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  • Platform - What's a chain without a link?

    Start simple, grow fast. Focus on the key priority that gets the best value for the company and work it through

  • Supply chain sugar pills

    Time to suck and see

  • Marketing No Escape

    Brace yourself for yet another invasive advertising blitz on the highway. While billboards and car radios have long bombarded drivers, now global positioningsystem (GPS) tools, wireless streaming video and other technologies are enabling new kinds of direct marketing to that captive audience.

  • Bad Weather Hampers Telstra Repairs

    Repair work on Telstra's fibre-optic cable has been delayed as a result of rough seas off the coast of Singapore.

  • PowerTel, Boeing alliance unveils mega-pipe

    In a boost for regional broadband services, telecommunications provider PowerTel, together with communications and aeronautics company Boeing, has launched its Pacific Innovation Corridor (PIC) on the Gold Coast today.

  • Software ready for PDAs

    Tivoli Systems has announced a Smart Handheld Device Manager which it says will provide deployment management of personal digital assistants (PDAs) via its Enterprise application.

  • Align Your Minds

    E-mail, voice mail and cell phones are powerful ways of connecting, but they don't always have all the connections you need. To fill the void, Parlano Inc. has recently released MindAlign, a set of server-based collaboration tools that let teams keep in touch, share important documents and track project progress from any networked computer.

  • Senteq seals $10M DataTrack deal

    Senteq Information Systems has signed an agreement with DataTrack Solutions to seal the development partnership of the new Council Track software.

  • Powerlan goes wireless with Centura

    Network integrator Powerlan is out to make its mark on the edge of the network after forging an exclusive reseller agreement with mobile computing platform developer Centura Software.

  • Privacy complexity boggles users

    Corporations implementing data-privacy initiatives face complex business and technology issues relating to the access, use, storage and transmission of customer information

  • Rapid changes in the e-marketplace

    For the small to medium business teetering on the edge of the e-marketplace, doing nothing can sometimes be the best course

  • Search Struggle

    On the Web, finding what you need is more than half the battle, yet some sites still don't offer effective search capabilities. Seeking to provide an easy option for adding search to any site, Tippecanoe Systems Inc. has unveiled, an online service that lets companies provide search features on their sites by simply adding a small piece of HTML code for a search button.

  • NSI Still Registering Chinese Domain Names

    Following public criticism from Chinese authorities of its Chinese domain name registration service, a senior official at VeriSign Global Registry Services (GRS) subsidiary Network Solutions Inc. (NSI) has downplayed the possibility of any negative effect on its domain-name registration business in an interview with Computerworld Hong Kong. In addition, the executive said NSI would continue to register Chinese-language domain names.

  • Bush asks election dispute resolution - Gore objects

    Republican George W. Bush's lawyers urged the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday to bring a "lawful, final and conclusive resolution" of the presidential election, while Democrat Al Gore's legal team dismissed Bush's claims as "insubstantial."

  • Growing pains won't slow the broadband revolution

    Broadband providers will differentiate themselves by offering innovative services which take over their subscribers' burdens

  • Microsoft releases second beta of FrontPage 10

    Microsoft recently unveiled the second beta release of the next version of its FrontPage Web site creation and management software.

  • Migration tools ease new-OS blues

    The problem: when an enterprise replaces a user's computer or upgrades to a different operating system such as Windows 2000, it's likely to lose a lot of productivity while that user attempts to re-create on the new system his previous working environment of personalised desktop settings, data files and utilities.

  • Remember the Mainframe?

    You don't hear much talk about mainframes these days, even if the world is still running on them. But Singlepoint Systems hasn't forgotten. The company has announced LegacyPoint, an event management tool that provides two-way communication between OS/390 systems and Hewlett-Packard Co.'s OpenView VantagePoint network management product.

  • IBM launches e-business innovation centre

    IBM Australia has launched a $US23 million research and development centre in the Sydney suburb of Pyrmont, which has been built to house consulting and technical professionals from IBM and its partners.

  • Prediction: E-Commerce - Paying the Bills

    Those piles of invoices could start to shrink, according to a study by the Aberdeen Group Inc. in Boston. The report, "Internet Bill Presentment and Payment: E-Business Solutions for Improved Customer Service and Cash Flow," predicts that IBPP (both consumer and business to business) will increase more than 500 percent to US$1.9 billion by 2005. As payees seek to get a grip on their cash flows, payers will look for the efficiencies online payment can provide.