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  • IBM Power Systems GM: Big scale and big data demand OpenPower

    IBM's Power Systems division which sells servers and systems based on the Power system architecture, as opposed to the Intel-based x86 architecture used in most personal computers had been in free-fall for some time, posting year-on-year revenue declines of up to 37% per quarter over the past couple of years. According to the conventional wisdom, Power was another victim along with SPARC and, to a lesser extent, ARM of the inexorable march of the commodity x86 server.

  • The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Friday, June 26

    Self-driving cars face off on California road... Satya Nadella has a new mission (statement)... Uber protests get real in France... and more tech news

  • Facebook like Google makes scant progress in hiring blacks, women

    Facebook and other tech companies aren't changing the racial mix or the percentage of women in their workforce fast enough, which has become a matter of concern to civil rights activists.

  • Japan seniors' home deploys cloud-connected air conditioners, motion sensors

    In another sign of the living spaces of elderly Japanese going hi-tech, seniors in Osaka are undergoing an Internet of Things (IoT) experiment involving cloud-connected air conditioners and motion sensors.

  • Privacy Commissioner investigating iiNet data breach

    Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim has opened an investigation into an alleged data breach involving iiNet subsidiary Westnet.

  • Telstra officially launches its national Wi-Fi network

    Telstra will officially launched its national Wi-Fi network on Tuesday, with the telco dubbing the offering ‘Telstra Air’ and revealing that customers will be able to access an international network of wireless hotspots.

  • Southern Phone Company breaches customer privacy, ACMA finds

    Southern Phone Company (SPC) failed to protect the privacy of 3854 silent line customers when uploading customer data to the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND), the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has ruled.

  • Magento e-commerce platform targeted with sneaky code

    Attackers are using a sneaky method to steal payment card data from websites using Magento, eBay's widely used e-commerce platform.

  • Foxconn's CEO backpedals on robot takeover at factories

    Foxconn Technology Group's plan for a "robot army" won't come as quickly as originally anticipated, according to its CEO.

  • CSIRO bio-robots to explore Indian Ocean

    CSIRO will be releasing a fleet of floating bio-robots between Christmas Island and Madagascar next week to measure biological indicators in the Indian Ocean including dissolved oxygen, nitrate, organic matter and particles.

  • Cisco warns of default SSH keys shipped in three products

    Cisco Systems said on Thursday it released a patch for three products that shipped with default encryption keys, posing a risk that an attacker with the keys could decrypt data traffic.

  • Australia falls in Akamai broadband ratings

    Australia has dipped in worldwide broadband connectivity rankings measured by Akamai according to the company’s quarterly State of the Internet report, despite a growth in average connection speeds.

  • ACCC hurdle cleared for NBN 2.0

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has signed off on Telstra’s revised migration plan, clearing another hurdle for the rollout of the 'multi-technology mix’ National Broadband Network.

  • New build of Windows 10 Mobile updates browser, adds flashlight

    Microsoft offered a new version of Windows 10 Mobile to the earliest adopters in the Windows Insider Program on Thursday, accelerating the release of new beta versions of its mobile operating system.

  • Scott McNealy on privacy: You still don't have any

    Scott McNealy is best known for his role as cofounder and long-serving CEO at Sun Microsystems, but some remember him even better for a few choice comments he made about privacy back in 1999.

  • Email 101: 11 tips to manage your email

    If you’re a college graduate entering the workforce, you may quickly find you aren’t prepared for the volume of email that awaits you in the corporate world. These 11 tips will help you master forwards, filtering and more.

  • Microsoft's HoloLens is headed out of this world, with help from NASA

    Microsoft is sending its new augmented-reality headgear out of this world ... literally.

  • Here's how Facebook wants to make sharing links easier on mobile

    Sharing links with friends in Facebook's mobile app is a pain that requires -- gasp -- leaving Facebook and copying and pasting URLs. Now there's a feature that simplifies the process.

  • GitHub updates text editing for the modern era

    Plotting to lure developers away from their much-loved but decades-old Emacs and Vi text editors, online code repository GitHub has officially launched Atom, touting it as the text editor for the modern era.

  • Yahoo spruces up mobile search with related content

    Yahoo is updating its search service on mobile devices, taking a leaf out of Google's book and highlighting content such as images, videos and reviews ahead of regular search results.