• Web services drive BI evolution

    Faced with growing enterprise demand for seamless, real-time access to transactional data, BI (business intelligence) vendors are increasingly turning to Web services technologies.

    25 Feb. 03 08:42 Written by Heather Havenstein.
  • Intel winds up 64-bit machine

    Intel Corp. is heating up its 64-bit computing assault with the arrival of Deerfield in late 2003, paving the way for broad industry adoption of its architecture for rack-mounted servers.

    25 Feb. 03 08:39 Written by Scott Tyler Shafer and Ashlee Vance
  • Disk swap key to easy NZ Post W2K rollout

    NZ Post is handling the "logistical challenges" of its Windows 2000 rollout on the principle that hard disks are less expensive than the time of IT experts.

    25 Feb. 03 08:36 Written by Stephen Bell
  • Macromedia relaunches Presedia product

    Macromedia Inc. has folded Presedia Inc.'s online presentation tools into its product portfolio and is launching them as Macromedia Breeze, it said Monday.

    25 Feb. 03 08:32 Written by Joris Evers
  • Experts: "RU Ready" for corporate IM?

    It was all fun and games until one of the smiley-faced, yellow beach balls being tossed around by the staff of Yahoo Inc. before the opening keynote of Instant Messaging Planet Spring 2003 Expo and Conference hit one of the Boston Park Plaza's glistening chandeliers, sending a nervous hush through the audience.

    25 Feb. 03 08:29 Written by Scarlet Pruitt
  • Expand Networks speeds voice through slow links

    Expand Networks Inc. is trying to improve the performance of voice over IP on small data links so that users can stave off upgrades to faster and more expensive WAN connections.

    25 Feb. 03 08:27 Written by Tim Greene
  • NetIQ updates SQL Server tools

    NetIQ Corp. will release Tuesday version 2.0 of its year-old SQL Management Suite, with new features including a revamped user interface in one module and additional reporting tools in another.

    25 Feb. 03 08:24 Written by Stacy Cowley
  • Tax Office says not yet for .Net

    Despite developing most of a new digital certificate model for Australian business on .Net software, Australian Tax Office chief technology officer Peter Wilson said the platform "doesn't give us anything we [the ATO] couldn't do before".

    25 Feb. 03 08:22 Written by Steven Deare
  • Sun goes back to school with $1B in products

    Sun Microsystems Inc. will give away licensed copies of its Solaris operating system and StarOffice productivity suite to educational and research organizations, and provide those customers with significant discounts to the price of its Sun Ray hardware, it said in a release Monday.

    25 Feb. 03 08:20 Written by Tom Krazit
  • Lovgate.C worm spreading across Internet

    A worm with high damage potential is spreading across the Internet, with initial outbreaks Monday in Europe and Asia, Trend Micro Inc. said.

    25 Feb. 03 08:13 Written by Tom Krazit
  • IT too important to leave to geeks

    A company's IT is too important to leave to geeks but the truth is many business executives lack the technical savvy required to make IT a strategic weapon.

    25 Feb. 03 08:05 Written by Helen Han and Sandra Rossi
  • NSW govt moves to boost research bandwidth networks

    The NSW government has moved to improve the networking capabilities of the state's research centres by pledging $1.45 million over four years to the creation of high-bandwidth networks.

    24 Feb. 03 15:54 Written by Iain Scott
  • Enterasys names new MD

    Enterasys Networks has announced the appointment of Gary Mitchell as managing director for Australia and New Zealand.

    24 Feb. 03 15:41 Written by Staff Writers
  • DoC uses .Net to manage mud, frogs

    From monitoring lahars to managing frog species, the Department of Conservation in New Zealand is engaged in a raft of projects using Microsoft's .Net development framework.

    24 Feb. 03 15:03 Written by Andrea Malcolm
  • BankWest adds $26m to its Unisys deal

    Perth-based BankWest has extended its IT outsourcing contract for infrastructure services with Unisys West for another two years to the tune of an additional $26 million.

    24 Feb. 03 11:15 Written by Helen Han
  • Stay single, get rich, Web developers told

    Multi-screen applications and clunky data entry hamper users' online experiences, according to a speaker at the first MXDU (Macromedia MX Down Under) developer conference in Sydney last week.

    24 Feb. 03 09:34 Written by Steven Deare
  • Tools to ward off adware

    Watch out Madison Avenue: Advertising on millions of PCs is getting harder. Lavasoft AG has updated its Ad-aware program with new power to block pop-up ads, browser hijacks, and spy software that records what you type.

    24 Feb. 03 09:06 Written by Tom Spring
  • Ageing PCs let users beat upgrade fatigue

    Australian IT managers have overcome upgrade fatigue by extending the lifespan of their PCs from three years to five.

    24 Feb. 03 08:42 Written by Sandra Rossi and Lauren Thomsen-Moore
  • IBM speeds up low-end Unix server

    IBM Corp. has pepped up a low end server in its Unix line with the addition of one of the latest Power4 processors, the company said Friday.

    24 Feb. 03 08:40 Written by Ashlee Vance
  • Why integration has become crucial for digital transformation

    Seamless integration between new and old systems that will free up time and resources for innovation.


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