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  • WorldCom makes hosted CRM play

    Telecom titan WorlCom Inc. on Wednesday unveiled a hosted eCRM (customer relationship management) solution, signaling the carrier's intent to delve further into the hosted solutions market.

  • EMC disputes Compaq 'lead' in storage marketplace

    EMC Corp., which has long proclaimed itself the data storage market leader, was miffed Wednesday over statements by Compaq Computer Corp. that two research firms say it now dominates the storage marketplace.

  • 3G migration a headache for operators, says Alcatel

    3G (third-generation) mobile operators face more headaches than just high spectrum license fees and underperforming handsets -- they need to tailor their migration strategies to fit their position in the market, according to Jimmy Lukito, marketing and sales support manager for Alcatel SA's mobile networks division in Asia-Pacific.

  • HP to sell homemade version of Linux

    Hewlett-Packard Co. will step out on its own and begin selling its own version of Linux, focusing on creating what it calls an ultra-secure version of the operating system instead of relying on partner distributions as it has in the past.

  • Security vendors ally to study DDOS attacks

    Four security vendors Tuesday announced an agreement to share research on how viruses like Code Red are built and how networks react when they are infected.

  • Antarctican's brush up on language skills

    The homepage of the site has a promo ad saying its latest interactive language lesson is "Designed for busy people". Perhaps this should also read "Remote people" or more precisely "People at the bottom of the earth". This is because some of Parlo's customers, like the languages it teaches, are truly global - including a couple of scientific workers at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

  • PowerTel ups capacity on Syd-Melb link

    PowerTel is to increase capacity on its Sydney-to-Melbourne dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) optical backbone network, in response to growing corporate and wholesale demand.

  • Govt to certify security providers

    The government is discussing the possibility of making IT security provision certification mandatory, in an effort to maintain quality control and develop a more responsibly-minded sector.

  • Australian Net security agency teams up with Uncle Sam

    US and Australian Internet security agencies have signed a joint agreement to protect national and global information infrastructures.

  • AOL expected to cut jobs to boost bottom line

    One week after AOL Time Warner Inc. (AOLTW) filed a report with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) indicating that it would broaden its cost-cutting measures in the second-half of the year, press reports have begun to swirl that the company's Internet division could conduct another round of layoffs as soon as this week.

  • Obscure hole could expose Hotmail messages

    A limited though powerful hole in Hotmail allows hackers to view users' personal e-mail messages.

  • ETSI shows Bluetooth is maturing

    The attendance at ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute)'s 6th Bluetooth Unplugfest in Nice, France, suggests Bluetooth is becoming a more mature technology, the organization said Tuesday.

  • A network manager's nightmare

    What a time to be a network manager. Above, company execs are sanctioning all manner of telework. Below, employees are demanding anytime, anywhere access to the company network. Good thing you've got sophisticated technology in place so you can sleep well at night.

  • Logica scores outsourcing contracts with utility players

    Melbourne-based systems integrator Logica has secured two multimillion-dollar IT outsourcing contracts from Victorian utility retailers Texas Utilities (TXU) and Yarra Valley Water.

  • Hacked Web site damaged PCs in Japan

    Malicious JavaScript downloaded from a hacked auction Web site caused Japanese Internet users serious problems over the weekend, the Japanese government's Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA) reported Tuesday.

  • IBM, kick start corporate e-learning

    Enterprises exploring e-learning options will have more to choose from this week as several vendors including IBM Corp.,, and Click2learn Inc. tout new platforms and services for online training and employee development.

  • IBM, Siebel Systems tie up on eBusiness apps

    IBM Corp. and CRM (customer relationship management) and e-business applications vendor Siebel Systems Inc. have made Siebel's line of eBusiness software available for IBM's eServer iSeries, the companies announced Tuesday.

  • A-P broadband operators seek business models

    The Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan) is adding 30,000 broadband Internet subscribers every day, but the market is still in its infancy and operators have yet to decide on profitable business models, according to Etienne Charlier, vice president of sales support and marketing for Alcatel SA's broadband networking division in Asia-Pacific.

  • Low PC margins endanger Dell's core business

    Dell Computer Corp.'s own success in driving PC prices down to current lows could force the original build-to-order computer maker to look elsewhere for profits.

  • HP announces storage assessment service

    Hewlett-Packard Australia has announced a new consultancy service for organisations looking to move to a storage area network (SAN) or considering an overhaul of their storage strategy.