  • Google unveils 'search appliance'

    Search engine company Google has released its Google Search Appliance, a device designed to make it easier for corporate customers to find information on their intranets or Web sites.

  • Network Associates to bring Sniffer under net management umbrella

    In addition to incorporating intrusion-detection capabilities into its Sniffer protocol-analysis product line this year, Network Associates plans to give Sniffer the ability to report potential problems to network management platforms from Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Computer Associates International.

  • Sun says Kodak suing over Java technology

    Eastman Kodak has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Sun Microsystems over its Java programming technology, Sun said late Tuesday.

  • Intel embraces generic computer makers

    In a big win for so-called "white box" computer makers, Intel this week joined the North American System Builders Association (NASBA) as a corporate partner.

  • Comcast says it will stop tracking customer Web use

    Comcast acknowledged Wednesday that it had begun tracking and storing information on its cable Internet service subscribers' Web usage, but said it will end the practice immediately in response to customer concerns.

  • Microsoft updates tools for SQL Server, BizTalk Server

    Microsoft released two developer toolkits Wednesday for building Web services on top of SQL Server 2000, its database product, and BizTalk Server, its software for tying together business applications.

  • Key to omnichannel CX is customisation

    In order to achieve success with omnichannel customer experience strategy, companies need to utilise user personas, while maintaining excellence across all channels, according to customer transformation service expert, Brad Starr.

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