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  • Survey slams Siebel; company fires back

    Users are having considerable difficulty getting a return on the multimillion-dollar investments they have made in customer relationship management (CRM) software from Siebel Systems Inc., according to a recent report.

  • Cisco beefs up security software

    Cisco Systems this week updated its Access Control Server (ACS) with support for the emerging Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (PEAP) for securing Wireless LAN access.

  • IDC: Microsoft pushes on in server OS market

    Linux is the only serious threat to Microsoft's increasing dominance of the market for server operating systems, according to new research from IDC.

  • IBM in smart-card services push

    IBM's Global Services unit has added asset monitoring and security-identity services to its services portfolio. IBM is using chip cards and "smart chips" that send out a radio signal for these services, the Armonk, New York, company announced Tuesday.

  • Motorola to position new GPS chip for phones

    The precise location of virtually any consumer electronics device will be able to be determined using a new chip from Motorola Inc. that puts global positioning system (GPS) technology on a single chip, the company said Tuesday.

  • Liberty Alliance plans interoperability with Passport

    The Liberty Alliance Project, which is developing Web technology to facilitate single-sign-on authentication, plans to support interoperability between its system and Microsoft Corp.'s rival Passport system.

  • Dell to partner with Lexmark on printers

    Dell Computer Corp. and Lexmark International Inc. have agreed to an arrangement to sell laser and ink-jet printers through Dell's Web site in time for the fourth-quarter holiday selling season, the two companies announced Tuesday.

  • Cutting costs tops wishlist

    Cost reduction remains the number one priority for CIOs and IT decision makers in the Asia-Pacific region, according to a Gartner survey undertaken in the past four weeks.

  • Slapper hits hard

    Slapper worm's infection rate in Australia has more than doubled this week with around 120 businesses already hit, according to Internet Security Systems (ISS).

  • Who pays the fares?

    Australian taxpayers were paying for executives from Microsoft Australia and Hawker de Havilland to attend US conferences, according to allegations made in Parliament today.

  • Auckland wireless net lures Asians

    A firm planning a large wireless network around downtown Auckland is already claiming interest from Asia and the Pacific islands in its distance-boosting technology.

  • InterSystems boosts database app

    InterSystems Corp. is rolling out a new version of its database that it claims will enable users to run real-time analytical queries in transactional processing applications such as a hotel booking system or patient tracking application.

  • ADIC shows entry-level tape drive

    Advanced Digital Information Corp. (ADIC) Monday announced a new kind of tape library that is smaller and less expensive product than existing systems.

  • Air2Web creates offline component to wireless access

    Leading a trend that appears to be gaining ground, Air2Web Inc. announced on Monday a client component to its Mobile Internet Platform that will allow mobile workers to continue to work locally when devices are not connected to the network.

  • Net sites catch Consumer Commissioner's eye

    A sweep of Internet sites engaging in 'misleading and deceptive claims' has revealed how optimistic the human spirit can really be.

  • Kazaa improves software, signs deal with large ISP

    Coming as a one-two punch at the piracy-plagued music industry, Sharman Networks Ltd. Monday released a new version of its popular peer-to-peer (P-to-P) file-swapping software Kazaa, giving users enhanced swapping capabilities, while at the same time announcing a deal with a major European Internet service provider (ISP) that may serve to raise its legitimacy level.

  • 3Com next to drop Dell as reseller

    3Com terminated a long-standing agreement that allowed Dell Computer Corp. to sell 3Com networking gear, becoming the third supplier since July to cancel a reseller agreement with Dell as the PC maker ventures into new markets.

  • Nortel eyes Asia-Pacific as revenue source

    Nortel Networks has earmarked the Asia-Pacific region as a source of increased revenues in the next three years which is central to the networking vendor's ambitious plans to return to profit by July 2003.

  • Microsoft eases Lotus to Exchange migration

    Microsoft released a set of tools Monday that allow Lotus Notes users to assess what applications they have running on their servers, a key step in helping them migrate to competing products from Microsoft.

  • Palm targets consumers, businesses with separate brands

    Palm will change the way it markets its personal digital assistants (PDAs), placing its future business products under the Tungsten subbrand and its products for consumers under the Zire subbrand, it announced Monday.

  • CIOs are finding agility through cloud-based communications

    Companies grappling with new customer expectations turn to Communication-as-a-Service model (CaaS) for a more agile, cloud-based omnichannel experience.

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