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  • Technology put to test before new TLDs go live

    Seven new top-level domains (TLDs) that have been greatly anticipated by Web users since they were announced in November represent the first fundamental change in the organization of the Internet. They either will change the Internet fundamentally or become its next dot-bomb.

  • Two U.S. government sites hacked over weekend

    Two U.S. government Web sites were hacked over the weekend, with at least one of the hackers posting a photo of Chinese pilot Wang Wei, who was killed when his plane collided with a U.S. spy plane in early April.

  • Dell snags PC server crown in US from Compaq

    Compaq Computer Corp. is still the biggest server vendor in the world, according to a recent survey by Dataquest Inc. However, in the U.S., Dell has now taken the number-one position for server shipments for the first time, according to the same survey.

  • Macromedia releases ColdFusion 5

    Macromedia on Monday plans to announce Version 5 of its ColdFusion Web server, which features performance and productivity enhancements such as advanced full-text searching, on Monday.

  • Telstra accused of network faults cover up

    Telstra has been accused of a cover-up after it refused to provide details on numbers of network faults, citing commercial confidentiality.

  • Delay in chip-making process could hurt AMD

    Although Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) keeps plans to change its chip making methods locked up tight, analysts are warning that delays by AMD in moving to a larger chip wafer could deal a significant advantage to AMD's nemesis, Intel.

  • Esolutions to offer XML messaging hub

    Esolutions has finished building a B2B document exchange hub and is looking to pilot it before a commercial launch within the next two months.

  • IDC says B2C alive and well

    Market researcher IDC claims online business-to-consumer spending is bucking international expectations by continuing to rise.

  • Gartner picks IT market doubling

    The New Zealand IT market is set to double to $US7.51 billion by 2005, says Gartner Research.

  • Sun ships update to Solaris 8 OS

    Sun Microsystems Inc. has released an update to its Solaris 8 Unix operating system, adding several tools designed to simplify the management of large numbers of servers.

  • IBM claims transistor breakthrough

    IBM researchers reported on Friday they have made a breakthrough in transistor technology by building what they claim is the first array of transistors made out of carbon nanotubes.

  • IDC: Asia Web users to outnumber U.S. by 2005

    By 2005, the Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan, will surpass the United States in total Internet users, International Data Corp. (IDC) said in a report issued Friday.

  • Commerce One and Microsoft seek suppliers

    Marketplace builder Commerce One and others have been busy launching industrywide trading exchanges for buyers only to suddenly realize, like the parents in the movie Home Alone, that they left behind the most important member of the e-commerce family: the suppliers.

  • DSL receives shot in the arm

    A string of recent high-profile DSL failures, including NorthPoint Communications Group's bankruptcy, have many observers questioning the long-term health of the high-bandwidth, copper-based service. But a new variant of the core technology -- SHDSL (Symmetric High-bit-rate DSL) -- could revive interest in DSL, especially for businesses.

  • Big Blue deal alerts Oracle, MS

    IBM spent a cool US$1 billion in cash last week to buy Informix Software in an attempt to delve deeper into the Unix and Windows database markets. Big Blue has also put competitors Oracle and Microsoft on alert.

  • PC price war fizzles despite P4 cuts

    In the shadow of an economic downturn, Intel is slashing prices on high-end Pentium 4 chips, but rival Advanced Micro Devices may not follow with price cuts of its own.

  • PeopleSoft monitors CRM performance

    Aiming to offer customers a way to measure and monitor their call-center-based CRM (customer relationship management) deployments, PeopleSoft last week struck a deal with quality-assurance software vendor Witness Systems.

  • Intel buys three optical companies

    Intel has agreed to acquire three companies with capabilities and technologies for producing optoelectronic components used in fiber-optic networking equipment.

  • Ericsson, Sony to merge mobile phone businesses

    L.M. Ericsson Telephone Co. and Sony plan to merge their mobile phone businesses and create a new mobile phone brand, the companies announced last week.

  • Nations join in fight against Net fraud

    A pilot project has been started by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and 12 nations to help fight international consumer fraud over the Internet by sharing information and resources.

  • Economist survey foresees shift in IT service delivery

    63% of LOBs expected growth of third-party tech services, while increased spending on enterprise IT services is anticipated by 65% of CIOs


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