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  • Google announces two Nexus phones, Android 6.0

    The ability to separate work and personal apps and services -- known as containerization -- is now built into the OS.

  • Google triples self-driving car fleet in four months

    Google's self-driving car fleet is expanding fast and in the last four months the number of cars it is permitted to drive on California streets has more than tripled.

  • Microsoft reshuffles into three business for financial reporting

    Microsoft has changed how it will report its financial performance, reducing the number of operating divisions to three, in an effort to align with CEO Satya Nadella's emphasis on the Cloud and productivity platforms, and opportunities to reap revenue from customers after they've moved to Windows 10.

  • A Linux botnet is launching crippling DDoS attacks at more than 150Gbps

    The security response team from Akamai Technologies have observed multiple attacks originating from a Linux botnet recently that have ranged from a few gigabits per second to over 150.

  • Pentaho's analytics software to blend multiple streams of big data

    One of the challenges of big data is blending information from multiple sources, and Pentaho has developed new software specifically to make that process easier.

  • Apple CEO says the future of enterprise is mobility

    Apple CEO Tim Cook said Tuesday that the most successful businesses will be those that use mobile devices the best moving forward.

  • SDN start-up PLUMgrid opens up on OpenStack

    Supports more distributions of cloud framework; enhances software for microservices, visibility

  • Macquarie Uni ditches Gmail for Office 365

    Macquarie University will migrate staff email and calendars from Gmail to Office 365 by the end of the year.

  • Government's ACSC launches secure administration guide

    The government's Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has released a guide intended to help organisations lock down network assets, such as application servers and domain controllers, by protecting accounts that have admin privileges.

  • Microsoft bolsters Azure in containers, security

    Microsoft on Tuesday announced further enhancements to its Azure cloud platform, including a new container service and a new security center.

  • AGL nabs CBA exec for CIO role

    AGL has recruited the acting chief information officer for the Commonwealth Bank's retail division, Simon Moorfield, to be the energy company's new CIO.

  • Apple, Microsoft wield privacy as marketing tool

    Apple and Microsoft have both wheeled out fresh explanations of their privacy policies, explaining how different they are from the likes of Google and Facebook.

  • Newly found TrueCrypt flaw allows full system compromise

    James Forshaw, a member of Google's Project Zero team, has recently discovered two serious vulnerabilities in the driver that the TrueCrypt full disk encryption program installs on Windows systems.

  • Acquia completes US$55 million funding round

    Acquia, the company co-founded by Drupal creator Dries Buytaert, has closed a US$55 equity funding round.

  • Juniper unites the enterprise

    New architecture, software, security wares bring Cloud fabric to campus

  • Enterprises and the API economy: MYOB's API strategy

    Application programming interfaces are a tool to aid software development. But according to Deloitte, they're also increasingly a business model driver and boardroom consideration for enterprises.

  • Amazon joins the on-demand economy, using independent contractors for deliveries is using independent contractors for its Flex delivery program to ferry packages to customers, adopting a staffing method that has already attracted controversy and lawsuits.

  • Facebook crashes for 2nd time in a week

    Facebook crashed again on Monday, the second time in less than a week and the third time in three weeks

  • Tesla's autopilot mode expected in October

    An autonomous driving mode that will take some of the strain away from the driver during long trips should arrive in Tesla cars in the next few weeks.

  • Unlicensed LTE backers take fight to the streets

    Top US carriers and network vendors have formed a coalition to defend unlicensed LTE, a technology that some opponents say could slow down Wi-Fi.

  • CIOs are finding agility through cloud-based communications

    Companies grappling with new customer expectations turn to Communication-as-a-Service model (CaaS) for a more agile, cloud-based omnichannel experience.

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