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  • A year later, 3Com users have overcome

    When 3Com Corp. quit its enterprise chassis-based switching businesses a year ago this week, a loud, common cry was heard from the company's large user community - "What do we do now?" Since the announcement, many users abandoned 3Com as a result, either in part or entirely. Others who bought brand-new chassis switches from 3Com at the time have elected to stick with the discontinued products for as long as they last.

  • Nortel targets content service providers

    Nortel Networks Ltd. has launched a suite of new products under its Personal Internet initiative at the end of January with the goal of enabling companies to create end-to-end personalized content delivery services.

  • Hyperion picks eCRM boss

    Hyperion Solutions has appointed Darren Sutherland as eCRM business development manager for Australia New Zealand.

  • Black Box set for sunny take-off

    Through a partnership with Sun Microsystems Inc., MuTek Solutions Ltd. of Or-Yehuda, Israel, launched a version of its Black Box Flight Recorder tool for the Solaris operating environment in February.

  • Ellison's NIC ships upgrade to Internet appliance OS

    Larry Ellison's year-old New Internet Computer Co. announced Wednesday that it has begun shipping Version 2.0 of the operating system for its US$199 New Internet Computer (NIC).

  • WorldCom offers managed hosting packages

    Building on its commitment to fulfill e-business needs, WorldCom Inc. Wednesday unveiled a series of managed Web hosting packages that it says allow companies to get e-commerce initiatives up and running in as little as two weeks.

  • A Dickensian industry

    To quote from Charles Dickens' Tale of Two Cities, "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times." There is perhaps no better way to sum up the volatile nature of the present service provider market.

  • Novell ramps up application provisioning

    Eyeing improved application and content provisioning, Novell Inc. on Wednesday announced plans to acquire directory-based software vendor Novetrix Corp. for an undisclosed sum and introduced an updated version of its Novell OnDemand Services provisioning software.

  • Lucent is stripping itself clean

    Lucent Technologies Inc. has a problem: It hasn't got much of itself left to sell. The once high-flying telecommunications equipment maker confirmed Wednesday that it is trying to unload its Atlanta-based Optical Fiber Solutions division, a move that had been rumored for weeks

  • Resonate software keeps an eye on Web site performance

    Resonate Inc. has unveiled a software suite designed to help companies deliver higher service levels to internal and external Web site users.

  • NetScout tackles voice over IP and VPNs

    NetScout Systems Inc. last week released an upgrade to its performance management product that industry observers say can help those users just starting to manage and secure their combined voice and data networks.

  • Sun to unveil 64-bit Serengeti server

    Sun Microsystems Inc. will introduce the company's long-awaited Serengeti server line at the company's Data Center to the Nth event in New York on March 27th, according to sources close to the company.

  • Tally beefs up software to manage mobile users

    With the rising number of mobile users needing IT support, Tally Systems Inc. Monday released TS.Ready 4.0, which offers tools to help extend PC management to workers constantly on the move.

  • Ian Murdock: From Debian to clustering

    The ian in Debian Linux stands for Ian Murdock, a former research staff member at the University of Arizona and coauthor of the Swarm storage system. He's now president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Progeny Linux Systems, headquartered in Indianapolis. Progeny is commercializing Progeny Debian and the Linux NOW clustering system, which emphasizes manageability at least as much as performance, the traditional selling feature of Linux clusters.

  • Microsoft to unveil .Net software next week

    Microsoft Corp. will unveil new software next week that will allow Web services created using its .Net technology to run on computers that use operating systems other than Windows, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's chief executive officer (CEO), said in a speech here Monday evening.

  • Turnkey Linux package eases VPN installation

    Network professionals will be able to more easily set up and configure Linux-based VPNs in branch offices with software, services and hardware from OpenReach Inc. and Penguin Computing Inc.

  • CA's new AMO 3.1 supports PDAs

    Computer Associates International Inc. has some bad news for employees who like to play games on their workstations: Not only can its Unicenter TNG Asset Management Option (AMO) 3.1 tool make sure devices comply with corporate configuration settings - it can delete software not listed in those configurations.

  • Conventional drives can reach a terabyte

    Conventional magnetic disk drives can overcome previously forecasted limits and ultimately achieve storage densities of one terabyte (1,000G bytes) per square inch, according to Ed Grochowski, program manager for advanced disk storage products at IBM Corp. Standard drives today store around 20G bytes per square inch.

  • Clash of the titans

    First it was the battle for the desktop. Then came the browser wars. Now the software industry is fighting over a new prize: dominance in Web services - products that help corporations migrate their operations to the Internet.

  • IBM, Alltel form European e-banking JV

    IBM Corp. and Alltel Corp. will form a joint venture and cooperate on marketing electronic banking software in Europe, the companies said in a statement Tuesday.

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