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  • Constructing a Web Foundation for Builders

    Behind the hard hats, backhoes, and super cranes at any building site today is a network of software applications and hosted services for managing projects and procuring building materials and services.

  • Convergence Technology Boosts Enterprise Appeal

    In an effort to hasten the trend toward voice and data convergence on enterprise networks, Siemens AG, General Bandwidth Inc., and others will use next week's NetWorld+Interop in Las Vegas to showcase solutions enabling different traffic types to travel on a single network.

  • Charlotte Roberts

    As president of Blue Fire Partners, in Sherrills Ford, North Carolina, Charlotte Roberts counsels executives on living with and growing with change. Together with The Fifth Discipline author Peter Senge, Roberts writes and speaks about how to create learning organizations that draw strength from the values and vision of employees. She tells CIO why and how leaders should align corporate goals with those of the workforce. (Visit CIO Radio at to hear more from Roberts.)

  • The power and the fashion

    The increased reliance on electronic processes amongst smaller and smaller businesses, coupled with burgeoning infrastructures supporting electronic commerce have created an unexpectedly vibrant market supporting that standard old commodity - power. David Binning reports

  • Top 15 Notebook PCs

    Ready to make the leap to Universal Serial Bus peripherals? Expect more laptop companies to attempt to wean you off parallel, serial, and other standard connections this year in favor of the USB port. Our new midrange Best Buy, Micron's TransPort LT C500 subnotebook, can accommodate an optional USB floppy drive caddy ($20 extra), and Compaq Computer Corp.'s new budget-priced Notebook 100 can dock to an optional USB legacy hub.

  • Polycom to Unveil VoIP Conference Phone

    U.S. broadband communications specialist Polycom Inc. announced that the company intends to demonstrate its VoIP (voice-over-Internet-Protocol) conference phone platform at the Networld+Interop (N+I) 2000 event in Las Vegas next week. Polycom claims that the new product, known as SoundStation VoIP, is the first of its kind in the market.

  • Wireless Technology: Tool by Day, Friend by Night

    Generally, I could care less if some hotshot banker misses out on a big trade because he didn't have a wireless trading system on his handheld. Or if a CEO doesn't close the big merger because his cell phone wasn't getting service, it doesn't normally affect me. Most of the uses of wireless technology simply make it easier to do business, but life would go on without them.

  • SAP glues together e-business elements with XML

    A year after announcing its Internet Business Framework initiative, SAP is piecing together its e-business efforts, focusing largely on XML.

  • Spectrum to get Management Boost

    At NetWorld +Interop 2000, Cabletron System Inc.'s Aprisma spinoff will unveil new management technology to make it easier for users to proactively isolate and resolve critical network and systems problems.

  • From the Editor

    For a magazine editor, life doesn't get much better than when it's rife with both opportunity and risk. This issue's a great example. On the opportunity side, we've got Lauren Gibbons Paul's "The Board Game," in which we look at the growing phenomenon of CIOs sitting on corporations' boards of directors. The benefits are many and substantial: the opportunity to hone one's business acumen, exposure to new technologies and business trends, and marvelous contacts (in the other members of the board). Board gigs are often well compensated and these days are likely to include stock options.

  • Top 10 Budget PCs

    Budget processing power shoots way up this month as two new 650-MHz PCs grace the chart: The NuTrend Athlon Force 2, based on an AMD Athlon CPU, occupies the fifth spot, and the Quantex Corp. M650, based on an Intel Pentium III, takes number six. Another newcomer, Micro Express's MicroFlex-600A, tops the list thanks to great performance from a 600-MHz processor and an excellent all-around package.

  • What's IT Worth? An Audit Tale

    Mitre Corp., an independent, not-for-profit company, provides federal agencies with system engineering and information technology expertise. Founded in 1958, the Bedford, Massachusetts-based company's more than 4,000 employees support four primary customers: the Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration, the U.S. intelligence community and the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Sound Off: Taking Sides on Critical Issues

    Employees of a payroll processing company in Norfolk, Virginia, owned by The New York Times Co., recently learned that jokes among friends can have serious consequences. Late last year, management fired 23 employees for e-mailing "inappropriate and offensive" material around the office. Rumor has it that employees were downloading graphic images from pornography sites and e-mailing them to their colleagues.

  • What's IT Worth? Methodologies

    So you've finally finished rolling out that new ERP system. Can you say by how many thousands it will increase the bottom line in FY 2004? How about your web initiative--you just had to have it, of course, but is there any way to state specifically and accurately how it increases shareholder value?

  • Break Up Microsoft, Government Says

    Looking to smash the Microsoft Corp. monopoly in the same way it did AT&T Corp. 16 years ago, the U.S. Department of Justice and 19 states as expected today asked U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson to split Microsoft into two competing companies.

  • Brighten Up Your Large-Group Presentations

    Today's sub-5-pound projectors are fine for road warriors who make presentations to audiences of a dozen people or less. But to deliver a presentation that has enough brightness for a larger audience in a lecture hall or conference room, you need a more powerful machine.

  • Qwest Offering Unprecedented Web-based Management

    Bolstering its image as a carrier unshackled by legacy systems, Qwest Communications International Inc. this week for the first time will present users a unified set of Web-based tools to manage nearly all their telecom services.

  • Security Standard Set to Boost E-Commerce

    New security guidelines have been announced on how businesses in New Zealand and Australia should use their computers.

  • Up Front: The Bloom Is Off the Web's Rose

    How many times has someone told you, "Hey, you can do that on the Web"? The first time, you may have wanted to read the latest issue of your favorite magazine without running down to the newsstand. Then maybe you wanted to buy a couple of books cheap. Now it's to find a mortgage, order groceries, or download your favorite music. Gee whiz, it seems like you can do everything on the Web.

  • Hitachi, Fujitsu, Toshiba Report Mixed Earnings

    Three of Japan's largest consumer electronics, information technology and electrical equipment makers have announced mixed business results for the fiscal year to March 31. While Hitachi Ltd. and Fujitsu Ltd. both reported a return to the black, Toshiba was pushed into the red on the costs of settling a class action lawsuit in the U.S.

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