• Amazon releases Chime, a new cloud-based UCaaS

    Taking on incumbents like Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft and Google, Amazon today announced Chime, a cloud-based unified communications as a service application that the company says brings a fresh approach to online conference calls and meetings.

    15 Feb. 17 06:11 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Google’s new cloud service is a unique take on a database

    On Tuesday, Google launched Cloud Spanner, a new, fully managed database that’s supposed to provide the transactional consistency of a traditional database plus the scalability and performance of a NoSQL database.

    15 Feb. 17 04:00 Written by Blair Hanley Frank
  • Microsoft's president wants a Geneva Convention for cyberwar

    Microsoft is calling for a “Digital Geneva Convention,” as global tensions over digital attacks continue to rise. The tech giant wants to see civilian use of the internet protected as part of an international set of accords, Brad Smith, the company’s president and chief legal officer, said in a blog post.

    15 Feb. 17 03:30 Written by Blair Hanley Frank
  • Forget the network perimeter, say security vendors

    Security vendors start embracing Google's BeyondCorp network security model that treats all apps and devices as being on the Internet instead of assigning higher trust to local networks.

    15 Feb. 17 01:27 Written by Lucian Constantin
  • Twitter rolls back abuse fix few hours after protests

    Twitter rolled back a new fix aimed to prevent abuse a few hours after it met with protests, reflecting that the company is still scrambling to find solutions to the problem of harassment on its service, but is willing to make changes quickly in response to its users.

    14 Feb. 17 17:39 Written by John Ribeiro
  • Amazon Chime goes after WebEx, Skype for Business and more

    On Monday, AWS announced the launch of Amazon Chime, a new service that’s designed to compete with the likes of WebEx, Skype for Business and GoToMeeting. It’s a powerful swing at some very entrenched enterprise software players by the public cloud provider.

    14 Feb. 17 16:00 Written by Blair Hanley Frank
  • Researcher develops ransomware attack that targets water supply

    A security researcher is showing that it’s not hard to hold industrial control systems for ransom. He's experimented with a simulated water treatment system based on actual programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and documented how these can be hacked.

    14 Feb. 17 13:27 Written by Michael Kan
  • Chips coming by June will herald the next generation of Wi-Fi

    Qualcomm will start shipping sample chips for the next generation of Wi-Fi by June, helping device and network vendors develop products that might quadruple users’ speeds and lengthen battery life.

    14 Feb. 17 12:57 Written by Stephen Lawson
  • Adelaide Uni appoints new CIO

    The University of Adelaide has recruited SA Water’s chief information officer to be its second-ever CIO.

    14 Feb. 17 09:00 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • 7 Habits of the Effective Network Manager

    Years of observing hundreds of network managers has revealed 7 habits that differentiate the effective network manager from the others. In this white paper, we will identify those 7 habits and discuss how these habits contribute to providing a well performing and reliable network. When problems do occur, these problems can be resolved in a timely manner, reducing the impact on the business, while at the same time, maintaining the credibility of the networking department.


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