• NT government funds police tech upgrades

    The Northern Territory government will fund the rollout of body-worn video cameras for NT police and the second phase of a trial of facial recognition technology.

    24 May 16 15:23 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Facebook denies bias in Trending Topics, but promises changes nevertheless

    Facebook on Monday once again denied any evidence of ‘systematic political bias’ in the selection or prominence of stories included in its Trending Topics feature, but promised changes in its processes in any case to minimize errors of human judgment by individuals, who appear to be closely involved in selecting the stories.

    24 May 16 14:31 Written by John Ribeiro
  • Telcos back blackspot funding

    Telcos have welcomed election pledges by the Coalition and the opposition that will see an additional $60 million allocated to the mobile blackspot program.

    24 May 16 13:27 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • NT to spend $185.9m on health ICT overhaul

    The Northern Territory government has earmarked $185.9 million over five years for its ambitious overhaul of health ICT, the Core Clinical Systems Renewal Program (CCSRP).

    24 May 16 11:27 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Gold Coast startup sees IoT potential in wireless mesh network

    Gold Coast based startup Levaux is targeting the burgeoning Internet of Things market with a proprietary wireless mesh technology and associated software that it says provide considerable advantages over standards-based technologies.

    24 May 16 09:29 Written by Stuart Corner
  • This site aims to be the Yelp of the SaaS world

    Online reviews have already transformed the way people choose everything from restaurants to respiratory therapists, and now SaasGenius wants to do the same for enterprise software in the cloud.

    24 May 16 09:10 Written by Katherine Noyes
  • Microsoft updates Dynamics CRM with a new IoT twist

    Microsoft's Dynamics CRM 2016 software has been updated for spring, and the new release brings with it a brand-new tool to help companies tap the Internet of Things for their customer-service efforts.

    24 May 16 02:15 Written by Katherine Noyes
  • Angry advertisers hope to seal fate of online ad fraud

    Certified Against Fraud is the brainchild of the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), of which the ANA is one of the founders. It plans to award seals to advertising buyers, sellers, and intermediaries that meet its anti-fraud requirements.

    23 May 16 23:08 Written by Peter Sayer
  • BMW’s vision for a world of connected cars

    The conversion of the Internet of Things with the automotive industry will create world of cars that integrate with a connected home, drive themselves and are at your beck and call. This is the future, as outlined by BMW.

    23 May 16 20:00 Written by Brandon Butler
  • The future of auto safety is seat belts, airbags and network technology

    Technology is being developed that would create a world of connected cars communicating with one another to help reduce the 5.6 million car accidents on U.S. roads each year. But just how to enable vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication is still up for debate.

    23 May 16 20:00 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Why integration has become crucial for digital transformation

    Seamless integration between new and old systems that will free up time and resources for innovation.


    Mexia is a world-class integration consultancy, with a structured delivery methodology that will take you from solution design to implementation. We will lead from the front, to engineer the best outcome for your business

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