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  • Amdahl rolls out managed services

    Five months after announcing its plan to exit the mainframe business, Amdahl Corp. is throwing itself into managed services. The subsidiary of Tokyo Fujitsu Ltd. next week will officially unveil InfraCare, a round-the-clock managed service aimed at meeting businesses' global IT infrastructure needs.

  • CA Launches Suite for Database Modeling

    Computer Associates International recently released ERwin Modeling Suite 4.0, which includes several database modeling tools from Platinum Technologies Inc

  • Citrix buys Sequoia

    Citrix Systems Inc. will acquire Sequoia Software Corp. for US$184.6 million in cash, paying $5.64 per Sequoia share, the two companies announced last week.

  • HP creates IT services unit, names 19-year exec as head

    Hewlett-Packard Co. is creating an IT services unit from within as the company continues to seek ways to increase revenues.

  • Showdown at the Lexis-Nexis Corral

    Next Wednesday, the US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a copyright case that has fast become a landmark for the digital age. Much as the Napster Inc. imbroglio will help determine the future of the intersecting worlds of music and technology, the high court's decision in the New York Times (NYT) vs. Tasini could reshape the electronic publishing of written work and photographs.

  • Users yawn at latest .Net pitch

    Microsoft Corp. last week outlined what it hailed as the most important building block of its .Net distributed Web services strategy. But the consumer-oriented technology called HailStorm is barely a cloud on corporate users' horizons.

  • Linux2order offers 'open' downloads

    Linux2order has assembled a collection of more than 10,000 Linux and open-source applications available for download at

  • 'Dangerous' Linux worm in the wild

    A dangerous worm is spreading across the Internet and infecting Linux servers running vulnerable domain name software, the SANS Institute warned this morning.

  • IBM talks wireless partnerships, portal services

    IBM Corp. stormed the massive CeBIT trade show here Thursday, showing off its WebSphere Portal Server alongside such high-tech goodies as a networked Porsche Boxster car, a new Linux watch and a high resolution computer display that Big Blue says is 12-times sharper than current displays and ready to ship.

  • Reuters Group, Microsoft in IM deal

    Reuters Group PLC has announced that it is working with Microsoft Corp. and 25 financial institutions to develop a secure instant-messaging program for business.

  • MS readies smart phone OS for trials

    Microsoft Corp.'s much-talked-about smart phone operating system -- code-named Stinger -- will enter carrier trials this quarter with VoiceStream Wireless in the United States, T-Mobil International in Germany, Telstra in Australia, and others.

  • IBM, SAP to offer on zSeries

    IBM Corp. and SAP AG have announced an agreement to deliver the Internet-based software platform on IBM's zSeries mainframe machines running the Linux operating system.

  • Intel, IBM forge wireless pact

    Intel Corp. will use IBM Corp.'s embedded software in the Intel Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel PICA) for wireless devices and other Internet appliances.

  • Optimizing supply chains on the fly

    As the supply-chain management market continues to heat up, enterprises are beginning to move beyond simple applications for balancing supply and demand to technology that quickly analyzes the impact of various decisions to help boost product margins and lower costs.

  • Fujitsu makes storage play

    Armed with technology that may have the potential to turn storage virtualization into the storage market's long-awaited "killer app," Fujitsu Ltd. next week will announce the launch of a storage software company called Softek, according to Steven F. X. Murphy, president of Amdahl Software Corp., a division of Fujitsu.

  • DB2 to get BI capabilities

    Continuing the trend of packing BI (business intelligence) functionality into a database engine, IBM Corp. has added a piece of its Intelligent Miner Scoring data mining tool to its relational database DB2 Universal Database.

  • Informatica applies analytics to b-to b

    Informatica Corp. will ship a new suite of analytic applications this week that will specifically target business-to-business e-marketplaces.

  • Ericsson suffers as delays to broadband shrink demand

    News that L.M. Ericsson Telephone Co. is expecting to bleed hundreds of millions of euros in the first three months of this year is further evidence of the pain mobile operators are suffering as they wait for broadband to arrive.

  • AOL favourite to muscle in on Napster's territory

    While Napster Inc.'s lawyers grapple with the site's increasing legal headaches, rivals are salivating at the prospect of gobbling up Napster users. A gaggle of opportunists - from obscure start-ups to major music labels - are building music-subscription services of their own to rival the model that Napster plans to launch in July.

  • Bluetooth teething troubles

    Sadly for 3Com Corp.'s Shaun Paice, it was a fairly typical demonstration of a dazzling new technology. Paice was showing just how easy it was to link two laptops using the long-awaited miracle of wireless communication.

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